March 8, 2017

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Sprinkle Hearts on a Cake - spreading sprinkles

Adding Sprinkle Hearts to a CakeA quick and easy way to decorate a cake is to use a cookie cutter and add sprinkles inside the shape. This is a page about adding sprinkle hearts to a cake.


Mold on Floor

Can Mold Grow Under Laminate Flooring on a Concrete Foundation?If moisture gets between your laminate floors and the concrete underneath, it can be easy for mold to grow. This is a page about can mold grow under laminate flooring on a concrete foundation?.


view of bobbin

Bobbin Case Stuck on a Singer Sewing Machine?If the bobbin has become stuck on your Singer sewing machine, you may need to have it repaired professionally. This is a page about bobbin case in singer machine stuck.


A Singer sewing machine.

Singer Sewing Machine Won't Sew?If your Singer sewing machine has stopped working, it may need repair from a professional. This is a page about singer sewing machine won't sew.


A packaged yellow plastic tablecloth.

Using Tablecloths as Gift WrapLarge vinyl tablecloths are inexpensive and often seasonally decorated. They are the perfect solution to wrapping large gifts. This is a page about using tablecloths as gift wrap.


Cat on Couch

Keeping Cats from Peeing on a CouchIf your cat is peeing on your couch, it is important to get the cat to stop doing so as soon as possible. This is a page about keeping cat from peeing on new couch.


A loaf of bread in the freezer.

Buying Bread in Bulk to FreezeBuying in bulk can be a great way to save money on staple items like bread. To prevent spoilage, excess bread can be placed in the freezer. This is a page about buy and freeze bread in bulk.


Tilapia and Rice - finished dish

Tilapia and Rice RecipeTilapia fish and rice is simple mouthwatering dish that will certainly get gobbled up. This page contains tilapia and rice.


Goldfish Themed Party Snacks - cake, gold fish crackers, and gummy candies

Goldfish Themed Party SnacksWhen planning a party it is fun to have the food match the theme you have chosen. This page offers some ideas for goldfish themed party snacks.


Three pillar candles.

Freezing Candles Before UseStoring your candles in the freezer can help extend their life. This is a page about freezing candles before use.


A bowl full of large white marshmallows.

Substitute for Marshmallows?Gelatin free marshmallows can be purchased at many health food stores as a substitute for regular marshmallows. This is a page about substitute for marshmallows.


Thread pulled through bobbin hole.

Threading a Sewing Machine BobbinThreading a bobbin on a sewing machine can be a little difficult if you haven't done it before. This is a page about threading a sewing machine bobbin.


A storage tube for plastic bags made from bandanas.

Bandana Storage Tube for Plastic BagsHere is a handy way to store extra plastic bags that can easily be made from a common bandana. This is a page about bandana storage tube for plastic bags.


Round card and tag with cherry motif.

Making Cherry Themed Note CardHomemade note cards and gift tags add a special personalized touch to any gift. This is a page about making cherry themed note card.


Installing a Baby Gate for a Wide Archway - attach gate hardware to wall and shelf

Installing a Baby Gate for a Wide ArchwayIf the room opening you are trying to span with a baby gate exceeds the maximum width of the gate, get creative. This is a page about installing a baby gate for a wide archway.


Vintage Theater Seats

Determining the Value of Vintage Theater Seats?Old theater seats are usually put together in a group, and can be used at home in interesting ways. This is a page about determining the value of vintage theater seats.


A person cleaning a window with a rag.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning WindowsRubbing alcohol is an excellent product to use for cleaning windows. This is a page about using rubbing alcohol for cleaning windows.


Old style ice chest.

Preventing Mold in Stored Cooler?If you have experienced problems with mold growing in a cooler that is being stored, try some of these tips. This is a page about preventing mold in stored cooler.


Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac Trim - toddle with large firetruck under the quilt

How to Make a Whole Cloth Tied Quilt with Ric Rac TrimRather than creating a patchwork top, you can simply make a whole cloth quilt using a single piece of fabric and tying the layers. A fun alternative to a bias binding is the use of ric rac as trim. This is a page about how to make a whole cloth tied quilt with ric rac trim.


A dental floss threader.

Using a Dental Floss Threader to Thread NeedlesIf you have trouble threading your sewing needles you are not alone. This page contains tips about using a dental floss threader to thread needles.


A rotisserie chicken, ready for carving.

Copycat Kenny Rogers Rotisserie Chicken Recipe?Kenny Roger's chicken restaurants are almost completely gone from the United States. So if you want to enjoy this flavorful rotisserie chicken, you will need to copy the recipe at home. This page contains Kenny Roger's rotisserie chicken.


