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Cleaning the toilet.

Mould and Mildew Spray to Clean Toilet
I make my own with a spray bottle, some water and bleach. You dont have to buy it.


Use Spice Rack for Coffee Pods

Use Spice Rack for Coffee Pods
I find it truly ironic that you post this thrifty tip on how to store the most expensive way to make coffee that I have seen yet. If you are poor, but proud, how can you afford to buy these wasteful little pods? If you want to be thrifty, buy your coffee in...


What Breeds Are My Puppies?
I dont know what breed, but they are really cute. However, I respectfully ask you to consider having your female dog spayed. There are way too many unwanted dogs in this country.


Oven Roasted Herbed Potatoes

Oven Roasted Herbed Potatoes
I throw them into a zip-close bag, add my spices/herbs and some olive oil, scrunch them around and pour onto the cookie sheet. Easy peasy and throw the bag away! You dont have the peel the potatoes if you dont want to, the skin gets crispy.


Pillowcase as Chair Cover

Pillowcase as Chair Cover
I use an old pillowcase as a cover for my extra table leaf.



Tink (Rotweiler Cross)
So grateful for people like you who rescue dogs. Good for you! Tink is very handsome.


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Dog Not Eating and Has Diarrhea?
Make sure she is drinking water. Dogs can go for several days without eating. She should be spayed, very important. There are too many unwanted dogs in this world. If diarrhea continues another day, get her to the vet. And have her spayed.


Mix Sweet and Plain Cereal Together

Mix Sweet and Plain Cereal Together
I do the same thing. I have no children at home, but I like granola mixed in with my cheerios. I buy whatever cereals are on sale and we mix at least 3 kinds together, get great taste and fewer calories. I dont buy the sugary kids stuff, but look for low sugar...


Sandy (Golden Chow Mix)

Sandy (Golden Chow Mix)
Sandy is a beautiful girl! I can see the chow in her eyes. We had a chow/lab mix named Toby who just passed over the Rainbow Bridge last week at the age of 13 1/2. I know what you mean about the good natured part and the stubborn chow part. Toby always struggled...


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Dog's Skin Condition?
I had a dog with skin allergies. There is a medication called Temaril-P developed at a Vet school just for dogs. It is a combination of antihistamine and steroids and works very well. Because it has a lower amount of steroids than regular Prednisone, the dog...


Using the Last of the Clorox 2

Using the Last of the Clorox 2
I use a pliers to remove those pesky detergent and fabric softener caps.


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Creme Rinse Verses Conditioner?
I also color my hair at home and dislike the conditioner that comes with the box of hair color. I use it the first time, but never afterwards and so I have many tubes left over. Any ideas of what to do with the leftover conditioner other than throwing it away...


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Calming a Dog Before Traveling?
The antihistamine Benadryl makes dogs sleepy, that might help. My vet gave me a sedative for my dog during stressful times like fireworks called alprazolam that really put him to sleep for several hours, but thats a last resort choice.


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Divorce Taking Too Long?
I agree with previous post. In some states, if you are married, any children of the marriage are your legal responsibility.


short black dog

What Breed is My Dog?
I do not know what breed, but she is every kind of cute! And thank you for giving her a home, wish there were more of us out there.


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Effects of Zyrtec on Dogs?
Having allergies myself, I know that antihistamines can make you thirsty since they dry up your nasal membranes. Drink more, then pee more.


Using Stainless Steel Pet Bowls

Using Stainless Steel Pet Bowls
Years ago, I had a dog who would get repeated staph infections, including one on her chin. My vet told me that plastic dog dishes can harbor staph bacteria and I switched to stainless steel dishes. She never had another infection and I have since only used...


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House Training an 8 Month Old Puppy?
Your puppy cannot go 8 hours without going potty. If you can come home at lunchtime and walk her, it would be best. She is still a baby and cannot hold it that long. You should have thought this through before you got a young dog. If you cannot come home, you...


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House Training an 8 Month Old Puppy?
I forgot to address her accidents when you are at home. Because she has to go when you are gone, she has learned its okay to do that in the house. Instead of punishing her, you must take her out frequently and praise her effusively each time she does the right...


