September 21, 2013

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Ghost Finger Pen

Making a Ghost Finger PenThis is a page about making a ghost finger pen. Halloween is a good time for getting the kids involved in making fun and spooky crafts.


Front Loading Washer

Using a Front Loading WasherThis is a page about using a front load washer. Front load washers have lots of economical advantages. However, there are some notable differences between how you use a front load washer and the best products to use with this style machine.


Super Glue

Uses for Super GlueThis is a page about uses for Super Glue. In addition to the typical gluing projects, Super Glue can be used for a number of other less obvious purposes.


Toilet paper tubes with glowing eyes.

Spooky Toilet Paper Tube EyesThis is a page about spooky toilet paper tube eyes. Toilet paper tubes are great for making easy craft projects, including Halloween decorations.


Cat attached to a leash.

Training Your Cat to Walk on a LeashThis is a page about training your cat to walk on a leash. Dogs are not the only pets that enjoy a daily walk outside. Many cats can be leash trained so that they can take their owners for a stroll outside.


Desert Landscaping

Desert Landscaping IdeasThis is a page about desert landscaping ideas. A great way for homeowners, in arid climates, to have attractive, low maintenance gardens is to use native plants or other plants well suited to a desert environment.


Pool Noodles

Uses for Pool NoodlesThis is a page about uses for pool noodles. Foam pool noodles can be put to other uses around the house.


Driving a Nail

Driving a NailThis is a page about driving a nail. Driving a nail is not always as simple and successful as you would like.


Window Air Conditioner

Winterizing a Window Air ConditionerThis is a page about winterizing a window air conditioner. Rather than removing your air conditioner from the window for the winter you may choose to leave it in place and winterize it.


Frankenstein Pudding Cup

Making Frankenstein Pudding CupsThis is a page about making Frankenstein pudding cups. There are so many cute homemade treats you can easily make for Halloween.


Removing a Nail

Protecting Wood When Removing a NailThis is a page about protecting wood when removing a nail. It is easy to dent or otherwise damage wood when trying to remove a nail.



Hot Cornmeal Cereal RecipesThis page contains hot cornmeal cereal recipes. Cornmeal can be used to make a hearty, satisfying, hot breakfast cereal.


Spider Web Layered Taco Dip

Spider Web Layered Taco Dip RecipesIt is fun for seasonal and holiday parties to make food that reflects the holiday. This page contains spider web layered taco dip recipes.


ice water

Ice Maker Making Hollow CubesThis is a page about ice maker making hollow cubes. Finding the cause and fixing an ice maker making hollow cubes can be frustrating.


Mummy Juice Boxes

Making Mummy Juice BoxesThis is a page about making mummy juice boxes. Your kids will love having these fun Halloween juice boxes in their lunch bag or for an after school snack.


sedum flowers

Low Maintenance PlantsThis is a page about low maintenance plants. Planting low maintenance plants can help you have a beautiful garden and reduce the time needed to keep it that way.


Quilted Picnic Bag

Making a Quilted Picnic BagThis is a page about making a quilted picnic bag. If you and your family like to picnic a lot, it is nice to have a easy to take along bag for your plates and utensils. This project would also make a great gift.


toilet trained cat

Toilet Training Your CatThis is a page about toilet training your cat. Cat owners who would like to do away with the litterbox may consider training their cat to use the toilet instead.


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Making an Ice Cream Sandwich CakeThis is a page about making an ice cream sandwich cake. If you are looking for an easy alternative to making an ice cream cake, try making an ice cream sandwich cake.


A cat sitting on the floor.

Training Cats to Stay Off FurnitureThis is a page about training cats to stay off furniture. Although it may seem daunting, it is possible to train your cat to stay off of the furniture.


pet mantis religiosa

Keeping Insects as PetsThis is a page about keeping insects as pets. Kids and adults alike enjoy catching and keeping a variety of insects as pets.


outdoor pumpkin decoration

Outdoor Fall DecorationsThis is a page about outdoor fall decorations. Fall is a fun and colorful season for putting up outdoor decorations.


inside RV

Painting the Ceiling in a RVThis is a page about painting the ceiling in a RV. RVs, like mobile homes, often do not use the same construction materials as stick built houses. This often means that the process and products needed to paint walls or ceilings may vary from what you are used to.


concrete driveway

Removing Rust Stains from ConcreteThis is a page about removing rust stains from concrete. Tools and other metal objects can leave unsightly rust stains on your concrete driveway, patio, or walkways.


