May 29, 2013

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A nice new kitchen.

Updating a Kitchen?This is a page about updating a kitchen. There are many reasons you may wish to update your kitchen.


Cleaning Clothes

Cleaning Clothes That Have YellowedOlder clothing can sometimes yellow with age. This page is about cleaning clothes that have yellowed.


Sofa Bed

Repairing a Sofa Bed FrameThis is a page about repairing a sofa bed frame. The frame on a sofa bed can become damaged from use.


Best Friends

Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend?This is a page about gift ideas for your best friend. Sometimes choosing a gift, even for your best friend, can be difficult.


Iceberg Lettuce

Growing Iceberg Lettuce?This is a page about growing iceberg lettuce. Crisphead or iceberg lettuce is not difficult to grow although it does have different growing requirements than leaf type lettuce varieties.


man servicing a semi truck

Cleaning Diesel Fuel on Concrete?This is a page about cleaning diesel fuel on concrete. Diesel fuel spills on concrete are common in garages, workshops, and driveways.



Making Your Own Panty LinersThis is a page about making your own panty liners. Rather than continuously buying disposable panty liners, you can make them at home if you have basic sewing skills.


Oven roasted vegetables in a blow.

Roasting VegetablesThis is a page about roasting vegetables. Roasted vegetables are delicious and very easy to make.


Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed is Stuck Open?This is a page about when the sofa bed is stuck open. The folding frames on a sofa bed can get stuck, either open or closed.


woman being stalked

Safety Tips for WomenBeing aware and prepared where ever you are is important to keeping yourself safe. This page contains safety tips for woman.


Yellow Blanket

Washing BlanketsThis page is about washing blankets. When cleaning blankets, it isimportant to make sure your washer load is balanced.


Herbal Tincture

Making Your Own Herbal TincturesThis page is about making your own herbal tinctures. Herbs have been a key ingredient of human health and beauty potions since ancient times.


Panty Liners

Cleaning a Stuck Panty Liner From Clothing?This is a page about cleaning a stuck panty liner from clothing. If it goes through the wash, a panty liner can disintegrate and get stuck on other clothing.


clogged toilet

Unclogging a Drain or Toilet Attached to a...This is a page about unclogging a drain or toilet attached to a septic system. Unclogging a toilet on a septic system usually involves taking care to not use chemicals that can harm the septic system. That said it can still usually be done by the homeowner.


Roma tomato plant with diseased and yellowing leaves.

Tomato Plants Leaves Turning YellowThis is a page about tomato plants leaves turning yellow. The leaves turning yellow on your tomato plants is not a good sign. Determining the cause can be confusing.


Oatmeal Cookies

Low-Fat Oatmeal Cookie Recipes?This page contains low-fat oatmeal cookie recipes. Reducing the fat in your diet does not mean that you have to completely sacrifice having a sweet delicious oatmeal cookie.


flying airplane

Frontier Airlines Reviews?When choosing an airline you want to know they are safe and reliable. This page contains Frontier Airlines reviews.


Man mopping with spray mop.

Swiffer WetJet Isn't WorkingThis is a page about when Swiffer WetJet isn't working. The main reason your probably purchased your WetJet was the spray feature. So when it stops working it is very frustrating.



Zucchini Cobbler RecipesThis page contains zucchini cobbler recipes. We know that zucchini can be used to make a sweet quick bread, but a cobbler?



Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking?This page is about using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. When you have finally made the decision to leave cigarettes behind, there are aids that can make it easier to accomplish.


Decoupaged Bowl

Making a Decoupage BowlThis page is about making a decoupage bowl. A fun, useful project for adults and kids to make.


Making Fudge

Fixing Fudge That Didn't SetSometimes fudge just doesn't set. Short of using it for a syrup or spread, you may want to try to fix it and successfully get it to set. This is a page about fixing fudge that didn't set.


Low-Fat Baking

Low-Fat Baking TipsThis is a page about low-fat baking tips. You can reduce the fat in your baked goods without a loss of flavor.


Pop Tabs

Selling Pop TabsThis is a page about selling pop tabs. Aluminum pop tabs may have some monetary value if you find a crafter or recycling center that will buy them.


Raspberry Cream Cake

Raspberry Cream CakeThis is a page about raspberry cream cake. The flavor of raspberries and cream go so well together that they are used in combination in a variety of cake recipes.


Acid Reflux

Remedies for Acid RefluxThis is a page about remedies for acid reflux. Many people suffer the pain caused by acid reflux.


A mom and two kids crossing the street.

