March 27, 2014

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Dog with Cat

Introducing a Dog to Resident CatsThis is a page about introducing a dog to resident cats. Bringing a dog into a home with a resident cat(s) can go several ways. You can improve the chances of a positive outcome by following a few tips.


Chipped Paint on Old Chair

Sealing Chipped Paint on Old WoodThis is a page about sealing chipped paint on old wood. Rather than stripping an old painted chair or floor, you may want to maintain the "old" appearance by sealing the chipped or pealing paint.


House Builder

Building a HouseThis is a page about building a house. Many of us have the dream of building our own home.



Removing Eye Makeup Stains from Fabric?This is a page about removing eye makeup stains from fabric. Eye makeup can leave messy stains on clothing and linens.


Woman Spraying Perfume

Fragrance Tips and TricksThis is a page about fragrance tips and tricks. Scents can be used in a variety of ways to improve the smell around your home and belongings.


Kilz Primer

Kilz Primer and Paint ReviewsThis is a page about Kilz primer and paint reviews. Many painting jobs around your home benefit from the use of a primer to prepare the surface or cover stains. Kilz is one such product.


Creative Waffle Face

Creative Breakfast IdeasThis is a page about creative breakfast ideas. The first meal of the day does not have to be boring. There are many delicious foods that can be made to get you off to good start.


Tiny Bow

Making a Tiny BowThis is a page about how to make a tiny bow. Many occasions and craft projects require you to be able to tie a tiny bow.


Bobby Pins

Storing Bobby PinsThis is a page about storing bobby pins. Bobby pins seem to often end up all over the bathroom and other areas of the house.


Peeps Easter basket

8 Fun Easter CraftsHere are some fun and easy crafts and Easter gift ideas!



Things We Should Never Feed Our PetsThis is a page about things we should never feed our pets. Many of the foods that we enjoy are unhealthy and even dangerous when fed to our pets.


Snowman Jar Craft

Snowman Jar CraftsThis is a page about making a jar snowman. There are many ways to decorate a new or recycled jar for a festive holiday gift or decoration.


Teenager Holding Gift

Gift Ideas for TeenagersThis is a page about gift ideas for teenagers. Finding the perfect gift for young people in your life can be a challenge.


Man Ready to Deal with Stinky Pipes

Remedies for Stinky PipesThis is a page about remedies for stinky pipes. A necessary but unpleasant home maintenance task is dealing with smelly pipes and remedying the problem.


Flower Pot Note Holder

Making a Flower Pot Note HolderThis is a page about making a flower pot note holder. A cute note holder makes a fun addition to your home or can be made as a gift for any occasion.


Veggie Ice Pack

Improvised Ice Packs from Your FreezerThis is a page about improvised ice packs from your freezer. When you have an immediate need for an ice pack, simply check your freezer first.


Deep Frying

Deep Frying Tips and TricksDeep frying is a popular method of preparing certain foods. Following a few simple tips can ensure positive results and help prevent greasy, unappetizing ones. This is a page about deep frying tips and tricks.


Runaway Dog

How to Catch a Runaway DogThis is a page about how to catch a runaway dog. Sometimes our fourlegged friends get a notion to head out on an adventure, as soon as you open the door or as part of a reenactment of The Great Escape.


Bread Machine

Bread Machine RecipesThis page contains bread machine recipes. Making homemade bread can be simplified by using a machine for many delicious recipes.


Golden Gate Bridge

California Travel PhotosThis page contains California travel photos. California covers such a large area, encompassing a variety of geographic environments, population centers, and tourist attractions, that is offers many different travel options for visitors to this western state.


DVD Player

Cleaning CD and DVD Players?This is a page about cleaning CD and DVD players. To ensure proper performance when listening to a CD or watching a DVD, you will want to keep these electronics clean.


Desk Calendar

Making A Desk CalendarThis is a page about making a desk calendar. Making a functional, as well as decorative, desk calendar is a fun project that can be accomplished using a variety of craft types or software programs.


Elderly Couple Paying Medical Bills

Paying Medical Bills When on Medicare?This is a page about paying medical bills when on medicare. Medicare health insurance provides medical coverage for millions of citizens.


Laughing eggs.

Food JokesThis is a page about food jokes. Food is a great topic for lots of jokes, both adult and children's.


Vintage Craft Tools

Finding Vintage Craft Tools and Supplies?This is a page about finding vintage craft tools and supplies. Collecting vintage items of various types is a popular hobby. If you are a crafter, perhaps you collect craft tools and supplies to decorate your home and craft room or studio.



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Rich and Boozy Christmas PuddingThis is a nice pudding and, as the title says, boozy. My husband is a teatotaler, but loves this. He says the flavour is lovely. I know it says Christmas pudding, but it can be make at any time.


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Mock A-1 Steak SauceA mock recipe. I have high blood pressure and no money, I make a lot of mock recipes!


Quiches are finished baking.

Muffin Tin QuichesThese single serving quiches are perfect for a brunch party but can also be reheated for a quick breakfast. Vary the ingredients depending what you have in the fridge. They always turn out great.


