March 17, 2017

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finished seek sack

Making a Seek SackKids love to look for the hidden objects in this seek sack. It is perfect as an activity for the car. This is a page about making a seek sack.


A blue striped shower curtain.

Buying Shower Curtains?There are many options for places to buy shower curtains. Special sizes or colors may lead you to shop online or at specialty stores. This is a page about buying shower curtains.


A lacy heart from white doilies, for a napkin rings.

Lacy Valentine Napkin RingsThese pretty, easy to make napkin rings will help you set a romantic Valentine's Day table. This page contains instructions for making lacy Valentine napkin rings.


Funnel cake, made by deep drying cake batter.

Deep Frying Cake Batter?You can deep fry cake batter to make funnel cakes or something similar. This page is about deep frying cake batter.


quilt batting

How to Piece Batting Scraps Together?Leftover or smaller pieces of batting can be pieced to use in your current project. There are a variety of ways to do this and the type of batting can dictate the best method. This is a page about how to piece batting scraps together.


Blue Colored
Bath Salts

How to Make Colored Bath SaltsBy adding food coloring to Epsom salts you can make pretty bath salts to use or give as a gift. This is a page about making colored bath salts.


Greasy burgers being cooked at a fast food restaurant.

Cleaning Greasy Fast Food Employee's Clothes?The fast food work environment can easily result in grease stained clothing than can be tough to clean. This is a page about cleaning greasy fast food employee's clothes.


A banana cream pie bar.

Triple-Layer Banana Cream Pie BarsThese tasty bars allow you to enjoy the rich flavors of a banana cream pie. This page features a recipe for making triple-layer banana cream pie bars.


Houses reflected in the water in Norway.

Norway Travel PhotosNorway is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. This page features Norway Travel Photos.


Supplies for making laundry detergent.

Duggar's Homemade Laundry Detergent RecipeMany ThriftyFun members have asked for or shared the recipe that the Duggar Family uses to wash the laundry for their famously large family. This page features homemade homemade laundry detergent recipes like the one that the Duggar's use.


A paper match split into two.

Splitting a Paper Match for Two UsesIf you want to get more uses from a book of paper matches, you can split them in half. This is a page about splitting a paper match for two uses.


A lilac bush being pruned at flowering time.

Revitalize Your Flowering Shrubs Through PruningProper pruning of your flowering shrubs can not only keep the plant tidy and well shaped it can also improve the flowering energy of the shrub. This is a page about how to revitalize your flowering shrubs through pruning.


A smoothie in a glass with peanuts and bananas around.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie RecipePacked with protein and potassium, a peanut butter banana smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a post-workout energy boost. This page contains peanut butter banana smoothie recipe.


Doctor's Bag Craft - cut out red crosses for bags and glue in place

How to Make a Doctor's Bag CraftKids love to play at being community service providers, such as doctors, firemen, and teachers. For the best role play you need props or tools of the trade. This is a page about how to make a doctor's bag craft.


A child's white handprint on black paper.

Mini Handprint CanvasMake this treasured gift for grandparents and other family members. A small canvas, some paint, and a willing child are all you need. This is a page about making a mini handprint canvas.


An angry cat, hissing at something.

Fixed Cat No Longer Friendly With Other Cat?A pet returning from a veterinary procedure may bring home strange smells on its fur. This can cause formerly friendly pets to be a bit standoffish for a time. This is a page about fixed cat no longer friendly with other cat.


A bunch of kittens in a litter box.

Home Remedies for Removing Cat Urine OdorThere are commercial products you can buy to help get rid of cat urine odors on carpet, rugs, furniture, and more. However, there are also some tried and true methods that use products you probably already have at home. This is a page about home remedies for removing cat urine odor.


copper tape on container gardens

Using Copper for Slug and Snail ControlSlugs do not like to crawl across copper so it can be a very effective deterrent in your garden. This is a page about using copper for slug and snail control.


Clown Party Invitation

Making a Clown Party InvitationClowns are often associated with parties, especially birthday ones. This page shows you how to make a coloring page enhanced invitation. This is a page about making a clown party invitation.


The foot and needle of a sewing machine.

Repairing a Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine?Keeping your sewing machine in good working order sometimes includes the need for repairs, which can be costly. Certain repairs can be done at home. This is a page about repairing a Good Housekeeper sewing machine.


A plumber repairing a leaking toilet.

Repairing a Leaking Toilet?Determining the source of the leak is the first step in making the repair to a leaking toilet. This is a page about repairing a leaking toilet.


A young man studying for his math class.

Studying Tips and TricksDeveloping good study habits can help a lot with your success in school. This is a page about studying tips and tricks.


finished card

Making a Felt Christmas Present CardCreate a unique Christmas card for a friend or family member complete with a cute felt package motif. This page is about making a felt Christmas present card.


