May 27, 2014

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Applesauce Rice RecipesThis page contains applesauce rice recipes. Enjoy this easy, fast, sweet rice side dish.



Parrot JokesThis is a page about parrot jokes. Parrots make a good subject for jokes, often because of the things they say.


A girl with her horse.

Pet Horse PhotosThis is a page about pet horse photos. Horses are beautiful animals and even if we don't have one ourselves many of us enjoy seeing photos of these elegant pets.


Nursing Home Employee

Gift Ideas for Nursing Home EmployeesThis is a page about gift ideas for nursing home employees. When your loved one is well taken care of in long term care, you want to make sure the staff is shown your appreciation.


Emery Boards

Using Emery BoardsThis is a page about using emery boards. Emery boards are typically used for filing your nails but they can also be used for other jobs, such as crafts.


brown paper gift wrap

Frugal Gift Wrapping IdeasThis is a page about frugal gift wrapping ideas. It doesn't have to cost much to create attractive wrapping for presents.


Laundry Detergent

Laundry Product ReviewsThis is a page about laundry product reviews. There are so many laundry products to choose from it can be very confusing.


Crunchy Cookies

Keeping Cookies CrunchyThis is a page about keeping cookies crunchy. Some cookies are best soft, and some just have to be crisp.


Flowers in Garden

How Microclimates Affect Your GardenThis is a page about how microclimates affect your garden. You may think the climate in your garden is consistent from one area to another, but most gardens have microclimates. These areas vary a bit from the rest of your garden in light, temperature, and other conditions.


Homemade Rice Cracker

Homemade Cracker RecipesThis page contains homemade cracker recipes. Making your own crackers allows you to experiment with types and flavors and allows you to choose recipes that fit your dietary needs or restrictions.


Christmas cookies made with a cookie press.

Using a Cookie PressUsing a cookie press is a great way to make cute little cookies in lots of shapes. This is a page about using a cookie press.


Old Cabin

Removing Odors from Cabin?This is a page about removing odors from cabin. Often because they are not used frequently a cabin can smell musty and dusty.


Pepperoni Slices

Removing Excess Grease From PepperoniThis is a page about removing excess grease from pepperoni. Reducing the fat from this meat may help you reduce the calories and improve the appearance of your pizza.


Woman at Gas Station

Gas Station Tips and TricksThis is a page about gas station tips and tricks. We all make regular trips to the gas station to fill our tanks or to pick up snacks on a road trip.


Cork Flooring

Installing Cork Flooring?This is a page about installing cork flooring. Cork flooring is one choice for the home owner seeking a green, resilient flooring.


female doctor

Websites That Review Doctors?This is a page about websites that review doctors. Finding a new doctor can be very frustrating. Finding a site that posts doctor reviews can be helpful.


People having a party outside.

Successful Party Tips and TricksThis is a page about successful party tips and tricks. A good time for party goers takes some planning, and often help from others.


Apple Kuchen

Kuchen RecipesKuchen is a German fruit or cheese filled cake, similar to a coffee cake, typically served for breakfast. This page contains kuchen recipes.


vegetable garden

How Air Pollution Affects Your GardenThis is a page about how air pollution affects your garden. Plants need access to clean air in order to grow and maintain their health.


Mexican hat

Decorating a Room with Mexican Theme?This is a page about decorating a room with Mexican theme. Choosing the best paint colors and accessories can help complete your choice of room theme.


coffee lid dish scrubber

Homemade Dish Scrubber IdeasThis is a page about homemade scrubber ideas. You can make your own dish scrubbers in a variety of ways. Some require craft skills, while others are simply the reusing of existing things around the house.


A carpetted living room with a fire place.

Removing a Charcoal Stain on Carpet?This is a page about removing charcoal stains on carpet. Charcoal from your fireplace can accidentally get on the carpet while cleaning the fire box.


Eyelash Glue

Removing Eyelash Glue from Clothes?This is a page about removing eyelash glue from clothes. The glue used for applying faux eyelashes can be difficult to remove from clothing.


painting a room

Using Paint to Make a Room Appear Larger?This is a page about using paint to make a room appear larger. The illusion of more space can be created by the way you use wall color.


Grilled Meat Loaf

Grilled Meat Loaf RecipesThis page contains grilled meat loaf recipes. Using your grill to cook meat loaf is a good option during hot summer weather.


Cactus Blossom

Cactus Blossom PhotosThis is a page about cactus blossom photos. Cactus for all of their prickliness have strikingly beautiful flowers.



Vizsla Breed Information and PhotosThis is a page about vizsla breed information and photos. The Vizsla is a high energy dog that is happiest when working in the fields.


Stained white shirt.

Removing Stains from White ClothesThis is a page about removing stains from white clothes. It can be a challenge to remove spots from white clothing.


African Gray Parrot

African Gray Parrot PhotosThis is a page about African gray parrot photos. These smart, medium sized birds make wonderful lifetime companions.


funny, scary burglar

Burglar JokesThis is a page about burglar jokes. Jokes make us laugh and almost any profession is fair game.


Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple RecipesA delicious addition to a meal can be cooked on the barbecue or inside grill. This page contains grilled pineapple recipes.


