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A woman watering a houseplant.

Identifying a HouseplantMany of us have picked up a houseplant at the store that was not labeled or have been given one as a gift. However, knowing what type of plant you have will help you ensure that you are giving it the best care.


A section of English ivy

Things To Consider Before Growing Climbing IvyClimbing ivy is a good choice for certain uses in your garden, but it can also be problematic. This is a page about things to consider before growing climbing ivy.


Controling And Dividing Liriope (Monkey Grass) - cut in half

Controlling and Dividing Liriope (Monkey Grass)This is a page about controlling and dividing liriope or monkey grass.Easy tips for growing this hearty plant in your garden.


Mystery Plant

What is This Garden Plant?Trying to identify a volunteer or established plant planted by a previous owner can be a challenge. This is a page about what is this garden plant?


blue hepatica flowers

Identifying Wildflowers?When out driving or hiking, we often see wildflowers unfamiliar to us. There are so many different types of wildflowers, depending on the region you are in that it can be difficult to identify them.


What is this plant? (Hens & Chicks, Sempervivum Tectorum)Can someone tell me what that plant is in the picture with the old boot planter. I know it's a type of cacti but from there I'm stumped. Here's the picture.


A field of purple coneflower or Echinacea

What Is This Flower?This is a page about What Is This Flower?. Identifying a flower whether a volunteer in the garden, a gift, or an unidentified bargain find can sometimes be difficult.


A green plant with spiky flowers and long leaves.

What's This Plant?I was wondering what plant this? This is the first time that it's grown by our yard in the 10+ years that we've lived here. If it helps I live in PA.


A green plant with heart shaped leaves.

What is This Plant? (Philodendron)The philodendron is a popular vining houseplant, characterized by its heart shaped leaves and thin, flexible stems. It is often confused with a similar looking plant, the pothos.


A philodendron scandens vine with green heart shaped leaves.

Distinguishing Between Pothos and Philodendron?Pothos and philodendron plants can often be confused for one another. If you are having difficulty differentiating between the two when trying to identify a houseplant there are some helpful tips and links on this page.


Lamb's quarters plant (Chenopodium album) at twilight.

What Is This Plant? Lamb's QuartersKnown by common names such as lamb's quarter, pigweed and goosefoot, chenopodium album is a fast-growing annual. It is mostly considered a weed, but the young shoots are eaten around the world, and has been found in ancient food storages. This is a page about what is this plant? lamb's quarters.


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with fuzzy pink stems and striped leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?I got this plant at the grocery store and it wasn't labelled. Lately it hasn't been doing so well. It has pink fuzzy stems with striped leaves. Anyone know what it is?



closeup of wheel and bracket

What is This Plant? Sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia)Sicklepod is a legume. It grows wild on many continents and is typically considered a serious weed in most areas. This is a page about, "What is this plant? sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia)".


What Is The Name Of This Wildflower?

What Is The Name Of This Wildflower? (Bellflower)I was checking my popcorn. I wanted to see how well the ears were filling out. I looked to the ground and saw this flower. It's very nice. If I could find more, I would like to cultivate them. Does anyone know its name?


What Kind of Tree Is This? potted foliage plant

What Kind of Tree Is This? (Ficus)I found this poor tree in the trash and saved it. Can anyone tell me what kind of tree it is please?


The pods of a locust tree.

What Is This Plant? (Locust Tree)If you have a plant growing in your yard that looks like this, it is probably a locust tree. This is a page about what is this plant? (locust tree).


A field of magenta bee balm flowers in bloom.

What is this Plant? Bee BalmIt is not uncommon for volunteer plants to come up in your garden, leaving you baffled as to what they are. Identifying them is sometimes difficult. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" (bee balm).


A China Doll Ficus growing outside.

What Is This Plant? (China Doll)If you have a plant that looks like this, it may be a China Doll Ficus. This is a page about what is this plant?.


What is the Name of This Ivy?

