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Mod Podge Doesn't Stick to Clear Glass Plate?
I use Elmers white school glue and add some water to the glue to thin it down. What you can try is putting the MP on the plate and ad the material there. Then when it is starting to dry and 1 or 2 coats of MP to the top of the material to get it to stick down...


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Mod Podge Doesn't Stick to Clear Glass Plate?
Normally if you want to add material to a glass object you need to use a special glue that will allow you to glue the material to the object. Now if the plate needs to have food you would normally only glue a part of the plate and cover this with the material...


A large mahogany dining table with 8 chairs.

Identifying a Mahogany Dining Table?
This might be an impossible task for any of us to help you with. Your table does not have a manufacturing label or name on it so it makes it even harder for one of us to identify this table. A lot of furniture that is labeled with the 4 to 6 digits are often...


Two Native American porcelain dolls.

Value of Goldenvale Dolls?
Currently, the market is flooded with dolls at the moment and people are not actually getting a very high price for selling them. Normally the Indian dolls do seem to fetch a bit higher price than other dolls are at the moment. If you only paid $20 for the...


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Frozen Janome Sewing Machine?
You sound like you could have a frozen motor in the machine, a belt could be broken, or you need a really good cleaning. There could be some rusted parts that are causing the machine to no longer turn. You should try once again to clean the machine. Normally...


Some dark insect eggs.

What Are These Insect Eggs?
Your picture is very blurry and it is really hard to see this. There not spider eggs so dont worry about this. Normally spider eggs are in an egg sack. These look like moth eggs to me. They are not harmful at all but they do look awful. You can clean this with...


An old and worn baby blanket.

Saving An Old Baby Blanket?
This looks like a very small throw blanket for a crib or laying on the floor. I can see some of the frayed edges and wear and tear on the blanket. I had a baby blanket that was my daughters that she just loved. I was lucky back then because my grandmother made...


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Cats Under Manufactured Home?
if you have an issue with stray cats going under your home you may need to get some sort of a trap in order to catch them and remove them from the area. I would try contacting one of the animal rescue units in your area. There are a lot of people now who will...


A porcelain doll in a box.

Value of Collectors Choice Doll?
These dolls are mass-produced which really lowers the price of the doll. Dolls like this are so hard to find online because the company makes so many of them. They are sold in mass quantity at local stores like K-Mart, Target, Walgreen and so many more. Currently...


The belly of an itching dog.

Help for Itching Dog?
OK got you covered. I just went through this with my dog. I had to take him to the vet because the itching was so bad. I had tried many things at home but I just could not get him to stop itching. My vet asked me what I fed the dog. I told him and he said that...


An old rusted piece of farm equipment.

Identifying Farm Equipment?
This is differently missing some of the pieces on this cultivator. There should be a longer piece in the center that was used to attach to the horse or mule to pull it through the fields. These are land cultivators used in 1800-1900 to plow the fields and get...


A set of encyclopedias.

Finding An Encyclopedia Volume?
Have you ever tried to do a rare book search online? They have some really good book search engines that could help you locate this book. I would try a few of them to see if they can find the book for you. I do see some sets sold online but they dont seem to...



A low wooden table with drawers.

Age of Bassett Table?
Bassett is a fantastic company and they make some excellent furniture. Your piece was made in Virginia. Here is some history about the company that should help you learn a bit more about the table you have. This table looks original and is in excellent condition...


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Health Advice for Pitbull?
This sounds like the dog has parvo and it could be very dangerous. This is a sickness that a lot of dogs have and it can kill the dog if not treated. I would not take any chances with your dog and the health of your animal. I know that with Covid it is harder...


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Maker of Kroger's Brand Bread?
Kroger uses to make their own bread they sold in stores. Before this, they would normally contract another bread company for their no-name labels and use their label on the bread. Recently they are phasing out their bakery for their bread and signing a new...


A footed glass with a yellow tint.

Identifying a Drinking Glass?
I remember my grandmother had a lot of these glasses. I know when she bought a new box of soap one came in them. I remember there were 3 different sizes of these. I have also seen similar glasses to these in the store around here that have mustard in them. I...


