August 20, 2013

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Raisin Cream Pie RecipesThis page contains raisin cream pie recipes. This delicious pie is traditionally made with sour cream and sweet raisins.


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Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree RecipesThis page contains cinnamon roll Christmas tree recipes. Christmas morning breakfast will be even more fun when you serve this clever cinnamon roll tree.


Stack of colorful towels.

Making Bath Towels More AbsorbentThis is a page about making bath towels more absorbent. We buy bath towels to dry off after a bath or shower. Finding that your towels are not absorbent, is very frustrating.


Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Yellow?This is a page about crepe myrtle leaves turning yellow. Crepe myrtle trees are susceptible to a few plant diseases or insect infestations that may damage their leaves.


A cat playing in a Christmas tree.

Keeping Cats Out of the Christmas TreeThis is a page about keeping cats out of the Christmas tree. Cats seem to be drawn to Christmas trees, whether to play with the dangling ornaments or to climb up in the branches, they can be persistent.


Carey Lind Wallpaper

Discontinued Carey Lind Wallpaper?This page is about discontinued Carey Lind wallpaper. Finding all the wallpaper you want can be a challenge when the manufacturer no longer produces it.


An enamel pot full of chili.

Caring for Enamel Cookware?This page is about caring for enamel cookware. These pans are generally not very heavy and heat up fast.



Akita Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about Akita breed information and photos. These intelligent, fearless dogs need a firm hand and positive training beginning when they are puppies to discourage aggressive behavior. With proper training they can be good pets and accepting of children.


A dark haired woman dying her hair.

A Green Guide to Hair DyesThis is a page about a green guide to hair dyes. Many commercial hair dyes contain various chemicals and dyes. If you are looking for something a bit more ecofriendly and safer for you to use, there are other options.


Orange long haired tabby.

Long Haired Tabby PhotosThis is a page containing long haired tabby photos. Since tabby is actually a color designation rather than a breed of cat, you will find many cats with this lovely striped and whorl pattern.


St. Croix Beach (U.S. Virgin Islands)

St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) Frugal Travel...This page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands). This volcanic island is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is characterized by stunning beaches, mountains, and rain forests. There are also historic towns and plantation sites.


Bluetit on a birdfeeder.

Feeding Wild BirdsThis page is about feeding wild birds. Clean and well-maintained feeders not only attract more birds, they will also reduce the risk of disease.



Are the Dishes in the Dishwasher Clean or Dirty?This page is about are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? It is not always easy to tell whether the dishwasher has been run yet or not, and you may need a way to let other household members know.



Discontinued Vymura Wallpaper?This page is about discontinued Vymura wallpaper. Finding all the wallpaper you want can be a challenge when the manufacturer no longer produces it.


Liquid Makeup

Removing Liquid Makeup Stains?This is a page about removing liquid makeup stains. Liquid makeup can leave stains on clothing or other items if it spills.


Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo PhotosThis is a page containing sulphur-crested cockatoo photos. The sulphur-crested cockatoo is a relatively large bird native to Australia. They are mainly white with a striking yellow feathered crest.


Homemade Paper

Making Homemade PaperThis is a page about making homemade paper. Making homemade paper is a fun project that even children can get involved in.


Petoskey, Michigan

Petoskey, Michigan Frugal Travel GuideThis page contains Petoskey, Michigan frugal travel guide. A city and four seasons coastal resort located in the state of Michigan.


Machine Embroidery

Machine Embroidery Tips and TricksThis page contains machine embroidery tips and tricks. Beautiful designs can be added to clothing and linens with this tool.


Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich RecipesThis page contains Reuben sandwich recipes. Corned beef and sauerkraut combine to make this long standing favorite sandwich.


Barbie Doll

Restoring a Barbie DollThis is a page about restoring a Barbie doll. The Barbie doll has been around for decades. Because of her popularity, you can often find her at yard sales and thrift stores, needing only a bit of sprucing up.


bleach bottle

Cleaning With BleachThis page is about cleaning with bleach. It is important to be careful when using this household sanitizer.


Cookies on white.

Potato Chip CookiesThis page contains potato chip cookies. Sweet and salty, potato chip cookies provide both flavors, in a delicious cookie.


Blue and white clothes iron.

Fixing a Retractable Iron Cord?his is a page about fixing a retractable iron cord. A retractable cord on your iron is convenient and helps with storage, until it gets stuck. T


craft foam bracelet

Craft Ideas Using Craft FoamThis page contains craft ideas using craft foam. A flexible, easy to work material that can be used to create a variety of things.


Wet Erase Marker

Removing Wet Erase Marker StainsThis is a page about removing wet erase marker stains. Wet erase markers are made using water soluble dyes, making cleanup easy.



Cleaning Plexiglass?This page is about cleaning plexiglass. Clear plastic can scratch easily when cleaning it.


A Chihuahua laying in its bed.

Dog Peeing in Its Own BedThere are a number of reasons your pet may be wetting his or her bed. This is a page about dog peeing in its own bed.


Cupcake with peanut butter frosting.

Peanut Butter Frosting RecipesPeanut butter frosting can liven up almost any flavor cake. This page contains peanut butter frosting recipes.


Flower Shirt

Making a Flower ShirtThis is a page about making a flower shirt. If you want to dress up a plain shirt or update an older one, try adding some handmade fabric flowers.


Cherry Tree

Getting Rid of Cherry Tree Root Suckers?This is a page about getting rid of cherry tree root suckers. Certain varieties of cherry trees will grow root suckers, often some distance from the main trunk. Having more trees coming up in your flower bed or lawn is probably not something you want.



