July 15, 2017

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Cooking Oil Can

Safely Storing Aerosol Cooking Oil CansAerosol cans of cooking oil should be stored away from high heat sources, such as the grill or stovetop. This is a page about safely storing aerosol cooking oil cans.


A cute kitten tilting it's head.

Black Build Up in a Kitten's EarThe black waxy buildup in your kitten or cat's ears is not wax by rather a sign of an ear mite infestation. This is a page about black build up in a kitten's ear.


Buttermilk Challah

Buttermilk Challah Bread RecipeChallah bread is a braided bread typically served on the Sabbath and major Jewish holidays. This page contains a buttermilk challah bread recipe.


Delicious cream pie.

White Pie RecipeThis no bake pie contains whipped egg whites, mixed with a thicken filling of flour, milk, sugar, butter, and more in a baked pie shell. This page contains a white pie recipe.


A professional cleaner holding cleaning supplies.

How to Set Rates for Cleaning Apartments?Cleaning services often specialize in the type of services and clients they cater to. Cleaning apartments often has a different rate structure than that used for residential cleaning. This is a page about how to set rates for cleaning apartments.


closeup of screw on wheel

Removing the Hand Wheel on a Sewing Machine?Certain sewing machine repairs require removing the hand wheel, such as when replacing the belt. This is a page about removing the hand wheel on a sewing machine.


Homemade Potato Salad

How Long Will Homemade Potato Salad Keep in the Refrigerator?If stored in a fridge with a consistently cold temperature and kept well covered, many people find that homemade potato salad can last from 5 - 10 days. This is a page about, "How long will homemade potato salad keep in the refrigerator?".


Senior woman using a large magnifying glass to read.

Activities for a Person Who is Legally Blind and Living with Dementia?Mental and physical stimulation is important for everyone when growing older, but especially for those individuals who may be legally blind or living with Altzheimers or dementia. Finding stimulating new activities can slow mental and physical deterioration and can be a healthy outlet for emotions as well.


Love U Dad Card - use 3D foam squares and glue to add baseball

How to Make a Love U Dad CardA homemade card for special occasions such as Father's Day or a birthday can be a gift in its own right. This one is especially good for a dad that enjoys sports. This is a page about how to make a "Love U Dad" card.


Rainier Cherries

Growing Rainier Cherries from Seed?Growing fruit trees from saved seeds can produce mixed results as sometimes the variety will not reproduce from seed. To try, read the suggested methods on this page. This is a page about growing Rainier cherries from seed.


A mom and daughter with vegetables.

Angel Food MinistriesAngel Food Ministries is no longer in operation, as of September 2011. The now defunct nondenominational organization sold family sized food boxes assembled from supplies bought in bulk. The ministry operated in 43 states and the District of Columbia.


Corn growing in a field.

Growing PopcornImportant factors to keep in mind before planting your own popcorn include a longer germination time and slower seedling growth rate. Given the proper growing conditions it is a fun addition to the home garden. This is a page about growing popcorn.


H2O X5 Steamer Mop Pump Not Running

Repairing the Pump in a H2O X 5 Steam Mop?Sometimes small home appliances can be repaired saving you money over buying a new one. This is a page about H2O X5 steamer mop pump not running.


An open porch on the outside of a house.

Fly Repellants for a Porch Area?Pesky flies in your porch area can keep you from enjoying the shade offered on a sunny day. This is a page about fly repellants for a porch area.


Coconut Oil for
Hair Lightening

Use Coconut Oil for Hair LighteningUsing coconut oil in your hair before chemically lightening it can help protect it against damage. This is a page about use coconut oil for hair lightening.


Lemon and Baking Soda for Cleaning Microwave - A measuring cup with cut up lemons, water and baking soda.

Use Lemon and Baking Soda for Cleaning Your MicrowaveMicrowaving a water filled container, to which lemon slices and some baking soda has been added, is an effective way to clean the oven's interior. This is a page about use lemon and baking soda for cleaning your microwave.


Chicken Soup

Feeding a ColdActually whether you have a cold or fever, starving your body is never the best answer. Current medical science says that eating well in either situation has benefits. This is a page about feeding a cold.


A professional cleaner's cleaning supplies.

How to Set Rates for Cleaning HousesRunning a successful cleaning service for residential customers requires not only doing a good job, but also defining a reasonable rate for the job. This step can be determined by several factors. This is a page about how to set rates for cleaning houses.


Beautiful wood patio furniture.

Thrifty Ways to Clean Up and Repair Your Patio FurniturePatio furniture can take a beating from the elements and usage. It is a good practice to clean and make necessary repairs prior to storing it for the winter. This is a page about thrifty ways to clean up and repair your patio furniture.