Safety Tips for PedestriansThis is a page about safety tips for pedestrians. Pedestrians need to exercise caution, especially at intersections, when crossing the road, standing near a road, and walking at night. There are lots of ways to increase the safety of you and your children when out walking.


concrete worker

Washing Clothes With Concrete Dust on Them?This is a page about washing clothes with concrete dust on them. Your job or a home project may leave concrete dust on your clothing.


cleaning a car interior

Cleaning Diesel Fuel Odors From Inside a Car?This is a page about cleaning diesel fuel odors from inside a car. Fuel odors can be difficult to remove from the inside of your car.


clothing pattern

McCall's Patterns Reviews?This is a page about McCall's patterns reviews. McCall's patterns are one of the major sewing patterns available at your local fabric store.



Recovering a Tambourine?This is a page about recovering a tambourine. If the drumhead on your tambourine is worn or damaged you may be able to recover it.


Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

Making Reusable Coffee Cup SleevesThis page is about making reusable coffee cup sleeves. Make a reusable paper cup heat shield for your favorite on the go coffee drinkers.


video game controller

Call of Duty Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about Call of Duty themed party ideas. Video games are often used as a theme for birthday and other parties.


Plants Leaves Turning YellowThis is a page about plants leaves turning yellow. The leaves on flowering plants, vegetables, or other plants can begin to turn yellow. Determining the cause is the first step in returning your plants to good health.


A man holding a dollar.

Shopping at Dollar StoresLove them or hate them, dollar stores attract a lot of consumers with their low prices. This is a page about shopping at dollar stores.


Glazed Nuts

Glazed Nuts RecipesGlazed nuts are great for parties or anytime. They can be easily made, either sweet or savory, at home. This page contains glazed nuts recipes.


Hot Wings

Hot Wing Sauce Recipes?This page contains hot wing sauce recipes. Flavored sauces served with chicken wings are a popular party appetizer or good as a snack anytime.



Coconut Custard Pie

Coconut Custard PieIt can be hard to find a true custard pie.


A bowl with potato leek soup made in the crockpot.

Potato Leek Crockpot SoupThis crockpot Potato Leek Soup recipe is easy to make and so yummy! If you have left over potatoes or leeks this is a great way to use them up.


Fall Wall HangingThis colorful oak leaf and acorn fall wall hanging is made from felt.



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Teen Scavenger Hunt PartyI was mystified as what to do with my teenage girl but found a brilliant idea online. A scavenger hunt!


Serenity (Cleveland, OH)

Serenity (Cleveland, OH)This is a photo I took in my local metro parks. This bench was overlooking a lake and it looked so peaceful. I took the shot, and some of my friends have said it looks like a painting almost.


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Read Your Coupons!I am a coupon queen, and while I am not at the level of those extreme couponers, I can still do some damage at the store! Recently, I was able to save my friend almost $17 in hair care products with coupons.


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Getting More out of your DeodorantI recently learned that all packaging in underarm deodorant sticks actually have more deodorant material than the packaging claims. This extra material is used to keep the last bits of the deodorant on to the bottom of the base.


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Thrifty FitnessActively look for stairs to take rather than heading for escalators and elevators. If the trip up involves too many floors, use the stairs part of the way.


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Reuse Frames for New PicturesI worked with a few craft teachers in a hobby and craft supply store. It was great to see people that have a store where they make money not only on resale of products, but services like picture framing and changing old frames.


Recycled Zebra Clothespin

Recycled Zebra ClothespinIf you cut a circle out of a butter container lid, and then cut a 'U' shape inside of it, it will act like a temporary clothespin.


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Insect Repellent for HumansI am going to try this repellent this year. Mainly if I go hiking or on a long walk.


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Better Boxed Yellow CakeMy grandson only likes yellow cake, so I buy a 9 oz. box of yellow Jiffy cake mix. I follow the instructions, plus I add 1 Tbsp. of butter and 1 tsp. of pure vanilla extract.


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A New Craft WebsiteI have found a new craft site for buying and selling crafts. The administrators are a lovely couple, Andrew and Kimberley. There is a warm, cozy community feeling there, like here at ThriftyFun.


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Freeze Gatorade For Hot DaysIf you make gatorade pops for the summer and spring, it will be really good for when the kids come in from a day of activity. Ice cubes are nice too for cups of gatorade so that it won't be diluted down.


Retro Candy Dish

Retro Candy DishHere is a painted flower pot with metal tape handle. I used a drawer pull for the topper.


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Star Dance FloorYou should totally have like a star dance floor. Maybe get like silver paint or stick down silver material on a star shaped wooden board. Make sure it is really big!


Baby finches in nest.

Free Nitrogen FertilizerI have a hanging basket of pansies . It was beautiful until a mother house finch decided to build a nest in it.


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Quick Chicken and RiceThis is a easy dinner to make and it is easy on your stomach. I had some canned white chicken in the pantry and thought it might add protein and flavor. Result was delicious!