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Whirlpool Washer Makes Noise and Stops Spinning?
I think the washer might be off balance. Try adjusting the level with the feet of the machine. There are usually little adjusting things on the washers feet.


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Problems With Office Mate?
You cannot do anything to change this womans behavior, but you have to make your supervisor understand how harmful this situation is to you. Explain (calmly) how this makes you feel and that if you cannot move away from her, you will regretfully have to change...


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Dog Chews on Everything?
The reason your dog chews on everything is because you treat him as an outside dog. Dogs are meant to be part of a pack, that is, you and your family. He is bored and unhappy spending all his time tied up on a chain. Does he get exercise? Do you spend time...


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Remedy for Dog's Flea Allergy?
Use Frontline or other produce to Prevent fleas before they get there.


Two young tabby kittens and one calico.

Callie, Pumpkin & Tiger (Kittens)
How about considering having your cats fixed? There are so many kitties in shelters who need homes. Why add to the number? I know they are so cute, but just think about it.


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Remedy for Hives
Yup, keep tanning 2-3 times a week and you wont have to worry about hives anymore. Look up melanoma and see how that compares. Very dangerous.


Dog with toy.

Rusty (Lab/Shepherd Mix)
Thank you so much for adopting Rusty. I am a strong proponent of shelter dogs. We have a lab/chow mix, Toby, we adopted 10 years ago when he was a year old, had 3 homes before we got him. Rusty looks like a great dog, always likes the mix of lab and shepherd...


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Remedy for Twitchy Legs?
Find another doctor. This certainly sounds like restless leg syndrome to me.


Two adult ponies, Sadie, and a white goat.

Sadie (Pony)
Thank you for giving these ponies a good home.


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Round Steak with Mushroom Gravy
I make a similar dish but I use jarred beef gravy and cut up my own onions and mushrooms. Then I make it either in the oven or in the crockpot and serve with mashed potatoes and good crusty bread. Yum!


Dog wearing a princess costume.

Lil Bit (Dog)
So you got rid of the boyfriend and kept the dog! Good choice! LOL. She is adorable.


Boy and dog asleep on couch with dog's head resting on the boy's head.

Boy's Best Friend
Thanks for sending in this wonderful picture! It made me smile.


Cody on his lease.

Cody (Collie Mix)
Thank you for giving Cody a good home. He looks like a wonderful boy!


Chance (Terrier/Maltese Mix)

Chance (Terrier/Maltese Mix)
Oh, thank you so much for giving Chance a home! I, too, have a rescue dog and he gives me so much love and happiness. I love to hear stories like this one, even though it started out so sad.


Bentley, a pekinese, on the patio outside with a girl.

In Memory Of Bentley (Pekingese)
Your Bentley was a handsome fellow, so sorry that he passed away. I have a new grandpuppy named Bentey, a 9-week old mix of rat terrier and a few other small dog genes! Love the name.


Skiddish Golden Retriever

Dog Afraid of Loud Noises?
I also have a dog afraid of loud noises. We got him a thunder shirt which did help. For really bad times, like to 4th of July fireworks, the vet gave us a prescription sedative called alprazolam, gave him 1 pill a half hour before the shooting of fireworks...


White and tan dog.

What Breed is My Dog?
I have a lab/chow mix and your dogs face resembles his a lot. My dog is black and has the fur of a lab, very different from yours in that respect, but the face is so much the same. Does he have a black or purple tongue that is the sign of a chow?


Tex the Dog With Man in Yard

Tex (St. Bernard/Pit Bull Mix)
Such a sad story. People who dont have dogs do not realize how smart they are. I hope you will give Tex a home after his and your horrible loss.


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Caring for a Cat With Jaw Cancer?
Know in your heart when it is time to give kitty the gift of going to sleep. I know it is hard, but do the best for your best friend.


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Dog Won't Go In Dog House?
I do not understand people who have dogs that are outside dogs. I agree with the previous poster who said this dog belongs inside the house. The rest of you, I dont know why you have dogs. They are pack animals, domesticated and bred to live with their pack...


