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This page contains tips and advice about growing shrubs.

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Rhododendron with pink flowers.

Starting a Rhododendron from a Cutting?This page is about starting a rhododendron from a cutting. These beautiful flowering shrubs are a great addition to your landscape.


Rose of Sharon plant in bloom

Getting Rid of a Rose of Sharon?Removing certain plants and shrubs from your garden can require specific followup measures to deal with suckers and seedlings. This is a page about getting rid of a Rose of Sharon.


Lilac Blooming

Lilac Not BloomingThis is a page about what to do about a lilac not blooming. We love to have fragrant lilacs in our garden, so when they don't bloom it is very disappointing.


A blooming lilac bush.

Getting Rid of Lilac Suckers?Lilac shrubs produce lots of root suckers. That is good if you are trying to create a hedge, but not so much when they start coming up in your flower beds or lawn. This is a page about getting rid of lilac suckers.



How to Grow Sumac in Your GardenThis is a page about how to grow sumac in your garden. The sumac is fast growing, hardy, and provides lovely fall and winter color. They would make an excellent choice for a garden of some size as they spread and can crowd a small garden.



Growing a PlumbagoThis is a page about growing a plumbago. This fast growing, drought tolerant, flowering plant will attract birds and butterflies to your garden.


Growing Azaleas

Growing AzaleasThis page is about growing azaleas. These beautiful blooming shrubs have many varieties and can grow outdoors in most locations.


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Evergreen Shrubs Turning Brown?Last year I planted some evergreen shrubs. They are planted from 6 feet to 8 feet a part individually. They are about 3.5 feet tall. Something is turning them brown from the inside out. I have already lost one.


beautiful red hibiscus bloom

Overwintering a HibiscusIn colder climates you will want to bring your hibiscus indoors in the winter. They can reside in the garage or in the house. If they do not go dormant you will need to water sparingly. This page contains useful information regarding overwintering a hibiscus.


lilac flowers

Growing LilacsThis is a page about growing lilacs. Lilacs are known for their beautiful sprays of flowers and lovely scent.


growing gardenias

Growing GardeniasThis is a page about growing gardenias. Prized for their enchanting fragrance and creamy white flowers gardenias may be on your list of plants to try growing.


A lilac bush growing outside.

Removing Lilacs from Lawn?Lilac bushes spread via root suckers. This is good if they are planted where you want a privacy shrub wall, but can be frustrating if they are getting into the lawn. This is a page about removing lilacs from lawn.




Forsythia Not Blooming?This is a page about forsythia not blooming. It is very disappointing when your flowering scrubs don't flower.


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Sweet Broom Not BloomingThis page is about sweet broom not blooming. A Canary Island native perennial shrub that has distinctive yellow flowers, and is known to be drought resistant.


Hibiscus flower, goulashes, watering can, and gardening gloves displayed on grass with a wooden fence in the background.

Hibiscus Not Growing?The hibiscus is a deciduous shrub that can provide lots of garden color during the summer. This page is about hibiscus not growing.


Burning Bush

Burning Bush Does Not Turn Red?This page is about burning bush does not turn red. When buying green euonymus in the spring, it can be difficult to to tell if it really is a burning bush.


Lilac Bush

Lilac Leaves Turning Yellow?This is a page about lilac leaves turning yellow. The leaves on your lilac bush are turning yellow and maybe even curling. You will need to determine the cause in order to treat your bush with the correct product to restore it to health.


A hydrangea bush that is blooming at the bottom more than at the top.

Hydrangea Blooming More Near Bottom of Plant?Growing a well shaped hydrangea shrub that is covered with blooms is not too difficult although there are several factors that play a part in this enterprise. First and foremost is proper pruning. This is a page about hydrangea blooming more near bottom of plant.


A shrub with reddish leaves.

What Is This Shrub?Can anyone identify this shrub? It has oval shaped maroon/burgundy colored leaves and is about 4 feet tall. It is currently planted in a partly shady spot in very wet, clay soil. This may be why it is sparse and not full. I would like to move it to a full sun location in soil with no clay. I need some advice. Thank you in advance for all replies.


A euonymus bush with variegated leaves.

Growing EuonymusThese easy to grow small trees or low shrubs are valuable for garden design. The color-filled foliage of the burning bush is a popular variety.


Several pussy willow branches.

Growing a Pussy WillowPussy willows are a fun and easy to grow addition to your landscape. They contain a natural rooting hormone, which makes it easy to propagate your plant.


Growing a Strawberry Bush  - small slender shrub

Growing a Strawberry Bush?I planted an euonymus americanus last fall. In spring it was full of flowers. The flowers never bore fruit. The plant is about 3 tall, but does not have new growth, branches, or leaves. It is in a semi shaded place.