A piggy stuffed animal.

Stuffed Animal Brand Name?
I think these are from Hugfun. The color of the stuffed animals is the same as the ones they made back in 1990. Hugfun made a lot of tri colored stuffed animals that ranged from elephants to bears and much more.


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Straight Perm Frizz?
It appears that the home perms are not working very well on your hair and I would not really recommend that you try and do another one yourself. I think maybe they have changed the chemicals in these perms and they are not giving the same results as before...


A small brown bug on a blue surface.

What Bug Is This?
This looks like a typical carpet beetle that comes in during the cooler months of the year. They are a pain and can eat the fibers in your carpet, furniture, or even bedding. I would vacuum up the room, empty the bag, and lay down some sticky fly paper to trap...


A figurine of a Christmas elf in a red boot.

How Old Is This Christmas Decoration?
There are a few of these listed on eBay and they are listed under the name of Lefton exclusive pixie candlestick boot, There dont give any dates or how old these are. It is the same as the one you have here. In order to date this, it would be necessary to see...


A 1948 Crescent Line Recorder on a blanket.

1948 Crescent Line Recorder?
I have found another site that is called the Museum of magnet sound recording. They have a very large selection of magnet sound recording devices there. The person has listed a lot of history about these devices on the website. There is a contact page where...


A porcelain doll wearing red.

Value of Dolls?
It is a shame that dolls like this have flooded the market in recent years. There are so many of them now for sale that people are trying to give them away. I have told a few people who had a lot of these dolls to take them to a swap meet and sell them there...


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Dog With Puppies is Aggressive to Children?
This is normal after a dog has given birth to puppies. They are afraid that your children will hurt the dogs when they are so young. She is only trying to protect them. I would suggest for the time being until the puppies get a bit older than you try and keep...


A mirror on a antique vanity.

Identifying Antique Vanity?
This looks very similar to one that my grandmother had in her bedroom for as long as I can remember. That was the one piece of furniture that she kept and would never part with. I asked her why and she said that she had to save for almost a year to buy this...



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Fixing Grout?
The best way to get this fixed is to try and safely remove the existing grout that is between the tiles. This is going to be a very messy job and will take quite a bit of time to get this out. They have special hammers that are rubber for working on the tile...


A girl holding a grey stuffed rabbit.

Anyone Recognize My Stuffed Rabbit?
Back in the 80s, these were everywhere in the stores around Easter. My daughter was only 4 or 5 during this time and I had tons of these rabbits given to her for Easter. I know that some of her Easter baskets came with them inside of them and she loved them...


Several pictures of a growing dog.

Is My Dog a Lab and Basenji Mix?
This is a beautiful dog and you are so lucky to have him. I can see some Basenji in the dog which seems to be more noticeable than the lab in the dog. I do believe the father was a mixed breed and there could be a few other breeds in the dog beside the lab...


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Covering Plate with Bandana?
As you know the plate is round and the bandana is square. You will need to actually cut the edges off the bandana and start at the inside of the plate first. Place a small dab of glue on the center of the plate to hold this in place. Make sure that you flatten...


An ornate porcelain doll.

What is This Doll's Value?
it is a total shame that people paid so much for these dolls in hopes that one day they could retire and sell off their collections online. if this was 8-10 years ago you could actually get a very good price for these dolls. However, today the value is so low...


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Cast Iron Skillet Has 3 Notches on Bottom?
Here is a bit of history on cast iron skillets -,as%20early%20as%20the%201930s. My mother and grandmothers all had cast iron skillets when I was growing up. We used them on gas ranges...


Value of a Mersman Waldron Table?  - glass sided table with door and glass shelf

Value of a Mersman Waldron Table?
This is a very unusual table and it is also beautiful. I do not see many of these at all and they are not as easy to find as some of the other tables Mersman made. Normally the tables now dont sell for that much and end tables go for around $50 or so. There...