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Add Water To Votive Candle Holders
This is a great tip! I started doing this last year and it really works. I am not sure how I figured it out, but I did this one on my own. I love candles and all winter burn many and always hated trying to get the old stuff out. This takes care of it!


Small white dog on couch with head on black pillow.

Removing Skunk Odor from Dog?
I had the same experience. I tried the mix you tried, didnt work. Tried tomato juice, no result. Bought enzyme skunk cleaner from hardware store, no luck. As one poster said here, time is the only thing that gets rid of it. You have my sympathy. Cute dog, BTW...


white American Bulldog

Treating Dog's Joint Pain?
There are a couple of things you can do for your dog. You can give him a regular aspirin once a day, get the kind that is coated and dissolves in the the intestine, not the stomach, the brand name is ecotrin, but you can get cheaper generic kinds called enteric...


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Getting Rid of Skunk Smell on Dog and In House?
I hate to tell you, but I found nothing would help get rid of the smell. We purchased a special enzyme cleaner, sprayed all the carpets and steam cleaned them, even tried Simple Green and Febreze. Nothing worked but time. The smell seems to get into every pore...


Lady (Bird Dog/Border Collie)
She is beautiful, reminds me of some lab mixed dogs I have had. Good for you for adopting her. So many unwanted dogs in this world and irresponsible people who dont get them spayed or neutered. Drives me crazy, but I love to read about people like you! Thank...


Champ in the snow.

Champ (Dachshund - Terrier Mix)
He is adorable! Sorry to hear about your loss, I understand how you feel. Lost my beautiful lab mix girl, Suzie, two years ago to cancer and I still miss her a lot. Thanks for adopting that cute little guy!


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Monistat for Dog Ear Infections?
It also depends on what kind of ear infection your dog has. It could be a yeast infection or a bacterial infection, which means they would be treated differently.


My Frugal Life: I Can't Find Enough to Do!
Ann, I know exactly what you went through. My husband, at the age of 46, was diagnosed with Stage IV nonHodgkins lymphoma 3 years ago. We went through chemotherapy, then radiation. In between all this, he had surgery for bilateral inguinal hernias, then developed...


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My Cat Pees Everywhere?
I cant help you at this horrible moment for you, but please get your cat spayed when you are back home.


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Remedy for Sinuses That Clog Up When Lying Down?
There is also a product used on the outside of the nose called Breathe Right strips. They use a mild adhesive to stick to the outside of the nose and pull open your nasal openings. There are also cheaper generic alternatives. They really help.


Cinnamon (Chow-Golden Mix)

Cinnamon (Chow-Golden Mix)
She is just absolutely beautiful! Thank you for giving her a good home. We have a chow/lab mix, he is all black and looks more like a lab, but has the chow purple tongue and we love him dearly!


My Pets
It just does my heart good to visit this site and read about all the wonderful folks like you who rescue animals and give them a great home. Especially after I read stories in the news about people who mistreat and torture animals, your news gives me hope again...


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Will My Child Receive SSI?
As far as I know, all children born to a marriage are legally the children of the husband. I have read of men finding out they were not the biological fathers, but still had to support the children because they were married to the mothers when the child was...


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Pit Bull Chewing Problem?
Another idea is to make sure your puppy gets enough exercise and attention. That helps tire the dog out and cures the boredom factor that often leads to the bad behavior. Nice long walks and play involving running and fetching will make a big difference. Then...


Oliver Riley (Lab Mix)
He is so adorable! I, too, had to put my best girl to sleep a couple of years ago. Suzie was a lab/spaniel mix who looked a lot like Oliver. Bless you for adopting from a shelter, wish more people would do that. We adopted a lab/chow mix 9 years ago from a...


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Can I Use a Hand Steamer to Defrost a Freezer?
Dont do it. My dad melted the inside of our freezer years ago using a hair dryer.


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Removing Dry Erase Marker from Piano Keys?
Wow, dont have any advice but wondered why you would do such a thing!


