November 14, 2012

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Gingerbread Pancakes

Gingerbread PancakesThis is a page about gingerbread pancakes. Enjoy the spicy taste of gingerbread for breakfast, brunch, or anytime in tasty gingerbread pancakes.


Sticky Rice With Mango Dessert

Sticky Rice With Mango Dessert RecipesThis page contains sticky rice with mango dessert recipes. Make this delicious Thai dessert for dinner tonight.


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Mineral Stains on ClothingThis is a page about mineral stains on clothing. Sometimes the minerals, such as iron, in your water can stain your clothing during washing.


Pie Crusts for the Freezer

Making Pie Crusts for the Freezer?This is a page about making pie crusts for the freezer. You can make and freeze pie crusts for future baking using your favorite recipe.


Broken Glass

Cleaning Up Broken GlassThis page is about cleaning up broken glass. A mess of broken glass can be a challenge to clean without hurting yourself or leaving some behind.


Closeup of a chinchilla holding a piece of food>

Raising Chinchillas as PetsThis is a page about raising chinchillas as pets. Chinchillas can be raised as pets, but there are some special requirements to keep in mind if considering one of these beautiful small rodents.


Hazy Headlights on VW Rabbit

Cleaning Foggy or Hazy HeadlightsHeadlight covers over time can become yellowed or hazy. This is a page about cleaning foggy or hazy headlights.


Chocolate Meringue Pie

Chocolate Meringue PieChocolate lovers will definitely rave about this creamy chocolaty meringue pie. This page contains chocolate meringue pie recipes.


A black dog.

Treating Dog Dandruff?This is a page about treating dog dandruff. Pets can also suffer from itchy, flaky dandruff.


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Pina Colada Cake RecipesThis page contains pina colada cake recipes. Enjoy the flavor of pineapple and coconut in a scrumptious cake.


Skunk On white Background

Removing Skunk Odor From CarpetThis is a page about removing skunk odor from carpet. Skunk odor is very difficult to remove from pets and the carpet they rubbed on.


A photo of a baked fruit pie.

Making Pie Tips and TricksThis is a page about making pie tips and tricks. Making the perfect pie is almost an art form.


peanut butter bars with chocolate and bacon

Peanut Butter Bars RecipesThis page contains peanut butter bars recipes. Making your favorite peanut butter cookies as bars is easier and saves time.


Colorful Homemade Clay

Homemade Clay RecipesThis page contains homemade clay recipes. Make your own clay for kids' crafts and your own projects.


Homemade Blush

Homemade BlushThis is a page about homemade blush. Blend your own unique colors by making your own blush.


a tent made from flat sheets

Uses for Flat SheetsThis is a page about uses for flat sheets. Sheets are not just for bedding, they can be repurposed in a variety of clever ways.


Friendly Man With Email

Email EtiquetteThis is a page about email etiquette. Email has quickly replaced traditional mail for many of us. You can make it more enjoyable to receive these electric messages by following a few simple tips.


Tips for Greasing Pans

Tips for Greasing PansThis is a page about tips for greasing pans. There are a number of tried and true methods for greasing your baking pans.


Craft tools you can make

Homemade Craft ToolsThis is a page about homemade craft tools. Tools used for craft projects can be expensive to buy. Try making some of them yourself, even repurposing things you already have.


Cappuccino with foamed milk.

Making Milk Foam for Coffee DrinksThis is a page about making milk foam for coffee drinks. You can have foam on your coffee drinks at home and save money by not having to go to a coffee shop.


Hot Dog Buns

Recipes Using Hamburger or Hot...This page contains recipes using hamburger or hot dog buns. These buns can be used for other hot or cold sandwiches.



Washing Silverware in the DishwasherThis page is about washing silverware in the dishwasher. Make sure your silverware is clean and easy to put away.


Potato Peeler With Potatoes

Peeling VegetablesThis page is about peeling vegetables. Using the best tool to remove the skin makes this job easier.


Making Flavored Coffee

Making Flavored CoffeeThis is a page about making flavored coffee. Make your own flavored coffee at home for a special treat and an inexpensive alternative to the coffee shop.


Photo of a red rose.

Gift Ideas for an Ailing FriendThis is a page about gift ideas for an ailing friend. When a friend or family member is ill, choosing the right gift can brighten their day and say how much you care.


Pie Crust Recipes

Pie Crust RecipesThis page contains pie crust recipes. The perfect pie crust is always the goal of a baker.


Whoopie Pie

Whoopie Pie RecipesThis page contains whoopie pie recipes. Craving some of those tasty cream filled cake-like cookies.


Re-Caulking Around Toilet

Removing Old CaulkingThis is a page about removing old caulking. The first step in recaulking around fixtures, countertops, and other areas is to remove the existing caulking.


Three Teacher Pencil Box ideas

Homemade Gift Ideas For TeachersThis is a page about homemade gift ideas for teachers. Parents and children love to make gifts for their teachers to show their appreciation.


Pet Ferret

Household Products for Removing Pet OdorsThis is a page about household products for removing pet odors. There are products you can buy especially made to remove pet odors, but you can also use household products, often as effectively.


Photo of a baked apple pie.

Apple Pie Tips and TricksThis is a page about apple pie tips and tricks. Bake this American favorite tonight.


