February 14, 2017

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Three Easy Crafts For Boys - chenille bugs

Three Easy Crafts For BoysIf you are looking to reduce screen time, these three easy crafts for boys are great for keeping your boys occupied.


Finished Tin Can Frog

Tin Can Frog ContainerLearn how to make this recycled tin can craft in this step by step tin can frog container guide.


A woman with an itchy spot on her arm.

What Are No See Ums?No-see-ums, midgies, sandflies are all names for a tiny biting bug that is found all around the world. Learn more about noseeums in this page.


Savings Bond

Cashing a Deceased Parent's Savings Bonds?If the owner of a government savings bond dies without naming a beneficiary, there are specific steps that need to be taken for a relative to cash them in. This is a page about cashing a deceased parent's savings bonds.


Care and Feeding of African Violets

The Care and Feeding of African VioletsGenerally speaking African violets are a fairly easy to care for houseplant. This is a page about the care and feeding of African violets.


A hand counting pennies on a wooden desk.

The Difference Between Thrifty and CheapFinding the cheapest option is not always the most frugal choice. Being Thrifty takes into account time, money and quality. Learn more about the difference between thrifty and cheap in this page.


Closeup of beaded wind chime.

Make a Wind Chime with Old Beads and JewelryYou can make a pretty, unique wind chime with leftover craft beads and odd pieces of jewelry. This is a page about make a wind chime with old beads and jewelry.


Snowman paperweight.

Painted Stone Paper WeightsStones make great paper weights and by painting them you can make them extra special. Painted stone paper weights are great for kids to make as Christmas gifts.


A young man with orange hair.

Hair Orangish Color After Bleaching?Sometimes when bleaching your hair you will end up with an orange color rather than the desired color. This page has advice about what to do when your hair has a orangish color after bleaching.


Juice Can Lid Wind ChimesSave your juice lids from concentrated juice cans and make these cool recycled wind chimes. This page shows you how to make juice can lid wind chimes.


A turkey made from seeds, grains and other pantry staples.

Pantry Turkey CollageRaid the dry goods stored in your pantry, such as rice and beans, to get your child started on this creative collage craft. This is a page about pantry turkey collage.


Green fabric in a craft room.

Removing Stitch Witchery ResidueIf you make a mistake using Stitch Witchery, you will be left with a sticky residue that can be difficult to remove. This page offers advice about how to remove Stitch Witchery residue.


A person welding.

Welding Cap Patterns?Welding caps were originally designed to help keep sparks from burning exposed skin when welding, but they are worn by non-welders as well. Making your own welding caps allows you to create ones that match your personality and it also can save you money. This page has advice about finding welding cap patterns.


Stray cats sitting on a concrete wall.

Keeping Stray Cats Out of Your YardKeeping stray cats out of your yard can be challenging. There are a number of things you can try, but success may vary. This is a page about keeping stray cats out of your yard.


A section of English ivy

Things To Consider Before Growing Climbing IvyClimbing ivy is a good choice for certain uses in your garden, but it can also be problematic. This is a page about things to consider before growing climbing ivy.


Recycled Detergent Cap Wind Clackers

Recycled Detergent Cap Wind ClackersMost recycling facilities don't accept plastic caps. This recycled craft finds a way to reuse them by making wind clackers.


Strawberry pot with a glass table top.

Strawberry Pot Side TablePlant with trailing plants and add a top to a strawberry pot and you have an attractive side table for your deck or patio. This is a page about strawberry pot side table.


Thick book laid open, center of pages cut out filled with dirt and some succulent plants.

Succulent Planter CraftsMake planters for succulent houseplants from recycled items. Popular varieties include jade, aloe vera and hen and chicks. These low moisture plants require very little care so they make a great gift. This is a page about succulent planter crafts.


Plug-in Air Freshener

Refilling Glade Plug-insThere has been a lot of discussion over the years about how to refill Glade Plug-ins rather than throwing them in the trash. This page collects advice about refilling glade plug-ins.