Caramel Apple Cinnamon

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Drink RecipeCombine caramel, apple, and cinnamon to make a drink that will warm you up on a cold day. This page features a caramel apple cinnamon drink recipe.


Omurice on plate.

Japanese Omurice RecipeDelicious and easy to make, Japanese omurice is a wonderful dish for anytime of day. This page contains Japanese omurice recipe.


An embroidery hoop set up and ready for a cross stitch project.

Cross Stitch Pattern: "Cleaning and Scrubbing Can Wait Til Tomorrow"?Finding the layout for specific cross stitch patterns can prove difficult at times. This is a page about cross stitch pattern "Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow".


A waffle sandwich made with peanut butter and bananas.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich WafflePeanut butter and banana are an excellent favor combination to add to a waffle. This page contains peanut butter and banana sandwich waffle.


Recycle Cardboard for Starting Seeds

Recycled Cardboard for Starting SeedsToilet paper rolls and paper take out food drink trays make excellent containers for starting your seeds. This page explains using recycled cardboard for starting seeds.


Perma Soft II Denture Relining Kit

Perma Soft Denture Relining Kit ReviewsIf you need to reline your dentures, Perma Soft may be a good solution for you. This is a page about product review: perma soft ii denture relining kit.


Sugar glider being held in a hand.

Sugar Glider PhotosThese cute unusual little pets are arboreal gliding possums native to Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania, and Indonesia. They eat nectar, tree sap, insects, and seeds. This page contains sugar glider photos.


Bright pink roses growing outside.

Using Dawn Dish Soap to Treat Roses?Dawn dish soap is frequently used mixed with water to control aphids on many plants including roses. This is a page about using Dawn dish soap to treat roses.


A plate of chocolate chip coffee cake.

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake RecipeA sure fire way to make coffeecake even better is to add chocolate chips. This page contains chocolate chip coffee cake recipe.


Crockpot Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Chicken RecipeA crockpot is a perfect way to make chicken. Adding spinach and artichokes will make it an extra delicious meal. This page contains crockpot spinach and artichoke chicken.


A girl blowing dandelion seeds in the sun.

Recipes for Having a Happy DaySometimes inspirational advice can be shared in the form of recipes. This page features recipes for having a happy day.



sticky rice and beans in bowl with coconut cream and chopped nuts

Sticky Rice with Black Beans, Mung Beans, and CoconutThis is a common breakfast in Vietnam, but for modern tradition here in the United States, this is served as dessert. It is very easy to recreate.


Spaghetti and Meatballs on plate with asparagus

Pressure Cooker Spaghetti and MeatballsImagine only one pot to clean:) This recipe uses frozen meatballs. I used a package I bought at the supermarket. The next time I make meatballs, I will freeze enough for this recipe. Great for the person on the go.


Tropical Fruit Dessert in bowl

Tropical Fruit DessertFruit, fruit, fruit, who can resist desserts with fresh fruits? Since summer is fast approaching in my country, I will be more excited with a cool, freshly served fruit dessert. It's healthy, and easy to served. I made this recipe for the whole family to eat!



My Indoor Seedling Setup - cantaloupe seedling

My Indoor Seedling SetupMaybe one day I'll have an honest to goodness greenhouse. Til that day, I'll continue to 'make do' with what I have.


A sunset showing streaks of color in the sky.

Two Toned Sunset (WI)I was looking out my front patio door and wow, I seen the most awesome two toned sunset. What was really cool was that it was dark on one side and light on the other side of the sky. It looked like Yin and Yang out there.


A smartphone being buried in rice to dry it out.

Using Rice for Wet GadgetsI dropped my smartphone in a tub full of water. I buried my wet smartphone in a bowl of rice grains overnight. The next day when I tried to turn on my dead phone, it turned on and worked properly again.


A selection of Christmas themed notepads.

Buy Seasonal Notepads for Use Throughout the YearI love these little favors that are teensy notepads that you see around Christmas-time, for a dollar. After Christmas is over, these notepads are on sale at my Dollar General for ten cents each. I always buy them when I see them.


Better Way to Wash Shoes - two part photo of both methods

Better Way to Wash ShoesSoak the brush with water, brush it on the detergent and tap the tip on the baking soda then brush it. You can see the difference between brushing with detergent only and baking soda and detergent combined.


A head of broccoli in a jar of water.

How I Keep My Broccoli FreshI have limited space in a small fridge/freezer in my teeny tiny kitchen. I need to make my food last so I am not wasting any food. To keep my broccoli nice and fresh for the whole week, I pop my broccoli 'trees' in a jam jar filled with water. I do cut off the very end so it can sup on the water.


