May 20, 2014

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Chicken and Noodles

Chicken and Noodles RecipesA number of simple, delicious meals can be made with chicken, noodles and vegetables. This page contains chicken and noodles recipes.


Codes on Food Packaging

Codes on Food PackagingThis is a page about codes on food packaging. Understanding how to read label codes can help you purchase the freshest products.



Removing HedgesThis is a page about removing hedges. Hedges are very efficient in their job of creating a dense privacy wall of living shrubbery. Their success can be a hinderance when trying to remove an unwanted hedge.


Pom Pom Rug

Making a Pom Pom RugThis is a page about making a pom pom rug. Making a pom pom rug is a fun craft project and a great way to use up leftover yarn.


Dog Hearing Loud Noise

Dog Afraid of Loud Noises?This is a page about dog afraid of loud noises. Many dogs are frightened by loud noises. You can help them to overcome this fear with training and patience.


Chocolate Butter Cookies

Chocolate Butter Cookie RecipesThis page contains chocolate butter cookie recipes. Give basic butter cookies a chocolaty twist for a delicious, hard to resist treat.


Dog Psychology

Understanding Dog PsychologyThis is a page about understanding dog psychology. By understanding your dog's needs and place in the family and by giving her your time, attention, training, and affection consistently you can help ensure a positive experience for both of you.


Dog Breeding

Dog BreedingThis is a page about dog breeding. Dog breeding is an age old practice of mating specific dogs to maintain or produce certain characteristics, such as appearance and personality. It can be used to eliminate negative health issues, as well. New breeds are an additional result of selective breeding.


Mommy Sleepover

Mommy Sleepover IdeasThis is a page about mommy sleepover ideas. Even mommies need to have a bit of fun with just their friends. One way would be to have an old fashioned sleepover, like back in the day.


Man Using Deodorant

Using DeodorantThis is a page about using deodorant. Deodorant is a commonly used personal hygiene toiletry. There are some tips that might be helpful in using it satisfactorily.


Pet Goat

Pet Goat PhotosThis page contains pet goat photos. These playful, mischievous animals can be fun pets and give you fresh milk.


Products on Sale At Target

What Happens To Discontinued Products At...This is a page about "What happens to discontinued products at Target?". The internet is filled with requests from consumers looking for products that were discontinued by Target.


A woman putting on contact lenses.

Caring for Contact LensesThis is a page about caring for contact lenses. Contact lenses are an option for many people over eyeglasses. They do require some special care and proper cleaning.


Global Understanding Day

Global Understanding DayThis is a page about global understanding day. The world is getting relatively smaller every day. It is no longer possible to ignore the many other people and cultures that share our home planet. Understanding, empathy, and respect can go a long way to creating a global view.


Mouse Trap With Cheese

Best Bait for a Mouse Trap?This is a page about best bait for a mouse trap. One method of ridding your home of mice is to utilize a trap, including both snap and live traps. Choosing the right bait is important to the success of your efforts.


Heart Shaped Gift

Creative Birthday Ideas for a Giving Person?This is a page about creative birthday ideas for a giving person. It can be difficult to decide what to give a person who gives so much of themselves to others.


bicycle commuter

Using a BicycleThis is a page about using a bicycle. Using a bike for a lot of your local travel is not only healthy it can save you money and help the environment.



What is This Insect?This is a page about "What is this insect?". Whether you are trying to identify an insect in order to get rid of it or are simply curious, identifying insects can be fun and challenging.


Chocolate Covered  Spoon

Making Chocolate SpoonsThis is a page about making chocolate spoons. Chocolate spoons are a quick, easy, and delicious gift for the coffee lover on your list.


Street Trees

Taking Care of Street TreesThis is a page about taking care of street trees In urban and suburban environments, street trees add value in a variety of ways, as well as adding aesthetic beauty to the local community.


Vintage Chair

Adding Leg Height to Vintage Chairs?This is a page about adding leg height to vintage chairs. Vintage chairs may be perfect for your decor, but perhaps a bit too short for your table.


Woman Looking at Shirt Collar

Cleaning Ring Around the CollarThis is a page about cleaning ring around the collar. Once the main subject of Wisk's TV commercials, ring around the collar continues to be a tough stain to remove.


Shower Curtain

Reinforcing Shower CurtainsThis is a page about reinforcing shower curtains. The holes for hanging shower curtains are notorious for tearing free of the rings.


Man Dressed as Pirate with Parrot on Shoulder

Use Your Pet as a Halloween PropThis is a page about use your pet as a Halloween prop. Depending on the type of pet you own, you might be able to incorporate it into your costume or decorations.


Temporary Tattoo

Making Temporary TattoosThis is a page about making temporary tattoos. It is easy to create temporary tattoos, by using the right materials.



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Brownie MinisJust right for that little grandchild's hands to handle! In medium bowl, stir brownie mix, oil, water and egg with spoon about 50 times. Spread in pan.


Chocolate Pie

Chocolate PieThis recipe is so versatile! It can be used as a pie filling, frosting and filling for a 2 or 3 layer cake, or as a mousse. It is so, so easy, and has never failed me. It is also really, really delicious.