A bottle of bleach.

Bleaching Colored Clothing WhiteTrying to remove all of the color from clothing can have mixed results. This is a page about bleaching colored clothing white.



Grilled Bananas with Ice CreamHere is a twist on a banana split, grilled bananas with ice cream. Grilling bananas helps bring out the sweetness. This page shows you how to grill bananas.


A hanging wind chime made from metal bars.

Softening Metal Wind ChimesIf you find that your wind chimes are annoying you, your pets, or your neighbors, there are steps you can take to soften their tone. This page has advice about softening metal wind chimes.


A lamp with stacked books as the base.

Library Lamp Made of BooksDiscarded books can be used to make this attractive lamp for your den, office, or actually any room in need of a new table lamp. This is a page about library lamp made of books.


A dark haired woman getting a foil treatment at a salon.

Lightening Dark Brown Hair?Trying to lighten your naturally dark hair can have some unexpected results. This is a page about lightening dark brown hair.


Electric Blanket Controls

Replacement Controls for a Biddeford Sealy Electric Blanket?Electric blanket controls have a tendency to fail before the blanket does. This a page offers advice about how to find replacement controls for a Biddeford Sealy electric blanket.


Several magnets made from bottlecaps.

Bottle Cap MagnetsThere are so many ways you can decorate metal bottle caps and make them into magnets. This is a page about bottle cap magnets.


A washing machine in the wash cycle.

Kenmore Washer Stops After Wash Cycle?It's not uncommon for a washer to malfunction and no longer complete one of its cycles. This page offers advice about what to do when a Kenmore washer stops after its wash cycle.


Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set -Complete bedroom suite.

Barbie's Crocheted Bedroom Set PatternLearn how to make custom made Barbie furniture by following these crochet patterns for a bed and dresser. This page has free crochet patterns for a Barbie bedroom set.


A red bandanna on a white background.

Use Bandannas Instead of WashclothsHandkerchiefs make great washcloths because they air dry quickly, so you don't have to worry about a stinky washcloths. This page is about using bandannas instead of washcloths.


finished pen holder

Recycled Soup Can Pen HolderBy decorating or painting a clean soup can you can make an attractive and useful pen holder for your office or craft area. This is a page about recycled soup can pen holder.



salmon and spices in pan

Yummy SalmonHere you will find a great 30 minute meal using canned salmon. Great for one of those cans you may have forgotten about. Use one can for two people. This makes a nutritious meal.


cut samosa on plate

Simple SamosasSamosas are savoury, aromatic, delicious pastries from India. This how to make them in a flash using pre-made dough. These are a huge hit in my house!


posted cupcakes with sprinkles

Sweet Potato Chocolate FrostingJust two ingredients make a delicious frosting that will get one more vegetable into your family, while tasting absolutely decadent! No butter and no added sugar. Just in time for Valentines day too!



Gardening By Trial And Error - canary grass

Gardening By Trial And ErrorI'm not stingy. If I had all the money I've given to people in need, I could take a nice trip abroad. Still, I find watching pennies while gardening to really pay off in the long run.


Keep Separate Plungers for Kitchen and Bath

Keep Separate Plungers for Kitchen and BathHelp maintain your health by keeping a separate plunger for your kitchen sink. Plungers used in the bathroom, especially the toilet and shower/tub should never be used in the kitchen as they will transmit e coli.


Use a K Cup for Seed Starter

Use a K Cup for Seed StarterTo start your new plants use a K cup after drinking your coffee. Add a little dirt to your K cup and add your seed. The cup already has a hole in the bottom which is perfect for draining.


Binders with different warranties stored inside.

Organizing WarrantiesTake your product warranty, directions and store receipt and slide them into a clear sleeve. Place in a three ring binder. Put a label on the outside of the binder; Kitchen appliance, electronics, Lawn care, computer, etc. You can place these binders in the room that goes with the label or in a book case.