Rustic Country Wedding Invitation - finished card

Rustic Country Wedding InvitationIncluding an old family wedding photo on your homemade wedding invitation leads an air off rustic or vintage charm. This page gives instructions for making a rustic country wedding invitation.


happy looking doll

Finding a Doll That Looks Like Your ChildSome dolls are very life like and it may be possible to find on that looks much like your child. This is a page about finding doll that looks like your child.


11 Year Old Girl at Her Birthday

Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old GirlsTween girls can have myriad of interests, so sometimes find the right gift can be difficult. This is a page about gift ideas for girls.


A soft bath bomb dissolving in the bathwater.

Homemade Bath Bombs Won't Harden?If you are making homemade bath bombs and they won't harden it can be frustrating. This is a page about homemade bath bombs won't harden.


A stack of newspaper next to a cup of coffee.

Saving Money on a Newspaper SubscriptionNewspapers often have promotional deals to encourage new subscribers. This can be a great way to save money on your newspaper subscription. This is a page about receiving local paper online.


Sliding robots for putting under furniture legs to make moving easier.

Sliding Robots Furniture Sliders ReviewsPutting plastic sliders under the feet of heavy furniture will make the piece much easier to move around your home. This is a page about sliding robots furniture sliders reviews.


A woman making knots with dough.

Cinnamon KnotsAn easy to follow scratch recipe for some delicious cinnamon buns. This page has a recipe for cinnamon knots.


The bobbin winder on a Singer sewing machine.

Repairing the Bobbin Winder on a Singer Sewing Machine?The bobbin winder on your machine is an important feature that you really can't do without. This is a page about repairing the bobbin winder on a Singer sewing machine.


Popsicle Stick Toy Harmonica - finished harmonica

Making a Popsicle Stick Toy HarmonicaThis cute harmonica is made from popsicle sticks and kids will love playing with it. This is a page about making a popsicle stick toy harmonica.


Wet Plexiglas

Cleaning Dull Plexiglas?Plexiglass can become dull over time. You may be able to improve it's clarity with some cleaning and buffing. This is a page about cleaning dull plexiglas.


A box full of sewing bobbins with different colored thread.

Uses for Sewing BobbinsSewing machine bobbins that belonged to a machine you no longer have or that you picked up at a yard sale can be put to other uses. This is a page about uses for sewing bobbins.



Mongolian Beef on rice with broccoli on plate

Pressure Cooker Mongolian BeefAnother terrific recipe from the Facebook Instant Pot Community group. No more takeout!


boy drinking smoothie

Fruit and Veggie Smoothie for Picky EatersMost kids like fruits and some would not like to have vegetables on their plate. One is my kid who is a picky eater. He's not fond of both so I find ways to make him eat or drink fruits and veggies because nutritious food is always important for kids.


finished Mango Gelatin Dessert

Mango Gelatin DessertA refreshing, healthy dessert that is easy to prepare for all occasions. Very light on to your budget, and may become a favorite for your kids especially!



A sensor tag on a newly purchased clothing item.

Double Check Sensor Tags Before Leaving StoresAlways double check the security sensor tags before leaving the store Even though the cashier may say they did, it is better to double check so you do not have to go through the inconvenience and gas to get the sensor tag removed.


A rag dipped in vinegar to help lower a fever.

Vinegar to Help Lower FeverWhen fever reaches a high temperature, it is so alarming. Did you know that vinegar can be applied? It lowers the temperature much faster than when we used water. Every 5 minutes, apply it the person who is sick, or until the temperature lowers. We used a face towel to wipe under the armpits and on the forehead.


Upright Storage for Long-handled Tools - now stored inside a tomato cage in pot

Upright Storage for Long-handled ToolsI had a large plastic container (from a plant) that was good size, but not tall enough to store items with long handles. To keep them upright and neat (and to help keep them from falling over) I had the idea to use tomato cages that I had lying around.


Quilt Top from Recycled Fabric

Quilt Top from Recycled FabricHere is my quilt top that I made using old clothes and fabric remnants. I am not going to put a backing on this one, it works great as a throw. I was inspired not to put a backing on it when I read about a woman who made a quilt top and left it that way.


St. Patrick's Day Sponge Paintings - combined shapes print

St. Patrick's Day Sponge PaintingsHere's another fun, easy, and kid-friendly art activity for St. Patrick's Day. In this case, children use sponge shapes to paint with! Shamrocks and pots of gold are the easiest to make from the sponges.