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Garlic SaltIt's easy to make your own!


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Baked Pasta and EggplantStarting with the eggplant, cut into 1/4-in slices. Place plate and sprinkle with salt. Set aside for 15 minutes.


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Quick Chicken and NoodlesA quick easy recipe, great for busy nights and last minute dinner ideas!



red flowering shrub by split rail fence

Blossoms by the FenceI drive down this road often, and always see something that attracts my attention. The blossoms were so vibrant next to the bare tree, stone wall and fence - it was picture perfect!


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Patriotic PoppiesTalk to your kids about how poppies came into place for Memorial Day. They listen while they are making a craft!


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Cleaning Water Spots Off Windows With Household ProductsMy car windows were covered in hard water spots after mistakenly parking near a sprinkler at work on a hot summer day. I have washed my car three times and paid close attention to the windows, but had no luck getting the spots off. Today I decided to see what I could do with household products.


Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!I hate always trying to tie strings to hold my plants so I used some coil I had to place over wooden plant stakes to encourage my peas to climb up on it.


Vacation Memories with Hotel Toiletries

Vacation Memories with Sample Sized ToiletriesRecently, I was able to get away for an overnight with my sisters. We all have children so spending quality time together is more challenging. Our "Sister Spa Weekends" have become a yearly tradition, even though we can usually only manage to pull ourselves away for one night.


Lid Removal from Deodorant

Lid Removal from DeodorantIf you are like me and have no strength in your hands and fingers, then this tip is for you. When you get a new deodorant with the little plastic cover, use fingernail clippers to grab the corner of the clear cover. That way, you won't have to struggle with pulling and pulling and get no results.


Repurposing Desk Drawers into Display Shelf

Repurposing Desk Drawers into Display ShelfI remembered seeing somewhere that someone took old drawers and repurposed them into knicknack shelves. Now I have a attractive display shelf for some of my Hot-Wheels die cast cars.



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Proving Paternity for Social Security Benefits?My son's father passed away a little over a year ago. After being skeptical of whether his dad had ever worked or not, I finally went to the SSA and applied for survivor benefits and learned that my son did have benefits that he was eligible for.


doll in long pink dress

Value of Porcelain Dolls for Resale?I have 3 ceramic dolls, 2 feet tall with 1 set of pretty dresses and hats; 1 with a purse and lolly pops. I need to know the resale value of the dolls?


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Donating Greeting Cards?Is the recycled cards program still in need of cards?


brown puppy with dark muzzle and face

What Breed is My Dog?We rescued Copper from the shelter, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what mix he is! I've googled every combination I could think of. Any ideas would help. It doesn't really matter, but would be nice to know.


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Lawn Mower Won't Start?My John Deere 400 won't start and doesn't make any noise or anything.


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Toro Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a Toro wheel horse 8-25. I cut the grass and it was fine. I went to cut the grass again and it would not start. It has fuel and cranks great. Any ideas? Thanks.


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Design Business Name Ideas?I'm looking for assistance with name ideas for my design business that will provide interior and exterior design ideas and concepts. I'd like the name to be punchy, memorable, and be able to recognise what the business is about. All assistance appreciated.


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Removing Rust from a Gun Barrel?How can I remove light rust from a gun barrel?


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Name Ideas for My Real Estate Brokerage?I am starting a real estate business as a broker. Please suggest some good real estate business names starting with the letter H?


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Daycare Center Name Ideas?I am opening a daycare centre and would like the name to spell "lea". Any ideas?


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Value of USAF Wurtsmith Base Encyclopedia?How much are my full set of 1960s encyclopedia U.S.A.F Wurtsmith Air Force base worth? I just want to know what the value is on these encyclopedias and where I could sell them. They were first published in 1829.


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Shepherd's Pie Made With Pork 'N Beans?My son-in-law loves home cooking, my daughter loves quick box cooking! He asked me to make shepherd's pie using pork 'n beans. Not cottage pie, he swears it only has potatoes, meat, and pork n beans. Help! Anyone have a recipe?


Using Odoban for Cat Box Odor?Will it help with the litter odor in the house?


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Cleaning Dust from a Yarn Dog?Can someone please tell me how I can dust a yarn dog. My 17 month old has just been given one that is 30 years old and it is very dusty


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Growing Mimosa from a Seed Pod?I have started many mimosa plants from seeds, but after a month or so they tend to get covered in mold and die. Is this due to too much watering? I have them indoors, near a window.


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Value of Porcelain Dolls?I have two numbered porcelain dolls in mint condition by Alena Sloupova and Anna of Royal Dux Bohemia from 1994. She was featured in Doll Reader Magazine. What is their worth?


looking over back of couch

Does This Dog Look Like a Pit Bull Mix?Does this dog look part Pit Bull? It's advertised as a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, but I'd like to find out the likelihood that it's actually part Pit.


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Finding Bed Frame for Sofa Bed?Where can I find a new frame for my queen sized sofa bed?


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Value of 1970 Disney Encyclopedias?I was wondering about how much they would be worth?


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Removing Hair Dye on a Wall?Our granddaughter got black hair dye on the wall in her bathroom. Is there anything that will remove it?


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