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Kitchen Countertop Color Advice

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Kitchen Countertop

When remodeling your kitchen, choosing the best color countertop to coordinate with your cabinets and flooring can sometimes be challenging; there are so many options. This is a guide about kitchen countertop color advice.



Here are questions related to Kitchen Countertop Color Advice.

Question: Terra Cotta Floor with Dark Green Countertop

I was shown a very dark green, almost black countertop but I am unsure about it. My floor has terracotta type tiles and it was painted sort of a rust color. I've asked the contractor to bring me some ideas for the backsplash to see what he thinks could bring that color countertop and the tiles together. My cabinets are sort of a cognac or chestnut color.

Does anyone think that a dark green granite countertop sounds strange in a kitchen with the colors I've described? I realize that I shouldn't look at the colors like I'm matching an outfit and I've always matched things, sometimes to the point of boredom. I need some opinions. Thanks so much.

kimble67 from Jersey City, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By kimble67 (Guest Post)02/12/2009

To T&T Grandma: Yeah, that's the thing, That's good advice also, "Pleasant" that is something I'll consider - I really like the colors but not sure that I want to commit to them ONLY because my husband and I would like to sell the house in a few years, so although the beige's and tan's for countertops tend to be more common, I might just go that route. We'll see.

Question: Countertop Color Advice to Coordinate With Cherry Cabinets and Orangish Tile Floor

We are putting in a new kitchen. We have cherry cabinets and an orangish stone tile floor. I can't figure out what color countertop would look best. We are going to use Formica. Any ideas on colors?

By Jess from NY


Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]01/06/2011

Think Southwest and stick to earth tones. My vets office has this same coloring. For a long time they had a particular shade of pale blue that was very complimentary (an earthy light blue, nothing garish) and now they have redone it with a buttery shade of yellow that also looks great. Sage greens would also work.

Question: Countertop Color Advice

I have whitewash cabinets with black appliances and a black sink. I need help with countertop color.

By Tammy

Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]04/16/2013

Speckled white/gray.

Question: Choosing a Countertop Color

Help! I have dark cherry bathroom cabinets, white 12 inch tile flooring, with inset of 2 inch teal green tile. I want to update with new counters and vessel sinks. What color counters would work with this flooring? Thanks.

By Conn from Sarasota, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]08/05/2010

What color is the main part of the tile? I am thinking teal, either a shade lighter or darker than the floor tile accent.

Question: What Color Countertops Should I Get?

I need a blue for my kitchen counters. Not so dark that it looks black at night, but not light. We really like quartz. We are looking for that blue and yellow French look. The walls are yellow and the cabinets are white with blue flowers.

By Debbie from Berwyn, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Pam Griffis [4]03/28/2010

I have a neighbor who just redid her kitchen. Although she used a granite, the colors in it were beautiful and unique. It had several shades of blue/green (light to medium) with flecks of a quartz-like blue/green. It looks almost like moving water. Maybe you could find something like it in blue (and in quartz),

Question: Cabinet and Countertop Advice for Kitchen

We are looking into getting new kitchen cabinets and countertops. We cannot afford to redo the whole kitchen. We like our light color wood floors and white appliances are in good condition. The walls are a pale yellow. What color cabinets and counters would go with the rest of the kitchen we are not changing?

By Jennifer from Rochester, NY

Most Recent Answer

By Jennifer [1]02/04/2010

The cabinets we have now are pieces of junk. They have been painted several times already, are white now, and are falling apart. Whatever they are made of is cheap and starting to fall apart. So, refacing or replacing the fronts of the cabinets is out of the question. On top of that, we will be adding a few more cabinets where there is unused space in the kitchen. Attached is a pic of the kitchen where you can see the floor color and the wall color. I know you can't tell how bad the cabinets are by the pic but even when you open them the insides are starting to break down.
I like the idea of Honey cabinets. Would you suggest darker countertops then?

RE: Cabinet and Countertop Advice for Kitchen

Question: Choosing a Countertop Color

My kitchen has 8 inch dark forest green ceramic tiles that have a little black marbling and a very little grey in it. My problem is I want to replace the dark green marble look countertop. I am so done with it. My cupboards are white, appliances white, and walls a light grey. Can someone help me please?