Sink Mat to Photo Frame - add photo

Sink Mat to Photo FrameToday I made a photo frame from a sink mat I got at the Dollar Tree.


A blob of tomato paste on plastic wrap.

Freezing Tomato PasteSometimes you only need a little bit of tomato paste, and the rest of the can spoils before you get a chance to use it. The pre-packaged 1-2 Tbsp. pouches are costly. Here is how to use it all:


A homemade solar light Valentine gift.

You Light Up My Heart Solar Valentine GiftA solar stake is at the center of this Valentine's gift, surrounded by a seasonally decorated towel, pot holder, and a pretty ribbon. A small box of chocolates accompanies this gift. Holding this Valentine's gift is reminiscent of receiving flowers and candy, but it is much more ;)


Decorated Wine Bottles

Decorated Wine BottlesMy friend recently had a birthday party. She decided to have all her friends and family do a craft to celebrate. We decorated these beautiful painted wine bottles. Each one turned out different and we all had a great time.


Spray Cleaning on a Budget

Spray Cleaning on a BudgetSpray cleaning is fast and easy and can save you a lot of time and effort. However it is more expensive than using a bowl of soapy water and a cloth. If you are living on a budget it is worth splashing out on a large bottle of multi purpose concentrated cleaner.



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Dog Has Black Skin Patches and Odor?I have an 8 year old Westie. Not long ago he started having an odor 5 minutes after a bath and now his skin has black areas on it. I was told by my vet to give him fish oil 3 months ago and it would clear up. Both have gotten worse and all he does is chew and now he has bald spots on his legs.


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Business Name Ideas for Hand Painted Kitchen Accessories?I am setting up a business starting with cushion covers and eventually anything to do with the home, i.e., coasters, table mats, aprons, oven glove designs, etc. My designs are all hand painted and will reflect the theme of Egyptian modern design.


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Grandma and Grandson Not Speaking?I was sick this Xmas so hubby and kids went for dinner at my mom's without me. My eldest, 19 years old, was not feeling well and has S.A.D. He went upstairs at mother's to sit by himself on his phone. This turned into a confrontation with my mother who is upset with him.


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Re-dyeing Hair?I usually dye my hair with Natural Instincts every 6 weeks. Last time I changed brands and used Revlon Colorsilk, blonde. I didn't like the result. My hair is a little dryer now, but not horrible. I went to the saloon and cut my ends. Can I redye with Natural Instincts dark brown now or I have to wait 2 more weeks?


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Elna Won't Stitch in Reverse?I have an Elna 3005 sewing machine that won't stitch in reverse. Any tips?


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Dog Pooping on Owner's Bed?My tea cup Yorkie started pooping on my bed 3 days ago. She has never done that. Why would she start now?


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Dog Aggression and New Baby?My dog is 4 years old. He has never been aggressive. However in the last 6 months we have moved cities and I've had a new baby. I had to spend 2 months in hospital with my little guy. Now we are home and my beautiful dog is showing signs of aggression.


House Trained Dog Pooping Inside - dog under chair near a pile of poop

House Trained Dog Pooping Inside?Recently, my 3 year old dog has been pooping in the house. He's been house trained since he was 2 months old. He's always really good about going outside. He gets let out regularly, but recently he's been pooping inside.


Dyeing a Bridesmaid Dress - dark grey dress on hanger

Dyeing a Bridesmaid Dress?I purchased a bridesmaid dress and never got to use it due to the wedding being called off. Now I'm stuck with a dark charcoal color dress that I was told was not my color. So I was thinking of dyeing it, but am not sure what color that I could use that would work on transforming it from gray to? Any help?


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Do Carpenter Bee Traps Work?I was wondering if carpenter bee traps actually work? They look good and I want to believe they are low maintenance, but are they?


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Substitute for Garlic in Recipes?What herb or spice could I use as a substitute for garlic? I am allergic to garlic and a lot of great recipes I would love to try contain garlic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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