March 2, 2017

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Bag made from Playing Cards

Making a Playing Card HandbagMaking handbag is a great way to use some old cards that can't be used for playing. This is a page about playing card handbag.


An uncooked beef roast with a sprig of rosemary on top.

Glazed Rosemary Roast BeefA delicious glaze of balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, and horseradish separate this roast from the mundane. This page contains the recipe for glazed rosemary roast beef.


dried litter on soles of shoes

Cleaning Cat Litter Off of Shoes?Kitty liter, especially if it gets wet, can cling to surfaces like the bottoms of shoes. This is a page about cleaning kitty litter off shoes.


A U-Haul moving truck.

What to Expect When Renting a Moving TruckRenting a moving truck for a day to move one or more items or even when moving to a new home can be less expensive than using a moving company. This page offers some in-depth information regarding what to expect when renting a moving truck.


Rosemary Chicken Soup

Roasted Vegetables and Rosemary Chicken Soup RecipeVegetable soup with rosemary chicken is a meal your family will love to eat anytime of year. This page contains roasted vegetables and rosemary chicken soup recipe.


Organizing Beads and Buttons

Organizing Beads and ButtonsIf you have a large collection of beads and buttons, it important to keep them organized so you can locate the ones you need. This is a page about organizing beads and buttons<.


corner of room with windows and couch

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?Whether your living room is formal or casual, you want the curtains you choose to complement the room and its furnishings. This page contains suggestions for living room curtain colors.


Wedding Invitation

Preserving a Wedding InvitationSaving one of your own wedding invitations or one from a special family member or friend makes a nice memento. This page contains a tip for preserving a wedding invitation.


Coffee filter lining a pet dish

Use Coffee Filters as Pet Dish LinersYou can cut down on washing messy pet food dishes by lining them with inexpensive coffee filters. This is a page about coffee filters as pet dish liners.


An antique record player with a record playing.

Finding the Value of Antique Record PlayersSome antique record players are rare and, if they are in good condition, can be valuable. This is a page about finding the value of antique record players.


Turkey Napkin Ring For Thanksgiving

Making Turkey Napkin RingsTurn your kids loose with recycled paper tubes, crepe paper streamers, and a few other supplies. They will have as much fun making these cute holiday napkins rings as you have using them. This is a page about making turkey napkin rings.


A clever decorative vase made from recycled cardboard.

Making a Recycled Cardboard VaseCardboard is a great medium to work with for many craft projects and a vase is a great example. This is a page about making a recycled cardboard vase.


A batch of Cheese Crescent Rolls.

Cheese Crescent RollsAdding a stuffing of your favorite shredded cheese to a crescent roll is a quick way to make a tasty bread side. This page explains how to make cheese crescent rolls.


A couple looking at antique porcelain cups.

Getting Antiques Appraised Before SellingMany antiques have value but finding out how much value, by having them appraised, is important before attempting to sell them. This is a page about getting antiques appraised before selling.


A woman sitting talking to an elderly man.

Name Ideas for a Business Dealing with Families and Seniors?Picking the right name for your new family and senior business is an important step to creating a successful business. This is a page about name for a business dealing with families and seniors.


Two orange colored smoothies in glasses.

Orange Banana Smoothie RecipeAn orange banana smoothie is a great way to start the day or give a quick energy boost when you need it in the afternoon. This page contains orange banana smoothie recipe.


Muffin Pan

Using Muffin Pans Without Paper Liners?Paper liners can make removing muffins easier. However, a layer of butter or shortening will also allow the muffins to come out just fine. This is a page about using muffin pans without paper liners.


Stack of Shoe Boxes

Getting Free Shoe Boxes?From storage to crafts, shoeboxes can used for all sorts of things. If you can get them for free, even better! This is a page about getting free shoe boxes.


Home printer.

Free Printable Birthday Card Websites?Printing a birthday card at home allows you to personalize it and saves a trip to the store. This is a page about birthday card website.


Boy With Bad Tasting Water

Remedy for Bad Tasting Water?Filtering you water is the best way to ensure you get rid the bad taste in your water. This is a page about remedy for bad tasting water.


A professional looking jar of homemade preserves.

Selling Homemade Food Products in Stores?If your home kitchen passes a Health Department inspection, then you can sell your homemade food products to the public. This is a page about selling homemade food products in stores.


Sweet potato hash in a serving dish.

Shelf Life of Frozen Sweet Potato Hash?It is often convenient to make larger meals and then freeze the leftovers for eating later. Some foods can be frozen for longer times and still retain their taste and texture. This page contains some advice about the shelf life of frozen sweet potato hash.


A pile of cardboard boxes.

