September 7, 2017

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add rhinestones

Homemade 3-Leaf Fall Birthday CardAn autumn themed birthday card is sure to be appreciated by anyone with a fall birthday. Make this 3-leaf fall birthday card for someone special in your life.


Making Friendship Bracelets

Making Friendship BraceletsFriendship bracelets are a classic craft to make and share with a friend. Here are some ideas for making friendship bracelets.


Happy Thanksgiving Card

Handmade Happy Thanksgiving Card and Gift BagBrighten a loved ones day at the start of this holiday season with a lovely card and gift bag. Here is how to make a handmade happy Thanksgiving card and gift bag.


E-Commerce Business

Name Ideas for Hindi Ethnic Art E-Commerce Business?Finding the right name for your business is very important. Here are some name ideas for a Hindi ethnic art e-commerce business.


Geometric Paper Heart Decor - finished geometric heart shaped piece of decor

How to Make a Geometric Paper HeartThis heart shaped bit of home decor begins with a typical heart shaped piece of cardboard. The folding of your paper covering gives it a finished geometric look. This is a page about how to make a geometric paper heart.


bowl of soup

Carrot Ginger Soup RecipeWith bright springtime flavors, a carrot ginger soup is a fantastic fresh soup option. Make one of these carrot ginger soup recipes for a refreshingly delicious soup.


Sansevieria cylindrica with colorful tips.

What Is This Houseplant? Sansevieria CylindricaAfrica spear (Sansevieria cylindrica) is a succulent from Angola with smooth round leaves that are grey green in color. If grown in a location with enough light they can produce a three foot spikelike raceme with white flowers. This is a page about identifying Sansevieria cylindrica.


Simple Salmon Sun-dried Tomato Pasta in bowl

Salmon Sun-dried Tomato PastaBy using canned salmon and other items from your pantry, this recipe is easy to prepare any time. It is nutritious and delicious too. This page contains a recipe for salmon sun-dried tomato pasta.


A melon plant with a yellow blossom.

Hand Pollinating Melons?By using a small art brush you can pollinate your own melon vines, if the bees are not available for the job. This is a page about hand pollinating melons.


A close up of blooming Calla Lilies.

Why Are My Calla Lilies Blooming in the Fall?Calla lilies typically bloom from spring through September. If yours are blooming later in the season there may be climatic or microclimatic conditions that have allowed them to bloom later than normal. This is a page about, "Why are my calla lilies blooming in the fall?".


Broccoli Lemon Mint Soup

Broccoli Lemon Mint Soup RecipeHere is a healthy and refreshing soup that you can enjoy yourself or share with friends and family. This delicious broccoli lemon mint soup recipe is sure to be a hit with anyone you serve it to.


floral pattern in bright colors

Thrifty Gift Wrap Using Food ColoringMaking your own gift wrap is a great way to put some extra love into a gift. Here's an idea about how to make some thrifty gift wrap using food coloring.


Jesus Saves Picture Frame

Making a Jesus Saves Picture FrameMake these cute little life preserver picture frames to remind you and your loved ones of your faith. Making a Jesus saves picture frame is a great project for kids.


Hand painted Christmas ornaments.

Name Ideas for a Personalized Christmas Ornament Business?Adding a personalized touch to manufactured ornaments creates a unique item to hang on your tree or to give as a gift. This is a page about name ideas for a personalized Christmas ornament business.


Paper Doily Envelope - finished envelope

How to Make a Paper Doily EnvelopeThis page contains the steps needed to fold a paper doily into a pretty envelope. This is a page about how to make a paper doily envelope.


Sauteed Butternut Squash

Sautéed Butternut Squash RecipeThese winter squashes can be cut into thin, small pieces and sautéed for a yummy fall side dish. This page contains a sautéed butternut squash recipe.


cut  green beans

Crockpot Green Beans and New PotatoesFresh green beans and new potatoes can be prepared in your slow cooker. The lengthy cooking process helps to blend the flavors, creating a hearty main dish. This is a page about preparing crockpot green beans and new potatoes.


A Gypsy Moth on a twig.

Garden Insects: Gypsy MothsGypsy moths will eat though all sorts of vegetation and can be quite destructive to gardens and forests alike. Here is some information about garden insects: gypsy moths.


Lunchtime Mini Mandala Adult Coloring Page

Lunchtime Mini Mandala Adult Coloring PageRelax and color over lunch. This mini mandala coloring page can work as a good stress reducer or conversation starter. This page contains a lunchtime mini mandala adult coloring page.


Witch Way To Go Wreath

'Witch Way To Go' Halloween WreathThis little witch flew right into your door and landed smack in the middle of an adorable wreath. Make a 'Witch Way to Go' Halloween wreath to add some spooky fun to your Halloween decorations this year.


Close up of a red brick patio.

Cleaning White Substance Off a Brick Patio?Depending on what it is, washing a white substance off of brick may require a solvent of some sort. Cleaning a white substance off a brick patio can be a chore but with the right equipment and cleaners it can be done.


Jewish teens

Planning a BBYO Program?Planning a BBYO program for Jewish youth in your area will take a little time, but the kids will appreciate your effort. Here are some ideas about planning a BBYO program. Check out for more inspiration on what activities will help highlight your Jewish heritage.


Watering using a house and sprayer on a sunny day.

The Surprising Facts Behind 10 Gardening MythsSome gardening tips get passed on from person to person and even through generations although they are really myths. Learn about the surprising facts behind 10 gardening myths.