Firethorn berries and leaves.

Growing Pyracantha (Firethorn)The pyracantha or firethorn is an evergreen shrub native to Southwest Europe eastward into Southeast Asia. They resemble and in fact are related to cotoneaster. Bright red orange berries stand out in contrast to the green serrated leaves. Numerous thorns line the branches. This page contains information on growing pyracantha or firethorn.


A snowball bush in full bloom.

Growing a Snowball Bush?The snowball bush is an easy to grow type of deciduous viburnum. They are native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Central Asia. They do well in full sun to part shade. With spring come the lovely flowers that give this bush its name. Read more on this page about growing a snowball bush.


Blooming Weigela Florida

Growing Weigela FloridaThe weigela florida, a deciduous shrub, is native to North China, Korea, and Japan. It grows well in zones 4-8, enjoys full sun, and is covered in rose pink blooms from April to June. This is a page about growing weigela florida.


Barberry bush in autumn.

Growing a Barberry Bush?The barberry bush exhibits a range of foliage colors from green to yellow and a rich burgundy. There are near thornless varieties as well as the more typical thorny type. Use them as a natural hedge. This is a page about growing a barberry bush.



Growing Lavatera (Tree Mallows)Lavatera or tree mallow is a name assigned to a perennial semi-evergreen shrub. The genus Lavatera also contains annual plants. This is a page about growing lavatera (tree mallow).




Growing Amsonia hubrichtii (Arkansas Blue Star)This drought tolerant and disease resistant perennial, native to Arkansas and Oklahoma, is grown for its feathery foliage and pretty blue flowers. Birds and insects like the flower nectar and deer are repelled by the milky sap. This is a page about growing Amsonia hubrichtii (Arkansas blue star).


Planting Shrubs

Planting ShrubsThis is a page about planting shrubs. Choosing the best location for your new shrub is the first step towards having a beautiful, healthy addition to your garden.


A close up of a hibiscus plant covered in ice.

Hibiscus Damaged By Cold WeatherKnow what to do to when a shrub has been damaged by a hard winter. This page is about hibiscus damaged by cold weather.


bright red, orange, and yellow flower

Growing a Mexican Red Bird of Paradise TreeThis is a page about growing a Mexican red bird of paradise tree. This beauty is an excellent choice for your arid landscape.


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Hydrangea Bush Doesn't Flower?I have a hydrangea bush that doesn't flower at all. In early spring I mixed in fertilizer that was supposed to turn the blooms blue, but nothing happened. Should I dig up the bush or what?


Black Lace Elderberry

Caring for a Black Lace Elderberry?This is a page about caring for a black lace elderberry. This beautiful shrub with its purplish black leaves and lovely pink flowers is relatively easy to care for.



Removing HedgesThis is a page about removing hedges. Hedges are very efficient in their job of creating a dense privacy wall of living shrubbery. Their success can be a hinderance when trying to remove an unwanted hedge.


Callistemon (Bottle Brush)

Growing Callistemon (Bottle Brush)This is a page about growing callistemon (bottle brush). The brilliant fuzzy red flowers of this popular shrub/small tree look like delicate bottle brushes, giving it its familiar name.


Rhododendron with pink flowers growing in front of a picket fence.

Growing Rhododendrons and AzaleasSpring and fall are the best times to purchase and plant azalea and rhododendron clumps. This page is about growing rhododendrons and azaleas.



Dividing Hydrangeas?This is a page about dividing hydrangeas. Hydrangeas can be successfully divided to increase your plantings of this beautiful flowering shrub.


Growing Camellias

Growing CamelliasThis page is about growing camellias. These small, flowering evergreen trees come in many varieties, including some that are grown for tea.



Growing Frangipani (Plumerias)This is a page about growing Frangipani (plumerias). These tropical small trees and shrubs produce beautiful, fragrant flowers.


Camellia Bush

Camellia Bush Losing Buds?This is a page about a camellia bush losing buds. The buds on your camellia aren't opening, instead they are dropping off the bush.


Ornamental Shrubs

Caring for Ornamental ShrubsThis page is about caring for ornamental shrubs. Given a good start in the yard, most shrubs are easy to grow and maintain.


Guelder rose (Viburnum opulus)

Growing ViburnumThis is a page about growing viburnum. There are over a hundred varieties of this easy to grow beauty.



Growing Cinquefoil (Bush)

Growing Cinquefoil (Bush)This is a page about growing cinquefoil (bush). Cinquefoil, also known and portentilla, is a great addition to your garden.


