March 16, 2018

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Close up of a snowblower.

Repairing a Snowblower Carburetor?Often, a snowblower's carburetor needs repair, causing a poorly running or non-functioning machine. This is a page about repairing a snowblower carburetor.


Smoothie ingredients in blender

Best Blender for Making Smoothies?Smoothies are a wonderful breakfast alternative but some blenders cannot handle the ingredients and ice and will get jammed. This page has advice about what is the best blender for making smoothies.


Affenpinscher walking in the grass.

Affenpinscher PhotosThese spunky terrier like small dogs originated in Germany. They are also know as Monkey Terriers because of their simian like facial features. They make good pets and companions, but may be a challenge to house train. This page contains Affenspinscher photos.


A looped computer cord being held together with a hair clip.

Keeping Wires Tidy With Hair ClipsCheap plastic hair clips are great for corralling wires gently but firmly. This is a page about keeping wires tidy with hair clips.


Glass of orange juice and a orange cut in half.

Orange Juice Tips and TricksOrange juice can be expensive, so it's best if you get your money's worth. This page contains orange juice tips and tricks.


Embroidery machine with a small pair of scissors.

Thread Cutter on a Brother SE425 Embroidery Machine Not Working?The thread cutter is a useful convenience on an embroidery machine. When it does not work properly or at all it can be frustrating and cause tangles and more. This is a page about the thread cutter on a Brother SE425 embroidery machine not working.


A half loaf of angle food cake

Gluten Free Angel Food CakeDelicious light and spongy angel food that is suitable for a gluten-free diet. This is a page about gluten free angel food cake.


A picture of a package of Dentemp dental repair medication.

Dentemp Reviews (For Temporary Fillings)This product is useful if you are unable to get to the dentist in a timely fashion. This page contains reviews about Dentemp for Temporary Fillings.


Jelly made with beet juice and jell-o.

Beet Juice and Jell-o Homemade JellyThis recipe tones down the earthiness of beets with dessert flavored gelatin. This is a page about beet juice and Jell-o homemade jelly.


Female doctor speccing with female patience in office

Being a Good Patient at the Doctor's OfficeDon't waste your time or the doctor's time by being unprepared. This is a page about being a good patient at the doctor's office.


Hands on an old black and white photo.

Repaint Old Picture FramesGive old picture frames a new lease on life by repainting and otherwise decorating them. This page contains tips about repainting old picture frames.


Finding the Model Number on a New Home Sewing Machine

How to Find the Model Number on a New Home Sewing Machine?It's necessary to locate the model number on sewing machines, for repair parts and other information, but it can be difficult on older models. This is a page about how to find the model number on a New Home sewing machine.


Three different colored kalanchoe plants in colorful planters.

What Is This Plant? (Kalanchoe)The kalanchoe is a thick leafed succulent that is native to Madagascar and tropical Africa. Typically these flowering plants are grown as houseplants, but if you live in an environment similar to their native homeland they can be grown outside. This is a page about, "What is this plant?". (kalanchoe)


Rabbit wearing sunglasses sunbathing surrounded by carrots and a beach ball.

Rabbit JokesRabbits and bunnies are cute but make great fodder for funny stories. This page contains rabbit jokes.


Pickles in a jar

Using Pickle Juice for a Sore ThroatThe antiseptic qualities in vinegar are enhanced by spices used to make pickles. This is a page about using pickle juice for a sore throat.


The bottom of a frying pan.

Leveling a Frying Pan Bottom?Sometimes, a pan bottom will be concave, warped or off-kilter in some way. This page has advice about leveling a frying pan bottom.


Firefighters eating together

Recipes for FirefightersThe firehouse kitchen is often the gathering place for these brave men and women between emergencies. This is a page about recipes for firefighters.


A decorative tray made from a wooden picture frame.

How to Turn a Picture Frame Into a TrayTake any wooden frame with glass and turn it into a lovely tray. It's customizable for any personality or decor. This is a page about turning a picture frame into a display or serving tray.


Two spatulas on a white background.

Buying SpatulasSpatulas come in a variety of shapes and types, including the more recent high temperature ones that can be used for cooking. This is a page about buying spatulas.


A field of coreopsis flowers in bloom.

Growing CoreopsisThere are over 100 species of coreopsis, most, but not all, are perennials. These colorful, popular garden plants are also know as tickseed and calliopsis. This is a page about growing coreopsis.


Woman on a ladder next to a shrubbery.

Ladder Safety Tips For GardenersLadders are frequently used by gardeners and homeowners for other outdoor maintenance activities. To maximize your safety choose the best type of ladder for the task and then follow the instructions for how to use it safely. This is a page about ladder safety for gardeners.


Dog stealing a chicken egg with a rooster in the background.

Catching an Chicken Egg Thief?Unfortunately, a henhouse full of eggs is of interest to more than just foxes and raccoons. This is a page about catching an chicken egg thief.


A hand testing the tone of a tinted moisturizer.

