April 3, 2017

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Crockpot Chicken with Gravy

Crockpot Chicken with Gravy RecipeUse you slow cooker to make a savory chicken and gravy dinner. This is a page about crockpot chicken with gravy recipe.


Granny Ripple Baby Crochet Afghan Pattern

Granny Ripple Baby Afghan PatternThis sweet baby afghan is an easy to make variation on the granny ripple pattern. This page contains a granny ripple baby afghan pattern.


Cranberry orange kale on plate

Cranberry Orange Kale RecipeSauteed onions, cranberries, kale, and orange juice make a delicious warm side dish. This page contains a cranberry orange kale recipe.


A funny grey cat on a white background.

Cat JokesCats have a certain personality that makes them a good subject for some jokes. This is a page about cat jokes.


Bottle of ointment.

Using Hemorrhoid Cream for WrinklesPreviously Preparation H type hemorrhoid creams contained a live yeast cell derivative ( LYCD) that apparently aided with reducing wrinkles. The new formulation lacking this ingredient may provide a more temporary result. This is a page about using hemorrhoid cream for wrinkles.


Birthday cake with burning number fourteen candle

14th Birthday Party Ideas for a Small Apartment?Planning a birthday party in a small apartment can be a challenge. This is a page about 14th birthday party ideas for a small apartment.


Stovetop Cornbread for One

Making Stovetop Cornbread for One RecipeStove top cornbread is any easy side dish to make, even in small servings. This page contains making stovetop cornbread for one recipe.


Tinted eye glasses on white.

Tinting Eyeglasses at Home?Some people try to tint their own eyeglasses at home to save money at the optometrist. However, this can cause eye damage as the dyed glasses will not protect your eyes from the sun.


Creamy Fruta ready to serve

Creamy Fruta RecipeThis easy to make dessert treat is sure to be a hit with your kids. This page contains creamy fruta recipe.


Class Reunion Survival Bag Favor

How to Make a Class Reunion Survival BagClass reunions can be a challenge to get through for some people. Make your next reunion a little more enjoyable you and your friends, with this survival bag. This is a page about how to make a class reunion survival bag.


Close up of carpet cleaner washing carpet

Using Laundry Detergent in Your Carpet CleanerMany carpet cleaning devices can use a variety of cleaning agents help get your carpets clean. Even a small amount of liquid laundry detergent can be used to help remove dirt and grime from your carpets. This is a page about using laundry detergent in your carpet cleaner.


Peroxide for Removing Blood Stains - pour peroxide on rag

Peroxide for Removing Blood StainsPeroxide is perfect for removing blood stains on clothing and other fabric items. This is a page about peroxide for removing blood stains.


Red Chillies.

Chili Wine Recipe?Chili wine can be used to make some delicious recipes. If you can't find a sirocco to purchase any, you can make your own. This is a page about chili wine recipe.


small white dog

Cavachon PhotosThese sweet dogs are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. This page contains Cavachon photos.


A siamese cat looking out window blinds.

Does Fixing a Cat Help With Behavior?Some types of cat behavior can be moderated by having your pet fixed, but not all. Fixing only guarantees they can't reproduce. This is a page about, "Does fixing a cat help with behavior?".


A slice of apricot coffeecake.

Apricot Streusel Coffee Cake RecipeMake your next coffee cake an even more delicious treat by adding apricot. This page contains apricot streusel coffee cake recipe.


Recycled Christmas Card Slippers

Recycled Christmas Card Slipper CraftRecycle your old Christmas cards into these cute little slipper decorations. This is a page about making a recycled Christmas card slipper craft.


Man itching his arm.

Can Your Water Make You Itch?Clean water should not make you itch. If you suspect your water is making you itch, you should definitely have the water tested to see if that is the source of your itching. This is a page about can your water make you itch?


Cross Stitch

Making a Baby Shower Cross Stitch Poem Gift?A cross stitch decoration makes a fantastic baby shower gift that can be displayed in the new baby's room. This is a page about making a baby shower cross stitch poem gift.


Someone squeezing red hair dye on to their hands.

Removing Hair Dye Stains on Nails?The best way to prevent getting hair dye on your nails or skin is to wear latex gloves when applying hair dye. However, if you get some dye on your nails there are ways to get the color out. This is a page about removing hair dye stains on nails.


2 glasses of Orange Peach Creamsicle Smoothie

Orange Peach Creamsicle SmoothieThe delicious flavor of oranges and the goodness of fresh or frozen peaches blend to make this refreshing smoothie. This is a page about orange peach creamsicle smoothie.


A dog eating something in the grass.

My Dog is Eating Grub WormsWhile pet owners may find this treat just too gross, dogs like to eat varying tidbits of fresh protein. This is a page about my dog is eating grub worms.


Close up to washer door

Washer Door Damaged by Goof Off?Goof Off is a potent solvent that may damage the thing you are trying to clean, especially if it is made of plastic or coated with plastic. This is a page about washer door damaged by Goof Off.


