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Remedies for a Dog With Itchy Ears

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Dog With Itchy Ears

Itchy ears can drive your dog crazy. This is a guide about remedies for a dog with itchy ears.



Here are questions related to Remedies for a Dog With Itchy Ears.

Question: Dog With Itchy Ears

I have a pitbull that is a year and a couple months old. Lately I've noticed that she has been shaking her head quite often. She also rubs her paws against her face. When I look in her ear I notice that it is red and feels dry. I would like a home remedy to help treat this.

By Luna


Best Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]04/17/2015

The folks who respond to these questions are not vets. Neither you nor we can help your dog if we don't know what is wrong. Only a vet can help you with that. Using a home remedy based on somebody's guess is not fair to your dog. Take him to the vet and don't allow him to continue to be in pain.

Question: Remedy for Dog With Itchy Inflamed Ears

Small tan and white dog.My dog is a Dachshund mix and her ears are horrid. They are red and inflamed, very scaly, and very sore. They have raw spots that are bleeding all over the inside flap of her ear. We bought her ear drops made by Sentry for ear mites, ticks, and itch relief. We give her 5 drops, two times a day, but it is still not working! Please tell me what's wrong.

By Haley. C


Most Recent Answer

By Alycia D.08/16/2015


Question: What Causes Itchy Ears in Dogs?

My dog has been licking my younger dog's ears. Now they are itchy and my younger dog keeps shaking his head. Is the licking causing a problem?

By Annie from Brunswick, GA

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]07/22/2013

The older dog has been trying to help the younger one. Please talk to your veterinarian about this.

Question: Preventing a Dog's Recurring Ear Problems

My dog has had ear problems since I got her. I have taken her to the vet and they gave me a wash and a solution (oil based) for after the wash. What can I use instead of going to the vet since she seems to get this every six months and it is very costly? What can I use or buy? I have white vinegar/water mixture 50/50. Isn't mineral oil also good and what do I mix that with? I'd like to prevent this from happening. Any feedback would be most appreciated.

By Jeannette

Most Recent Answer

By Blondie09/19/2013

A good product to have on hand for recurring ear problems is zymox - a great product! You can get ear cleaner and ear treatment. Do a google search on zymox or order at - you won't be disappointed -it works!

Question: Remedy for Dog's Dry Itchy Inner Ear Flap

Closeup of dog.I have a Shih tzu Pug mix who has one ear that is red and scaly. She scratches it quite often. I am looking for a home remedy. Her ears have been cleaned. There are no mites. Please help as this looks quite painful and uncomfortable.

By Kim

Most Recent Answer

By MJ [2]05/13/2013

Your dog possibly has a yeast infection. Swab the area with a solution of vinegar diluted with a bit with water if it is inflamed. Continue doing this until it is cleared up. Vinegar kills yeast infections.

Question: Treating an Allergy in a Dog's Ear

I am looking for a home remedy for allergies in a dog's ear. His ear tends to itch and get red. Is there something I can do other than the panalog that the vet prescribed?


Most Recent Answer

By Donna03/27/2010

My 12 year old chihuahua had a bad smell in his ear. After spending money at the local vet, nothing was helping. I tried oral antibiotics, creams, yogurt (temporarily helped) and ointments. I decided to change his food supply to a brand called 'Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Small Bites Dog Food'. After a week, the smell was completely gone and his yeast ear infection is gone!

I wanted to share this with many of you. Please Please, try this dog food. It is a bit more costly but you will see a difference in your dogs overall smell, appearance, energy, skin and shedding.

Also, my 7 year old German Shepherd eats the same formula and he doesn't stink even after coming in from the rain. He's not itching and his shedding has stopped. Let me note that I do brush him once a week with a furminator which helps out as well.

The Dog Food contains: *Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
*Antioxidant protection for a healthy immune system
*All natural fortified with vitamins and minerals

Don't give up and don't let your dog suffer the effects of smelly itchy ears anymore! I try to share this bit of information with as many dog lovers as I can. . The few extra dollars a month is so well worth it!!

Thanks, Donna

Question: Remedy for a Dog's Itchy Ears

I have a Chihuahua puppy that will be 7 months old in a couple of weeks. Recently she started constantly scratching her left ear and then licking her toes and going right back to scratching. Is there anything, other than taking her to the vet, that I can do to help her?

    By p1xiedragon [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By 4O.C. [1]05/14/2015

    GO TO THE VET!! Your puppy must depend on you for proper care for LIFE and the highest quality life. Would you ask untrained people on any web site how to treat your human child? Your Fur children deserve the same loving compassion as your human child deserves. Please take your puppy to the vet.

    Question: Treating a Dog's Red Itchy Ears

    I have a Boxer and his ears are really red and he is always scratching them. We took him to the vet and they said he doesn't have ear mites. We have tried some ear drops, but nothing seems to be helping. He also shakes his head and rubs it up against the furniture. What are some things we could do to help this redness and itching stop?


    By Destiney D

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/28/2015

    All of the other posters are right - your vet isn't trying and needs replacing!

    I raised AKC Boxers 40+years in the US before my permanent relocation to the UK. Without seeing the dog in person or a photo of the affected ears, it sounds to me as though the dog is suffering an allergy or a yeast-like fungal infection. A fungal infection isn't easy to diagnose - different fungi can have different symptoms and not many have a visible discharge or odour.

    The home remedy recommended below may work, another thing to try is a very light and carefully sponged on apple cider vinegar wash - dampen the sponge and be prepared for the possibility of an unhappy reaction if the wash irritates any tiny open wounds.