Pink Oleander

Growing Oleander?This is a page about growing oleander. Oleander shrubs are a popular plant because of their flowers and ability to withstand harsh conditions.


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Winter Protection for Dwarf Burning Bush?I planted some dwarf burning bushes in mid-northen Minnesota. Should I cover or wrap them this winter (10-40 degrees)?


Rose of Sharon

Growing Rose of SharonThis page is about growing Rose of Sharon. A beautiful addition to your yard, this deciduous flowering shrub produces flowers in the late summer and fall.


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Lilac Hardly Flowers?I am having problem with a lilac tree. It's several years old, but only puts out about four to six blooms each year. The tree is about seven feet or more tall and we have given it general fertilizer, but flowers still are few.


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Lilac Not Budding?My lilac tree leaves all withered last August and September after flowering. Now no new buds this spring. When I scrape the branches some of them are green, but it does look dead, can you help please?


Japanese Aucuba

Growing Aucuba JaponicaThis is a page about growing Aucuba Japonica. This flowering, shade loving shrub, is a good garden choice, enhanced by its tolerance to both pollution and drought.


Burning bush, fall foliage.

Growing a Burning BushThis is a page about growing a burning bush. Easy to grow and prized for its fall foliage, the burning bush makes a nice addition to your garden.


Purple Beauty Berries on Bush

Garden: Beauty Berry Bush (Callicarpa Americana)My Beauty Berry Bush (Callicarpa Americana) is in full bloom right now and it is gorgeous. I actually dug a few of these out of the woods about 2 years ago and every year they get bigger and fuller.


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Choosing the Right Shrub for Your Garden?We are looking for shrubs that will do well with cold weather, freezing or below in the winter and are heat tolerant in the summer, it is in the upper 90's in Bryson City, North Carolina. They must also require little maintenance, since we will not be there too often.


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Flowering Shrubs for Partial Sun?What kind of a small flowering bush can I plant in a garden that faces east and gets direct sun from 8:00-12:00? The rest of the day is shady.


Leaves of Dwarf Korean Lilac Get Brittle and Discolored?My dwarf Korean lilac bush is not doing well. Can you share any ideas if it could be bugs, lack of nutrition, or rabbits, or something else like a fungus? The leaves get brittle and discolored.


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When Do Hibiscus Bloom?My hibiscus looks great, good color leaves and lots of buds to bloom, nothing falling off yet, but no blooms as of yet. There are no bugs. I just want to know when will I see a bloom? The buds are about 1 inch right now. Help me, it's my first hibiscus.


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Hydrangea Won't Bloom?How do I get my Hydrangea plant to bloom?


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Do Hibiscus Leaves Close at Night?Do Hibiscus leaves close at night and reopen during the day?


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Oleander Not Blooming?My Oleander is not blooming. What can I do?


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Shrubs Have Dead Limbs?The shrubs in front of our house have a lot of dead limbs in with the regular ones. I thought about cutting the whole thing down to about 6 inches. Or should I just go through them and pull out the dead ones and trim back the tops? Thank you.


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Esperanza Bush Not Blooming?My Esperanza bush is not blooming. I purchased 5 of these bushes with tiny clusters of trumpet like yellow flowers, 2 months ago. One bush has never blossomed. It is growing taller and spreading, but no flowers! What could be the problem?


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Help My Azalea?A friend gave me her azalea before moving. Before replanting, I removed baby's breath that had wrapped itself into and over the plant. I even rinsed the root system to keep it from returning.


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Looking For Yellow Shrub The Flowers Through Summer?I Live in the Northeaster part of the country and I am looking for a shrub, preferably yellow that flowers all Summer.


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Care For Potentilla Shrubs?I have 6 potentilla shrubs that are close to 15 years old planted on the south side of our house. They have been beautiful until the last couple of years. They are brown and drying and look spindly. We prune them every fall. Does anyone know what could be wrong?


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Training a Lilac Bush?I have a three-year old lilac bush that is growing in the wrong direction since I accidentally planted it at a slight angle. Can I use wire to retrain the branches to stand up straight?


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Overwatered Hibiscus?My hibiscus was severely overwatered! I left on a business trip after I put my plants outside in their drained pots and we had an awful week of rain. Upon returning my plants had yellow leaves and they fell off.


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Spirea Not Leafing Out?Why isn't my spirea leafing out this spring? I've cut back sprigs and it seem to be alive.


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Lilac Bush Near a Septic Tank?I had planted a beautiful lilac bush 3 years ago 4 feet from our septic tank not really thinking about how big it would get. This bush had gotten huge and growing twice as fast as all the other beautiful lilac's I have around the house, my only concern is what is the root system like?


