March 29, 2012

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Child making a mother's day card.

Homemade Mother's Day CardsGiving your mother a homemade card makes the sentiment even more appreciated. This is a page about homemade Mother's Day cards.


Interior of Convertible Car Upholstery

Protecting Car UpholsteryThis is a page about protecting car upholstery. The fabric and leather upholstery in our car can take quite a beating from the sun and general usage.


Stuffed Green Peppers With Corn Bread

Recipes Using Leftover Corned BeefThis page contains recipes using leftover corned beef. Take that leftover corned beef and make another delicious meal.


Vegetable Medley

Vegetable Medley RecipesA variety of vegetables in combination can be used to make a delicious main or side dish. This page contains vegetable medley recipes.


Votive Wrapped in Twine

Candle Craft IdeasThis page contains candle craft ideas. Candles are widely used in craft projects.


Blueberry Muffins in Basket

Recipes Using BlueberriesThis page contains recipes using blueberries. There are so many delicious recipes using fresh or frozen blueberries; try a new one today.


Ketchup and Mustard Bottles

Saving Money on CondimentsThis is a page about saving money on condiments. Condiments can be a bit pricey.


Italian Salad Dressing on Green Background

Saving Money on Salad DressingThis is a page about saving money on salad dressing. Prepared salad dressings can sometimes be pricey.


Tuna Tetrazzini

Tuna Tetrazzini RecipesThis page contains tuna tetrazzini recipes. Tuna is a good starting ingredient on which to base your tetrazzini dish, be creative.


Easter Egg Dye Recipes

Easter Egg Dye RecipesYou can make your own custom colored Easter egg dye at home. This page contains Easter egg dye recipes.


hand print lily

Handprint LilyTry making this Easter variation of using children's handprints for crafts. This is a page about making a handprint lily.


Dog laying on a couch.

Remedies for Stinky DogsThis is a page containing remedies for stinky dogs. There are some home remedies you can use to help eliminate doggie odor.


A casserole containing shredded zucchini.

Zucchini Casserole RecipesThis page contains zucchini casserole recipes. Zucchini is a versatile summer vegetable that is used as a main ingredient in many casserole recipes.


White Beans

White Bean Chili RecipesThis page contains white bean chili recipes. You can cook up a delicious alternative to the typical kidney or pinto bean chili, using white beans.


Rack of Clothing

Reusing ClothingThis is a page about reusing clothing. Don't throw away your worn out and out of style clothing, reuse it.


Mexican Fondue

Hot Party Dip RecipesThis page contains hot party dip recipes. Warm dips are a welcome party food.


Gnocchi on Plate With Basil and Tomato

Recipes Using GnocchiUsing either homemade or purchased gnocchi, you can create a delicious meal. This page contains recipes using gnocchi.


Mouse on Green Mouse Pad

Refurbishing A MousepadThis is a page about refurbishing a mousepad. Rather than throwing away your well used mouse pad, rejuvenate it.


Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkey Tetrazzini RecipesThis page contains turkey tetrazzini recipes. Leftover turkey is a good addition to your favorite tetrazzini casserole.


Fruit Dip Recipes

Fruit Dip RecipesThis page contains fruit dip recipes. Add a fresh fruit platter with an accompanying dip to the menu for your next gathering.


Homemade Disinfectant Cleaner Ingredients

Homemade Disinfectant CleanersThis is a page about homemade disinfectant cleaners. Rather than buying a commercial disinfectant cleaner, you can make one at home.


Saving Money on Easter Baskets

Saving Money on Easter BasketsThere are a lot of ways to save money on Easter baskets. This is a page about saving money on Easter baskets.


Frugal Family With Girl Holding Piggy Bank

Frugal Parenting Tips and TricksThis page contains frugal parenting tips and tricks. Raising a family can be a very costly endeavor; with careful planning and creative thinking you can employ some frugal approaches to parenting.


Colorful Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothie RecipesMake a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast or any time, using fresh or frozen fruit. This page contains fruit smoothie recipes.


Woman holding a cat.

Dealing With Pet AllergiesThis is a page about dealing with pet allergies. We love our pets, but some of us are allergic to our two and four legged friends.


