June 26, 2017

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Storm Clouds

Storm Cloud PhotosStorm clouds can be beautiful and powerful photo subjects. This page contains storm clouds photos.


Homemade Wipes

Homemade Adult WipesAdult wipes can get expensive to purchase regularly. You can save some money on these items by making them yourself. This is a page about homemade adult wipes.


Gel Candle

Homemade Gel CandlesGel candles can make wonderful little decorations for around your home. This is a page about making homemade gel candles.


Trumpet vines with orange flower.

Getting Rid Of Trumpet VinesTrumpet vines can spread quickly in your yard. Pulling up new shoots early in the spring is the best way to keep them in check. This is a page about getting rid of trumpet vines.


Rubbing sandpaper across a metal food grater.

How to Sharpen a Food GraterIf your food grater is used often, it can become dull. This is a page about how to sharpen a food grater.


A dune buggy driving fast.

Finding Dune Buggy PlansIf you have the right skill set and plans, a dungy can be built at home. This is a page about finding dune buggy plans.


Low Cost Pet Clinic

Finding Free or Low Cost Pet Clinics in Sacramento, California?If you live in Sacramento and need low cost pet care, there may be some options for you. This is a page about finding free or low cost pet clinics in Sacramento, California.


A white towel being placed in an open dryer.

Using Towels To Dry Laundry FasterAdding a dry towel to the laundry in your dryer will help get it dry faster. This is a page about using towels to dry laundry faster.


A pink cleaning rag.

Use Rags Instead of Paper TowelsWhile incredibly handy, paper towels are wasteful. Pretty much every task that a paper towel can be used for, a cloth rag can do the same job without having to be thrown away. This is a page about use rags instead of paper towels.


Blue plastic grocery bag.

How to Use a Plastic Bag for a Shower CapIf you need a shower cap and don't have one handy, a plastic shopping bag can be used as a substitute. This is a page about how to use a plastic bag for a shower cap.


Crispy Filipino Isaw

Crispy Filipino Isaw RecipeThis Filipino deep fried street food can be prepared at home from chicken intestines. This page contains a crispy Filipino saw recipe.


Mailing Box

Removing Labels from Mailing BoxesBy thoroughly removing the labels on shipping boxes they can be easy reused, saving money and resources. This is a page about removing labels from mailing boxes.


White Glue

Using White Glue in CraftsWhile glue or school glue is a good choice for many of your craft projects. This is a page about using white glue in crafts.


Improvised double boiler.

Substitute Double BoilerIf you don't own a proper double boiler there are some simple ways to improvise if you have a couple sauce pans or a sauce pan and a skillet. This is a page about using a substitute double boiler.


Canned Ravioli

Recipe Ideas for Canned Ravioli?Many pasta dishes, like spaghetti or ravioli can be canned for future use. This is a page about recipe ideas for canned ravioli.


Smoke Detector

Smoke Detectors Beep When the Temperature Drops?There are a number of factors that can cause that annoying beeping of your smoke detector. This is a page about smoke detectors beep when the temperature drops.


Key Ring

Adding Keys to a Key RingKey rings can sometime be very stiff and difficult to get a key on. This is a page about adding keys to a key ring.


A rubber duck floating in a swimming pool.

Algae in an Above Ground Swimming PoolFilter systems in above-ground pools are often not as robust as in-ground pools. This can make algea growth more of a possibility. This is a page about algae in an above-ground swimming pool.


Colorful scoops of ice cream.

Pre-scoop Ice Cream for PartiesIf you are going to be serving a lot of ice cream at a party, it can be time saver to make the scoops ahead of time. This is a page about pre-scooping ice cream for parties.


Fisher Price Record Player

Repairing a Fisher Price Record Player?Sometimes repairing an old record player is as simple as replacing the needle. This is a page about repairing a Fisher Price record player.


Riding Lawnmower

Murray Riding Lawnmower Won't StartTroubleshooting a non-starting riding mower can be a process. This is a page about Murray riding lawnmower won't start.


A mobile home in a trailer park.

Best Material for Replacing the Subflooring in a Mobile Home?Mobile home construction is different enough from that of stick build homes, that you will want to research the best materials for the job. This is a page about best material for replacing the subflooring in a mobile home.


A pot of vegetable soup.

How Long Will Vegetable Soup Keep in the Refrigerator?Vegetable soups kept in the refrigerator will usually last about 3-4 days before they need to be used. This is a page about how long will vegetable soup keep in the refrigerator?


A cat sitting on a window sill.

Protecting Window Sills from Pet ScratchesWhether it's a dog jumping up to see out of the window or a cat sharpening it's claws, if you have pets, your windowsills can get scratched easily. This is a page about protecting window sills from pet scratches.



Finding Good Housekeeper Sewing Machine User ManualsIf you have lost the manual for your sewing machine, it may be useful pick up another one. Often they are available online or can be purchased from an individual selling the manual. This is a page about finding Good Housekeeper sewing machine user manuals.