By Joanne K.

Most Recent Answer

By Brent01/18/2014

A new countertop would be the simplest way to go, lots of kitchen specialists will come in, take the old counter top off and install a new one in whatever colour you like.

A cheaper solution would be to remove ceramic tiles, sand/grind down the base and apply a different material over it -- such as arborite or some of the other new plastics. Getting it to stick can be difficult. It is usually best to add on another substrate- such 1/2 inch construction grade ply (with water resistant glue), and fill any dimples and apply the new material on top.

If the counter has a corner, I would get a specific contractor to come in, for a super job, one you'll be happy with for a long time. Will cost more, but satisfaction will last a lot longer (decade or more) than the happiness of saving a few dollars (usually a few days or weeks).

Question: Countertop Color Advice

What color counter tops would go good with apple green walls and medium maple cabinets?

By Wendy from Cleveland, TN

Most Recent Answer

By marilyn [1]04/09/2013

I think a pale yellow might look nice.

Question: Color Advice for Kitchen Countertops

I have mocha maple cabinets and peach flower granite on the floor. What color granite counter top can I use with this combo?

By Sini from NY

Most Recent Answer

By Teryn01/27/2011

I have black appliances with oak cabinets and we want to replace counter tops what color and style would be the best?

Question: Countertop Color Advice

I have yellow walls, a red, blue and yellow plaid valence with white sink and white tiles. What color Cambria counter top should I get?

    By shetherington6 [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Louise B. [5]04/27/2015

    I would go with some sort of neutral, because you can easily change curtains and wall colour, but you are stuck with countertop colour, unless you do an expensive re-do. I have no idea what colours this type of countertops come in, but you might consider some sort of white/mix, or grey marble look? I think what you want to avoid is the primary colours that you have used in your curtains; don't use blue, yellow or red, as that will limit the colour choice if you decide to change things up.

    Question: Childcare Business Name Ideas

    I am moving to a new town, and have decided to do child care in our new home so that I can stay home with my own 2 young children. I am looking for catchy names. It doesn't necessarily need to contain something with all of the following, but here are some facts -

    My name is Ashley
    We are a family of 4
    I am going to help educate kids
    We are moving into a brand new house
    We are moving to a smaller farm town

      By Ashley Rae M. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By Donna [245]04/25/2015

      Good luck on your plans! How about:

      Ashley's Loving Arms Daycare
      Tiny Blessings Daycare
      'Their Second Home' Daycare

      Ashley's Playroom
      Ashley's Learning Center
      Little Darlings Daycare
      Baby Bear Daycare

      Question: Quartz Countertop Colour

      My cabinets are beige. I'm looking for colours for my countertops and floor. Grey floor comes to mind, and mulling over black, dotted brown, or maroon top. I can't seem to see this combination in pictures on the internet.
      Thank you.

      By Katherine from Malaysia

      Most Recent Answer

      By Cisco's Mom [5]07/20/2013

      My kitchen cabinets are oak and we chose a black quartz with a silver and gold fleck and painted the walls a Tuscan gold. It really looks nice. I wouldn't go with a solid black, it is just too much and shows spots and streaks. Try this site for color choices. ... t=Avanza+Quartz+Colors&FORM=IGRE

      Question: Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash Color Advice

      I have a yellow kitchen with oak cabinets, wood floors and trim. I recently purchased stainless steel appliances and am now hoping to get new countertops and backsplash. What shade of countertops and back splash should I be looking at? The lighting in my kitchen is a Tiffany style ( not Tiffany brand.. ;0) ) lighting with pieces of colored glass, such as reds, blues, greens, and yellow. I like the idea of a glass tile backsplash or the tin. The countertop shade also has me stumped. Help?

      By Josie W.

      Most Recent Answer

      By Elgie [4]04/19/2013

      I am a little confused as to why you purchased stainless appliances with the style of kitchen you have. If you could give your thinking it would be easier to see what you hoped to accomplish decor wise. They seem a bit conflicted. What color are your counters now? Maybe you need to change the color of your walls instead, perhaps even with a wall paper style that would tie all this together.

