May 4, 2014

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spray paint can

Using Rustoleum Paint?This is a page about using Rustoleum paint. Rustoleum manufactures a variety of paints for use on metal and even countertops.


Boots with a shearling cuff.

Cleaning and Removing Stains from Shearling?This is a page about cleaning and removing stains from shearling. Shearling like other forms of leather needs to be cleaned using the proper methods and products.


Baking Pan

Flouring Baking PansThis is a page about flouring baking pans. Flouring your baking pans is one way to prevent sticking.


Front Loading Washer

Buying a Front Loading Washer With Reversible...This is a page about buying a front load washer with reversible door. When installing washer you may need to change the direction the loading door opens, so it is nice to buy one that makes that possible.


Older woman at an eye appointment.

Treating GlaucomaThis is a page about treating glaucoma. A hereditary eye disease that can cause blindness, if left untreated.


A woman scratching at bug bites.

Keeping No-See-Ums from BitingThis is a page about keeping no see ums from biting. No see ums are very small gnats that travel in swarms and deliver an irritating bite. They are also known as midges or sandflies.


Museum Themed Party

Throwing Museum Themed Party?This is a page about throwing museum themed party. Whether planning a party for a local museum or a birthday party with a museum theme, there are many options for the focus of your party.


Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler Mix PhotosThis is a page about Blue Heeler mix photos. Mixed breed dogs often make wonderful family members.


Hoboken New Jersey after sunset.

New Jersey Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains information and photos about frugal travel in New Jersey. With a long distinguished history, this Eastern state offers art, culture and family fun.


humpty dumpty

Nursery Rhyme Costume IdeasThis is a page about nursery rhyme costume ideas. Lots of great costumes can be made based on nursery rhyme characters.


cardboard shipping box

Lightweight Gift Ideas for Sending Overseas?This is a page about lightweight gift ideas for family overseas. No one likes to spend more on postage than the value of the gift being sent.


Bridal Shower Favor

Homemade Bridal Shower Favor IdeasThis is a page about homemade bridal shower favor ideas. One way to save money on your wedding is to make your own favors for your guests.


Ice Cube Tray

Cleaning Odors From Ice Cube TraysThis is a page about cleaning odors from ice cube trays. Plastic ice cube trays can absorb odors from foods in your freezer.


Rug Hooking Craft

Making Rug Hooking CraftsThis is a page about making rug hooking crafts. Prior to latch hook rug crafts, hooked rugs were made using fabric, such as burlap or linen, as the base for your project.



Removing WD-40 Odor from Laundry?This is a page about removing WD-40 odor from laundry. WD-40 is often used to help in removing stains, unfortunately sometimes once the stain is gone the odor of WD-40 may not be.


A woman reading a document.

Reading Poor Copies of DocumentsSome documents, particularly older ones can be quite dark and difficult to read, others may be too light. This is a page about reading poor copies of documents.


A girl breaking a cigarette in half.

How Long Does Nicotine Remain in the...This is a page about how long does nicotine remain in the bloodstream? You may want to know how long this substance is active in your system.


backyard pond

Keeping Roots From Damaging a Pond's LiningThis is a page about keeping roots from damaging a pond's lining. Tree roots can be very aggressive and invasive.


Black-Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur Photos and InformationThis is a page about Black Mouth Cur photos and information. The Black Mouth Cur was bred as a hunting and cattle dog.


A man wearing a t-shirt.

Shrinking a T-shirt?This is a page about shrinking a t-shirt. If a favorite t-shirt is too big or seems to stretch out with wearing, you may be able to shrink the fabric enough to improve the fit.


photo of an infant

Infant and Toddler PhotosThis is a page about infant and toddler photos. There are so many cute photos of babies and young children.


Foam Cone Poinsettia Tree

Making a Foam Cone Poinsettia TreeThis is a page about making a foam cone poinsettia tree. Starting with a foam crafting cone and some fabric poinsettias you can make a beautiful holiday decoration.


A woman sitting at table in a wheelchair.

Living With a DisabilityThis is a page about living with a disability. Disability is a term that covers a wide range of conditions of varying types and levels of severity, including hearing, vision, and mobility impairments.


Beaded Cross

Making a Beaded CrossThis is a page about making a beaded cross. Making a beaded cross is a fast, easy project that is excellent for craft fairs and gift giving.


Screened Porch

Flooring a Screened Porch?This is a page about best flooring for a screen porch. When choosing flooring for a screened porch you will want to find the best option for this semi-enclosed outdoor space.


Counter Top Dishwasher

Buying a Counter Top Dishwasher?An option for an older home or a kitchen without the space for a built-in dishwasher, is a counter top model. This is a page about buying a counter top dishwasher.


Santa and Mrs. Claus kissing under a kissing ball.