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Yellow Lab Peeing and Pooping in House and Snapping?I have a 6 year old female yellow Lab. She keeps peeing downstairs in the house. Nothing has changed and she keeps doing it. She peed and pooped 3 times last night while we were asleep. Today she snapped at my husband; she has never done this before.


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Effects of Humidity on Baking Cakes?I recently moved to Florida from Vermont and find the humidity makes the flour very heavy and in order to have my cakes rise better I have been sifting the flour at least 4x. Does humidity effect ones baking ?


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Problems Baking in Electric Oven?I have several old baking recipes that say bake only in a gas oven. When I tried to bake these cookies in my electric oven they would be burnt or uncooked in the center. Have any suggestions?


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Leaves in Garden Bed Turning Greenish Yellow?I am in zone 2 in southwestern Alberta. The leaves on my plants (lilies, delphinium and Jacob's ladder) are turning lime green.


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Homemade Dust and Pollen Mask?I have allergies and should use a mask when I am doing yard work. I found one which received good reviews. Until I purchase this, I would like to be creative and use something that will cover my nose. And, I am very frugal!


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Catchy Name Ideas for Nanny Service?I am starting up as a nanny and trying to think of an original catchy name; any ideas? All I can think of is little stars, little feet.....:/


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Name Ideas for Interior Design Business?I am looking for a name for an interior design firm starting with ma or me.


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Selling Trees and Lawn Grass?How do I find out how much I can get for about 4 big trees and all the grass front and back yard?


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Killing Weeds and Not the Moss?I have lovely green moss of some kind volunteering in my sandstone patio in the hot, afternoon sun. Unfortunately I also have dandelions and other weeds cropping up, even right in the midst of the moss. Can I kill the weeds without killing the moss, and if so, how? Pulling the weeds is a full-time job!


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Sinus Rinse for Allergies?I'm not a big fan of reading directions and am nervous when trying something new. What is the easiest way to rinse your sinuses? This is for the purpose of removing pollen and when my nose is clogged.


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Making and Donating Knit Items to Special Care Unit Babies?I am wanting to do some knitting for any special care unit for babies. And I am not too sure what types of wool would be best, ie: DK or 4ply wool, for the special tiny babies.


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Could My New Dog Have Parvo?I have had three dogs, one we sadly just gave away a couple months ago. He had never been vaccinated, a friend wanted him after we had him over a year. We then adopted two from the shelter one is around two years.


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15th Birthday Ideas?I have to go down to my dad's on my birthday, but I don't know what to do. Anyone have ideas? Please help.


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Removing Peeling Paint from Walls?The paint on the bedroom walls is peeling in most places. What is the best way to remove or cover it with new paint?


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Shrinking Only the Shaft Part of a Cowboy Boot?I have seen different places on the web about shrinking leather by soaking it in water. Another place mentioned that the water will penetrate better by adding some alcohol to the water. Anyway, I'm afraid that if I soak only the top upper (or shaft) part of my boot ...


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Cleaning a Fabric Couch?I need help. My husband and I bought a used double recliner couch and a queen size sleeper couch from a church, both for $60! But we need to clean them.


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Protecting Bird's Nest from Magpies?I have a bird's nest that the magpies destroy. They once came and took the eggs and now the bird came back and is building a new nest. Can I keep them from it and protect the nest?


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18 with RLS?RLS is one of the most annoying, and stressful things for me. When I go to bed at night say, 9 o'clock, I usually can't fall asleep till 3 am. My hands, feet, and legs keep me awake all night. The feeling is sometimes so uncomfortable for me, I cry.


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Name Ideas for My New Child Care Center?I'm looking for a name for my new child care center. It must sound professional and include the word "learning" in it.


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Yellow Dooney and Bourke Handbag?There is a yellow purse in the picture here: Dooney purse. Is that yellow tint normal?


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Manual for Hitachi Bread Machine-HB-B201?I am looking for a manual for this Hitachi bread machine, HB-B201.


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Gift Ideas for Best Friend's 17th Birthday?I can't decide what to get my best mate (who I've known all of my life) for his 17th birthday and I'm running out of time :S Basically my mate turns 17 next Thursday (6th of June) so I need to get something (ordered) within the next 2 days.


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Sewing Machine Stopped Working After Rotating Wheel Backwards?I rotated my sewing machine wheel in the wrong direction. It stopped functioning. What do I do?


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Ground Cover for Hillside?I am trying to find a good low growing ground cover, that is soil tolerant, grows under and near walnut trees, and on a hill side in full sun. I do not want evergreens or other shrubs and I want the plants to choke all other plants, weeds, and grass out. They must not be edible by deer and rabbits. I am trying to discourage these creatures. The plants must also not be poisonous to humans. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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