Crocheted Square for Silverware Drying - spoon and fork on red crochet square

Crocheted Square for Silverware DryingI found that laying my spoons, forks, and knives on a crocheted square works better than laying them on a towel because they dry much faster and so does the crocheted square. This is a great way to recycle squares of crochet that did not turn out perfect.


A makeup chair at Sephora.

Complimentary MakeoverA nice thrifty tip if you are not makeup savvy like myself, or need a makeover for a special occasion, event, date night, or just because. Some beauty shops offer some sort of complimentary makeover with your purchase.


A homemade cake with frosting on a plate.

Dessert in a JifIf I make a regular cake, my husband and I eat more than we should. Sometimes, I just crave something sweet without the guilt. I made a Jiffy cake for the two of us. When I made it, I sifted the mix and when I prepared it, I put in a tablespoon of mayo.


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Dealing with Thousands of AntsDon't waste your money on ANYTHING at popular retail stores, it's not what works. Those cool looking traps are for you, not the ants. Find a store that specializes in pest control. You need to purchase granules. They will get it to the nest and eventually it will get to the queen and kill her.


A beautiful flowering tree in Tennessee.

Beautiful Flowering TreeThis beautiful tree is alive with blooms. When my husband and I eat at Taco Bell, we always park under this tree. We have had some unseasonably warm (and cold) days here in Elizabethton, TN, and the trees are all coming out.


A round wood cutting board, with several colors of wood.

Wood Cutting Board and Serving TrayMy husband made this board from scraps left from a breakfast bar top. The breakfast bar was made from different types of wood glued together, sanded and stained. My husband used a jig saw to make a circle and a router to make the decorative edge.


Pot of Gold Number Matching - competed pots and coins for 1 - 5

Pot of Gold Number MatchingIf you need an easy St. Patrick's Day math activity, these pots of gold are an excellent choice. They don't take long to make and if you laminate them, they'll last for years. My Pre-k students had so much fun with matching the gold pieces to the pots.



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Using Fabric to Knit on a Round Loom?Can you use thin fabric strips with round knitting looms? How, and to make what?


Identifying a Houseplant - segmented stems with green and whitish leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I found this plant near my building and I'm having trouble identifying it so that I can care for it, and/or figure out if it's poisonous to my cats.


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Cleaning Up Dog Pee on Floors?What else can you use besides Pine Sol to clean your floors to get the oil up from the dog's pee?


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Crochet Air Freshener Cover Patterns?I am looking for crochet air freshener cover patterns.


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Dog Started Peeing Inside at Night?We have two 3 year old Cocker Spaniels who are both fully house trained. We have a doggy door and the dogs are free to come and go as they need and want to. I take them out at night and they still pee inside.


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Training a Puppy Not to Chew?I have a Pit Bull puppy named Ginger. She is nearly 2 months old. When she plays or gets excited she bites. She doesn't sleep when she needs to at night. I will wake up because she is crying or is chewing things she shouldn't like blanket fluff, hair, and pillows.


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?I have cream walls in my living room, can I put up cream lace curtains. The furniture is red and cream and the dining table chairs and table and TV stand are black. Would cream curtains go with a cream wall? It is a council flat, but it is my home.


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What Is a Bull Snake?I have heard people talk about a bull snake and was wondering what it is. It is from Florida.


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Treating a Skin Rash?I have a red line in the crease of my left side groin fold that burns. I normally use organic cornstarch (guy) dustings each morning. Yesterday I opened a new box of the same product and dusted. By evening the condition flared up. I used cold compress last night and cut a strip of gauze to put in fold at bed time.


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Maytag Bravo Displaying Error Code F7 E1?I have a Maytag Bravo MVWX700XW1 washer. What does error code F7 E1 mean and how do I repair it?


Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?I have had a couple people ask me if my dog is mixed and I came across this site so I figured, why not get your opinion? What do you think? I provided some pictures. I'd really appreciate your input.


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Products for Hair Damaged by a Perm?A few months ago I got a perm. It was great the first 2 or 3 days, but after I washed it, it lost all texture. Now when I wash it, some hair falls out when brushing and while dry. I need a good shampoo and conditioner to get rid of the damage. Any good products?


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I got my dog Athena about 4 months ago and when I got her she was 14 weeks. Her previous owner did not take care of her. She was malnurished, mistreated, and had parvo. She's now healthy with a great appetite and a lot of energy, but they told me she was a full bred brindle Pit and based on her size they were wrong.


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