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Don't Store Batteries In DevicesI have a battery powered drill. A friend told me that if I stored the batteries in their boxes instead of in the drill, they would last longer.


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Removing Tar and Black Oil from ClothingUse machine or any white oil to remove tar or black oil from clothing. Just lay it out flat, soak in oil and gently scrape the tar.


Dirty Blonde Hair Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair HighlightsThis is what your dirty blonde hair will end up looking like. Looks like a pro did it, don't you think?


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Wet Vac to Unclog ToiletI had a clogged toilet that I could not fix! I tried the dawn soap, an auger, taking off the toilet and snaking the drain, vinegar and baking soda, drain cleaner; nothing worked, until . . .


Bumblebee Asleep on Passionflower

Bumblebee Asleep on PassionflowerThis bumblebee appears to have slept all night on this passion flower in one of our gardens. I was able to get up very close to it to take this picture.


Upcycled Bottle Top Bag Sealer

Upcycled Bottle Top Bag SealerI don't always have spare containers or chip-clips handy so I make my own airtight enclosures for my goodies using empty plastic drink bottles.


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Container for Razor BladesI store my spare razor blades in an empty Tic Tac container.


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Store Lemons in SandFresh lemons can be stored long term by packing in sand. Just make sure no two lemons are touching.



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Interior Design Firm Name Ideas?I want to open a firm in interior designing. Please suggest to me a good name.We provide the best services all over our world.


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Slogan for Day Care Business?Please help me with a slogan for my business. The name is Precious Smile Child Care.



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Value of Old Reel Mower?I have a very old antique reel push mower. It says on the cast iron "Penna Lawn Ball Bearing" on the outside of rim, and on inside it says "P.L.M Div. Camden N J" and on top of it at handle it says "PQ".


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Removing Urine Smell from Couch?How do I get my children's urine smell out of my couch? It's a corner couch and it has pillows for the back, So how do I get the smell out of my couch? I have tried everything.


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Dealing With a Verbally Abusive Wife?I am 42 years old. I've been divorced once. For my own bitterness issues, I dated my current wife for 4 years before we got married and even still I had not healed completely for about 3 years after that.


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Rate for Move in Move Out Cleaning Service?I'm confused on what to charge the realty company I'm contracting with. This house is 26 miles one way which is a total of 52 miles. The home is a 5 bdrm, 2 baths, and is very very dirty.


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Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica?Is there any value to the ninth edition or take to car boot?


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Have to Warm up Transmission Even in the Summer?I just bought a 1994 Buick Lesabre and everyday I have to warm it up for at least 30 minutes or more in order for my car to drive. If I do not warm it up no matter how much I press the gas the car will not drive. I don't have any extra money; can you please tell me what I need to do?


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Name Idea for a Cleaning Business?I'm looking for an eye catching name for my cleaning business. I live in a military area so most of my customers will be military families. Can you help me come up with a cool name?


Dark brown vintage sewing machine.

Pressure Foot Won't Go Up or Down?My vintage Kenmore sewing machine's pressure foot won't go up or down. The handle just moves freely without lifting the foot. How do I fix it?


Black and tan dog.

Remedy for Dog Breath?I have 5 dogs that I got when they were puppies. No one wanted them, so my husband and I took them in. We do have a problem. Three of the dogs have stinky breath. I mean really putrid smelling.Can anyone help my family of 7?Thanks.


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Pool Heater Tripping Circuit Breaker?I have a pool heater that keeps tripping. There are two breakers on the same circuit, a 60 Amp outside and a 20 Amp inside, with 20 Amp ready wires. After calling the electrician back who installed the heater, he says there is nothing wrong with this practice.


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Rose of Sharon Not Blooming?I have a fairly mature rose of Sharon (5+years old) that has never bloomed. It produces an abundant supply of buds, but they do not flower. Any ideas why?


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Removing Perspiration Odour in Car?How do I remove perspiration odours from a car?


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Child Support and Social Security?The kind of Social Security that my ex-husband is on has been said to not be drawable. The SS office said this to me. ORS cannot draw anything from his SS and has never paid a dime for child support in the 15 years of our oldest child's life.


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Repairing the Thread Take Up Lever on Sewing Machine?The thread take up lever is jammed with thread. How do I take the top cover off to expose this part?


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10 Month Old Puppy Poops in Crate?I have a 10 month old Miniature Pinscher and I can't get her to stop pooping in her crate. She can go all night without pooping or peeing in her crate, but if she is left during the day regardless of the amount of time, she poops.


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Getting Rid of Tape Worms in Cat?Can I use diatomaceous earth in my cat's wet food for fleas, she has tape worms.


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Value of 1768 Britannica Encyclopedia?Can someone assist me with the value for the 1768 Britannica encyclopedia? I have a full set of the white cover books.


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Homecoming Float Ideas?Our homecoming theme for the floats is Sponge Bob, the show. I am a senior and our character is Squidward. How can I be creative with a float of Squidward? Any ideas?


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Name Ideas for Home Daycare Business?I am looking for a home daycare name that has my last name Purdy in it. I would like it to be cute, but not super cute please! Ideas would be greatly appreciated


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Finch Sleeping During the Day?My zebra finch female is sleeping during the afternoon; is it normal?


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Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric Properly?My machine is not pulling the cloth as it should while sewing. As a result the stitches are looping up. If I pull the cloth manually it does not stitch properly.


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Homecoming Float Ideas?I need some ideas for a Key Club homecoming float. We are the Blue Devils and they are the Bulldogs. I have no idea so any help would be much appreciated.


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