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Louisiana Fish CreoleFish Creole made with vegetables, fish and a healthy soy sauce substitute, for those who have soy sauce sensitivities or who just don't like any kind of soy sauce. This recipe is simmered on the stove.


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Butternut Squash and Bartlett Pear SoupThis recipe uses healthy ingredients to bring together wonderful flavors.



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Natural Way to Keep Chickens Out of YardPlant marigolds and spray vingear around the area you don't want your chickens to play, or destroy, LOL.


Oso Land Slide Rescue Operations

Donate to Victims of the Washington LandslideOur hearts go out to all the families suffering in the tragic landslide in Washington.


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Using Lists for OrganizingI'm a big list user. I have an excel spreadsheet on my computer with tabs. I have a list for my movies, cookbooks, kitchen items, books, and more. I get this habit from my mom!


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Toothpick as Temporary Eyeglass ScrewDid you lose the screw from your eyeglasses? Here is a temporary solution to give you time to get to the optical store. Use a toothpick to hold the arm of your glasses on, so you can still wear them. Just poke the pick in the hole and break of ends of pick showing.


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Use Evaporation to Keep Food CoolIf you need to keep milk or cheese cool when camping or picnicking, wrap them in wet cloths and place in a bucket. As the water evaporates, it keeps the food cool. Remember to dampen cloths again when they dry out.


Winter View of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Winter View of the Grand Canyon (Arizona)This photo was taken a few years ago at the North Rim during Christmas season. It brings back memories of a golden afternoon just fading into sunset and the hushed stillness of this beautiful scene.


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Use Silica Packets in BathroomI like to keep silica packets in the bathroom. There is more moisture there than anywhere in your house, You know how sometimes the drawers in your vanity or under the sink storage area gets kind of musty smelling? Keep a few of the little packets in there to control dampness and odor.


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Easy Liquid Laundry DetergentMy sister recently gave me a recipe for a no grate, no clump, really easy and quickly made and unbelievably cheap laundry detergent that I really love! It only requires only 2 Tbsp. Dawn, 1/3 cup washing soda, 1/4 cup borax and hot water for a gallon of laundry soap.


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Long Feathers for Clogged Kitchen DrainI live in the country, and have a septic system, and a "gray water" system, into which our kitchen sink drains. We have to be very careful about not clogging it with food or other particles. One day, I decided to try a bit of Rid-X in the sink as I was used to putting it into the septic system...


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Cleaning Mouse Urine out of OvenThis past winter was very cold because of the polar vortex. To our dismay, we had a visitor that explored our stove. A mouse, eek! When we tried to use the oven, it stank to high heaven. To make a long story short, this is how you clean it. Trust us, we tried everything.


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Prevent Underarm Odor With Antibacterial SoapUnderarm sweat only smells because of the bacteria that grows there. If you use an antibacterial soap (I use one called Safeguard), you won't need to apply deodorant as well.


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Pet Food StorageI like to put my pet food in a sturdy, resealable container so that ants and mice don't find a way into it. The larger containers can get a bit cumbersome at times, so my tip would be to get one with rollers. For example, the Suncast 80 qt. rolling bin works great in my kitchen.



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Name Ideas for an Organizing Business?For years I've been wanting to do organizing. I'm now really trying to get out there and do it. Any advice to newbies? I need a catchy name, my initials are R and R or Rachel's. Any ideas? My goal is to help create an organized system that will be easy to keep organized.


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Name Ideas for a Daycare Business?I want to open a daycare and I want to use my last name in the daycare name. My last name is "goforth".


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Selling Pop Can Tabs?Where can I sell the pop can because the collection is now to much for me.


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Value of Vintage Lawnmower?Can anyone tell me the age and value of a HG Palmer lawnmower?


Collage of 4 photos of a black puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?What kind of dog do I have? She's about 4/5 months old. She looks part Lab and her coat is super soft.


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Value of 1940s Britannica Junior?I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica Junior, Atlas and 2 dictionaries from the 1940s. Are these valuable? Thank you.


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Removing Black Raspberry Water Stain on Carpet?I opened my bottle of black raspberry water on my mom's carpet and it stained. What do I use to get it out?


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Small Biting Bugs?I don't know what they are. They are very little, even smaller than a mosquito. They are hard and black. They are flying all the time in my room, trying to bite me and drinking my blood. I have already killed a lot, but still they are in my room.


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Sharing Expenses With a Boyfriend?My boyfriend moved in with me 6 months ago. I am a student and he is the owner of an organization. We share all the expenses. When we go shopping it is the same, but he eats twice or thrice my portion. Sometimes my parents have to send me money for upkeep with which I pay my part of rent.


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Cleaning and Shining an Old Kitchen Floor?I have question about rubberized based with thin wood looking top kitchen flooring. I don't know if it's actual rubber or just what type of material? This floor has been in a kitchen for close to 35 years or so ....


Young white puppy wth standup ears.

What Breed is My Dog?The shelter thinks he is a Shepherd mix, but I have no idea. He is only 8 weeks old.


small mostly black dog

What Breed is My Dog?He's 8 months old. I am not sure what kind of dog he is. He is short and doesn't seem to be growing anymore.


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