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Key Keeps Striking on Smith Corona Typewriter?
This is not such a hard fix. Even if it is an electric or manual typewriter this is normally caused by dirt and grime in a few places inside the machine. Here is a good video about how to clean this. This one is on a manual typewriter but the same applies to...


Value of a Homer Laughlin Teapot? - white teapot with gold trim

Value of a Homer Laughlin Teapot?
If you are in a hurry to sell this teapot it might be a good time to do this one. In the last several years the price of china has dropped s much and it is not worth much at all. Before china was a collectible and every family had at least one china set and...


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Brother Sewing Machine Tension Issue?
This happens quite a bit and is rather an easy fix. First, remove the bobbin and casing from the machine. Now remove the plate from the area and clean the inside of this area. Add 1 drop of oil to this area and put back the plate. Add the bobbin back to the...


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Dog Peed While Lying Down and Head Is Shaking?
This is not a very good sign.l There could be several reasons for this. The first that comes to mind is a tick has bitten the dogl. There are several types of ticks and one can inject a poison into the dog and it can paralyze the dog. The second is the dog...


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Sealing a Painted Mug with Homemade Decoupage?
OK first off to paint a mug and use this is dangerous. Even when you make ceramics and want to make some mugs there are special glazes that must be used if you want to drink out of this mug. Now if you are making some gift mugs that you want to give out for...



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Vacuum Plugged into Outlet with Christmas Tree Blew Lights?
I am not sure that all the lights on the tree have been blown out. I feel that this is a fuse issue and the fuses that run the strands of light are blown out and this is why the lights are not lighting. If I remember correctly the plug at the bottom has the...


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Mounting a Tri-fold Bed in an Armoire?
These are called Murphy beds or cabinet beds. I have a site here that shows 12 different DIY cabinet beds you can make at home. These are different home projects that people have made for...


Is My Dog a Chihuahua? - tri-colored puppy

Is My Dog a Chihuahua?
I am so sorry for this but I fear the dog is a mixed breed and not a pure Chihuahua like you were told. Normally if you pay for a purebred dog the breeder must give you papers to register the dog and the full bloodline of the dog. I know this because a friend...


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Parvo Positive Dog Not Eating?
This is quite normal. When the dog is sick it will not eat. I had one of my dogs spend 8 days at the vet and for the first 6 days, he was on an IV and did not eat. Finally, he started to eat small amounts of food. The vets are there to monitor the dogs and...


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Additional Ways to Protect Against COVID-19?
I have been reading up on some of the issues with Covid and one thing they have found out in so many patients is they have a lack of vitamin D in their system. Other studies have said that the blood type plays an important role in this but they have not concluded...


Identifying a Figurine? - girl playing a lyre

Identifying a Figurine?
I found a few other figurines that were marked Switzerland or another name on the stand like this one. None of them are the same as yours but it does look like they are all similar in one respect. They are all VINTAGE INNSBRUCK SWITZERLAND TOURIST SOUVENIR...


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Kitten Nursing on Puppy?
I think that the person you rescued the kitten from was given this kitten when it was very young and was taken from the mom. In some cases, people throw small kittens on the road and they are rescued and taken to a shelter where they will hand feed the kitten...


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Teaching a Dog To Use a Pee Pad?
I find that pee pads will detour the dog from going to the toilet outside. This is only me and I am sure some people love to use pee pads but I am not one of them. I have found several things that should be able to help you out in training your dog to do his...


Front of Peter Pan doll.

Value of Porcelain Peter Pan Doll?
I found a set of 3 Franklin Heirloom Peter Pan dolls that they were selling as a set for $19. This was a bid on the dolls and it has ended. I am not sure if they were actually sold or the bid was just canceled. it says that 11 people put a bid on this doll...


A dog sitting on a tile floor.

Pure Malinois?
I am not sure where you took the dog from and if you have paid for the dog from a breeder or not. Normally if you buy such a dog from a breeder they are required by law to give you the blood line of the dog. It appears this one has not happened. Just looking...


