April 25, 2019

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Baby Shark from Easter Egg - ready to use as a bath toy

Making a Baby Shark from a Plastic Easter EggThe popular toddler baby shark song influenced this cute modification of a plastic egg. This is a page about making a baby shark from a plastic Easter egg.


Berry Infused Lemonade

Berry Infused Lemonade RecipeBy adding your own fresh berries, you can add special flavor to pre-made or homemade lemonade. This page contains berry infused lemonade recipe.


Bacon Wrapped Porchetta

Bacon Wrapped Porchetta RecipeBacon is said to make everything better. In this case, it is used to make a delicious pork tenderloin for a party or special dinner.This page contains a recipe for bacon wrapped porchetta.


Making a Cupcake Liner Spider - finished spiders with legs and web drawn on for finishing touches

Making a Cupcake Liner SpiderA simple craft to make with your little kids to create spiders with cupcake liners, paper, black marker, glue and jiggly eyes. This is a page about making a cupcake liner spider.


kitchen products for the garden

25 Garden Solutions from the Kitchen, Bath and LaundryIt can be surprising to learn how many things you already have around the house, that can be helpful in your yard and garden. This is a page about 25 garden solutions from the kitchen, bath and laundry.


Finished flower card.

In-Full-Blossom Birthday CardCut paper flowers in many colors using the pattern included with this craft and attach them to the card front using brads. The recipient will love this handcrafted card. Learn how to make an in-full-blossom birthday card using the instructions in this page.


Valentine's Day Decorated Gift Bag

Valentine's Day DIY Gift BagsYou can add holiday themed decorations to a gift bag with simple supplies you probably already have at home. This is a page about valentine's day DIY gift bags.


popped popcorn

Best Stovetop PopcornSkip the microwave and hot air poppers, cook delicious popcorn right on your stove. This is a page about making the best stovetop popcorn.


Identifying Reel Mower and Its Value

Identifying an Old Reel Mower?Determining manufacturer and the history of an old push lawn mower can help you determine if it has any value. This is a page about identifying an old reel mower.


brownies on plate

Best Ever BrowniesIf you are looking for a delicious chocolatey brownie, look no further! This is a page about making best ever brownies.


Make a Little Hothouse for Early Tomatoes - pull down over the top of the pot, tie with a cord with a slip knot so that it can be raised later

Starting Tomatoes in a HothouseTomatoes need to be protected from frost and cool temperatures. A plastic tent can help keep them warm and give them a head start on the season. This is a page about making a little hothouse for starting tomatoes.


finished card with stars, bow, and glitter

Homemade Stocking Christmas CardPaper and simple decorations are used to create this pretty Christmas card. This page contains directions for a homemade stocking Christmas card.


A faucet with a multifunction sprayer on the end, with markings in Sharpie.

Marking a Sprayer on a Kitchen FaucetSometimes, it can be difficult to tell what setting your sprayer may be on, but marking it can make it simple. This page is about marking a sprayer on a kitchen faucet.


Corned Beef Split Pea Soup in pot

Leftover Corned Beef Split Pea SoupMake a delicious split pea soup with leftover beef and broth from St. Patrick's Day. This page contains a recipe for leftover corned beef split pea soup.


Dog looking into an open clothes dryer.

Warning About Dryer Sheets and PetsSometimes dryer sheets are recommended for pet cleaning or deodorizing but this should be discouraged. The chemicals and fragrances may be toxic to your pets.This page contains a warning about dryer sheets and pets.


DIY Bra Strap Hider - in place on black bra straps

DIY Bra Strap HiderBras can slip off shoulders or show with certain types of tops but you can clip the straps together with one of these handy devices. This page has instructions for a DIY bra strap hider.


The shelf inside a repaired desk.

Using a Screw as a Missing Shelf PegPegs make it easy to adjust shelves in cabinets, desks and bookcases. However, the tiny pegs can often go missing or the holes they go in can become damaged. A screw is a good substitute. This page is about using a screw as a missing shelf peg.


Ribbon bows added.

Wooden Spoon Bunny Plant Poke CraftTurn a plain wooden spoon into this cute decoration to add to flowers or a potted plant as a gift at Easter or any time. This page contains a wooden spoon bunny plant poke craft.


Some ground coffee left in the bottom of the coffee can.

Removing Odors From Coffee ContainersA new, unused coffee filter can be used to absorb the coffee smell from inside plastic coffee containers. This is a page about removing odors from coffee containers.


