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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with repairs to your floors.



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A rolled up area rug.

Fixing Area Rugs that Bubble UpIf you have area rugs, they can sometimes develop bubbles that prevent the rug from laying flat. This page is about fixing bubbles in area rugs.


A mobile home in a trailer park.

Best Material for Replacing the Subflooring in a Mobile Home?Mobile home construction is different enough from that of stick build homes, that you will want to research the best materials for the job. This is a page about best material for replacing the subflooring in a mobile home.


iron burn on carpet

Repairing a Burn Mark on CarpetThis is a page about repairing a burn mark on carpet. There are many ways to accidentally leave a burn mark on your carpet.


Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and Stick Tiles Coming OffPeel and stick tiles are quite easy to install. Over time or on some surfaces they sometimes lose their adhesion and need to be reattached. This is a page about peel and stick tiles coming off.



Use Crayons to Camouflage Bleached CarpetAccidental spills or intentional use of a cleaner containing bleach can leave an ugly bleached spot on your carpet. Short of replacing the carpet, homeowners have tried a variety of products to minimize the damage. This is a page about use crayons to camoflauge bleached carpet.


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Sealing a Crack in a Terrazzo Shower Floor?I have a shower floor made of terrazzo. It has a crack what do I use to seal it?


A dog and a cat sitting on a floor together.

Repairing Floors Damaged by Pet Urine?This is a page about repairing floors damaged by pet urine. Pet urine can damage many types of flooring including wood, tile, and stone.


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Restoring Linoleum?I have an old linoleum floor that is definitely showing its age (yellowing with age, dull luster). Does anyone have ideas on how to restore it to at least a shadow of its former self? It seems as though a deep cleaning would clean some of the yellowing since much of it is ground-in dirt, but everything I try, professional, bleach or vinegar, has produced minimal results. And there is no shine to it.


A linoleum floor with an air vent.

Repairing a Linoleum Floor?Linoleum flooring is experiencing a renewed popularity due to its green composition. Should your flooring become scratched or chipped, it can easily be repaired.



Bleach Bottle

Repairing Bleach Stains on CarpetThis is a page about repairing bleach stains on carpet. Bleach spills can actually remove the color from your carpet.


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Use Shoe Polish to Hide Scratches on Laminate FlooringMy laminate flooring had some nicks and scratches that have accumulated over the years. The other night, I took some regular brown shoe polish and rubbed it in the scratches and buffed it off. I did several layers and continued to buff, and it was like magic!


Bug Spray Left Yellow Spots on Hardwood Floor - damaged floor finish

Bug Spray Left Yellow Spots on Hardwood Floor?My daughter used ant spray behind her desk to kills some ants two weeks ago and now her hardwood floor has yellow spots. She tried Bona hardwood cleaner, Dawn dish detergent and hot water, but nothing is working. The yellow just comes back. Any ideas?


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floor

Repairing Water Damage on a Hardwood FloorThis page is about repairing water damage on a hard wood floor. There may be ways to restore a solid wood floor, but some laminates may have to be replaced.


Close up of a cigarette burn on dark carpet

Repairing Cigarette Burns on CarpetThis is a page about repairing cigarette burns on carpet. Hot cigarettes or ash can burn and melt carpet fibers leaving an ugly, noticeable mark.


Repairing a Hole in Carpet

Repairing a Hole in CarpetThis is a page about repairing a hole in new carpet. Carpet is an expensive investment. Repairing damage properly will help it last longer.


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Removing Zep Floor Refinishing?I applied Zep floor refinishing but now I want to remove it because the floor is very scratched and opaque. Can I remove this product and then put it back on?


A damaged floor in need of repair.

Repairing a FloorWhether you have carpet, vinyl or hardwood flooring, it can be challenging to repair. Often, replacing is needed in order to fully fix the damage.


Foam To Fix a Leak in a Store Room - insulation up against the base of the wall

Foam To Fix a Store Room LeakSmall pipe insulating foam can help fix a floor moisture leak in a store room. When there is not much roof overhang, you can run into problems.


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Repairing Holes Made in Older Carpet by Cats?Our carpet is almost 20 years old, so it's not worth paying for professional repair. I'd like to replace it with tile or hardwood eventually. We've got three doorways where our kittens have clawed holes in it, when we were trying to shut them out of our bedroom, or they accidentally got shut in a closet.


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Can Mold Grow on Plywood Over Concrete Under a Vapor Barrier?I have a concrete slab with plywood on top of the concrete and a plastic barrier under a solid oak floor. There is moisture in the plywood, but not the oak. Can black mole grow under the plastic barrier? If so I will need to replace my expensive oak floors.


Removing a Water Based Polyurethane Mark on Floor

Removing a Water Based Polyurethane Mark on Floor?Like an idiot I placed the can of water based polyurethane on a part of the floor I wasn't working on and it left a mark. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I can do with this would be greatly appreciated.


A man installing flooring on particle board.

