Cleaning Pet Urine Stains and Odors from Laminate Flooring

Because of its composition, removing pet urine stains and odors from laminate flooring may seem daunting. This is a guide about cleaning pet urine stains and odors from laminate flooring.

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I have laminate floors. How can I remove the strong smell of dog urine from my floors?

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Today, I was on here looking how to get these stains off my new dark laminate flooring. My dog baby peed on my new flooring several times when I was away. No one knew how to remove the white stains from my floors. So while I was looking under my sink, I found Orange Glo. I decided to spray a little on the white spot and it worked. I went over it with a soft cloth and the floors look better than when I first got them and it gave them a nice shine. Wow, that was lucky. Just wanted to share this tip.

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I have wood laminate floors through out my living room. When I had a rug down, one of my cats started peeing on the corner of it. When I realized, she had done it so much, that it seeped through the rug to the floor. I picked up the rug and cleaned the floor.

Now, my dog thinks she can pee there. I have used Nature's Miracle, vinegar, and just about every pet stain/odor thing I can get my hands on; however, she continues to use this same spot. It isn't as often as it used to be, but she still does it!

I am going crazy. It's ruining the laminate (it's warped now) and the urine has touched other pieces of furniture.

So, any advice? (sorry this was so long)


By Jessie from Baton Rouge, LA

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I think, with laminate, the only thing you can do is replace that section. There is a "Pee Recipe" I posted (just search on Thrifty Fun), but it has to sit on the article and dry - that's going to warp the laminate. We have alot of laminate in our house and I wouldn't try it.

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Our house has laminate and the previous owners cats peed everywhere. It was an awful smell. We ran air purifiers then cleaned every surface before moving in. We've had no more problems. You probably can't do that. I would cut out just a little bit more than the actual spot itself, and glue in more rather than replacing the whole section. Unless you have a piece from the original install you cannot match laminate, they change the colors constantly so you'll have to replace the whole floor. (Always good idea to buy extra) consider cutting a piece out of a closet or somewhere unnoticeable so the living room will match and put the unlatching piece in the closet!

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My dog started peeing in my bathroom because the cat did when were away. I cleaned it with a vinegar, baking soda water mix and began feeding him in there to break the habit. They usually won't pee where they eat. I have returned to crating him when I leave and taking him to pee spot upon my return. Hope it works!

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April 26, 20160 found this helpful

I came on this site earlier today to find out how to get white urine stains off my dark colored laminate flooring. I went under my sink and found orange Glo in a spray bottle so I tried it on a small spot on my floor. It worked great than i went over it with a cloth cleaner for laminate floors it looks better than it did when was first put in. and the floors shine. Just had to come back on here to share this with all of you. Try it .

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I have a laminate floor that is 3 yrs old. I got a new dog and he marks the floor when I leave home. I have wiped up the urine mess every time I come home, but it has left stains on the laminate that seem to be permanent. I have tried several cleaners that remove pet stains and they have done nothing. My floor looks terrible now. Is there anything I can use to remove these stain marks on my floor? Please help!

By Gary from AZ

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July 20, 20100 found this helpful

Have you tried vinegar and water?

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Can you contact the manufacturer of the flooring (or any laminate flooring) for ideas? Good Luck!

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I would suggest the vinegar too. It is suppose to get rid of urine smells, plus it kills germs.

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Vinegar in really warm water should remove it. Plus, crate your pet while you are away. They sleep most of the time you are gone!

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I have a problem with dog urine odor on our laminate floor. Our dog was left with our adult kids looking in on him. Possibly someone missed their turn. The dog flooded a room with urine, enough that they had to use a furniture blanket to soak up the urine. I believe the urine soaked under the baseboard and into the joints where the laminate fits together. What can I use to eliminate the odor? The floor does not appear damaged or buckled in any way. I have tried spray from the pet store, but cannot remove the smell.

By Linda S.

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Try Vodka. That is what I use. It is about 13.00. I put it in a spray bottle and let it set for about 5 minutes and then mop. Works for me and removes the odor.

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January 11, 20160 found this helpful

I have forgotten all

About using Vodka as the "miracle" cleaner. I have been using the vinegar dawn dish liquid (only the blue dawn works) and essential oils (usually the peppermint). Although the smell is gone to my nose which is highly sensitive to any smell the smell is still there to the dogs which continue to go in the same areas. I will defiantly give this a try ! I seen it can be used for glass, mirrors Windows well just about every thing that needs cleaning ! If it doesn't work well I guess we can use the vodka for what it was intended for lol. Thanks for that reminder !

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Embarrassing question, but here goes. I have two Shih tzus who are older and have starting peeing on my laminate floor. Is there any way to get the smell out? They have ruined my floor, of course, but I can't replace it right now. I have used Clorox when mopping, vinegar, plain water, and Pinesol. Nothing helps long-term. I even emailed Pergo asking for help and of course got no response.

By Elaine B.

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February 3, 20120 found this helpful

Try 1 cup of regular hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 tablespoon ammonia. I got this recipe from another person on this site and it works well. Spray it onto the affected areas, let sit a while, then blot up with paper towels.

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The person who installed our laminate said don't let liquids set on the floors.He has been installing for about 13 years and said laminate is pressed cardboard.

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I am looking for advice about removing cat urine odor from laminate flooring.

Kay from Atlanta, GA

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I have a laminated floor and the "claim" of these floors are that they are so totally non-porus...I don't understand how the cat urine could penetrate that much to smell.

That is why the laminate floors are so hard to have to wipe up every bit of water or dampness, because they are so non-porus it just lays on the did the cat urine get into the floor?!?

Are you sure it is a laminate flooring?

Go to a Convalescent Aids Store or health care place where the sell the deord. products for the home potties. Try that on the floor.

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July 17, 20070 found this helpful

Help, I have an older cat that thinks my laminate floor is her litter box. I think the odor may even be coming where it has seeped into the seams of the floor. Is there any product I can use or do I have to replace the floor and subfloor.

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I just read a posting on removing urine smell from concrete and/or wood flooring, and they suggested white vinegar. I too have a laminate floor, and I am giving it a whirl. Hope it works.

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