Light colored couch in a living room.

Identifying Tiny Jumping Bugs on My Couch?You don't need to own pets to get a flea infestations. Fleas a very tiny and jump, bed bugs cannot be mistaken for a fleas as they do not jump, they only crawl. This is a page about identifying tiny jumping bugs on my couch.


Using a cleaning rag to shine a wood boat.

Make Your Own Cleaning Rags from Old ClothingOld clothing can often be repurposed. One easy way is to cut the cloth into small rags. This is a page about make your own cleaning rags from old clothing.


A pair of shoes in snowy weather.

Protecting Your Shoes From Bad WeatherRain and snow can be damaging to certain types of shoes. This is a page about protecting your shoes from bad weather.



Japanese Pickled Plums on plate

Japanese Pickled Plums (Umeboshi)Umeboshi is a very popular salted pickled plum from Japan. Not only do they taste great with rice dishes, but once ingested, they are high in alkaline content and act as a natural antibiotic. Many use Umeboshi for morning sickness, motion sickness, and a simple cure for hang overs.


Opo Squash, Tofu, Tomato and Shrimp Soup in pan

Opo Squash, Tofu, Tomato, and Shrimp SoupThis is a very flavorful soup recipe that was taught to me by my mother. When time is limited, you can make this soup prepped and cooked in less than thirty minutes. This soup is commonly served with salty dishes to balance out the flavors. I cook this soup when I eat beef dishes.


Soothing Sore Throat Tea

Soothing Sore Throat TeaAll of these ingredients are natural and helpful to soothe cough and throat. They help me feel better. I drink this twice a day when I'm feeling a little sick or having a sore throat.


Creamy Seafood Dipping Sauce in bowl with plate of shrimp

Creamy Seafood Dipping SauceThis is my absolute favourite seafood dipping sauce ever. It's adapted from a traditional Japanese grilling meat dipping sauce. My friends love this so much they use it with all their veggies and salads, too. Give it a try!



Ponytail Holder Made of Scrap Materials - around pony tail

Ponytail Holder Made of Scrap MaterialsDigging into my room to dispose of some things, I saw this bundle of garter along with some unused dresses. I detached a piece of lace from an old skirt and started to think of ways I could make use of it. I tried making a hair elastic with these scraps.


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Repairing Dogs' Stuffed ToysI have tried nylon, polyester - all kinds of thread only to have my big chewer (Slick) demolish my stitches! I have finally found a type of thread he does not seem to be able to get through, upholstery thread!


Alphabet Rocks

Alphabet RocksThis is a fun, quick, and free educational project that is perfect for kids who are learning their alphabet. Especially if you have a child who loves dump trucks, you can make learning the alphabet fun and as your child advances, you can start learning simple 3 letter words and progress from that!


Gravestone Frames a Living Picture - gravestone arch with view of scenery through it

Gravestone Frames a Living PictureThough this gravestone memorializes someone who has died, it seems to be framing a lovely picture of life, in the greenery of the mountains beyond the cemetery.


Free Classes at Apple Stores - shipping box for computer

Free Classes at Apple StoresIf you own or plan to own an iMac, do not toss your box away. The box is structurally designed so you could easily package your iMac again for on the go, for a move, or for instances where you need to bring your iMac back to the Apple Store for repairs or to take advantage of the free classes.


Hymenocallis (Peruvian Daffodil) At Sunrise - beautiful white bloom with curling narrow petals coming out from center bloom

Hymenocallis (Peruvian Daffodil) At SunriseI was doing some early morning weeding when this beauty caught my eye. And of course it should be a beauty, it's a member of the Amaryllis family. My first bloom of the year, it will be followed by many more.


Forks in the Garden to Scare off Animals - black plastic forks, tines up, placed in raised garden

Forks in the Garden to Scare off AnimalsWe have been having bunny and squirrel problems invading our little garden. To prevent animals from coming, we placed plastic forks all around. You can use other plastic utensils like knives and spoons, but forks work best!


Place Empty Bottles in Garden Pot - planter with plastic bottles in bottom

Place Empty Bottles in Garden PotWhen filling a very large pot with flowers, first you may add closed plastic bottles from your recycling bin or even Styrofoam from leftover packages to the bottom before adding the soil. It not only reduces the amount of soil you need it's great to make it a lighter pot to have to move around!


Pickle Jar vinegar spooned onto plate of veggies

Using Vinegar from a Pickle JarDon't throw out the vinegar from jars of pickles. It can be used in place of ordinary vinegar. Sprinkle it on fries, add to French dressing for salads, mix with olive oil for a bread dip. It can also be used one more time to make the lovely refrigerator pickles that are on trend at the moment.


Separate Spatulas When Washing - spatula separated from handle for cleaning

Separate Spatulas When WashingIf you have spatulas with removable tips, It's best to separate them from the handles before washing. When washing the spatulas, water can get in the handle slot and remain there for a long time. This makes a good breeding ground for germs.