Installing Flooring on Particle Board?It is important for flooring to be installed correctly to avoid costly problems in the future. This is a page about installing flooring on particle board.


Man laying tile in a kitchen.

How to Remove Vinyl Tiles from a Concrete Floor?Vinyl tiles are very easy to install but it's much more work to remove them. This is a page about how to remove vinyl tiles from a concrete floor.


Heated Fan Drying Floor

Dry Out a Flooded Floor With a FanAppliances and plumbing can fail and cause water damage to your floor. Part of the repair is to first dry out the flooring or subfloor. This is a page about dry out a flooded floor with a fan.



Vacuuming water out of carpet

Carpets in Mobile Home Are Wet?This is a page about finding the cause of carpets being wet in a mobile home. It is important to locate the source of the moisture, before serious damage is done to the carpets or floor of the mobile home. It may be coming from the outside of the home or from inside.


Sealing a Damp Concrete Floor to Prevent Stains on Flooring

Sealing Cracks in a Concrete Subfloor?If your concrete subfloor has cracks, it may be necessary to seal those cracks. This is a page about sealing cracks in a concrete subfloor.


Linoleum Floor

How to Fix Water Damage on a Linoleum Floor?Leaking plumbing can cause your sheet flooring to buckle and lift off the sub-flooring. There could also be staining damage. This is a page about how to fix water damage on a linoleum floor.


Refinishing Carpet Covered Stained Hardwood Flooring

Refinishing Carpet Covered Stained Hardwood Floor?This question is two part. Upon ripping the carpet out of our house my boyfriend and I found the oak hardwood underneath had been stained with either pet urine or water damaged (we suspect it is the former). Is there a way to remove or lighten these stains?


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Repairing a Burn Mark on Linoleum Floor?She said after the oven was preheated, she noticed the pans and quickly grabbed them to remove from the oven, but without an oven mitt. She dropped the hot pan on the floor. The linoleum floor has a melted "ring" impressed in it now from the pan. It is not a tiled floor.


Office Chair on Wood Floor

Office Chair Damaged Wood Floor?This is a page about office chair damaged wood floor. The casters on office chairs can sometimes cause damage to your wood flooring.


Berber Carpet

Repairing Snags in Berber Carpet?This page is about repairing snags in Berger carpet. When your carpet gets a snagged you want to keep it from getting bigger.


Old brown tile

Repairing Uneven Tile Floor?This is a page about repairing uneven tile floor. Uneven floor tiles not only look bad, but they can be a trip hazard, especially if they are ceramic tiles.


Engineered Hardwood Floor

Repairing Water Damage on an Engineered...This is a page about repairing water damage on an engineered hardwood floor. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood has a veneer of hardwood over a backing of another material. Repair to this flooring will depend on the type and extent of the damage.


Fixing a scratch on laminate flooring.

Repairing Laminate FlooringThis is a page about repairing laminate flooring. Like any flooring, laminate floors are subject to varying types of damage.


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Laminate Floor Peeling?What can I do to get the peeling off my laminate flooring? It was caused by paint remover.


A smoking outlet, the start of a house fire.

Restoring Wood Floors After a House Fire?This is a page about restoring wood floors after a house fire. After a house fire there is a lot of clean up and repair that may need to be done.


Oak hardwood floor.

Nail Polish Remover Stain on Hardwood Floor?This is a page about nail polish remover stain on hardwood floor. Nail polish remover can damage the finish on your hardwood floors.


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Mercier Prefinished Hardwood Floor Peeling and Flaking?My hardwood floor is 8 years old and is flaking and peeling. It started doing this about three years ago, but I thought it must have been my fault, but it keeps getting worst.


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Reviving Hardwood Floors?I have older light/medium hardwood floors. Over the years they have become dull with some minor scratches in a couple rooms. Two of the rooms have tape marks which I have tried to remove with various products to no avail.



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Nail Polish Remover Damaged Color on Laminate Flooring?How do you put colour back into link flooring after spilling nail varnish remover on it?


Repairing a Burn Hole in Carpet, Upclose photo of carpet.

Repairing a Burn Hole in CarpetBurn holes in your carpet can be really unsightly. Depending on the size of the hole, there are options to repair the hole without replacing the carpet. This is a page about repairing a burn hole in carpet.


Fixing Squeaky Hardwood Floors, Section of old hardwood flooring.

Fixing Squeaky Hardwood FloorsThis is a page about fixing squeaky hardwood floors. Squeaky hardwood floors add suspense to scary movies, but can be annoying in your home. You will need to find the best method for repairing those loose floorboards.


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Filling the Gaps Between Pine Floor Boards?We have a beautiful pine, large plank, wooden floor. Our problem is that the wood filler in between the planks has come loose and we have gaps in the floor. Any ideas as to what to use to fill these cracks in permanently?


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Repairing a Gash in a Hardwood Floor?One of my cats has badly scratched the wood floor in my office. He has scratched in the same spot many times and has actually made a gash in the floor. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on how I can repair the wood floor, other than replacing the board.