Fabric Covered Storage Box

Making Fabric Covered Storage BoxesThese cute fabric covered boxes help keep things organized and could be given as gifts. This is a page about making fabric covered storage boxes.


Kids Room

Color Advice for Painting Kids RoomThis is a page about color advice for painting kids room. Making your child's room inviting and fun can be started with colorful walls.


Rasp Grater

Storing a Rasp GraterThis is a page about storing a rasp grater. This kitchen tool, also known as a microplane, is typically used for grating citrus fruit zest, hard cheeses, and spices such as nutmeg. Its extremely sharp grating edges require proper storage to prevent nicks and cuts.


Child Playing in Bedroom

Alphabet Theme Room?This is a page about alphabet theme room. Choosing the alphabet as a theme for a young child's room allows for a wide variety of decorating ideas.


Home Phone

Cleaning Home PhonesThis is a page about cleaning phones. If you still have a land phone line at home, you may be looking for the best way to clean the phone.


Bale of Straw

Using Straw for Low Maintenance GardenThis is a page about using straw for low maintenance garden. Lots of seed-free mulch can help you maintain a garden without much weeding or watering.


Wallpapered Walls

Removing Dried Paint from WallpaperThis is a page about removing dried paint from wallpaper. It is easy to accidentally get paint on your wallpaper when repainting the ceiling or trim.


Coffee Lid

Uses for Coffee LidsThis is a page about uses for coffee lids. When you order coffee out you can end up with a lot of trash, if you don't have another use for the containers or lids.


someone smoking

Dealing with Smoking at Family GatheringsThis is a page about dealing with smoking at family gatherings. Finding a mutually acceptable way to deal with smoking at a family gathering can be tricky.



Fabric Dinner Roll Cozy

Dinner Roll CozyLearn how to make this vintage dinner roll holder with this how-to video.


Pulled Pork Sliders

Crockpot Pulled PorkPulled pork is super easy to make. You can learn how to make them at home in a crockpot with this short video.



Rose Embellished Birthday Card

Rose Embellished Birthday CardUse stamping and embossing techniques to create a rose embellishment. Add some detail with a Pilot silver pen, and you have created a birthday card that will be sure to convey special wishes.


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Use Ironing Board As Fish Cleaning StationIf you have an old ironing board that is made from metal and is not usable for ironing, turn it into a fish cleaning station by fastening a fish board onto the wide part.


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Kids Cheese BustersKids love to make these! Spring is here which means rain! In those days when the kids can not play outside, make this with them!



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Name Ideas for Day Care Business?I'm looking to start a home daycare with my mom and need help with a name. We are inspired by a Montessori daycare, and we are in the tropics. We have a patio with palm, bamboo, plantain, and mango plants, and outdoor space. I'm an architect and my mom is a retired teacher.


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Slogan for a School Readiness Council?I am looking for a slogan for a school readiness council.


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Party Ideas for a Person Working for Corrections?I would like to know where can I find party decorations and supplies for a corrections party. This is a promotion and the person will be working in a jail. So if you know of a person, phone number, or a website please submit this information to me ASAP. The party is very very soon.


Maltese mix closeup

Overy Timid Dog?My dog is friendly, playful, and energetic with my son, my husband, and myself, but is so timid with visitors that she hides. She barks at door knock/door bell, but once guests are inside she'll run and hide. She's a Maltese-Yorkie-Poodle mix.


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Something in Apartment Is Making Skin Itch?Me and my partner live in a small studio apartment. Over the course of the last 4 months she has been experiencing mild itchiness, but it was occasional and not detrimental to everyday life. But in the last week or so it has gotten much, much worse. It not only effects her anymore and is getting to us both.


black and white puppy

What Breed is This Puppy?She was saved from under a house, she's extremely tiny and young.


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Breaker Keeps Tripping?The breaker keeps tripping. How can I determine what is making it trip after all the plugs are out of the outlets?


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Selling Trees?I have about a dozen mature trees on my property near Mountain in northeast Wisconsin that I need removed to construct a new home. All are 18"+ at the base and are tall and straight. They are white pine, hemlock, and black spruce. Is there significant value?


VoIP Provider for an iPad?Is Telcan the best VoIP calling provider?


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Value of Seymour Mann Doll?How much is a 1990 Seymour Mann Snow White doll from the Connoisseur collection worth?


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Removing Sap from Rock Fireplace?We have sap on the rock hearth around our fireplace. Is there a way to remove it without discoloring the rock?


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Purchasing a Sun Star Plant?Where can this plant be purchased?


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Removing Nicotine from Wood Trim?I just rented a home which was inhabited by smokers. I read about removing nicotine from walls. However, what is the best solution for cleaning wood trim and interior doors?


Dog lying on carpet.

What Breed is My Dog?ACS told us she was a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix (we don't see either in her). She has a very thick coat and her ears are like velvet. She's medium size (55lbs) and tends to howl although she does bark as well.


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Dyeing Gray Hair?I have been wearing a wig for some time. I now have virgin gray hair and I do not like it. I do want to be able to wear my hair out, so what homemade product or natural product can I use to dye virgin gray hair?


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Growing African Violets?How often do African violets bloom?


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