Crocheted Doily Roses - in vase before adding white flowers

Making Crocheted Doily RosesMini doilies can be fashioned into beautiful fake roses for a lovely year round bouquet or a special gift. This is a page about crocheted doily roses.


Removing Mold from Dish Drainer

Removing Mold from a Dish DrainerAny damp surface can develop mold and mildew unless dried between uses. If your dish drainer has gotten moldy, it's important to completely clean it off. This is a page about removing mold from a dish drainer.


Father's Day Popsicle Token of Affection - open stick token gift

Father's Day Popsicle Stick Token of AffectionRemind your dad how special he is with this personalized decoration. This page is about making a Father's Day popsicle token of affection.


A bowl of creamy Tom Kha Gai soup.

Tom Kha Gai Soup RecipeChicken, coconut milk and galagnal are the essential ingredients to make this savory Thai soup. This page contains a recipe for tom kha gai soup.



soup in bowl

Pea Soup from Braising LiquidI've made corned beef several times since St. Patrick's Day as I've become quite a fan of the Instant Pot method (link below). It reminded me that every year, I am always left with a large amount of delicious braising liquid from all the meat and veggies. I decided to try to make a soup from it, being careful to make sure I balance out the saltiness by adding extra water, to taste. This is a great thrifty use of the braising liquid and boosting it with some peas, veggies, and water. Turned out delicious!


Cheese Roundwiches on plate

Cheese RoundwichesGoing out on a pool party can be very exhausting especially if there are kids. So, we set up an inflatable and celebrated Easter Sunday at home instead. I made sandwiches for the kids to enjoy.



A faucet with a multifunction sprayer on the end, with markings in Sharpie.

Marking the Sprayer on your Kitchen FaucetI recently replaced the normal head of the faucet with one of those that you can change from one to the other. Sometimes I want the stream for filling water bottles, etc. Then sometimes I want the sprayer to clean the sink. But I don't want the sprayer when I want to fill a bottle and I too often forget which setting it's on.


DIY Turntable Cake - finished cake

DIY Turntable CakeI'm not a professional baker or cake decorator, but I do love making personalized desserts for my friends and family. I made this cake for my band bassist who adores collecting vinyl records (and playing them on his turntable all day). I've made it so the tunearm can be moved on and off the record, while staying 100% edible.


A screw in place of a removable pin to hold up a shelf in a desk.

Use a Screw as a Missing Desk Pin/Shelf PegIs your desk missing a pin to support a shelf? You can use a screw instead. Screw in at an angle to ensure the screw is in place.


DIY Privacy Screen for Windows - in place

DIY Privacy Screen for WindowsWith simple everyday items: cardboard/box, painter's tape, trash bag, scissors/box cutter, and measuring tape - you could make your own privacy screen for your window.


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Straw for Removing Strawberry HullsEasy hull removal. All it takes is a straw and a push. Place the straw in the middle of the strawberry on the bottom, then push it through until it reaches the hull keep pushing then the hull will pop off.


A heart shape in the sky because of the treeline and branches.

Heart in the TreesI decided to go for a walk on my lunch break. I'd never been to this park before. But it was calm and relaxing. During my walk I happened to notice this beautiful shape of a heart in the trees and at the base was a nest. It sent me a message to love life. And to keep my eyes open to the beauty around me.


TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight Crafting

TSA Approved Thread Cutter for In-flight CraftingI was scheduled to make a short flight last month. I wanted to bring my current quilt block project along in case I had time to work on one. One of the options found on the internet was using the cutter in a dental floss box. It works great and fits neatly into the Altoids tin I had for the paper pieced hexagons, thread, thimble, etc.


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Product Review: Hellmann's Olive Oil MayonnaiseI've always been indifferent about mayonnaise. I neither liked nor disliked it. I used it to moisten an otherwise dry sandwich and found it a must for potato salad. All that's changed.



Identifying Insect Eggs - small black eggs

Identifying Insect Eggs?Can anyone tell me what these are? I found them on leaves of lettuce in my garden.


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Repairing a Hoover Power Brush Carpet Cleaner?I have the Hoover Power brush. The motor runs when I hit the switch, but when I pull the button no water circulates through the suction part. The roller is rolling and where it sucks it's sucking, but the water doesn't go down on the floor.


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Adult Cat Just Started Pooping and Peeing in the Closet?My 7 year old cat just started pooping and peeing in my closet on top of the shoes. Nothing has changed in our environment. He is healthy and has no problems. He had a vet wellness appointment a week prior. He still uses the litter boxes. So I ruled out UTI. I kept him out of my closet for 2 weeks and no accidents. He didn't go in any other closets in the house.


