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Separating Dishes that are Stuck Together

pots and pans stuck together

Lids can become stuck to pots and dishes in the sink, such as two glass bowls, can stick one inside the other. This is a frustrating situation and seemingly difficult to resolve. This is a guide about separating dishes that are stuck together.


Solutions: Separating Dishes that are Stuck Together

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Tip: Pots Stuck Together

I had 2 pans that were stuck together. After trying everything I've heard of, I finally sprayed WD-40 into the sides of bottom pan, put them in freezer over-night, dropped them on concrete this morning, and VOILA! I have 2 pans again.

Wahoo! I had earlier tried putting ice in the top one and putting them on the stove on low, but it didn't work. So glad I have my favorite pans back again.

By Patsy from Hadley, MA

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Tip: Two Pots Stuck Together

Separating 2 pans that have become stuck together can seem like a daunting problem. But it's not.

Using either heat or cold on both pans is a total waste of time.

To separate them use the heat = expand/cold = contract theory in simple physics.

Put the plug in your kitchen sink and fill it with water you have heated on the stove to not quite boiling and only deep enough to come close to the rim of the lower pan. Then put ice water in the upper pan. The hot water will expand the lower pan and the ice water will contract the upper pan allowing them to separate easily and safely with no damage to either one.

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

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Tip: Separating Stuck Pots and Pans

menage photo of process

This is foolproof technique.

1) Immerse the stuck vessels in water by adding weight into vessel, anything heavy.

2) After water goes into the lower vessel, heat it on a flame, dry heating.

3) The water in the lower vessel evaporates. The steam pushes the upper vessel.

4) The vessels are thus separated effortlessly without causing any damage to the dishes.

    Source: Mother's experience.

    By Vasudha P. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Separating Dishes that are Stuck Together.

    Question: Glass Lids Stuck Together

    I have two glass casserole dish lids that are stuck together like glue on paper. I have tried soaking them in hot and cold water, banging them apart, dish soap, oil, and a knife to try and separate the two. I have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone have the magic solution to this odd and inconvenient problem?

    Nita from Michigan


    Best Answers

    By Denise Roche09/24/2005

    Cold will contract (shrink) glass and heat will cause it to expand. It isn't visible, but it is enough to help get stuck glass items apart.

    Cool the inner lid (ice sound like a great idea) and warm the outer one at the same time. This should help. It is the preferred method for separating 2 glasses stuck together, there's no reason it can't work for lids.


    Best Answers

    By Holly [367]09/23/2005

    Put ice in the top one (that will make it contract) and when it gets good and cold, try separating them.

    Best Answers

    By rosa (Guest Post)09/22/2005

    Have you tried cooking oil to try to get them apart ? or the bakeing spray , like pam ,ect . maybe if you spray the lids with that in the area where they are stuck together you can work the apart .

    Question: Bowl Stuck Inside Glass Pot

    I was warming up some food in a large bowl by putting water in a glass pot and putting the plastic bow on top. Now the bowl is stuck inside my glass pot and I can't remove it. There is still a small amount of water in the pot but the bowl is embedded.

    Staffney from Baltimore, MD


    Best Answers

    By Cathy from Townsville, QLD (Guest Post)01/14/2009

    Hot water expands fibres in certain materials. You need to shrink them instead. Try popping it in the fridge for a while or fill with icy cold water, and try separating them again.

    Best Answers

    By Sharon (Guest Post)12/02/2008

    I had something similar happen with 2 pyrex baking dishes. I tried the hot/cold water method to no avail. Finally, on a whim, I sprayed both dishes with WD-40 and they slid apart like a charm.

    Question: Removing a Plate Stuck in an Aluminium Vessel

    I stuck my steel plate in the aluminium vessel, now how do I remove it?

    By Shinu

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    Best Answer

    By Louise B. [6] 02/16/2014

    Put ice on the steel plate; heat the outer vessel in hot running water. Outer aluminum vessel should expand enough to let you remove the cold steel plate.

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    Question: Dish Stuck Inside Pot

    Any advice on how to remove a dish that fell inside an aluminum pot? Would freezing or just cooling both cause them to shrink and separate?



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    Most Recent Answer

    By Guy (Guest Post) 01/02/2005

    Well just cool the dish that fell in and heat the aluminum pot that should separate them.

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    Question: Removing a Plate Stuck in Frying Pan

    How do you get a plate unstuck from the inside of a frying pan?

    By Shasta B.

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    Most Recent Answer

    By shasta braack [3] 10/13/2009

    Thank you all for the ideas, my daughter and I tilted the pan and ran hot water over the bottom and eventually the plate slid right out :) Thanks everybody!

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    Question: Glass Cups Stuck Together

    Two cups stuck together.I was doing the dishes and when I pulled out two of them they where stuck together one facing the other, the openings together. I don't what to break either. We tried everything. Help.

    By SR

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Denise 03/06/2014

    Try putting them in the freezer for a while and see if that helps.

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    Question: Pot Stuck in China Casserole Dish

    How do I remove an aluminum saucepan stuck in a china casserole dish?

    By VLF

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [6] 11/07/2012

    I would set the china dish in a sink with hot water - not enough to cover - but HOT - you want to heat up the china dish a bit. That might just do the trick on its own. And then add some ice cubes to the aluminum pot, and it should contract enough and the dish expand enough to come apart.

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    Question: Lid Stuck in Blender

    I have a Bella Rocket blender. The hard plastic lid is stuck in the bullet hard plastic lined blender portion. I can not remove it. I tried boiling water and have tried using a small putty knife. I don't know if I can put it into the freezer as the motor portion is in the bottom.

    By June D

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    Question: Separating Metal Pot Lid from Glass Stove Top

    I left my steaming hot metal pot cover (lid) on my glass top and it got stuck. How do I separate them?

    By Coco

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