March 21, 2018

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Oatmeal cookies next to a cup of cocoa.

Salted Oatmeal Raisin Cookies RecipeThese oatmeal raisin cookies are enhanced with a touch of salt. Serve with cocoa or coffee as a treat for a cold day.


One hand giving money to another hand.

Loaning Money to RelativesOftentimes, family will financially support each other whenever there is an emergency. However, it can be difficult to expect it to be returned promptly. This is a page about loaning money to relatives.


A garlic parmesan chicken dinner on a white plate.

Garlic Parmesan ChickenSalty parmesan cheese and pungent garlic combine to make a delicious chicken dish. This page is about making garlic parmesan chicken.


Old glass perfume bottles

Cleaning Old Perfume Bottles?Ornate glass perfume bottles have been collected for generations. They can be difficult to clean safely and thoroughly. This is a page about cleaning old perfume bottles.


Dog sitting in between two blond girls, all of them eating a small cookie.

Dog Friendly Oatmeal "Raisin" CookiesRaisins and grapes are dangerous to feed to dogs so should always be avoided in all forms. There are great alternatives that your dog is sure to love. This is a page about dog friendly oatmeal "raisin" cookies.


Glass pot lid on white background.

Uses for Cookware LidsSaving the old lids from cookware that you are getting rid of can be a good idea. Many skillets do not come with a lid or a new set may not have lids for all of the pots and pans included. And of course they can be used as cymbals by the kids!


Celery being dipped in crabmeat dip.

Crabmeat Dip RecipeThis cream cheese and mayo based dip is made using imitation crab and seasonings. If you are lucky enough to have some fresh or canned crab meat on hand that would make for an even more special treat. This page contains a crabmeat dip recipe.


A wire cross with curlicues.

Copper Wire Cross Wall HangingTake bright copper wire and make this pretty cross as a decoration for your bedroom or hallway. This page is about making a copper wire cross wall hanging.


Pit Bull Puppy looking scared.

Growling Pit Bull PuppyPuppies can start to growl when they are quite young, as play or to establish dominance. This is a page about a growling Pit Bull puppy.


Tomato plant with black leaves and green tomatoes.

Tomato Plant Leaves Turning BlackBlack leaves are a sign of infection and the tomato plant needs to be treated immediately to prevent blighted fruit. This is a page about tomato plant leaves turning black.


A Shark Navigator Lift-Away in a hallway.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away ReviewsChoosing a new vacuum can be made easier by doing your homework, such as reading reviews of the various models you are considering. This page contains Shark Navigator Lift-away reviews.


Man pushing red lawn mower on grass

Troy Bilt Push Lawnmower Won't Start?Often lawnmowers have a bit of trouble if they have sat without being operated for too long. This page has tips if your Troy Bilt push lawnmower won't start.


Table decorated for a wedding

Finding Inexpensive Weddings SuppliesWeddings can add up to a lot of money, especially for the one time decorations and supplies. This is a page about finding inexpensive weddings supplies.


A garlic root before being peeled.

Using Ginger for a Sore ThroatGinger is a natural remedy for colds and coughs and can make a soothing medicine for your throat. This is a page about using ginger for a sore throat.


Using Old Cooking Containers As Planters - strainer painted white and planted with geraniums

Using Old Cooking Containers as PlantersRecycle a warped pot or rusted colander to be a whimsical planter for your garden bed or patio. This is a page about using old cooking containers as planters.


Bread in bread machine on wooden board

Bread Machine Bread is Hard and Dense?Bread machines are usually fool-proof but there can be some common problems to avoid. This page has advice if your bread machine bread is hard and dense.


Person holding a shopping basket in font of the produce section.

Shopping at Asian MarketsIf you are looking for an ingredient to use in an Asian recipe, like galangal or lemongrass, a good place to go is a local Asian market. This is a page about shopping at Asian markets.


A tray of seedlings in cardboard pots.

Finding Heirloom SeedsGrow the same plants that your grandparents may have grown. Many seed companies and seed exchanges now have a variety of heirloom seeds available. This is a page about finding heirloom seeds.


Information on a Gem Folding Table - wooden folding table

Finding the Value of an Antique Folding Table?This is a page about finding the value of an antique folding table. You can make some interesting and possibly valuable finds at thrift and resale stores. The harder part comes after you get your treasure home and try to identify and ascertain its value.


A Samsung ice maker that is not working.

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Will Not Dispense Ice?Refrigerator ice makers can sometimes get stuck or stop working, requiring maintenance. This has tips if your Samsung refrigerator ice maker will not dispense ice.


A Louis XV style bombe chest.

Value of a Baker Furniture Louis XV Style Bombe Chest?Well made furniture is often made in a popular style from the past. This is a page about the value of a Baker Furniture Louis XV style bombe chest.


Plastic Toy Pieces Stuck Together

Plastic Toy Pieces Stuck Together?This is a page about a remedy for plastic toy pieces that are stuck together. Several ideas have been suggested as a remedy for this situation, including heat, cold, and WD-40.


A Smith Corona typewriter in need of repair.

Troubleshooting a Smith Corona SL470 Typewriter?Old typewriters can often be restored to working order with some adjusting or replacement parts. This is a page about troubleshooting a Smith Corona SL470 typewriter.