Make Your Own Tinted MoisturizerInstead of spending big bucks at the makeup counter trying to match your shade, create the perfect blend at home. This page explains how to make your own tinted moisturizer.


Vintage wooden radio

Value of Vintage Truetone Stereos?The Truetone line of stereos was sold by Western Auto and were at the lower end of the cost spectrum. Consequently, despite the resurgence of interest in vinyl, this brand is likely not very valuable.


An old steamer trunk.

Finding the Value of an Old Trunk?Old steamer trunks were a mainstay of a bygone era and can still be found in many antique stores and attics today. This is a page about finding the value of an old trunk.


Plate of spiced olives with glass of white wine in background

Spiced OlivesThese delicious spiced olives are easy to make and are great on pizza, salad, or alone as a snack. This is a page about making spiced olives.


Lemon cream pie on a cutting board.

Sugar-Free Lemonade PieMake this delicious summer treat without using sugar. This is a page about making sugar-free lemonade pie.


A note with writing scribbled out by writing over the top.

Obscuring Hand Written MessagesSometimes, you need to entirely hide a note or number that has been written on a piece of paper. This is a page about obliterating hand written messages.


Woman showing the dry cleaner a stain.

How to Remove a Stain on a Dry Clean Only Garment?The general consensus is to take the item to the dry cleaners to have it professionally treated. This page does contain a tip for attempting to remove the stain yourself. Care should be taken if you try this. This is a page about how to remove a stain on a dry clean only garment.



Bran Muffins cooling on rack

6 Week Bran MuffinsThe batter will stay in your refrigerator for up to 6 weeks. I halved the recipe and got 26 muffins. They freeze well and are healthy and delicious.


finishedEdible Pots of Gold

Edible Pots of GoldThis a super simple recipe for St. Patrick's Day that is kid-friendly. These little pots of gold are made with peanut butter cups, but you can also use mini chocolate cupcakes or Rolo candies. Topped with a bit of frosting and edible gold glitter, these make great dessert toppers, or can be eaten as is.


Quinoa Fennel Tofu Salad in bowl

Quinoa Fennel Tofu SaladA simple and refreshing salad featuring quinoa, cabbage, fennel, tofu, and chick peas. This recipe generally feeds 15 bowl portions and we eat this as a side for a quick lunch throughout the week.



Egg Carton Easter Chick Containers - draw little eyes over the beaks

Egg Carton Easter Chick ContainersThese little candy holding chicks are made from egg cartons and paper. They're super adorable and easy to put together. A great craft for all ages!



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Removing the Smell of Burned Popcorn from the House?How do I remove the smell of burned popcorn from the house? The odor is upstairs, too.


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Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?I have a Seymour Mann doll 526/3500 from the Connoisseur collection. I was wondering how much it is worth. I don't know her name. Can you help me please?


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Keeping a Cat Tree from Tipping Over?Our cats weight 17 and 15 lbs. Any ideals on how to keep the cat tree from falling over?


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Cleaning Knick Knacks After a House Fire?Can you tell me the best way to get knick knacks clean? I have a lot of collectibles and I'm trying to get them clean, but I don't wanna ruin them.


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Selling Yard Trees?I have 5 to 20 trees in my yard I would like to sell in the Richmond, Virginia area.


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Can't Find Source of Foul Smell in the House?For several years now I have been intermittently experiencing a foul humidity smell in one side of my house. The smell is in an area that includes the dining room, a half bathroom, and the front entrance of the house. It is definitely a humidity smell, like when you leave your wet clothes in the washer for days.


Identifying an Antique Cabinet

Identifying an Antique Cabinet?Can you please tell me what this piece of furniture is called?


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Finding Free Furniture?Where can I find free furniture?


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Using an Open Tube of Temporary Hair Color?I bought a box of hair color and the colorant tube was leaking. Can I use it still? There is no ammonia. It is just temporary color.


Identifying a Piece of Jewelry - dark silvertone pendant with colored stones and decorative filigree

Identifying a Piece of Jewelry?I found this in a bag of jewelry. It's the exact size of a quarter. I can find no markings for it. It appears to be filigree of some sort.


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Removing Fabric Dye Stain on a Stove?I had a red colored towel on my stove and the color of the towel faded on my stove. How do I get the red color off?


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Remedy for Smelly Well Water?We bought a house with a well in Columbus, Ohio. We have a water softener. We had a horrible smell when we moved in. We added a filter with charcoal and then added one with kdf85 and kdf55 media. The smell went away for a little while.


Repairing Cracked Faux Leather Sectional - cracks in faux leather upholstery

Repairing Cracked Faux Leather Sectional?I have an older light grey sectional with several areas of cracking upholstery. Nothing all the way through, but it doesn't look great. I tried a leather restoration product, but it didn't work right. It just sat on the surface. Anybody got any ideas?


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Removing a Willow Tree?I have a huge willow tree that unfortunately we will be removing. Will the roots still grow? Or by leaving just a stump will that stop the growth of all the roots?


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