Making Cardboard Box Dollhouses?A large cardboard box can be rescued in a myriad of ways. Making a dollhouse from a leftover box is a perfect way to use it again. This is a page about making cardboard box dollhouses .


closeup of clean railing and pan of soapy water

Cleaning Mildew off Vinyl Deck RailingsVinyl deck railings can get mildew build up, especially during the winter months. This is a page about

Bark baking pan being filled with batter.

When to Use Dark or Light Baking PansAccording to some cooks the best way to remember the difference is that dark pans result in darker crusts, or cookie bottoms and lighter pans mean higher ones. This is a page about when to use dark or light baking pans.


Stack of butter sticks.

Substituting Butter for ShorteningFor many recipes, shortening and butter can be used relatively interchangeably. This is a page about substituting butter for shortening.


shuffling cards

Card Games for 6-8 People?Card games for large groups can be hard to find. Here are some card game ideas you can try. This is a page about card games for 6-8 people.


Scrabble Art Project - finished wall art project

Making Scrabble Wall ArtIf you have an old Scrabble game that has lost too many pieces to be functional as a game, you can still use it for unique and creative art crafts. This is a page about scrabble wall art.


Traffic around Washington DC.

Bargain Shopping Near Washington D.C.There are many opportunities for discount and bargain shopping in the Washington D.C. area. This is a page about bargain shopping near washington d.c..



Mini Meatloaves on plate with squash

Loaded Mini MeatloavesThese were delicious, and can be frozen to enjoy another day. We ate them for dinner, but these would be very portable and make a terrific lunch. Can be eaten hot, warm or cold.


Meatball Subs and happy face fries on plate

Meatball SubsThese meatball subs were a family favorite when I was growing up. And on birthdays, we still choose a meal for other family members to prepare. Most of the time my choice is meatball subs. For under $10, you can feed 2-3 people. They are easy to make and taste delicious!



DIY Lava Lamp - lamp appearing green with bubbles inside bottle

DIY Lava LampI was amazed about how lava lamps are made. I tried making one at home. Alka Seltzer is what makes the fizzing and floating effect, but I don't have it, so I tried an experiment using the chewable aspirin. It doesn't really fizz the way Alka Seltzer does, but still it's beautiful.


Sliding robots for putting under furniture legs to make moving easier.

Product Review: Sliding Robots for Moving FurnitureSliding Robots is a must have in our household! It makes cleaning so much easier. You can easily move furniture and heavy objects on any smooth surface such as: carpet, wood, tile, or linoleum!


A freshly made bed.

Thrifty Living Could Mean EverythingThrifty living does not mean you have to avoid the good and healthy things that cost a lot. Sometimes, it also means self discipline. For me, policies are indeed useful for disciplining myself.


Inexpensive Grow Light - grow light with bent shade

Inexpensive Grow LightI wanted to have some grow lights, but a lot of them were $100. I found the slightly bent light fixture at an estate sale, and went to Home Depot for the special plant bulb, which was $5. It may not be the fanciest, but it is doing a great job. I'm looking forward to the best garden ever this year.


How to Sort and Organize Craft Beads - round containers of beads

How to Sort and Organize Craft BeadsIf you use beads in your crafts, then you know what a hassle it is when all colors and sizes are mixed together. Now I use little plastic containers, like what restaurants use for to-go condiments. You can purchase them in the party section of almost any dollar store. I then sorted my beads by color, type, and both.


Recycled Fruit Container for Craft Supplies - clear plastic container filled with craft supplies

Recycled Fruit Container for Craft SuppliesWhen I was done with this fruit basket container, I knew I had to re-use it. We can't recycle plastics right now in our county, so it would end up in the landfill. I hate that. So, I cleaned and dried it, and filled it with craft supplies.


Seeds, grains, garlic and lemon to add to food for extra nutrition.

Adding Extra Nutrition to Your FoodTo increase the amount of vitamins in my diet, I like to enhance my meals with a variety of nutrition boosters! Anything to make one's food 'super!' Here's a few things I like to use:


A pink tin pail filled with pens and markers on a desk.

Tin Pail to Organize Office SuppliesA great and inexpensive way to organize your office supplies are with these $1 tin pails! You can find these tin pails at your local Dollar Spot at Target, Dollar Tree, Party City or Arts and Craft stores.


Non-Slip Drawer Liners for Opening Stuck Jar Lids - large rectangle of liner

Non-Slip Drawer Liners for Opening Stuck Jar LidsI found another use for my roll of no-skid drawer liners. I cut them into various shapes and they are great for opening lids that won't budge! I can always use help opening lids, since the factories often put them on way too tight.


A large shopping bag full of mail packages.

IKEA Durable Shopping BagNow in California, they have banned plastic bags. If you would like to purchase a plastic bag, it'll be 10 cents, or you bring your own bag. Instead of bringing a bunch of bags, I sometimes bring this durable bag from Ikea that I bought for a buck!