Value of Quoizel Table Lamp? - earth tone stained glass lamp

Value of Quoizel Table Lamp?
The lamps are variously priced on eBay. The lowest price range from $124 to $329. There are a few smaller ones that list for $25-50. Most people are trying to sell their lamps in the $200 range right now.


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Donating All Occasion Gift Bags, Tissue and Ribbon?
Here is the government website for your state. They have all the donation centers listed here. The one that caught my eye was called Reuse Marketplace. They also have listed a few of the popular names that we all know and have used in the past. The other one...


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Laundry Odor from HE Washer?
Normally when this happens there is a problem in the washing machine called Butyric Acid. This can stay in your clothes and when dried will give you the smell you are talking about. There are a few things you can try. If you can get to the back or the pump...


A wooden object inside, resembling a ladder or chair back.

Identify This Wooden Object?
My grandparents had this in their barn. It was in the hayloft and was used to climb up there to enter the loft. The piece comes off to give access to the loft. When done and before filling the loft with new hay the piece is put back on to hold the hay in place...


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Fixing a Circuit Breaker?
First off I understand you are low income and cant afford an electrician to help you fix this. I would like to help out and walk you through a few steps you can do on your own to narrow down this issue. You need a volt meter to start off with. Remove the panel...


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Repairing a Lawn Mower?
If you are turning over the key and it makes a purring sound this normally indicates that is an issue with the starter or the starter cables on the lawnmower. Anytime the starter will tick or purr there is a problem in the starter of a machine just like in...


A side table that opens up.

Info and Value of Lane Table?
It seems that you have inherited a lot of nice furniture that is made by companies that are very dominant in the industry. You will more than likely need to sell these pieces locally because offering them online will not work in most cases. You would have to...


A side table with shelves.

Value of Table?
When selling furniture such as this the area you live in plays an important part in determining the value of this furniture. In some areas, people are willing to pay up to $200-250 for a table like this. In other areas, you will be lucky to sell this table...


A coffee table with a metal border on the sides.

What Kind of Table is This?
I am not sure where you live but normally in the area, you bought this table has a big influence on the value it is worth. You said you only paid $10 for the table at a garage sale. Youd like to make a little money off this table. I really dont see you making...


A red bug bite on an arm.

Bug Bite/Sting?
This can happen if you have bitten by a spider or even a wasp. Wasps are fast and a lot of time you dont see them coming when you are stung. To stop the swelling use some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and place this on the bite. It will reduce the swelling...


A figurine of three children playing music.

Identifying Figurines?
I have done a search on the marking on this piece and here is what I can tell you for sure. All the known marking for porcelain and figurine doesnt have a mark like this at all. However, this mark looks like it was a combination of two different marks that...


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How Old is My Rowe AMI Jukebox?
The jukebox was made in 1973. This jukebox will play both 45s and CD from what the manual says. I have found a video on how to set up your jukebox. You can watch it here. After watching this video I think this has...


A hairless patch on a dog.

What is Bump on Dog?
This looks like some sort of growth that is on the skin of the dog. This could be dangerous or it could be because of the age of your dog. The only way to find out if this needs to be removed or not is to check with your vet. Once my dog got older she developed...


A decorative cast iron handle.

Cast Iron Handle?
I looked up a lot of handles that are used for coffins and this is not the correct style at all. All these handles will lay flat against the coffin. However, if you look at old antique gate handles that pulled open the large cast-iron gates you will see this...


A small brown puppy sitting on the ground.

What Breed is My Dog?
His coloring and marking are similar to a pit and some of his facial features are similar to a pug. I do believe he is mixed with maybe another breed but right now that one is so hard to tell because he is so young. Normally you need to wait until he is almost...


A quilted comforter on a bed.

King Size Comforter?
I took my granddaughter shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for her college dorm. I saw some comforters that were similar to these there. it has been almost 18 months now since I was there but I think you could probably find one that is similar to the one you have...


Information on an Ovenex Purse? - bakeware purse

Information on an Ovenex Purse?
This is an excellent site to help you with identifying vintage purses from 1940. Your purse is not there and the style is not even present in this era. I am not sure where the information came from or if it is stamped on the bottom of this bag. On the inside...