Watermelon Pops

Watermelon Pops RecipeWatermelon can easily be frozen to make an icy, sweet summer treat. Here is a watermelon pops recipe that no one will be able to resist on a hot summer day.


A woman wearing running shoes in the snow.

How to Make Studded Running ShoesIf you like to run in icy or slick conditions, it may be helpful to use a spiked shoe. Here is how to make studded running shoes for trail running in snowy or icy conditions.


Worsted Wool Sweaters

Fixing Shiny Spots on Worsted Wool GarmentsWorsted wool can become shiny in locations that get worn down naturally. It may be difficult fixing shiny spots on worsted wool garments, but it's not impossible.


three balls of colored dough

Making Cornstarch Play DoughCombine water, cornstarch, and baking soda to make this simple play dough recipe for your kids. Add some food coloring for more fun. This is a page about making cornstarch play dough.


A gardenia bud, not blooming.

Gardenia Not BloomingEncouraging a potted gardenia to bloom may require giving it some acidic fertilizer. This is a page about gardenia not blooming.


Gardenia plant.

Leaves on Gardenia Turning BrownWhen plants are in pots, they can become root bound and may need new soil and a larger pot. This is a page about leaves on gardenia turning brown.


Garden Hose Basket

Recycled Garden Hose BasketUse an old retired garden hose and some zip ties to make a useful garden basket. It could even be used as a planter. This is a page about making a recycled garden hose basket.


Making Folded Circle Paper Flowers

How to Make Folded Circle Paper FlowersPaper flowers can be made in a variety of ways. This project is made by folding circles in half. Here is how to make folded circle paper flowers that for perfect for decorations or to give as gifts.


White Zucchini Frittata on plate

White Zucchini Frittata RecipeWhite zucchini tastes almost identical to regular green zucchini so it can be used in all the same ways. This delectable and healthy white zucchini frittata recipe is easy to make and will surely get gobbled up by whomever you make it for.


Cantaloupes and Watermelon

Cantaloupes and Watermelon Stopped GrowingSeveral conditions can halt the growth of melons, including temperatures that are too cool, and either too much or too little water. So if your cantaloupes or watermelons stop growing check to see if any of these conditions apply.


Fidget Apron

DIY Fidget ApronA fidget apron can be very useful for some people, especially those in a nursing home. Here's some ideas about how to make a DIY fidget apron.


Instant Wonton Noodles in pot

Instant Wonton Noodle RecipeWontons are a popular, quick and easy meal to make. Use this instant wonton noodle recipe for a delicious dish you can enjoy anytime.


Photo of silver jewelry.

Name Ideas for an Online Jewelry Business?Setting up an online jewelry business can be very exciting. Choosing the best name for your shop is an important first step. This is a page about name ideas for an online jewelry business.



Save on ThermaCare Heat Wraps - box of wraps

Save on ThermaCare Heat WrapsI've been doing heat therapy on a small injury and ThermaCare heat wraps are a convenient way of applying comfortable heat just where I want it. However, they last for 16 hours and don't come in exactly the shape I need. Here are some tips about how to make them last longer.



McCormick Grill Mates Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning Recipe - bottle of the seasoning

McCormick Grill Mates Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning Recipe?I am looking for a copycat recipe for McCormick Grill Mates Brazilian Steakhouse Seasoning. This fantastic seasoning is unavailable at this time in the 6.5 oz size and even the little bottles are ridiculously overpriced on the internet.


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Protecting Against Sharp Kitten Claws?How do I protect myself from my two kittens sharp claws when they are sucking my neck and kneading?


A flying bug in the kitchen.

Getting Rid of Flying Bugs in the Kitchen?I found this bug in my kitchen. I think they came from the balcony and my kitchen is infested with them now. So what is this bug and how do I get rid of it?


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Home Decor Shop Business Name?I am opening up a shop that will sell home decor. My theme is southern vintage. I need help thinking of a name for my Esty shop.


Caring for a Puppy with Parvo - brown and white puppy with front feet on arm of couch

Caring for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy of 7 weeks was diagnosed with parvo 8 days ago. She is eating plenty, drinking a lot, and is very very playful. I am giving her anti-vomit tablets, vitamins, and adding glucose powder to her water. Her poo is a dark green colour; is this normal?


What Is This Houseplant?

What Is This Houseplant?I bought it from Walmart a while ago, but have no idea what it is or how to care for it. It's starting to grow long stems with no leaves. Should I cut them to keep the plant more full?


What Kind of Houseplant Is This? - trailing foliage plant

What Kind of Houseplant Is This?I received this plant as a gift and it does not have a label. Does anyone know what kind it is and any tips to care for it please?


Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Making Cafe Curtains?I am making cafe curtains for my dining area and plan to use the clip-on rings to hang them. The rods I am using are the tension type, so they fit inside the window casings. Should I still make a pocket for the rod at the top although it will not be necessary for actually hanging the curtain?


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Decorating for a 200th Anniversary Church Luncheon?I am looking for ideas to decorate for the 200th anniversary of our church, established in 1817. We will be serving lunch for 200 people.


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ASPCA Mobile Vaccination Truck Schedule?When is the free vaccination truck coming to 11233 area?


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Finding an Emergency Care Vet in Pennsylvania?Are there any veterinarians that will take my dog for emergency care near Rankin Pennsylvania, 15104? I think someone poisoned my dog. He can't use the bathroom or walk. He is only 4 years old. Please help me because I can't sleep and I love my dog like a son. I don't have kids and don't know what to do.


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