Recycled Popcorn Lid as Plant Saucer

Recycled Popcorn Lid as Plant SaucerOnce I recycled my popcorn tin as a trash basket, I wondered what I could do with the lid. I decided to use it to catch any water that drained out of my large houseplant. I put some felt furniture protectors on the bottom, so it wouldn't scratch my coffee table.


Hole-Punch St. Patrick's Day Art - finished pot of gold and clover

Hole-Punch St. Patrick's Day ArtIt's always exciting for children to try something different when creating art. My students always really enjoyed using hole punches to make or accentuate their crafts. For St. Patrick's day, you can make a pot of gold, a four-leaf clover, or a rainbow.


A water bottle on a kitchen counter.

Drink Water to Lose WeightWhenever you feel hungry, drink water first. Thirst often disguises itself as hunger. After you drink, if you are still hungry, you will find that you eat less.



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Singer Magic Steam Press Not Heating?My Singer Magic Press cap-1 steam press was working in good order and suddenly the light and temperature went off, nothing happens. What can I do? I checked the connections and fuse.


What Is This Houseplant? three stemmed plant in pot

What Is This Houseplant?It used to have 3-4 red leaves on the top, but they fell off. I'm trying to find out what the name of it is to give it proper care.


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Curtain and Scatter Cushion Color Advice?My living room wall is painted white. I have a black leather couch and wine carpet with orange scatter cushions and gold colour curtains. I want to change the curtains to another colour as well as the scatter cushions. Which colour will make my living room come alive?


Identifying and Caring for a Houseplant

Identifying and Caring for a Houseplant?My friend has two houseplants, one that's not doing well and one that seems healthy. The first photo is the ailing plant and the second two photos are of the healthy plant. We'd appreciate any help on 1) what kind of plant these are and 2) suggestions for how we can help the ailing one.


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Getting Rid of Flea Beetles?Does anyone have a homemade solution for getting rid of flea beetles?


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Dining Room Curtains and Rug Color Advice?We just finished putting a med/dark wood floor and sage green walls in our dining room. I need ideas for color of curtains (I am thinking rod-type and 84" long) and an area rug for underneath the dining room table. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Funeral Costs Responsibility?So I just had to take my older brother off of life support in January 2017. I am woundering who is responseable for the costs of his funeral. I was told that because I was the one to make the decision to take him off life support and I signed the death certificate I am responsiable for all costs.


Waverly Wallpaper with Magnolia Blossoms

Waverly Wallpaper with Magnolia Blossoms?I am looking for Waverly #5504741. It has a pale yellow background with magnolia blossoms and leaves, small butterflies, and bugs. I need all that I can find.


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Dog Lost Hair After Chemo Treatment?My toy Poodle recently underwent one treatment of chemo, but then immediately after that she got parvo. She is cured now from parvo, but has gone almost completely bald. Is there a treatment to help her get her hair back?


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Purple Mold on Pontoon Boat's Vinyl Seats?I have a pontoon boat with lots of vinyl seats. We have recently experienced a new type of mold for us. We live in Mobile, Alabama where there is lots of hot weather and it is very humid. Our vinyl seats has a "purple" mold starting to grow and spread.


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Catch Phrase for Cleaning Business?I am starting a clean business called Krystal Klear Cleaning LLC, and I need a good catch phrase. Do you have any ideas?


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Bathroom Curtain and Towel Color Advice?My bathroom has cream walls with brown wood. What colour curtains, bathmat and, hand towel should I use in order to make it look brighter.


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Washer Drains But Won't Spin?My top load washing machine won't spin during the spin cycle and the water drains out from underneath the machine despite it not spinning. Is this fixable?


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House Trained Dog Peeing on Owner's Bed?Our 4 year old Staffy started peeing on the owner's bed. She only does it now and then. She goes out to the toilet during the nite.


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Pink Stains on Linoleum Flooring in Kitchen?Large pink stains have suddenly appeared on my mum's kitchen lino. I have checked underneath and all looks fine, no staining at all, and no damp. She says nothing has been spilt. We have tried cleaning with bleach with no luck. Any ideas?


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Volkswagen Golf GT Having Electrical Malfunctions?My Golf GT Tdi suddenly started flashing both indicator lights on dashboard at the same time for a split second while driving. Also the lock seems to try to lock and unlock on its own randomly while driving and sometimes when I go to lock my door using the fob it automatically unlocks again and the windows come down?


Caulking and Repainting a Shower - peeling paint

Caulking and Repainting a Shower?I had my shower repainted by Permaglaze 12 months ago. At nine months it stated peeling/cracking at the seam of two pieces of the shower. I questioned painting over caulk as opposed to caulking after painting. That is what we do was the reply.


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Top Thread Breaking?I have a Gemsy, model gem8900, industrial machine. When the footpedal is stepped on hard the top thread breaks. Why is that?


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