DIY Leather Bow Bracelet - woman's hand and wrist with bracelet on

DIY Leather Bow BraceletIf you have left over leather scraps, you could make a cute leather bow bracelet.


Whey from making yogurt, frozen in a plastic baggie.

Uses for WheyNow that I'm making yogurt, I always have whey leftover. It can be used to replace liquid in baking, diluted for watering plants, as a starter for yogurt, as an addition to pet food,and can be added to the compost pile.


The contents of a baby shower gift, placed in a reusable pail.

Baby Shower Gift in Reusable PailI have a baby shower to attend soon for a boy baby. So I themed everything 'Not Pink'. I wanted the gift to be cute, and the package to be re-usable and fun. This cute pail holds a couple of hooded towels, and a huge bank/bottle which is full of baby goodies.


A rosebud with a blossom nearby.

Rosebud Beauty and BlossomThis Double Delight tea rose picture was captured at dusk with a small glimmer of light shining on the rosebud. The rose blossom behind it is regal in its beauty with the flowing rose petals.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Activities for Children 3 and 5 Years Old?I babysit two boys, one is three and the other is five. I babysit them for two hours every Wednesday and Friday. I am looking for ideas for activities to do with them. They both love dinosaurs, superheroes, board games, and charades.


Value of Gold Edged China Cup and Saucer

Value of Gold Edged China Cup and Saucer?Can anyone help me with these please? I am not sure what to do with them. There are 3 sets of cups and saucers. They are lovely old sets. One set is a pink colour. They all have marks on the bottoms. This is one set.


Value of Outdoor Lion Figurine - discolored lion figurine of unknown material

Value of Outdoor Lion Figurine?Could anyone tell me if this is worth anything? It's a lion and it's really heavy.


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Dogs Pooping in Their Bed?I have two 1 year old Beagle puppy brothers. They are not potty trained, but they do use potty pads very well. My biggest issue is that they constantly poop on their bed. I've had to buy 3 new beds for them.


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House Training a 13 Month Old Dog?My red nose Pit Bull is 13 months old and was not trained properly. I have had him for about a month. I take him outside when he has just pottied inside to let him know this where we go. He cowers down and piddles on the floor again.


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Adding Pine and Cedar Stump Grindings to a Flower Bed?Have I made a major mistake in my flower bed? I just backfilled some holes in my flower bed with the sawdust and dirt from some ground up stumps from pine and cedar trees. I didn't think about the effect that the sawdust would have on the soil.


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Planning a 12th Birthday Slumber Party?My daughter is turning 12 in 3 weeks. She wants a slumber party, but my house isn't big enough. Where can I have the slumber party?


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Pad Trained Dog Peeing Everywhere?I have two 6 year old dogs, a Schnauzer and a mix Silky Terrier. They roam freely inside. There is a designated area for my dogs to pee and poop inside the house and they have been doing so all along, until half a year ago (or maybe longer). My Schnauzer started peeing on the floor near the designated area.


What Is This Houseplant? dry, dying green foliage

What Is This Houseplant?This was given to me as a gift. I think I'm killing it. Does anyone know what it is? I would like to look up how to take care of this.


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Assistance with Service Dog Fees?I have a cousin who has a service Chihuahua, but it doesn't have the right documentation. They say she needs a vest or something for the dog to be allowed in establishments. She's on a fixed income and can't afford the fee. Is there anyone or anyplace that may be able to help her.


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Bidding on an Apartment Complex Cleaning Job?I have an opportunity to bid on an apartment complex. There are 22 three story buildings. They have to be done 2x a week. The cleaning would include vacuuming the common area and mopping stair treads. There's one office to be done daily and a fitness center daily as well.


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Hardening Soap for Carving?I have a lot of soap shavings left over and want to remelt and allow students to carve another piece. I'm hoping to add something to make it a bit harder, more carvable. The soap scraps are Ivory soap.


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Name Ideas for Brother Real Estate Team?My brother and I are new agents and are having trouble coming up with a marketing name for our real estate team. We came up with things like The Property Bros., Brother Realty, Brother Real Estate team, but we found that those are already being used and some are trademarked. Any ideas would be great!


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Repairing the Switch on a Riding Mower?My Husqvarna rider, after you start it, if you try to start blades it shuts down. If you put the key in and mow in reverse mode it works fine. I want to fix this problem before I give it away or sell it. It's three yrs old.


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Wood Splitting on Bentwood Rocker?I spent months fixing up an old bentwood rocker whilst I was pregnant and have used it everyday for over a year now. The wood on the very bottom, the rocker part, is starting to split apart causing one side to weaken. Is there a any to fix this without having to cut away that section and replace it?


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