Staining Table

Refurbishing FurnitureThis is a page about refurbishing furniture. Give your home or apartment a new look by refurbishing your furniture.


Photo in Flower Frog

Displaying PhotosThis is a page about displaying photos. Whether displaying school photos or family portraits, the method of display can be a typical frame or something more creative.


Chopsticks Picking up Noodles

Asian Noodle RecipesMany Asian recipes have a noodle component. This page contains Asian noodle recipes.


Decorated Easter Eggs in Grass

Easter Egg Hunt IdeasIf you are planning to have your own Easter egg hunt or are planning on for an organization you belong to, coming up with fun ideas can be a challenge. This is a page containing Easter egg hunt ideas.


Fruits and Vegetables

Getting Your Family to Eat More Fruits and...This is a page about getting your family to eat more fruits and vegetables. Getting the family to eat a more healthy diet is often a challenge.


Close-up of Little Chocolate Bells

Saving Money On CandyThis is a page about saving money on candy. Avid thrifty shoppers have developed ways to save on almost everything, including candy.


Vitamins in Colorful Containers

Using Vitamins and MineralsThis is a page about using vitamins and minerals. There is a lot of information available regarding the usage of vitamins and minerals, some of it conflicting.


Disposable Camera on White Background

Disposable Camera Tips And TricksThis is a page about disposable camera tips and tricks. Disposable cameras are great for wedding guests, kid use, trips, and more.


Enjoying a Hand Pie

Hand Pies RecipesHand held pies, whether sweet or savory, are fun to make and eat. This page contains hand pie recipes.


Close up of Steel Wool

Saving Money On Steel WoolThis is a page about saving money on steel wool. If you are creative, there are ways to save on just about any household cleaning aid.


Broken green Ceramic Plate

Repairing CeramicsThis is a page about repairing ceramics. Ceramics can be chipped or otherwise broken, rather than throwing it away perhaps it can be repaired.


Unnecessary Purchases

Avoiding Unnecessary PurchasesThis is a page about avoiding unnecessary purchases. When out shopping we are often tempted to buy something not on our list.


Chili Cheese Dog With Chips

Recipes Using ChiliThis page contains recipes using chili. Chili while a meal in itself can also be used as an ingredient in other dishes.


Winter Hat and Gloves

Saving Money on Winter ClothingThis is a page about saving money on winter clothing. If you are trying to rein in your clothing budget, winter clothing purchases is one place to start.


Gnocchi With Basil and Tomato Sauce

Gnocchi RecipesPotato gnocchi is a delicious alternative to pasta that you can make at home. This page contains gnocchi recipes.


Mushroom and Tomato Salad

Quick and Easy Salad RecipesAdding a salad to the meal or making a main dish salad can be a healthy choice. This page contains quick and easy salad recipes.


A parrot perched on a wooden dowel

Parrot Perch IdeasThis page contains parrot perch ideas. Your parrot needs a perch and suitable toys to keep her occupied, but perches can be expensive.


Pair of Zebra Finches on Perch

Breeding Zebra FinchesThis is a page about breeding Zebra finches. Zebra finches make excellent parents, you just need to follow a few steps to make breeding a rewarding experience for all.


Looking the Classifieds for a Job

Finding a JobThis is a page about finding a job. Finding a job can be a an exciting or daunting process.


Hand With Gold Credit Card

Saving Money With Credit CardsThis is a page about saving money with credit cards. There is a cautionary note to be considered when tempted to open a new credit card account because of the promise of savings.


Black Beans in Soup

Recipes Using Black BeansBlack beans have their own distinctive flavor and are a tasty addition to, or substitution in, many recipes. This page contains recipes using black beans.



Dewy Morning Moss

Dewy MorningI saw the morning dew glinting through this mossy area on the side of the road and did my best to capture it.


Close up of Frozen Ice Candle

Ice CandlesHere's a lovely decoration for your next party, indoors or out. They are super easy to make and will be a great conversation starter.


A pirate girl skull painted in gold on a purple tank top.