Cupcakes that look like hamburgers with toppings.

Making Hamburger CupcakesCupcakes can be made to look like all sorts of things, even hamburgers! This is a page about hamburger party cupcakes.


Mop cleaning a wooden floor.

Fixing a Swiffer WetJet That is Not SprayingThe Swiffer WetJet spray can be prone to clogging. If you can get the clog clerked out, your Swiffer WetJet will be working as good as new. This is a page about fixing a Swiffer WetJet that is not spraying.


A teak wood deck with teak wood furniture on it.

Clean a Teak Wood Deck With AmmoniaAmmonia is good general purpose cleaning agent that can be used on many surfaces. This is a page about clean teak wood with ammonia.


Close up of men's leather shoes walking.

How Do You Make Loud Shoes Quiet?Try adding padding of some kind to the heels of your shoes to quite them down. This is a page about, "How do you make loud shoes quiet?".


Closeup dead rodent in apartment house on background of wall

Getting Rid of the Odor of Dead MiceIf you have had a mouse die in a crawl space or between walls, it can be difficult to get rid of the bad stench the carcass leaves. This is a page about getting rid of the odor of dead mice.


Campfire Chicken and Dumplings on Picnic Table

Campfire Chicken and Dumplings RecipeCamp outs are a perfect time to make this easy chicken and dumplings dinner for your hungry campers. This page contains campfire chicken and dumplings recipe.


A slice of banana cake next to sliced bananas.

Banana Pudding Cake RecipesBanana pudding cake is a delectable cake to make anytime of year. This page contains banana pudding cake recipes.


A girl who is ungrateful for the gift she is holding.

Grandchildren Ungrateful for Gifts?It can be hurtful to give a gift that it not acknowledged or seemingly appreciated. There are several ways to handle this either directly or indirectly. This is a page about grandchildren ungrateful for gifts.


A woman with an upset stomach.

Beano Substitute?If you are gassy after eating beans, it might be helpful to try using Beano or a Beano substitute before eating beans. This is a page about Beano substitute.


A woman listening to music on red headphones.

What is This Song?If you need help identifying a song, ask about it here and maybe someone on Thriftyfun can help. This is a page about, "What is this song?".



Braised Boneless Pork Cutlet with Apple Slices on plate

Braised Boneless Pork Cutlet with Apple SlicesI used seasoned boneless loin pork cutlets, and braised them in a skillet. I made a pork gravy, added thick sliced peeled apples and served them with rice pilaf. The pork came out so tender and sweet.


Leftover Corned Beef Split Pea Soup in a bowl

Leftover Corned Beef Split Pea SoupFrom the corned beef dinner on Saint Patrick's Day, I froze 3 baggies of sliced meat. I also had two containers of the water I boiled everything in, thinking it would make great soup stock.


Cole Slaw Sauerkraut

Cole Slaw SauerkrautDid you know that homemade sauerkraut has the same healthy probiotics that yogurt has? You can make sauerkraut from many vegetables, too. This easy recipe only needs three ingredients to make a healthy, crunchy, homemade sauerkraut, that's great tasting and good for you!



Growing Grape Vines Requires Patience - potted grape vine

Growing Grape Vines Requires PatienceI saw a picture of a grape vine being grown as a standard. There was one main trunk about six feet tall. At the top were so many large clusters of grapes, there were few grape leaves to be seen. It was almost unbelievable and it was beautiful. I decided to give it a try.


A product box with receipt and manual, saved in case of a return.

Keep Product Box and Receipt In Case of ReturnA nifty way to never lose your receipt for a product you purchased is to enclose the receipt in a small envelope taped to the inside of the box. That way, if the product you purchased does not work as planned and want to make a return, you will know where the receipt is without having to dig around and waste time.


Dogwood Blossoms Radiate Spring - flowers in vases

Dogwood Blossoms Radiate SpringThe wild dogwood tree in my yard is filled with the symbol of Easter with the cross shaped blossoms it radiates the meaning of spring with new beginnings in our lives, garden flowers and the pastel coloration of spring florals that makes us smile. I used them as part of my spring dining room table decor.


Fabric Cover for Baby Gate - finished fabric covered gate

Fabric Cover for Baby GateOur Chihuahua neurotically drinks water because of a psychological problem. She will go to any lengths to get to the water bowl for our other dogs, which is on the other side of the baby gate. She would squeeze through it and under it. So I made this fabric cover for the gate.


Serenity of White Sand Beach - stretch of beach with trees on shore

Serenity of White Sand Beach (Philippines)Since it is summer in my country, the beach is the number one place to be visited by tourists. Aside from the black sand that we have, we are also rich in white sand beaches. It is a fine white sand and a blue green ocean. You can embrace the calmness of the place, and the picture itself reflects peace and beauty.


Prescription bottles in a medicine cabinet.