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Scratches on a Painted Cement Floor?How do I remove surface scratches from my painted cement floor? They are from my vacuum cleaner wheels.


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Repairing a Spot on Carpet Where Cleaning Removed the Color?I cleaned a spot on my rug. Now its color has gone. Anyway I would like to know how to fix it! I thought maybe a little spray paint would work? Please help.


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Removing Dents from Linoleum?How do you remove dents from linoleum?


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Resealing Old Hardwood Floors?I have old 3/8 inch oak floors in our old house, and we're selling the house. I stripped the floors with SoyGel, washed with TSP, and sealed with a polymerized tung oil sealer from Sutherland Welles.


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Repairing a Subfloor Before Installing New Flooring?I'm having laminate flooring put down in an old 1980s condo unit. The floor seems to be "spongy" in some areas and creaking in others. The person who is laying the laminate said that I need to fix it.


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Awesome Cleaner Left Spot on Floor?I used Awesome to clean a spot on my laminated wood floor and it left a big spot on the floor. How can I restore that spot?


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Scratches on a Wood Floor?Is there any way to get scratches out of a wood floor?


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Fixing an Old Wood FloorMy old wood floors had been hidden under carpet. They were to the point of slivering up through the rugs, I fixed them with cooking oil, tea bags and liquid floor wax.


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Grey Marks on Timber Flooring ?I suspect the greyish marks on my timber flooring are from sprays (insect repellent, sunscreen) being used and the polish has been stripped. Is there any cleaning method or product I could try without having to have the floor re-sanded?


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Steam Cleaner Left Mark on Linoleum Floor?I bought one of those popular new floor steam cleaners from HSC and I let it sit in a spot after I was done. It left a big white water mark on a linoleum kitchen floor. Usually a water mark fades away in 24 hours but this one is not.


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Scratches on High Gloss Floor Tiles?I have high gloss floor tiles. They have marks on them that I cannot remove. They are scratches from a metal bucket I used while washing the floor. They are smooth to the touch and are on the surface only .


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Furniture Left Scuff Marks on Hardwood Floor?How can I get marks off of my white oak hardwood floor, the polyurethane is scuffed? I moved a piece of furniture and have these clear marks on my floor!


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Clouding After Floors Were Refinished?I just had my floors refinished and there is a clouding along the cracks that must come from the wood filler. Can anyone tell me if this clouding might turn into a black moisture stain over the years? I intend to live in this house for many many years and want to be sure my floor refinisher is not committing a sin of omission. Thanks.


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Removing Scratch Marks From Wooden Floors?I'm looking for something that would remove scratch marks off my wooden floors. What do you recommend?


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Removing Dried Paint From Wood Floors?How do you get dried paint dripping off hardwood floors?


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Painting Designs On Carpet?Can a person use textile paint to sponge a stencil design on permanent ugly carpet spots? Anyone tried it?


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Fixing Wrinkles In Carpet?The carpet in my four year old modular home is full of wrinkles. How do I fix them?


Replace Vent Covers Right AwayWell, long story short, I put the leg of our dining room chair too close to the vent and it fell in. This caused the chair to collapse (with me in it) and the back was shoved with some force into the sliding glass door.


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Repairing Chips on a Linoleum Floor?I have several nicks and chips in my linoleum floor. Is there a way to repair or cover them and make them less noticeable?


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Scuffed Finish on a Wood Floor?I removed some sticky glue from my prefinished wooden floor with a brillo pad (like an idiot) and now there is a light mark where the surface of the floor has been rubbed by the brillo pad. You can see it in the light. Is there anything I can do to restore the original shine?


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Damage from Steamer on Pergo Floor?I left my steamer on my pergo floor for too long and it has bleached a spot on the floor. Is there any way to get back the finish color without replacing the few pannels that were damaged?



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Tiny Dents or Cuts in Flooring?There are literally a thousand gouges or marks, in a high traffic area from utility area and back door into the rest of the house. It is a wide open area, but there is never any furniture there. You can put a fingernail into it so it's cut, like 1/18 or less. There are no splits, just marks that look like I never mop.


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Replacing the Subflooring in a Mobile Home?I have several spots throughout my mobile home that are wet and basically about to fall through due to leaking windows and doors. What kind of subfloor is best to use? Some sites say OSB board and some say plywood.


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Refinishing Parquet Flooring?I have the yellowish parquet flooring in the back section of my house. Do I need to sand the floor down if I want to make it a darker colour?


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How to Remove White Stain from Floor?My son spilled hand sanitizer all over my floor. I am not sure what the floor is, I believe it is like a linoleum tile. It has to be cheap because I rent an apartment in a low income apartment complex.


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Water Is Oozing Up From Vinyl Floor?What can I do to prevent damage to concrete under vinyl and vinyl?


Getting Bubbled Up Areas Out of Rugs - rug with long bubbled up area

Getting Bubbled Up Areas Out of Rugs?I need to get a bubble out of my rug.


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