Making a Christmas Kissing BallThis is a page about making a Christmas kissing ball. This decorative alternative to the simple sprig of mistletoe is a fun project to add to your homemade Christmas decorations list.


butterfly of an imported cabbage worm

Garden Insects: Imported Cabbage WormsThis is a page about garden insects: imported cabbage worms. The imported cabbage worm is one of the most common destructive pests that attack the cole crops (such as cabbage, kale, rutabaga) in your garden.


older couch

Removing Odors from a CouchMany different thing can cause your sofa to smell. This is a page about removing odors from a couch.


wrinkled slacks

Removing Wrinkles from Permanent Press ClothingThis is a page about removing wrinkles from permanent press clothing. Even permanent press fabrics can come out of the dryer or drawer with some wrinkles or creases.


Chicken Marsala

Carrabba's Italian Grill Copycat RecipesThis is a page about Carrabba's Italian Grill copycat recipes. Now you can make copycat versions of popular meals served at Carrabba's, a popular Italian restaurant chain.


tape rolls

Removing Tape Residue From Walls?This is a page about removing tape residue from walls. Tape that is left too long on walls can leave residue that can be difficult to remove without damaging the paint.


Daisy Tree

Growing a Daisy Tree?This is a page about growing a daisy tree. There are several plants that are known as a daisy tree, some annuals and others perennial.


jug of milk

Substitutions for MilkThis is a page about substitutions for milk. If your are lactose intolerant or simply out of milk there are some substitutions your can use in recipes.


Dining table with a nice tablecloth.

Saving Money on TableclothsThis is a page about saving money on tablecloths. Tablecloths can be quite pricey to buy, but there are some ways you can save money on tablecloths.


Car with a scratch.

Buying Auto Touch Up Paint?This is a page about buying auto touch up paint. Small nicks and scratches on your car can be repaired by buying the proper shade of touch up paint.


stack of books

Making a Book RestThis is a page about making a book rest. A book rest helps to use instructional books, such as cook books more easily.


Elvis costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas for WorkThis is a page about Halloween costumes for work. Many workplaces encourage their employees to come to work in costume for Halloween.


Terra Cotta Pots

Saving Money on Terra Cotta PotsThis is a page about saving money on terra cotta pots. Terra cotta flower pots are popular for gardening and craft projects. Shopping around can often help get a better price.


Shrimp and cocktail sauce

Cocktail Sauce RecipesThis page contains cocktail sauce recipes. A delicious condiment to serve with all kinds of seafood is cocktail sauce.


Bottles of cleaning products.

Determining the Ingredients in...This is a page about determining the ingredients in cleaning products. Knowing the ingredients in a cleaning product can help in deciding which ones you want to use in your home.


Photo of a beautiful farm.

Farm PhotosThis is a page about farm photos. Farms offer many photo opportunities including scenery, animals, and structures.



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Caramel SauceEasy to make and so good to eat!


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Cocktail SauceIn a small bowl, combine all the ingredients and stir until well blended.



Finished star.

Simple Crochet 5 Point StarHere is one example of how to make a five pointed, crocheted star. This one is based on the instructions posted on this site several years ago. I wanted to give it a try and add some photos of my finished stars.


Red Bone Coon Hound Breed Information - closeup of the hound

Red Bone Coon Hound Breed InformationThe Red Bone Coonhound is a lean, muscular breed. They have very thick pads on their paws which are also webbed, making them very good swimmers. Their long ears are floppy and reach almost to the tip of their nose. Their sleek short coat does not require a lot of grooming, a weekly brushing generally will suffice.



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Area Rug and Accent Pillow Color Advice?I have walls of beige with an ivory bead board. The curtains are solid rust and the sofa and chair are chocolate brown. The floors are light oak wood. What color would be best for an area rug and accent pillows?


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Centerpieces for High School Crew (Rowing) Banquet?I'm responsible for doing the table centerpieces for a high school crew (rowing) team banquet. (The colors are red/white/blue.) Any ideas? I'm stumped at the moment.


Black puppy.

What is My Puppy Mixed With?I just adopted a 2 and a half month old puppy from a pet rescue, but I am not sure what breed she is. I know that she is a Dachshund mix and I suppose she is mixed with Lab. But she has wrinkles on her face and some people think her head structure reminds them of a Pit Bull.


Yellow brown dog with medium hair.

What Breed is My Dog?He is 6 months old and I found him in the streets. Please help me find out the breed.


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Keeping Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing?I clean my silver jewelry, store with anti tarnish strips and within a few days it is tarnished again! I make and sell jewelry so I have hundreds of pieces, what can I do?


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Dog With Very Long Nails Limping?What does the vet do when you take your dog in because his toenails are way too long and he is limping?


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Hanging Pictures on Plaster Walls?I live in a house with plaster walls. My landlord used to live here growing up and his dad was so worried that any holes in the walls would ruin the plaster they never hung anything up. So no picture frames or shelves, etc.


Melaleuca tree near building.

Removing a Melaleuca Tree?We have one melaleuca tree in our yard and we would like to have it removed. We'd like to have it done by someone who has a use for it.


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Making a Coffee Filter Wreath?How much material is needed to make one of these wreaths?


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Uses of Diatomaceous Earth for the Human body.I would like to know if their food grade would help in cleaning your colon.


Plant with small white

What is This Plant?We have been trying to find out what it is for two years. My mother in-law brought it back from West Virginia. It spreads like crazy and comes back every spring. Thank you for any help.


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