Store Seeds in the Fridge - romaine lettuce seeds in a bag on fridge door with condiments

Store Seeds in the FridgeMake sure your seeds are completely dried. I have my seeds stored in a sealed Ziploc bag. By keeping your seeds in the fridge, you will not have to keep purchasing new seeds for every season, and the seeds will germinate better when it is time to plant them.


Flora Or Fauna In My Garden - personal sized watermelons

Flora Or Fauna In My GardenWhile walking through my field, I spotted the above creature. I thought 'Oh my goodness! A possum has found one of the rats I buried. It decided the rat wasn't so delectable after all, and left it be. Upon closer examination, I found it to be a mere mushroom.That was a relief.



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Babysitting Ideas?I'm babysitting 2 kids for 10 hours every weekday for 3 weeks. I had my first day and it was awful. The kids and I don't click and they get bored really easily. I had only babysat them at night before and had to entertain them for a couple of hours. Now I'm having to entertain them all day (they're both above five).


Identifying a Snake - black snake with lighter horizontal stripes

Identifying a Snake?I found this snake outside my home in Lahore, Pakistan. The snake was eating a frog when we saw it. What is the name of this snake and how harmful it is?


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Affordable and Low-maintenance Landscape for Mobile Home in a Park?Any ideas for low-cost, low-maintenance yard treatment for senior mobile home park residence? Wood chips are old and ugly. It must be affordable. We are two seniors, neither good at yard work.


What Is This Garden Flower? - shite daffodil

What Is This Garden Flower?What is this flower? It is very pretty.


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Selling Bamboo Online?I have lots of bamboo where and how can I sell it?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 next week and I still don't know what to do for my party. I live in a really small mountain town and I want to do something fun, but not babyish. I also want to do something for both boys and girls because I have a lot of friends of both genders.


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Kenmore Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I have a Sears Kenmore sewing machine. It picks up the bobbin thread, but does not stich. I have gone by my model's booklet and have changed the needle twice with #15 to sew cotton. I have re-wound the bobbin 5-6 times and changed the bobbin. I have re-threaded the machine and cleaned and oiled the bobbin area.


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Value of a Crown Porcelain Doll?I received a Crown porcelian doll from an estate, the doll is an old woman wearing country clothes, in a rocker with knitting needles, glasses, and long silver hair braided in a bun. On the back of the 1990 certificate from Crown, it's says purchased in the early 90s from the Builtmoore Estate.


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Puppy Feeling Sick After Shots and Deworming?My Husky pup got her first shots on Saturday, and was also dewormed. She's 8 weeks old. Now she's lethargic, and has mild diarrhea. She's not throwing up, but I'm still a nervous wreck. She's also not eating. Is what she experiencing normal?


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Permanent Not Curly?After having the same hairdresser for years, I moved away and went to a new hairdresser for a perm. She left the neutralizer in for 25 minutes. Some hair was curled, some straight, and it didn't last very long. Does anyone know if it's because of the neutralizer being left on too long?


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Re-dyeing My Hair a Week Later?I tried to dye my hair honey blonde hoping to cover the grey. It didn't work at all. It's been a week and I wanna know if I can dye it back to black blue tomorrow.


Replacement Drive Belt for a Janome Memory Craft 7500 - belt on top of a ruler

Replacement Drive Belt for a Janome Memory Craft 7500?Where can I obtain a drive belt for my Janome Memory Craft 7500.


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Gnats Around Guinea Pigs?I have 4 guinea pigs. I have had them for a year and I never had gnats and now I do. I don't know what to do and I don't want to get rid of them.


Getting Back to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing - blond hair with faded purple color

Getting Back to Natural Hair Color After Dyeing?I'm looking for some advice. My hair is currently an unevenly faded purple (Arctic Fox Violet Dream), which I absolutely love and have loved in every stage of its fading. Unfortunately, my sister is getting married in a few weeks and wants me, as her Maid of Honor, to have a more natural hair color.


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Information on Spiny Oakworm Moth?What is a spiny oakworm moth?


Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull? - white dog wearing a halter

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?Does my dog look 100% Pit Bull?


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Dye Ran in the Wash?My boyfriend and I bought microfiber robes that are both white and red (1/2 white and 1/2 red). I washed them on the settings the tag said and now they are pink and red. How do I make the pink parts white again?


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Dog Peeing on the Couch?My dog digs in the couch and occasionally she will pee, why?


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Low Cost Vet Care for Senior Citizens?I am a senior on Social Security. Can you please help me find low cost veterinary care in or near Tracy, CA.


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Dog Pees Inside When Home Alone and At Night?I have an almost 8 year old Malkie, he is wee wee pad trained as well as trained to go outside. When someone is home he will always go on the wee wee pad, even if there is one spot where he already went. He has always been left alone when we are at work so I know it's not separation anxiety.


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