    But the very best solution is to find another vet ASAP - if an allergy there are excellent treatments, if a fungal infection left untreated your Boxer could go on to develop more serious problems.

    I hope you'll update once a cure or treatment has been found.

    Question: Treatment For Dog's Itchy Ears

    Is there an over the counter cure for persistent ear itching? It seems to be moisture driven, ie., floppy ears and lots of snow outside.

    By Wayne from Buckhorn, Ontario

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lindaspy [3]12/15/2011

    I have a Morkies, My vet told me to use half and half water and vinegar,,squirt it in the ear and rub it for a little bit, then take a cotton ball on a tweezer and stick it down to clean it out..

    Most of the time they get water in the ears from baths so he stated to put a couple drops of mineral oil and then put a cotton ball in the ear before you give the dog it's bath.. I never heard of mouthwash and would suggest you contact your vet before you do anything like that.

    Also, the vet recommended to clean their teeth with half and half of baking soda and salt,,mix up a paste and I use my fingers cause my dogs hate the tooth brush so while I'm sitting with them I put it on the forefingers and just move them back and forth on their teeth.

    Hope that helps.

    Question: Dog With Itchy Ears

    Beagle puppy.I have a Beagle puppy that is constantly scratching his ear. It seems to bother him a lot. What could be causing it?

    By Adriana R

    Most Recent Answer

    By Janus [8]02/06/2014

    Could be ear mites or could be an ear infection. Dogs with long floppy ears are prone to ear infections. Please take this baby to the vet.

    Question: Treating a Dog's Stinky, Itchy Ears

    I am looking for a home remedy for my dog's itchy, stinky ears. Any suggestions?

    By Ed

    Most Recent Answer

    By ComputerScott [1]11/21/2011

    You can take them to the vet and get special ear drops.

    Question: My Spaniel's Ears Are Itchy

    How can I keep my dog's ears from itching?

    By Tom K

    Most Recent Answer

    By ilovesophie [20]09/30/2014

    Could he possibly have ear mites? My cat was scratching her ears and when I took her to the vet, I found out she had ear mites. They gave me drops for her.

    Question: Remedy for Dog's Itchy Ears

    Black Lab with blue collar.I have read all of the questions here and none of them quite fit our situation. My 8 year old Lab has itchy ears. The difference is they are clean and not smelly. He shakes his head and does all of the behaviors associated with an infection, but there is no redness or scaly skin. Poor guy needs some relief.

    By Ginger R from TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By NEWFIEGIRL [8]03/14/2014

    The solution to your Dog's "on-going" ear problem is simple. Contact your veterinarian.

    Question: Treating a Dog's Itchy Ears

    I have a 4 year old Cockapoo with itchy smelly ears. He scratces them constantly, rubs them on the ground and seems to enjoy when I rub them as well. They are smelly, itchy, very dry, yellow and flaky, and when I touch them they seem to feel rather warm. What kind of home remedy can I use to make this stop and make him more comfortable? Any suggestions will help, thank you!

    By Alexa S.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Bryan M.03/18/2015

    I need some help too. My dog is suffering the same thing. And trust me if I could afford a vet bill, I would have had him there 2 weeks ago but I can't. Is there anything that I can use to help him. I feel so helpless, that I can't help him.

    Question: The Inside of Dog's Ears Constantly Dry

    How do you relieve dry skin in a dog's ears? His ears are dry inside and out. I clean them all the time because he scratches the side of his face until it bleeds! Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

    By Stephanie

    Most Recent Answer

    By NEWFIEGIRL [8]08/25/2011

    With no disrespect have you considered making appointment with the only qualfied person to contact about this problem? your Veterinarian

    Question: Relieving a Dog's Itchy Feet

    Is there an over the counter cure for persistent toe licking? It seems to be moisture driven, ie., lots hair on feet and lots of snow outside.

    By Wayne from Buckhorn, Ontario

    Most Recent Answer

    By Myrna [15]01/11/2011

    Trim the fur back on dog's bottom of feet. I have cocker spaniels and do this monthly. It will help to keep pads drier. Also, more difficult for burrs to get attached. Good luck.

    Question: Relief for Dog's Itchy Ears

    I have a Pug/Shih Tzu with floppy ears. His right ear is clearly bothering him. It's red and itchy and he keeps shaking his head. I have intentions of taking him to the vet, but it's late and no vet is open. I was wondering if there was a way to help relieve the itching till I get the chance to get him to the vet.

    By Desti F from Alberta, Canada

    Most Recent Answer

    By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/18/2014

    If you do not know what is causing your dog's ear itching, then you do not know what treatment he needs. If you try to administer any medication over the counter, advice from a "friend", etc., without being absolutely certain it is appropriate to treat the actual problem, you may cause further and, perhaps, more expensive damage to treat the resulting problem.

    Please take your dog to your vet immediately. The vet will clarify the itching problem and recommend appropriate treatment.

    Question: Home Remedy for Dog's Itchy Ears

    When his ears start to bother him, what can I use to relieve the pain? We can't get to his vet right away.

    By Sarah

    Most Recent Answer

    By NEWFIEGIRL [8]04/14/2014

    Have you considered asking the Vet to make a "house call"?

    Question: Remedies for Dog's Itchy Ears

    My dog has itchy ears and the vet gave me drops. She keeps having ear troubles. I have switched her food to the Blue Wilderness. I think it is allergies, if so what should I take from her diet if it's food wise? I've been reading lamb is better.

      By Georgie N. [1]

      Question: Itchy Dog Ears

      What home remedy can I use for my Cocker Spaniel with itchy, red ears?

      By Paula

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