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Gold Star Esperanza Advice?How do I encourage a shrub to become "sturdy" rather than scraggy? The plant is Gold Star Esperanza.


Azalea and ButterflyMorning dew and butterfly on azalea in our backyard.


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Rose Food for LilacsI had a lilac bush that never bloomed and then I was told to feed it rose bush food. I did so and it bloomed the next year and every year since.


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Black Mold on Lilac Bushes?My Lilac Bushes have black mold on them, what is it and is it harmful?


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Helping A Frozen Rosemary Bush?I just bought a rosemary bush (still in it's original pot) and dumb me left it out and it froze. Well, the leaves are brown now. It still smells wonderful. Now I see 3 or 4 little green shoots coming from the ends of the stems. The thing is pretty much brown all over.


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Propagating Lilac Bushes?How do you plant lilac bushes from another plant? Deborah


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Lilac Bushes?How do you start one from another bush? Do you just cut a piece off - or what? Thanks, Annie-M


Testing Bargain Camellias (And Other Plants) - Camellia October Magic-Orchid

Testing Bargain Camellias (And Other Plants)The above picture is of a new variety of camellia. If I am correct, it is one of a series called 'October Magic', this particular variety being named 'Orchid'. Most camellias bloom late winter to early spring.This plant is said to bloom in fall, at a time when there is little else in bloom. I like that.


Healthy Azaleas

How to Grow Healthy AzaleasAzaleas are beautiful and versatile in the landscape. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and have a wide enough hardiness range that even gardeners in the coldest of zones can enjoy growing them.


How To Grow And Care For Burning BushBurning Bush (Euonymus) makes a wonderful ornamental addition to nearly any yard or garden. Here are some tips for growing and caring for burning bush in your landscape.


Closeup of thorn.

Getting Rid Of Buckthorn OrganicallyWhen it first arrived from Europe in the 1800's, buckthorn was heralded as the ideal shrub plant for creating hedges. That all changed a short while later when it began to plunder its way through our natural areas.


Potted shrub.

Planting Container-Grown ShrubsIf you're thinking about adding some shrubs to your landscape, early fall is a great time for planting container-grown shrubs. The combination of warm soil and autumn rains encourages rapid root growth and cuts down on your need for watering.


Pruning And Rejuvenating Overgrown Lilacs

Pruning and Rejuvenating Overgrown LilacsWith regular pruning, the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) maintains an elegant natural form and produces an abundance of fragrant blossoms. Without regular pruning, it soon turns into a mass of gangly stems and produces only a few flowers toward the top of its tall branches.


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Lilac Not Blooming?I'm through with my lilac tree. I plan to dig it up and try a different plant. It hasn't bloomed in over six years when it was first cut back. It does have nice dark green leaves. I've tried everything. But, I'm looking for some color. Any suggestions on what I might replace it with? I live in Cleveland, Ohio


A bush or tree with red leaves.

What Is This Shrub/Tree?Can anyone identify this? It has dark burgundy colored oval leaves, and tiny white or light pink flowers that I think only appear during the spring. The leaves completely fall off this in the fall. This is a picture from today, so the leaves have not fully come out for the spring. Thank you in advance for any responses.


A shrub with reddish leaves.

What Is This Shrub?Can anyone identify this shrub? It has oval shaped maroon/burgundy colored leaves and is about 4 feet tall. It is currently planted in a partly shady spot in very wet, clay soil. This may be why it is sparse and not full. I would like to move it to a full sun location in soil with no clay. I need some advice. Thank you in advance for all replies.


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When Should Burning Bush Shrubs Leaf Out in Spring?I received some bare root burning bush hedge plants, about 25 of them. I planted them in the fall last year, in October. They started showing leaves and signs of growth after just a couple weeks. Then as winter came they lost all the leaves and the stems went from green to red. Now they are not showing any signs of growth however if I scratch the stem it is still showing green under the bark.


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Overwintering a Hibiscus?I'm told that I can bring my hibiscus plant (in a pot) in for the winter. It is only 2 1/2 feet tall and still has about 8 buds on it. It has a bloom right now. Should I cut it back? Some say to leave it in the garage to go dormant. I could, but still don't know if I should cut it back. I live in southern Michigan.


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Half of Snowball Bush Not Blooming?I planted a new snowball bush 3 years ago and get heavy blooms on only 1/2 of the bush. The other 1/2 of the bush looks healthy, but there are no blooms on it. What might be causing this? I had a snowball bush in same spot previously that was 12 years old and it froze out over severe winter cold.


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