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Using Heavy Cream to Make Ice Cream?When making ice cream with heavy whipping cream how do I get rid of the waxy or buttery stuff. It is very unpleasant. The taste is great, but the waxy stuff isn't.


Identifying Flying Insects

Identifying Flying Insects?I need to know what this is. I was told it was a white fly, but I do not see them on my plants. They are wall to wall on my outside porch and porch ceiling and screen around another porch. They do not bite. I have sprayed bug spray and Bifen, but they are still swarming.


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Mallard Duck Laid 2 Eggs on My Boat Dock?A mallard duck and her mate hang out near our boat dock everyday. Yesterday we found 2 eggs, not in a nest and not even near each other. Just laying on the dock in different corners. What should I do?


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Holy Communion Anchoring Script?Please share an anchoring script for Holy Communion of my boy.


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Identifying Hard Lumps on 3 Week Old Puppy's Face and Neck?My dog just had puppies 3 weeks ago. I noticed a few days ago one of the puppies had hard lumps around its mouth. I have already made the vet appt. for their first visit to get them vaccinated and checked, but it isn't until May 7th. I have called the vet office about this and they are booked into May, but said I can phone every morning to see if I can get in on emergency.


Identifying Black Bugs in My Bed - unclear photo of a black bug

Identifying Black Bugs in My Bed?I've seen around 10 of these bugs on my bed either on my blankets or on me. They are usually just crawling and I don't think they are bed bugs, but how do I get rid of them?


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Medications for Osteoarthritis?I have osteoarthritis in my right ankle and was wondering if anyone can recommend the best pain medication for it. I did have the opioids based medication, but stopped taking them as they were making me ill.


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Subscription Up to Date But Not Getting Magazines?I have a problem with America in WWII magazine. I have been a customer since 2008, no problem. The last issue I got was Oct.of 2018, even though my subscription is paid thru November/December 2019. I have been to the Post Office twice, made at least one call a month to the publisher, but still no magazine. It's a bi-monthly magazine.


Identifying an Upholstered Chair  - floral upholstered chair with wood trim

Identifying an Upholstered Chair?Can anyone tell me what style chair this is and maybe a time period it was made? It appears to have been reupholstered. There are no tags underneath and I can't find any markings either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Resealing Seams on Tub Surround?If the adhesive on the tub surround has opened in parts of the seams how can I seal it again? What type of sealant and what type of prep work has to be done?


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Identifying Bugs in Human Hair?Does anyone have black specks in their hair?


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Identifying a Song?I heard I song I liked today, but was unable to ask Siri or Shazam the lyrics. The song starts off with a repetition of, "Have you ever felt", (more lyrics here I think), then goes to something like, "I feel the fire in my heart". I hope that made sense. Does anyone have any idea what this song is?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?I like to plan my birthday ahead and I'm turning 13, but I don't know what my birthday party would be about. I'm going to have a sleepover with 10 girls, but we need something to do during the day. Btw I'm a girly girl. Any ideas?


Does My Puppy Look Like a White German Shepherd? - white puppy with a black spot on its side

Does My Puppy Look Like a White German Shepherd?The puppy is only 1.5 months. People were I reside never have heard about white German Shepherds. So I'm wondering in your opinion if he looks like a German Shepherd? I posted mom & dad'd pictures. We know the dad is a German, but the mom they don't know since it was gifted.


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Substituting Other Canned Fruit for Pineapple in Angel Food Cake?I am making an angel-food cake. I see that it is often made using pineapple. Can I use any kind of canned fruit, and do I drain it?


Identifying a Heritage Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a long pink dress with white apron and matching hat

Identifying a Heritage Porcelain Doll?Can you identify my doll?


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Kitchen Light Circuit Not Working?I am not sure what's going on, but the lights in my kitchen are out. I've turned all of the breakers off and on, but still nothing. Everything else in the kitchen is still functioning. I don't see a GFI outlet anywhere in the kitchen, but tested the one in the bathroom. All other lights and outlets in the house are functioning.


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Back Windshield Washer Not Spraying?Why doesn't my back window sprayer spray? I have a 2010 Ford Escape Limited.


Removing Leather Wedding Album Stuck to Wood Coffee Table - photo album on coffee table

Removing Leather Wedding Album Stuck to Wood Coffee Table?The bottom of my leather wedding album is stuck to my wood coffee table. The table is slotted so I can reach between to force it off, but I am afraid I will damage the wedding album. Any suggestions that won't ruin the album?


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