A figurine of a boy beside an orange tree.

Boy Beside Orange Tree?
This really looks like a low fire glaze project from a ceramic store. The only way to tell for sure is to see the markings on the bottom of this piece. It would be nice if you could take a photo of the underside so we can see if there are any markings or signatures...


A view of the entire living room set.

Value of Conant Ball Furniture?
Conant Ball furniture really holds its value over the years and there are some sites that offer this furniture at a very high price. A lot of times you will find the tables that you have listed for around $500-800 for the set. There are others who sell complete...


A small brown and white stuffed dog.

Identifying Stuffed Dog?
I remember seeing many of these types of stuffed animals sold at Toy R Us back then. I had to attend so many baby showers that I did most of my shopping there. This dog looks familiar but I do not remember who made this. The store is closed now so it would...


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Looking for Christmas Help In New Jersey?
A lot of time the police department and fire departments in your local area have a fund drive to collect toys for children in need. There are also local churches and charities in your area that you can apply for now. it is a good time to start planning on this...


A small brass figurine of a cat.

Identifying a Brass Cat Figurine?
Normally brass is solid and there are no holes at all in brass. Furthermore brass doesnt chip like this one is chipping now. There is a brass color low fire glaze that a lot of people used to paint their projects with. I am thinking this isnt brass at all but...


Ornate wallpaper with a raised design.

Need to Find Wallpaper?
The only thing you can really do is go to a wholesaler of wallpaper and ask them what types of wallpaper they have in stock that would be similar to this design. it is hard to say who has made this so it would be hard to search for it online. A lot of times...


An old record player cabinet with scratches on the speaker cover.

Repairing a Record Player Cabinet?
I tried to find some of the original fabric these stereos were made from but they are not making this type of fabric any longer. However, there is some good speaker fabric cloth that you can buy to change out both side of this unit. You will need to replace...


A grandfather clock style time punch clock.

Cincinnati Time Recorder Co. "Grand Father" Clock?
I would say yes if the clock could actually be sold for several thousand dollars. This clock normally sells for around $200 in todays market. I dont think that you really need to add this to your insurance claim if you have to pay a lot of extra money on your...


A painting of man in yellows, oranges, reds and browns.

Identifying a Painting?
I dont really think you will ever find any information about this painting at all. The signature on the painting is not one that I can find anywhere. This almost looks like a person was taking an art class and this was a project they did. I know a lot of people...


The top of a wood table.

Value and Age of Table?
Normally a coffee table in prime condition would sell for around $100-150. The condition of your table now is worth around $20-30 if you are lucky. If you decide to refinish this table and yes I would if it was mine you will not decrease the value of it today...


A small dog on a couch.

What Breed Is My Dog?
I have to agree with your vet on this one. She does look like she has some jack Russell terrier mixed in with her. When people sell dogs and claim they are one breed they should produce you with the bloodline of the dog if you paid a good price for this dog...


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DIY Recipe for 409 Stone and Steel Cleaner?
I have found some good granite cleaners that people use at home on their granite countertops. I use to have this type of countertop but I no longer have it because it is too expensive where I live now. I asked my daughter what she uses on hers and she said...


A brown and white dog playing with a green toy.

What Breed Is My Dog?
Her nose is too long for a pit and more the facial features of a lab and pointer. She might have a bit of a boxer in her because of the coloring in her. I really dont see that much pit in her at all.


A stuffed polar bear.

What Make Is This Polar Bear?
My two grandchildren have this exact same bear. One of them is white and the other one is brown. They were left at my home when they were very young. One of the tags is missing on one of them but the other one stills have the tag on it. it says Dakin on the...


A decorative glass filled with a pink drink and ice.

Assistance with Glassware Identification?
There are so many different categories to search through and I filtered my search but was not able to find any glasses that were similar to this one that they are selling. They have a lot of categories like Falcon, Kumchi, By Alice and so much more. I did go...


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