What is the Name of This Ivy?It is not uncommon to purchase plants from local nurseries and big box stores that have no useful information on their tags, not even the the name of the plant. This is a page about, "What is the name of this ivy?".


Trout Lily (Erythronium americium)

What is This Plant? Trout Lily (Erythronium americium)The trout lily, a perennial native of the eastern North American woodlands, is known for its pretty yellow flower, colony growth habit, and gray-green mottled leaves. This is a page about, "What is this plant?" Trout lily (Erythronium americium).


Plant with green, droopy leaves.

What is This Plant?I am plant sitting for my boss and want to identify this plant so I can take great care of him. I've named him Robert. Robert Plant. Please help me figure out what kind of plant he is? Thank you!


bush with new growth red foliage

What Is This Bush Tree?We have this bush tree, but we have no idea what it is. Can anyone help identifying it? The new shoots are red in color but they change to green afterwards.


What is This Plant? (Dracaena Fragrans)

What is This Plant? (Dracaena Fragrans)This page is about identifying and caring for a Dracaena Fragrans. Dracaena Fragrans is a flowering plant species that grows natively in tropical regions of Africa and is a common houseplant elsewhere.


Melon Plant Pollination

Garden PollinationThis is a page about garden pollination. Pollination is an extremely important part of the life cycle of plants. Without it plants that we need to flower in order to produce fruit and seeds will fail.


Potted plant with large dark green leaves and very defined white veins.

What is This Plant?Can anyone identify this plant?


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Identifying a Houseplant?I am looking for the name of a house plant, it grows somewhat fast. It has very small tear drop shaped green leaves. Does anyone recognize that description?


Leaves of the plant.

What is This Plant? (Chinese Evergreen)I wonder if somebody can tell me what kind of plant I have? I have two pics of the stems and leaves.



Plant with green and purple leaves.

What is This Plant?I know it's not a wandering Jew (more succulent). It seems to be some type of bush.


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What is This Plant?I bought a plant, just because it was pretty, but have no ideal what it is. The little guy at the nursery said they just came in, and the owner wasn't there and he didn't know what kind it is.


Thick stalked plant with medium green leaves.

What is This Plant? (Plumeria/Frangipanni)I am trying to find out what type of plant it is?


Plant with green leaves and red flower.

What is This Flower? (Desert Rose)Can anyone tell this plant or flower's name? It was brought to me as a gift. It has a thick trunk.


Stalky green plant with yellow "flowers" on the tips.

What is This Plant?Please, do you know the name of this plant? I have been searching forever. Thanks.


Potted Rosemary plant.

Keeping Track of Plant InformationThis is a page about keeping track of plant information. Through the seasons of the year it is important to keep track of which plants you have planted where and how successful they are under those conditions.


Two different cacti in a pot.

What is This Plant?I was given this plant, and I don't know the name?


ground moss

Moss Identification?Can anyone tell me what kind of moss this is? I looked online, but there are several that look similar. Some can take some sun and others can't. Thanks for your help.


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What is This Plant?I am wondering if there is anyone who lives in Florida or where it is warm, that might know what this plant is. I live in Michigan and was given a plant that grows Florida. It looks just like my aloe plant except that it has longer thorns on it and they are sharper.


Plant in kitchen window.

What Is This Plant?We always get these garden plants on Mother's Day. I kept a cutting of it and I keep it in the kitchen window. I have no idea what it is, but our church gives them out and the plants are different each year.


Green and yellow speckled plant.

What is This Plant?I have newly purchased this plant and it appears to be dying. I would like to identify it and find the proper care for it. It has blade like leaves about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. They grow thickly from a center stem. They are medium green and are heavily sprinkled with bright yellow.


Medium tall multibranched houseplant, with gold speckled narrow green leaves.

What is This Plant?I have a plant which is beautiful. I looked in a few nurseries, but nobody seems to know what it is. Everyone asks me what kind of plant it is and I can't answer them because I don't know the name of it, but I think it's tropical. Can you help me please? Thank you.