Bargain Dishwasher Pods at Dollar Tree - Dollar Tree and Cascade pod packages

Bargain Dishwasher Pods at Dollar TreeI saw dishwasher pods for the first time at Dollar Tree. The pods were 10 in a package for $1, which makes them 10 cents a pod. They work just as well as the Cascade Platinum, which I can get for the lowest price of $3.99, which happens if they are on sale and I have a coupon.


Mess Free Painting for Kids - Ziploc bag filled with paint

Mess Free Painting for KidsA fun way to use paint without the mess is putting the paint in a Ziploc bag. Make sure the Ziploc bag is securely closed all the way and to not use too much paint.


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Storing Bread in the RefrigeratorI use to throw away so much bread because it would get moldy. My kitchen stays warm even in the winter months. I now store it in the refrigerator and have ended the mold issues. The bread stays fresh and have had no problems.


Decorated Journal Teacher's Appreciation Gift - finished journal

Decorated Journal Teacher's Appreciation GiftTurn an ordinary manuscript book into a jazzed up journal for your child's favorite teacher. The teacher will love making some notes in this journal, keeping her thoughts organized during the school term. An easy, cost-effective way to show appreciation.


finished Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Banana BreadIn our household when we have ripe bananas, they will not go to waste! You can make this delicious chocolate chip banana bread.


Bathing Catbird - bird in bird bath

Bathing CatbirdIn the innocence of my youth, I bought food for squirrels to encourage their presence. Little did I know, I was aiding and abetting future mass destruction. This little bathing catbird is just as thoughtless and uncaring. He managed to find a hole in the netting I placed over my blueberry bushes.



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House Trained Dog Peeing in Kennel?My Wheaton was just put to sleep and now his buddy, my Yorkie, is peeing and pooping in his kennel when I leave. I know this is some reaction to the other dog being gone, but not sure what to do. I just took the Yorkie out before I left and 2 hours later he peed in his kennel.


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Cleaning Old Embroidered Pillowcases With Yellow Stains?How do I clean/whiten old pillowcases that are stained yellow and have a few rust spots without bleaching out the embroidery on the case?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with red hair and wearing a green satin dress

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?What is the brand name on this doll? And how much is she worth?


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Removing Color Run Stains from White Clothing?I washed my two favorite scrub tops together, and it ruined both of them. One of the tops was dark in color. It left several light green stains on my white top. I rewashed the top seperately and this lightened the green stains a very small amount. I tried soaking the top overnight in Oxiclean, but this had no effect.


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Repairing a Phoenix 540 Embroidery Machine?I have a opportunity to buy a Phoenix 540 embroidery machine, but it needs to be fixed. When you push the start button the machine runs at high speed in one spot. The owner replaced the motor and it still does the same thing after the motor was replaced. Is it worth buying and repairing?


Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?  - black dog

Is My Puppy a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I have had my dog for about five months and someone asked me if he was a sum of dog, meaning a mutt.


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Saving Money Treating Multiple Cats with Revolution?I'd really appreciate knowing if there is a thrifty way to treat multiple cats with Revolution like you can with Advantage II? If so, what one do you recommend buying and what would the dose(s) be for kittens/cats?


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17th Birthday Ideas?It's my 17th birthday coming up and I want to do something fun with around 12 friends. I have a limited budget so usually I opt for something like bowling and the cinema, but I think I'd like to do something a bit different this year. Any ideas?


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?I am receiving survivor benefits from my late husband. However I am being told that when my son turns 17 I will no longer receive a check. I thought I was supposed to receive them until I either remarry or I pass away.


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Hand Stitch Sewing Machine Not Stitching?Please help me to make my new electric hand stitch sewing machine work. It did work, but now I can't make it sew stitches.


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Poppy Seed Cake with Custard Filling Recipe?I used to have a recipe for a cake which had a custard filling and 7 minute frosting.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and white dog

What Breed Is My Dog?I just adopted a Chi mix. She had 2 siblings that were pure appleheads, and she and her sister are definitely a mix. She is tiny - 3.5 pounds, 4 months and was the runt. She has a cute little beard and very long back legs. I am thinking either terrier or Schnauzer mixed with Chi?


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Finch Egg Not Hatching?Why hasn't my egg hatched when it's over due?


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Dog Pees Outside But Poops Inside?I adopted a dog a couple of weeks ago. He's 3.5 years old. He had several homes before he got to mine. When I first had him at home he went to the bathroom outside and did great. This past week he's had some accidents.


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Treating a Dog's Oily Smelly Skin and Hair Loss?I have this 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd. Today I noticed that he had oily smelly skin. I tried cleaning it off with some baby wipes, however I noticed that he had a big patch of missing hair; you could see his skin.


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