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Allergic Reaction to Facial Wipe Caused Skin Inflammation?
How about corisone cream? Or take an oral antihistamine like Benadryl. I sympathize with you. I recently had to use a cream on my face to get rid of pre-cancerous sun damage spots and ended up with my whole face inflamed, scabbed and peeling. It took 3 weeks...


A leaf bug crawling on a wooden beam.

Leaf Bug (Gatlinburg, TN)
Great photo! Thanks.


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What is the Gestation Period for Dogs?
My question is why are you allowing your dog to have puppies. Do you know how many dogs are sitting in shelters around this country waiting for homes, many that never get homes? Please have your dog spayed after this litter and good luck finding them homes...


collie mix

Lucky (Collie Mix)
She is a beautiful girl and thank you for rescuing her, I wish more people would rescue dogs. So many need good homes. We have a chow/lab mix who had 3 homes before we got him. He is a wonderful boy, 10 years old now, and gives us so much joy and love! Nothing...


Keeping a Dog from Chewing on Things?
Does he get regular exercise? Sometimes boredom causes chewing. He should have a good long walk every day.


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Dog Will Only Go Potty When Taken for a Walk?
Dogs do not like to go potty where they live. You should still take him for a walk, its good exercise for both of you! My dog has a very long tie-out so he can be out with us during summer work time in the garden, but he wont even pee while tied. I found this...


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Store Purses in Pillowcases
Great Tip! I use old pillowcases for many storage uses. The best one is for my window fan during the winter storage time. I also use a king sized case for the extra leaf of the dining room table.


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At What Age Do Dogs Go Into Their First Heat?
Get her fixed! Dogs can go into heat very early. A male dog will find her, the scent goes for miles. Please, please, get her fixed or there will be unwanted puppies in 8 weeks.


Miss Angel Diane (Basset Hound)

Miss Angel Diane (Basset Hound)
Sweet Baby. Glad she never had puppies, too many dogs in shelters, dont add to them.


House Training a Puppy?
I will never understand why people get a dog without knowing what to do with the dog. You should learn first how to train a dog before you get the dog and ruin it. That is why so many poor animals end up in shelters. Their owners dont know what to do with them...


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Protect Bathroom When Dyeing Hair
Our dog recently had surgery on his knee for a torn ACL. He had to wear a half-cast wrapped up with an Ace bandage for a week. The vet tech recommended we wrap the leg in Glad Press & Seal when we took him outside in the snow and it worked very well!


Diesel (Bluenose Pit Bull)

Diesel (Bluenose Pit Bull)
I agree with everyone here. He is too adorable! But if you see more puppies in your future, please dont go to a breeder, go to the local animal shelter. You will find hundreds of wonderful, but unwanted, pooches, every bit as cute as your new puppy. Have him...


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How Long Will My Dog Be In Heat?
As everyone else has said, a dog is in heat for at least 3 weeks and can get pregnant during any time of the heat cycle. But, please, why do we keep seeing these posts. Why dont you folks have your dogs spayed and/or neutered. There are so many, many dogs in...


Belle (Domestic Short Hair)

Belle (Domestic Short Hair)
Beautiful cat, but I agree, please have her spayed. I am shocked that since you were kind enough to adopt her from a shelter, you were not instructed to have her spayed so her kittens would not end up in a shelter, too. There are sooooo many cats and kittens...


Gentle Benjamin (Chow - Retriever Mix)

In Memory of Gentle Benjamin (Chow -...
What a precious boy! I know your pain. I lost my sweet Suzie two years ago and I still cry tears for her. She was a lab retriever mix and my best girl. Suzie had a cancerous tumor in her chest and we had to put her down at the age of 11. Along with the unconditional...


Fritz (Beagle - Basset Hound)

In Memory of Fritz (Beagle - Basset Hound)
Did you ever find him? I lost a dog a few years ago and found her body a week later, she had caught her head in a metal tube and broke her neck. I looked for her every day and her sister dog found her for me. She began to circle around a brushy area and I found...


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How Do I Remove Ink from a Faux Suede Couch?
Its the alcohol in the hairspray that cleans the ink, so either use just alcohol or make sure the hairspray contains it. Good luck! Kids, gotta love em.