Top of plant with what appears to be a tall multibranched flower spike.

What Is This Plant?Could anybody help me identify this plant? Is this growth normal and what do I do with it?


View of plant from a slight distance, showing height of plant.

What is This Plant?This plant belongs to a friend of mine and she is having trouble finding out what it is. It is thriving very well, but she just doesn't know what it is called.


Two tone red flower in leafy plant. Leaves are medium green, lancet and serrated.

What is This Flower? (Balsam)What is this flower?



hanging basket with pinkish purple flowers

What Are These Plants?I got two of these hanging baskets at a market garden, the gal had no idea of the name of the plant. I have never seen them before. They are just beautiful, require lots of water, and tolerate full sun. Anyone have a idea of the name of this plant?


Bearded iris with white petals bordered in light to medium purple

What is the Name of This Iris?Can anyone tell me the name of this bearded iris? The name is lost somewhere in my memory. I have lost it and would like to replace it.Thanks for any help in doing so. GG Vi


Stalk type blue flower with yellow orange stamen

What Type of Flower is This?I found this flower in the park on my morning walk with my dog. It looks like some sort of lily, but I can't figure out what variety.


What is This Plant?What is this plant?


Thick stalks with dark green leaves.

What is This Plant?My wife and I are trying to identify a plant we bought at Home Depot. No one there knew what it was and we are trying to determine watering schedules and exposure. Any help would be appreciated.


Varigated leaf plant.

What is This Plant?Does anyone know what type of plant this is? Are the white things shown in this photo flowers or seeds? Please let me know.


What Kind of Tree is This?What kind of tree is this? What is it's native habitat? Are the seeds poisonous?


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What is this Plant?I have a plant question. I have gotten a plant given to me it looks something like a Wandering Jew only it has stiff leaves and is all purple. It grows upright and gets white flower's in every-other leaf.


Fern looking plant.

What is This Plant?I give this plant sunlight and water. What is this plant?


What is this mushroom?What kind of mushrooms are these?


What is this plant? (Sweet Woodruff)I found it in the greenhouse, now it is growing in a half a gallon container outside. Rosettes are about 2" in diameter.


What is this plant? (Gardenia?)I was given this plant/shrub a few years ago but can not remember it's name. I was hoping that someone here might be able to help me.


Identifying Bromeliads?Can anyone identify either of these bromeliads for me? I bought them at a farmers market and she didn't know the name of them, just that "they're the easiest things in the world to grow" lol..


Tall multistemmed house plant with narrow leaves.

What is this plant? (Neanthe bella)Here is one more plant I need identified. Does anybody know what kind this is? It feels very dry and paper like. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not.


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Plant Similar to a Caladium?I have a garden plant that I would like to know it's identity. It grows in the Fall and Winter. It has arrow shaped leaves, green with white markings, looks like Caladium, sort of. Grows about 12".


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Flowering Outdoor Plant with Rubbery Leaves?I'm looking for the name of a flowering outdoor plant that is rubbery feeling. Any ideas?


What is this plant? (Air Potato)My mom found this seed/plant/fruit thing in the backyard of a house she was selling and I have no idea what it is! Its stem keeps growing, at first it was 5 inches, now its like a foot, which grew over a week and the stem moves constantly!


What is this plant? (Hosta)A friend of mine just bought a house and was wondering what this plant is?


Trailing plant.

What is this plant?I bought this hanging house plant from my local Agway but they had no idea what the name of the plant was. They did show me small buds they said open to white flowers. I hope someone could identify it for me and provide care instructions.


What is this plant? (Dieffenbachia)I have this houseplant whose name I do not know, and I can't seem to find it in any Houseplant encyclopedia or photo list. It's been really unhealthy for the past few weeks but I can't figure out what I need to do if I don't know the name of the plant.


Tall houseplant with medium green leaves.

What Is This Plant? (Schefflera)I want help identifying this houseplant.


Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)?Do you happen to know the name of this plant? Common and/or scientific would be great. However, I'll take whatever you can give me.