Wooden Santa Claus

Making a Wooden Santa ClausThis is a page about making a wooden Santa Claus. Even with minimal woodworking skills you can make a cute wooden Santa to use as a decoration for the holidays.


man applying tar

Removing Tar from SkinThis is a page about removing tar from skin. Tar can be a difficult thing to remove if it accidentally gets on your skin.


Stainless steel pet food dishes.

Pet Food Dish IdeasThis is a page about pet food dish ideas. Choosing the best dish for your pet's food and water depends on the kind of pet and their own special behaviors.



three jack o lantern cups 1

Jack-O'-Lantern Fruit CupsDress up those mandarin orange fruit cups by turning them into jack-o-lanterns.


finished coop

Predator Proofing a Chicken CoopThere are numerous predators in our neighborhood that could easily dig under the edges of our coop. This is how we addressed that issue.



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Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin ThreadMy Singer machine is not sewing. The needle does not pick up the bobbin thread at all. How can I fix this problem?


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Reviews of Wind Fresh Liquid Laundry DetergentI am interested in reviews of Wind Fresh liquid laundry detergent carried by Sam's Club. Thanks in advance for all comments!


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Pressure Canning Homemade SoupHow long and at what pressure should I can quarts of homemade tomato soup?


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Sweet 16 IdeasI'm trying to convince my parents to have a party for me since I'm turning 16 at the end of September. However, my parents don't have too much money and there's a budget I have to follow.


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Recycling Can Pull LidsWhere in Joburg do I go to recycle two litre can lids for money?


What Kind of Snake is This?I found this small (12 inch) snake in garden this morning in Tallahassee, Florida. Can you please help me identify it?


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Making a Polyester Throw RugHow do I make a rug using polyester squares?


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Ideas for Girl's 17th BirthdayI'm turning 17 on October 24th and I'd like to have some sort of party. I didn't really do anything for my 15th or 16th birthday and I'd like to do something this year. I don't have a big budget at all, it's just my mom and I so we can't really afford something extravagant.


Tan and black puppy.

Is My Dog a Shepherd Mix?This is Max, or Maxi as I call him. I recently adopted him from the Humane Society. I was wondering if anyone might have a guess as to what breed he might be? We were thinking Shepherd mix, but he is quite small for a 10 week old Shepherd. Regardless of breed and size he is a very loved little guy.


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Dining Room Paint Color AdviceI have a galley kitchen with a separate dining room which also connects to the family room. My kitchen is a bright yellow, my family room I am thinking to keep it a neutral color. What color would be good for my dining room? I have a gray/stone color sitting room on the opposite side of my kitchen.


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Removing Nicotine Stains from the WallsHow can I remove nicotine stains from walls to prepare for repainting?


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Cleaning Porcelain DollsI collect porcelain dolls; I have about 27 porcelain dolls in my collection. And I want to know the right way to clean them. I am not sure what materials I would need, if anything, to keep my dolls looking their best.


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Name for Interior Design CompanyI'm a freelance interior designer. I need a name for my company, I do drawing and site work as well. Please help me create a name. Thanks.


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Homemade Jar Air FreshenersI need to know how to make jar air fresheners using baking soda.


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16th Birthday Celebration IdeasMy birthday is December 26th, the day after Christmas, that sucks because everyone will be home relaxing and enjoying their time with their family. I don't know what I should do. Can you please help me/give me options?


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Determining the Price for HousecleaningI am interested in getting established as a self employed residential housecleaner. At the moment, I clean my mother's house, but I do not charge my mother because, after all, she is my mother.


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Cat Pees in Litterbox and ElsewhereI have a 5 month(ish) old girl kitten She is not fixed. She pees/poops in her litter box, but she also pees wherever. And she has pooped once outside of the litterbox. Any suggestions on how to get her to only use the litterbox?


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Puppy Won't EatI have a 3 month old puppy that just stopped eating. She now weighs about 5 lbs. She eats a can of dog food and then no more. Her feet have turned dark and I am afraid she's gonna die. I have tried Ensure and any kind of food I think she may like.


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Getting Coupons in the MailI want to start getting magazines and coupons in the mail, but I don't know how. Please help.


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Does Gender Matter When Choosing a Companion for Your Cat?I want another kitty. I have a female cat, indoor only, declawed. Would she get along better with a female kitty or a male one?


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Finding Source of Bad Odor in HouseI have an open floor plan with stained, scored concrete floors in the living room and carpet in the bedrooms. I have been in two different houses that are built the same just different floor plans. I noticed when we moved out of one house that it smelled awful.


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Gift for Best Friend on Cheerleading SquadI need a cheer gift for my best friend. Our school colors are purple, black, and silver. Any ideas?


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