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Use Newspaper Plastic Bags for Doggie Bags
Yep, you are so right! We also use them and I like the fact that they are nice and long, while narrow, easier to pick up the stuff, and made of strong plastic. Good tip!


What Breed is My Dog?
I agree, looks like min-pin and chihuahua. And very cute!


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Neutered Dogs Fighting With Each Other Around Females in Heat?
How about getting those female dogs spayed. There are too many unwanted dogs in this world for you to be adding more. That would solve every problem.


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Removing Baked on Grease on Ceramic Bakeware?
I just have to say, if your husband wants the pots spotless, then maybe he should clean them himself. Ill bet he eats the food that is cooked in them.


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Bathroom Organizing Ideas?
Buy some plastic baskets at a dollar store and stack them up in the deep drawers.


Zelda (Tabby)
She is a beautiful girl! I had a dog name Sammie, a Lab mix, some years ago during a bad time in my life, too. Moving twice and a divorce. Her fur absorbed lots of my tears and she was always there for me. Thats the thing about pets, they love us no matter...


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Save Used Freezer Bags for Outer Bag
I do the opposite. I used cheap bags that I get from the supermarket to pack fruit. Wrap it around the meat, securely, then I put it in the expensive freezer bags. The freezer bags can then be used over and over.


My Frugal Life: Zany Ways To Save
Good ideas for saving money. Beware one trap that I have seen for people who dont use a dryer. Some clothes need to be ironed if hung outside, like cotton items, and that takes more electricity than a dryer does, so just beware of that. I hang many things like...


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Homemade Food for Large Dog with Colitis?
What does the vet food have listed for ingredients? Try finding out or doing a search online for what is in the food and ask your vet what triggers the dogs colitis. Good luck.


Olive (Maltese)

Olive (Maltese)
Your puppy is adorable and my comments have nothing to do with you and sweet Olive. I just have to get up on my soapbox and ask people who want to have a dog to please consider going to your local shelter and adopting a dog who desperately needs a home instead...


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Dog Chews When Left Alone?
I agree it is separation anxiety. I am no expert on this situation, but having had many dogs, I know that they need regular exercise several times a day, they love a schedule so they know what to expect and when to expect it. If they have a good schedule, usually...


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Younger Dog Attacks Older One?
Definitely they both should be spayed. Unwanted puppies and the mess of having a dog in heat will only make the situation worse.


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Use Old Comforter for "Feather Bed"
What a great idea! Never would have thought of it. I have so many old comforters and wondered what I could do with them.


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Save Money on Ziplock Bags
I also re-use freezer bags. If I put meat in them, I first wrap the meat in the plastic bags we get from the grocer for fruit. Then I just take the meat out for thawing and can re-use the bag without washing it.


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Encouraging Teens to Cook for Themselves?
Easy. Dont cook for them, they will figure it out. You are not doing them a favor by spoiling them this way. Its the same as enabling. Just Stop It!


Black and white Pit.

Blossom (Pit Bull Mix)
Good for You!


Upside down cat.

Angel (Siamese/Tabby)
Hooray for you! I second all you have said. We have an adopted a lab/chow dog and he has been a wonderful friend to us. The rewards far outweigh the costs. I would never buy an animal from a breeder or pet store. Too many languishing in shelters or bad homes...


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Dog Hiding From Her New Puppies?
Hope you work this out and it all turns out well. But, please have your female dog spayed. There are waaaay too many dogs who need home. Plus, this lady seems unsuited to being a mother dog.


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Cleaning Stone Coasters?
I soak mine in hot water with a little dishwasing soap and a splash of bleach.


black & white bunny

Fuzzball (Dutch Rabbit)
Adorable bunny. But, as with other pets, please dont breed rabbits. If you check with your local humane society, you will find there are many abandoned bunnies looking for homes. We dont need any more. Thanks for considering my comment.


In Memory Of Freckles (Husky-Shepard)
She was a gorgeous dog, I know how you feel. We lost our Suzie a year and a half ago, I still shed tears for her.


Cowboy (Mixed Breed)
Thanks to you for rescuing Cowboy! He looks like a great dog.


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