      Question: Silestone Countertop Color Advice

      I have white cabinets, dark kitchen, and wood flooring. What color Silestone should I choose for the countertops?

      By Maxine

      Most Recent Answer

      By Sheilah Link [5]12/30/2011

      Probably a color in between the dark and light would look the best. The white and I presume you meant dark applances would be cold looking so a warm color might be more appealing. Pick your favorite color and work lighter from there. Kitchen counters are something you will be looking at most of the time, so it must be a color you can live with.

      Question: Kitchen Counter and Wall Color Advice

      I have a mocha glaze kitchen cabinets. I am trying to choose a granite counter top. I need to decide between black galaxy and verde butterfly a dark green. My floor and back splash are both beige. I would also like some ideas for wall paint colors. Thank you.

      By Fadia from Leonia, NJ

      Most Recent Answer

      By HJ [10]09/22/2011

      I think I would go with the verde butterfly to give you a little color. But the black would also look very nice. I think either color would give you lots of options to add color to your kitchen in wall art, window treatments, etc. Your accent color(s) could be any color with either granite or change with the seasons. You could have yellow or orange placemats, tablecloth, towels, etc. for fall, red for the holidays. We recently chose a yellow granite for our countertops. They haven't been installed yet. I don't think I helped much to answer your question, but maybe gave you some food for thought. Good luck with your project.

      Question: Countertop Color Ideas for Red and Merlot Kitchen

      I want to paint my kitchen red. I have merlot cabinets and want to bring orange into the color scheme (curtains, etc.). What color should my countertop be?

      By FrenchLil from Philadelphia, PA

      Most Recent Answer

      By maria r. [4]07/06/2011

      Go to a counter top color display and collect color sample chips. These will hep narrow down your choices. In my mind's eye. I would consider matching with your white or black countertop appliances. I would make the argument to use similar colors to keep the effect of the dominant reds by using a single complementary color contrast for your countertops.

      Question: Kitchen Wall and Countertop Color Advice

      I have oak cupboards and a blue and beige floor. I am having a hard time deciding on what color to chose for the the walls and countertops.

      By Deb

      Question: Countertop Color Advice

      cabinets, wall, and floor tileMy walls are celery root green with antiqued sage green cabinets. My floor is ceramic tile called ulah sand. I will be using an old timey cast iron sink that is an almond color. What color tile should I use on the countertops?

      By Vicki

      Question: Countertop Color Advice

      view of kitchen with walls, cabinets, and existing countertopsI have orange walls, white cabinets, and cream floors. I would appreciate your suggestion on what color countertop I should get.
      Thank you.

      By Carmen

      Question: Arborite Countertop Color Choice

      We have medium oak cupboards. The kitchen faces north so less light. There are white appliances. Kitchen, dining, and living room are all in one. Parquet flooring and darker raspberry carpet. What color arborite do you suggest?

      By Carol

      Question: Countertop Color Advice

      I am remodeling my kitchen (DYI). My cabinets are distressed antique white with brushed nickel knobs, my floor is light grey tile, my 10' walls are painted a very light grey (almost a white with a hint of grey), my backsplash is dark grey tile. My appliances are black and/or stainless steel. I would like to replace my plain white countertops. What color should I be looking for?

      By Paula C. from Pittsburgh, PA

      Question: Countertop, Backsplash, and Wall Color Advice

      My new cabinets are maple wood with a traditional cherry stain. What colour would you suggest for my countertop, backsplash, and wall colour? My floor is a light wood. I would like a bright kitchen.

      By Lorna

      Question: Choosing a Countertop Color

      I have cappuccino colored cupboards, the flooring is a medium brown laminate with light brown grooves going threw, and my walls are a light brownish color with a burnt orange accent. I need to know what color quartz countertops to get.

      By Betty

      Question: Countertop Color Advice for Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets, White Appliances, and Gray Flooring

      What color countertop would go best with cherry cabinets, white appliances, and gray marble like floor?

      By Barb from Burbank, IL

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