Freezer Paper Stencils For Painting FabricA friend recently showed me how to make stencils out of freezer paper for painting personalized T-shirts. We made a variety of T-shirts both freehand and using a computer graphic as a template.


Home in the Mountains (Tennessee)

Home in the Mountains (Tennessee)This is the view I get to see everytime I drive home from anywhere, it is so beautiful! I have to go past this beautiful scenery every day. Some people call them hills, because there is not a tree line, but they are mountains to me!


Painted terra cotta tiles

Painted Tiles to Cover Cinder BlocksWe have a few cinder blocks in our front garden. I plant things in them. During the cold months, I cover them up with tiles I bought from the home improvement store. We decided to paint them, and this is how it turned out.


Pouring BBQ Sauce into crockpot

Crockpot Pork RibsThis is an extremely easy recipe for making ribs in the crockpot. This recipe calls for boneless pork ribs but it would work with other ribs as well.


Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar With Spray Bottles

Sanitize With Vinegar and Hydrogen PeroxideThis non-toxic method was developed by Susan Sumner, from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, as a way of sanitizing food. Not only does it work great for that but I have found it useful elsewhere around the home.


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Buy Generic Allergy MedicationLots of people will suffer from seasonal allergies this time of year. I save more than half on the purchase of my allergy medicines. I buy the generic, always! I purchase them at the Dollar General or at SAV-A-LOT.



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Moving Finch Eggs to a Larger Nest?I have 2 finches, a male and a female, who had 10 eggs. They laid them in a small open nest. We are afraid that when they do hatch they will fall out and die. We have a larger closed nest that we want to put in, but they might leave the other nest with the eggs.


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Encyclopedia Worth?I have twelve books from "The Book of Popular Science" by the Grolier Society copyrighted 1928 and printed in Boston. Are they worth anything? They have some weathering and a few have slight writing.


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Getting a New Dog After Parvo?My dog died about a month ago from parvo. I want to know how long I should wait to get a new puppy and how I could clean my yard, house, things, etc.


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Life Expectancy of a Shih Tzu?What is the average life expectancy for a Shih Tzu who has been taken care of well, and even gets annual exams?


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Treating Sunburn and Windburn?How can I help take the sting out? I can't even sleep it's so bad. What can I do? I also have a pretty bad sunburn on my entire face, do you have any ideas on how to help the sting?I have tried aloe on my windburn and it didn't work.


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Booking a Flight On the Internet?How good is the site, for booking my flight to Dhaka?Can some body advise me?


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Encyclopedia Americana Value?I have a complete set of the Americana encyclopedias from 1914 in good condition. I'm wondering what they're worth. It says copyright 1914 by Frederick Converse Beach. I think there are 25 books.


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Removing Sap from Laminated Deck?How can I remove dried sap from a laminated deck? Nothing is working. I have tried Simple Green and many other products. I would appreciate any help.


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Gestation Period for Goose Eggs?What is the time period for a goose egg to hatch?


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Feeding a Dog Chicken?I have my 6 year old Shih Tzu on a prescription diet made by Hills, that I get at the vet. She is a little over weight. She weighted about 16 lbs. She is now on diet food I get from the vet, and I give her a little chicken breast once in awhile.


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Keeping Flies Off Dogs?We have one outside dog that is being bitten unmercifully by the flies this year. She is bleeding on her back and ears. Skin so Soft did not work. I had heard rubbing rosemary on the dog would help and I tried that, but it only gave brief relief.


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Repairing a Magic Steam Press 7?I have a Magic Steam Press 7, we changed out the circuit board. Now when opening it up to use it, you have to press down on the top left side to open it as it seems to be jamming up for some reason. Anyone have any solutions?


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Mallard Nesting Habits?If a predator got the first eggs in nest (8) will mother return to lay more?


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Duck Egg Gestation Period?What is the gestation period for a duck egg to hatch?


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Remedies for Shih Tzu With Eye Drainage?My Shih Tzu is about 7 years of age and she has always had at least some drainage from her eyes, but now it seems I have to wipe her eyes out several times per day. The mucus or whatever it is, is clear though, but if you don't get it wiped out it will harden.


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