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What kind of tree is this? (Bald Cypress?)My son was recently in school in Mooresville, NC. I noticed during the move a beautiful cedar or arborvitae tree that I would love to have. It was pyramidal, green (of course), but what made it stand out were the yellow-tinged lacy ends to the branches.


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Plants and Trees That Grow In Arkansas?I need a list of flowering plants, fruit trees and nut trees that grow in Arkansas, near the Mt. Home area. Can I take cuttings of my plants from California? I know Roses, Iris and Day Lilies do well there.


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Episcia Tropical Topaz?I'm looking for a plant called Episcia Tropical Topaz. Any ideas where I can get it?


What is This Plant? (Amaranth)Does anyone know what this plant is? I planted a package of seeds of mixed peppers. This grew. It is a beautiful plant but has not produced any peppers?


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Vine With Yellow Flowers? Can anyone tell me what this vine is? I found it in the woods, it smells like baby powder and it has little flowers which are yellow. It's not honeysuckle.


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Can anyone tell me the real name for a Red Tip?Can anyone tell me the real name for a Red Tip? It's a shrub that grows real tall if not clipped back and has red leaves in the spring.


What Is This Plant? (Persian Shield)I just picked this plant up at the flea market, but have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what it is and do you have any tips for caring for it, watering, light etc.?


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Acid Loving Plants?Now that I know I can share my morning coffee with my plants, I need to know which ones are "acid-loving"?


seeds on table

Simple Science For Gardeners: Hybrids and...You don't have to be a scientist to be a gardener, but knowing a little bit about the science behind gardening can make digging in the dirt an even more enjoyable experience.


insect on yellow flower

The Basics of Plant PollinationMany of the more mysterious problems that come up during the gardening season can be traced to the pollination process going awry. Crops look healthy but fail to produce fruit, flowers fail to set seed, and yet there are no observable signs of insect damage or disease.


Dwarf Conifers in a Garden

Using Dwarf Conifers in the GardenDwarf conifers can be grown in compact beds or containers and are easy to maintain. This makes them particularly useful for gardeners with limited space. Incredibly diverse in color, texture, and form, their miniature stature allows you the luxury to grow several different species in a small area.


moss around stone path

Moss AppealGrowing a thick, lush carpet of moss gives a shade garden a mystical, almost surreal feeling. The dark, velvety aesthetic appeal of moss is evident just by looking at it, but its resiliency and the fact that it requires almost no maintenance once it's established...


The Language of Horticulture

The Language of HorticultureAurea. Purpurea. Triangularis. Variegata. For some gardeners, the thought of trying to understand (let alone pronounce) complex botanical terms can seem intimidating.


Jack Frost

Award Winning Plants for the 2012 Growing...With all of the new plants being introduced to the gardening marketplace each year, it's hard to know which are worthy of your time and attention. Here are four award winning plants-proven performers in gardens around the country-to keep an eye out for in 2012.


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What Is This Flower? - small yellow trumpet shaped flower on brown leafless stem

What Is This Flower?What is this flower? It's very small, maybe an inch long at most.


A plant with large leaves growing in a garden.

What Plant Is This?We planted kale seeds in our garden, and the only thing that came up was this. We are not sure what this is. It doesn't look like normal kale, but it could be some special type of kale. What is this plant?


Identifying a Garden Plant - ball shaped greenish yellow flower on long stem with grassy leaves

Identifying a Garden Plant?What is this plant?


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Sprouting an Avocado Seed?I am trying to sprout an avocado seed. It has a 3 inch root, but hasn't done much since it grew the root about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Should I keep waiting for a sprout?


Identifying a Garden Plant - shrub with dark green leaves and salmon pink flowers

Identifying a Garden Plant?This bush was given to me by a friend who did not know the name of the plant or anything about it. I would like to know what it is and any growing information.


What Plant Is This? - flopped over succulent looking plant

What Plant Is This?What plant is it?


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