A butternut squash being cut in half.

Cutting SquashWinter squash, such as acorn squash, have a very tough skin making them a bit difficult to cut. One thought is to use a pumpkin carving tool. Of course a very sharp knife will also do the job. This is a page about cutting squash.


A collection of wooden spoons.

Using Wooden SpoonsWooden spoons are an excellent choice for cooking. They do not react with acidic foods, get too hot, or scratch pots and pans. There are many other reasons to have a set of wooden spoons in the kitchen. This is a page about using wooden spoons.


Pizza in a cast iron skillet on a painted wooden table

Skillet PizzaThis pizza is literally made in a skillet on your stove top, with only a quick trip to the broiler to heat up the toppings and melt the cheese. It is easy and virtually infinitely variable. Use whatever ingredients you have for the topping.



potatoes and brussel sprouts on pan

Oven Roasted VegetablesThis recipe is for roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts. I made this recipe without fat or oil but it may be made with oil.


A set of alkaline batteries next to a set of heavy duty carbide batteries.

Choose Alkaline BatteriesI have found that heavy duty carbide batteries do not stack up compared to the alkaline batteries. The alkaline batteries cost more but will give far more service. The heavy duty batteries won't give as bright of light as the alkaline ones. It is worth paying more for the alkaline batteries by far. Longer lasting is less cost of usage.


Some free items from businesses; a calendar, pens and a coffee mug.

Free Items from BusinessesVisit businesses and banks for free items. They offer advertising items to promote or gain new customers. No need to buy pens, calendars, coffee mugs any more. Businesses benefit from distributing their promotional items to prospective customers.


A free state road map from the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Free Road Maps and Other Travel InformationNo need to buy a road map from the gas station convenience store. Go to the website for the Department of Transportation for your State. Request a free state road map and it will be mailed to you. You will receive the map very quickly in the mail. I live in Michigan and this was my experience to receive the map.


BayLee Boo Boo (Golden Corgi) - beautiful short legged reddish gold dog

BayLee Boo Boo (Golden Corgi)I adopted this sweet girl at our local shelter on April 15, 2016. I asked the shelter what they could tell me about her, and they told me she had been dumped out of a car and the owner took off. She had been at the shelter a while due to her age. I took one look at her and my heart melted.


Paper Towel Roll Rocket Craft for Kids - larger rocket decorated with stickers

Paper Towel Roll Rocket Craft for KidsAfter visiting a museum, my toddler became fascinated with rockets. This is a fun craft to do with your toddler/child with items you already have at home.


Two plastic children's chairs from an estate sale.

Only Shop at Family Estate SalesIf you shop at an estate sale run by a company, the prices will be much higher. If the sale is run by the family, usually the adult children, their goal is to clear out the house so it can be sold. The last sale I went to I was given a Little Tikes table and 4 chairs and 7 white wire shelves for cabinets.


A scrub brush being used to clean a serrated knife.

Clean Serrated Knives With BrushI use to think I wasn't getting my serrated knives clean enough. I would wash them with a dish cloth, very gently, trying not to snag my cloth on the serrations.



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Gluing Glass to Glass?I am making tall centerpieces for my mom's 60th birthday party and I'm gluing glass to glass. I've used E6000 glue and a hot glue gun in order to make the pieces stick together, but it won't stick! This has never happened to me. What going on?


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Reattaching the Springs on a Singer Simple Sewing Machine?I have a Singer Simple, model 2263 sewing machine. 2 springs came loose on my machine and I don't know where they belong.


Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art - bronze or copper colored relief of musicians

Identifying a Piece of Metal Relief Art?I have been given this picture. I must admit I have never seen this type before. What kind of craft picture is this? I am not sure if it is copper or brass. It has a hanging chain. Has anyone seen this or something similar? The picture itself seems to be of the olden times with minstrels.


Dog's Hair Has Not Grown Back After Trimming

Dog's Hair Has Not Grown Back After Trimming?After a full year my American Eskimo's hair still has not grown back on the bottom of his tail. It was trimmed to a length of about 4"; my groomer said for cleanliness.


Looking for Discontinued Jaima Brown Wallpaper - floral jungle motif on black background

Looking for Discontinued Jaima Brown Wallpaper?I am looking for this discontinued Jaima Brown wallpaper. Any ideas where I could find it?


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My 5-month-old American Bully has been diagnosed with parvovirus and was admitted to a vet clinic for almost 5 days. The vet allowed us to take him home even though he was not eating yet.


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Name Ideas for a Graphic Design Business?My name is Nilanjana Nag. I want some name suggestions for my graphic design company, using my name.


Identifying a Houseplant - small pant with dark green leaves heavily veined with white

Identifying a Houseplant?I really liked this small plant from IKEA, so I decided to buy it. However, I've searched everywhere and I still can't identify its type. Its leaves are not smooth; they feel almost like paper, its branches are a little fuzzy, and it's average in size.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My kids' dad was killed in an accident and my kids receive survivor benefits. Now there is someone saying he has another kid and they want to do DNA to see. How will this effect the benefits my kids receive now which isn't much because he didn't work much? Will it lower the amount they receive every month?


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