A dog sitting near pine trees.

Removing Tree Sap from Your Pet's FurThis is a page about removing tree sap from your pet's fur. Tree sap can be tough to remove from your pet's fur.


Lipstick stain on a white shirt.

Removing Lipstick Stains on ClothingLipstick leaves an oily waxy stain on clothing that can be difficult to remove. This is a page about removing lipstick stains on clothing.


Orange Julius

Orange Julius RecipesThis page contains Orange Julius recipes. You don't have to go to the mall to enjoy a refreshing Orange Julius.


Sausage cooking.

Tips for Cooking SausageThis page contains tips for cooking sausage. There are often new to you ways to cook a staple such as sausage that make it easier or neater.


Raisin Drop Cookie Recipes

Raisin Drop Cookie RecipesThis page contains raisin drop cookie recipes. Have the kids help make these delicious cookies.


Painting Ceramic Tile

Painting Ceramic TileThis is a page about painting ceramic tile. When looking for ways to easily and more inexpensively update a tile surface, many homeowners consider painting the tile.


Dishwasher with dishes in it.

Dishwasher Tips and TricksUsing your dishwasher regularly can save time, water and energy. This page contains dishwasher tips and tricks.


Box of baking soda which can be used to make homemade carpet fresheners.

Homemade Carpet Freshener RecipesThis page contains homemade carpet freshener recipes. Freshening your carpet between cleanings is easy to do with products you probably have around your home.


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Monster Cookie RecipesThis page contains monster cookie recipes. These delicious cookies filled with so many yummy ingredients are a resounding favorite.



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Use White Vinegar to Clean ScissorsWhite vinegar will not ruin the blades of scissors or rust the metal like water and soap will. Use a cloth soaked in white vinegar to clean scissors instead of water.


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Keep Cheese From MoldingKeep cheese from going moldy by soaking a cloth in white vinegar and then wrap the cheese in the cloth. Put the cloth and cheese in an airtight container and refrigerate.


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Electronic Key ReplacementWho knew it would be so difficult to replace my car keys? Electronic keys are not as simple to replace as other car, home or other keys. If you don't already have a spare, you might want to get one before you need one.


Karma lying on back waiting for more tummy rubs.

Fluffer McStuffins (aka Karma)My mom's cat Karma is one of the fluffiest cats I have even encountered! I took this photo on a recent visit and had to share it. There is not a tangle or a mat on him, he is just soft and silky. He absolutely loves his belly rubs..and how could you turn down that big fuzzy belly!



Cat Urine on Sofa?I have a cat that has urinated on my couch more than once. I have cleaned it with vinegar and my Bissel..


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Removing Label?I'm at a loss to remove a label from a baby wipes container (Pampers brand). It seems to be sealed onto the container. Anyone?


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Improving Your Personality?How do you improve your personality?


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Value of Wonder World: A Library of Knowledge?I have volumes 1-11of Our Wonder World "A Library of Knowledge" by Geo. L. Shulman & Company, printed in 1929. They have slight wear on corners and bindings. I wondered if there is any value for the complete set?


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Ballroom Dancing Etiquette?I am attending a Victorian Ballroom dance. I want to know how a lady would properly reply to a gentleman when asked to dance.All I can find is how to refuse the gentleman, but I want to know how to politely accept his invitation to dance.Any advice?


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Singer 630 Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Problem?I got a Singer 630 and when I sew and press just once on the pedal, the needle continues to move up and down for at least 3 times. The pedal does not seem to respond immediately. Is this normal?


Stack of encyclopedias.

Value of 1956 Universal Standard Encyclopedia?I have a set of 1956 Universal Standard Encyclopedias in excellent condition. I am told these were sold week by week in the grocery store in John Day, Oregon during that time.


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Blue Cross/Blue Shield Options with Medicare?I am 66 years old and retired from federal service with B/C B/S and receiving medicare. I have the standard option family plan. I was wondering if I should change to the basic option family plan now that medicare is the primary. The Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield is my secondary.


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Ideas for Preventing Falls in the Shower?I slipped in the shower this morning! I fell right over the lip on the edge and smacked down hard on my left side. I pulled the shower curtain right down with me!


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Free or Inexpensive Dental Work?I'm a single grandparent, raising my grandchildren. I'm om state benefits, but the problem is that I need some dental work done on my mouth. I'm unemployed and have no insurance at all. Can someone help me to find a dentist or a dental school that can help? I live in Houston, Texas.


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Converting 2 Sofas into a Sectional?I have 2 sofas (leather, oversized) that I want to convert into a sectional. Any ideas?


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Chicken Gizzard Casserole Recipe?I am looking for a recipe for chicken gizzard casserole. It was in an old Workbasket magazine. I lost it when I moved! Thanks.


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Land Development Company Name Ideas?We are looking for name ideas for a company starting with word Land. We are starting a land development business?


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Origin of Goldina Doll?I have a Goldina porcelain/china doll, "Stephanie" boxed in a christening gown. Has anyone heard of these and where they originated?


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Repair Shop for Singer Sewing Machine in Toronto?I got an old Singer 630 and since the bobbin was not moving I opened it for underneath. I discovered that 2 gears are destroyed. I tried and got one out, but the left horizontal one (as you look the machine from underneath) I cannot take out!


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