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Repairing a Glider Chair

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Repairing a Glider Chair

Repairing a glider is generally more cost effective than replacing it, besides it may be your favorite chair and well broken in. This is a guide about repairing a glider chair.



Here are questions related to Repairing a Glider Chair.

Question: Replacing Snake Coils on Glider Rocker

Glider springs.We have 2 oak Best Chairs, Inc. glider rockers. As we are living at the beach and opening our sliding glass doors frequently, the snake coils under the glider rocker seat have rusted and one of the coils is broken. They need to be replaced. Does any one know where I could purchase these or have them replaced?

Thanks for any suggestions.

By Joyce from Holden Beach, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Owen F.08/13/2014

Question: Replacement Arm for a Glider

I have a glider and my lovely dog decided to chew on the arm when he was a puppy. I would like to know how I can order a new arm piece.

    By pamunson [1]


    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [9]07/09/2015

    1. Contact the company that manufactured the product. You'll have to look for a tag. Do a google search for a company email.

    2. Find a craftsman in your area that can make a new one and stain it the same color.

    Question: Replacement Springs for a Glider

    Where do I find springs that go in the bottom of a glider rocker? There are four long springs that are bent on the ends that go in the wood. I only need two. The chair is too good to throw away.

    By Bernice

    Most Recent Answer

    By April [185]01/11/2015

    Did you try your local hardware store?

    Question: Glider is Going Too Far Back

    What is wrong if the chair going back too far, as if to turn over?

    By Deborah

    Most Recent Answer

    By susan [5]09/06/2013

    Wrap a bungee cord underneath to prevent it from going too far back and set your mind at ease. Did this with a porch glider and it worked great.

    Question: Shopping for a Roxton Seat Support Spring

    Where can I get the spring which is a 3/16 inch diameter coated spring and formed in a loop 12 inches in diameter?

    By Gary W.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frugal Sunnie [11]03/27/2013

    Any upholstery shop should have the part. You could also look online using a search term that includes the words upholstery supplies.

    The manufacturer might sell parts as well, find their website either on paperwork from time of purchase or by doing a search with the company name, the type of item you bought, and the words repair parts.

    Question: Repairing a Glider Rocker

    I have a glider rocker where the chair has shifted to one side therefore making a knocking sound and scratching the platform. Any ideas on how to correct this, as the chair has a lot of life left?

    By Sandy W.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Tanya [4]07/09/2011

    Put a piece of carpet on the side the chair has lifted on. It will lift it up and off of the platform.

    Question: Repairing an Old Glider Rocker

    Where can I get the black rocker arm for under the chair?

    By Jill

    Question: Glider Seat Repair Parts

    Our gliders have a grid like metal base under the seat held on by clips and four wide rubber "bands" holding all to the frame. One of the bands is broken, where do I find replacements?

    By Patty G

    Question: Repairing a Glider

    closeup of place where part would goJust wondering where I can find the plastic insert that the metal glides in.

    By Kyle

    Question: Replacement Parts for a Glider Rocker

    I need the metal part for the glider under the seat of a rocker. Where can I find one?

    By Becky

    Question: Replacement Springs for a Glider Rocker

    Two springs for my glider rocker have broken. I need to know where I can purchase them.

    By Margie

    Question: Liner for Glider

    Where can I get a liner that goes over the coils in a glider? I bought a glider at a thrift store, but I threw the liner away because it was dirty/smelly. Is there an alternative for a liner?

    By Sam

    Question: Repairing a Gliding Chair

    On the glider there's a piece that sits within the wood of the glider side that has come out - the screws are worn and need to be reinserted. How do I figure out how to take that one piece off without having to disassemble the entire glider? Is there a step by step guide to how to take the glider apart to fix (or correct terminology of the pieces)?

    By Cheryl from Chicago, IL

    Question: Repairing the Bottom of a Glider Chair

    How do I change the metal mechanism on the glider part because the bearings are coming out?

    By Mary R.

    Question: Repair Parts for a Glider Chair

    I have a glider bearing of 7/8, with 1 in. shoulder, and 1/4 in thick with total length of 1 1/2 in and bolt 3/8 in diameter.
    Where can I find this?

    By TK

    Question: Repairing a Glider Chair

    Our glider is not in alignment-rubbing on one side. How do we take the bottom of the rocker apart so we can straighten the chair rung or replace it?

    By Dwayne S

    Question: Repairing a Glider Chair

    Oak glider with white cushions.When in the glide position the mechanism keeps jumping into the stationary position.
    Can I adjust or repair that or is the mechanism gone altogether?

    By Jean J.

    Question: Repairing a Broken Glider Chair

    The back and seat of my glider goes back too far, almost like a regular rocker. The chair does not sit up straight.

    By JT

    Question: Replacement Parts for Repairing a Glider

    I have a glider and the back rest doesn't stay up. It has a metal bracket on each side and I can't find replacement parts. Any answers?

    By Kevin B

    Question: Repairing a Glider Chair

    I have 2 oak glider chairs. The glider mechanism is pretty much gone.
    Where can I get these gliders repaired?
    Thank you.

    By Tussing Darlene from Tempe, AZ

    Question: Finding Arms to Repair Glide Rocker

    Where can I find a replacement arm for a Pine Bassett Baby Cape Cod glider rocker?

    By KatsKats from NV

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    Archive: Repairing a Glider Chair


    Repairing a Glider Chair
    *** I picked up a lovely glider chair from the street, but the seat support is broken. There are 3 curved springs with a square of white cloth (looks like linen) on top. They are stapled into the wood, but some of the staples fell off and so did the springs. Any idea about how to fix it will help. Thanks.

    yyhuang from LA, CA

    RE: Repairing a Glider Chair

    I have a chair similar to this. In our town there is antique furniture shop. I asked what it would cost to repair, he said not much, under $30. He does repair in back of the shop. I think most shops do like that. It might be worth checking into. (01/03/2009)

    By Ariela

    RE: Repairing a Glider Chair

    I would go to an upholstery shop and see if you can buy some springs to replace the missing springs. If not, maybe they have something else to repair it. I have some old furniture that has what looks like strong elastic that is about 3 inch wide. You stretch it from one side of the frame to the other and staple it in place. (01/05/2009)

    By Loretta B.

    RE: Repairing a Glider Chair

    I have a chair just like that. My problem was that whatever cushion I put on it I could feel the springs through. Within a few short days I solved the problem by going to the lumber yard and getting a board that fit the seat and placed it on. No problems now and I have had the chair for over 5 years. Lumber stores usually have a scrap bin or they sometimes cut the wood for you. They cut mine for $0.50 a cut. (01/06/2009)

    By soyzicks

    RE: Repairing a Glider Chair

    I make and/or repair various types of furniture. It looks like you may be able to just re-attach the springs with new clips (if your going to take it apart and redo the seat). Or you could use some zig-zag repair kit parts to reattach the springs from underneath.

    However, it looks like the only fabric you have left is the liner for the bottom of the seat. If so, you will want to get a piece of foam and some material to cover the same. (that shouldn't be too expensive either).

    Once you set-up the springs correctly and position the foam just neatly staple the material underneath one side of the seat and carefully pull the material across and under the other side stapling there as well. Take care to NOT pull the material too hard or too little (this can give you crease lines or sagging bumps). Repeat the process with the two other opposite sides (neatly trimming out the material however you want it to lay near the corners).

    l can sell you some of my extra supplies at cost (I think the basic manufacturing clips were like 4/$1 (the heavy duty spring brackets are like 2/$3). Anyway this can be an easy fix, it just depends on what you want to do with it. (06/10/2009)

    By purpledama