Take Picture of Medication for Doctor's AppointmentAt the time of a doctor's appointment, a patient is required to inform the doctor of all medications taken on a daily basis. In order to document that vital health information, a person can take a photo of medication bottles on your cell phone, including all supplements, over the counter medications.


A woman putting petroleum jelly on her lips.

Lightening a Dark LipSince I am Asian, I have always had a problem with my lips, especially on the borders. One thing that I have found to be effective is petroleum jelly.


Peroxide for Removing Blood  Stains - pour directly on stain

Peroxide for Removing Blood StainsYou can easily remove most blood stains from clothing using 3% hydrogen peroxide and a toothbrush. This particular blood stain was on a pair of gray cotton pants.


Removing Sleeves from a Snuggle - closeup of Snuggle label on sleeve

Removing Sleeves from a SnuggieSeveral years ago, we received Snuggies for Christmas. I never was fond of the sleeves. They were in my way. Eventually, I took the sleeves off by removing the stitches and used the sleeves to patch the two holes left in the blanket.


Punched Paper Bookmark - dark blue paper bookmark with heart cut outs

Punched Paper BookmarkAppropriately this project uses a page out of an old book as a background. It's fun to make and can be quickly produced in bulk for craft fairs or charity sales.


Logo for ThriftyFun Tips

Reuse Dish Soap Bottle CapIt's been a few years since I was in the top 3 (almost, LOL) with my cap idea. Use a dish soap top on 2 liter pop bottles. Really with any kind of bottles. I've been using it for many different things. Sometimes there aren't enough threads to make it work. Also, it's best to use firmer plastic bottles.


A note with writing scribbled out by writing over the top.

Obliterating Hand Written MessagesIf you need to cross out something you have written and don't want anyone to see what it says, writing other words over the top is far more effective than just scribbling over it


Chickadee at Feeder - bird on wood feeder

Chickadee at FeederShades of W.C. Fields, 'It's my little Chickadee'! I have seen pictures of chickadees eating from people's hands. To be able to have one of these beautiful creatures eating from my hand would keep me on cloud nine for weeks.


Tea is Served! - Tea Tray Cloth - colorful finished cloth with 5 teapots

Tea is Served! - Tea Tray ClothIt is spring! Time to enjoy the outdoors and invite your friends over for tea parties. Celebrate the spring season with this funky tray cloth. It will also make a great gift for a friend celebrating a birthday in spring. Have fun!


DIY Award Ribbons - array of finished ribbons

DIY Award RibbonsThe end of the school year has come. My sis-in-law is a teacher and here's another project she assigned to me. The purpose is that she knows she can save more with buying raw materials than buying ready made ones. Here's my idea for DIY award ribbons.



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Repairing Dripping Faucets and Water Pressure?I am disabled. I have a condominium, but I am having plumbing issues, including weak water pressure and dripping faucets. My once a month check does not spread far enough after bills. What suggestions for how to get water pressure decent again and stop faucets from dripping and wasting water?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I would like help identifying this plant. In the summer it has clusters of berry like flowers hanging from their stem.


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Value of Collier's Encyclopedias?What is a full set Collier's Encyclopedia published in 1932 worth?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?A family friend gave me this plant. I have never had a knack for keeping them alive. I am hoping if I know what type it is I will hopefully be able to keep it alive.


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Name for an Interior Design Company?I am looking for a short name for an interior design company I wish to start in India. It needs to be one that is easy to pronounce.


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Hair Turned Green When Dyed?My hair was blonde on the bottom and I recently dyed it brown, but the part that was blonde turned green. How can I fix that? Can I just re-dye the green part brown again?


What Kind of Snake Is This?

What Kind of Snake Is This?Please help me identity what kind of snake this is. I live in Florida and it was in our porch last night.


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Finding Patterns for Making PVC Birds?Where can I find patterns for PVC birds?


Value of Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a lacy dress

Value of Porcelain Doll?Can you please tell me anything about this doll I have. She has qmc 1986 on the back of her head.


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Removing the Blade from Welbilt Bread Machine?I just got a used Welbilt bread machine. How do I eject the blade from the machine. The eject button does not eject the blade. Am I not doing something right?


ZZ Plant's Leaves Faded and Curled - curled and dead leaves

ZZ Plant's Leaves Faded and Curled?My Zamioculcas (ZZ plant), is getting faded. Its leaves are getting twisted and it doesn't feel. I don't water it too much, just twice a month when the soil is completely dry. I don't know what to do. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Doll Maker and Value  - doll with flowered dress, black bodice, and ivory blouse

Doll Maker and Value?There are no marking anywhere on her. She was bought in the 1980s. I think she was in a yellow box with black writing.


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have cream of chicken soup and chicken legs. What can I make with these ingredients?


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Cleaning Calcium Deposits Off a Fridge Water Dispenser?What's best way to clean calcium off a black fridge front around the water dispenser?


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