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Photo of a potted plant.

Filler Ideas for Potted PlantsThere are a lot of things you can use to fill under the soil in your potted plants. Some of them will help reduce the weight of large pots, others help retain moisture. This is a page about filler ides for potted plants.


A sunflower plant growing in a light green container.

Growing Sunflowers in ContainersThis page is about growing sunflowers in containers. Sunflowers are a wonderful addition to any garden space for their beautiful colors and visiting birds.


Styrofoam in plant pot

Using Styrofoam in Plant ContainersLarge planters can be very heavy if filled with soil and drainage rocks. Reuse dense styrofoam to fill the bottom instead. This is a page about using styrofoam in plant containers.


Protecting Pots and Planters Over Winter

Protecting Pots and Planters Over WinterThis page is about protecting pots and planters over the winter. You may want to keep some of your container plants and pots for next spring.


Growing Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Growing Vegetables in Hanging BasketsWhether you are patio gardening or simply trying to add even more gardening space, hanging baskets may be the answer. This is a page about growing vegetables in hanging baskets.


Hanging Basket

Creating Hanging BasketsThis is a page about creating hanging baskets. Hanging baskets are a nice way to add a touch of color while showing off some lovely plants around your house.


Wick Watering for Container Plants

Wick Watering for Container PlantsThis is a page about wick watering for container plants. If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to water your container plants, either all of the time or when on vacation, try wick watering.


A pine tree in a pot.

Overwintering Potted Evergreens?This is a page about overwintering potted evergreens. Smaller evergreens grown in pots may need protection from the harsh weather and temperatures of winter, in some areas.


Wood window flower box.

Lining Wood Window BoxesWindow boxes add a lovely floral touch to your home's exterior. To keep the soil from leaking through the joints and the wood from rotting there are a variety of liners to choose from. This page offers a number of good suggestions for lining wood window boxes.


Hydrangeas in a Clay Pot

Growing Hydrangeas in Containers?This is a page about growing hydrangeas in containers. While it is possible to grow hydrangeas in containers, there are some steps you will need to follow to keep your plants happy and healthy.


Fig Tree in a pot viewed from above

Growing Figs in ContainersThis is a page about growing figs in containers. Figs can successfully be grown in containers as long as you are willing to give them the extra care and maintenance required.


Selecting the Right Sized Containers for Growing Vegetables

Selecting the Right Sized Containers for...This is a page about selecting the right sized containers for growing vegetables. Choosing the right sized container for growing your veggies is important to the overall success of your harvest.



Prevent Soil Leakage from Pots

Prevent Soil Leakage from PotsHere's a quick and easy method to avoid soil leakage from your pots. All you'll need are a few supplies - your pot of choice, grab any mesh netting scraps (I utilized leftover galvanized mesh netting) and some hot glue.


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Five Benefits of Self Watering PotsSelf-watering pots, also known as sub-irrigation planters, offer several advantages for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Here are five benefits of using self-watering pots:


A patio with many containers of plants.

Creative Container GardeningWait until you take a look at the different creative containers used for container gardening on a patio. I used colored bowls and plates, a lamp stand with a plastic container, two wooden crates, a strainer, a scale, a large tea pot, and a pedestal sink.


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Using Coconut Planter Inserts?What to use to keep coconut inserts in flower pots from dripping out bottom.


Sunken Gutters For Flower Border Containers - newly replanted

Sunken Gutters For Flower Border ContainersIf you are looking for an inexpensive, easy way to create a nice narrow flower border for your garden consider rain gutters. The gutters can be placed level with the soil surface for a discrete planter.


The Smallest Fairy Garden - outside on plant shelf

The Smallest Fairy GardenFairy gardens are a fun, whimsical gardening project. They can be designed for indoors or the garden, allowing you free range on size, decorative elements, and plant selection. Here we look at how to create a tiny fairy garden for displaying in your home or outside.


Container gardens with flowers.

Keeping Your Container Garden from Attracting Mosquitoes?This is a page about keeping your container garden from attracting mosquitos. Saucers, tubs, and kiddy pools are frequently used to keep container planters well watered. However, standing water often becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos. There are numerous products available that effectively eliminate mosquito larvae while being safe for plants.


Stack of disposable diapers.

Use Diapers as Filler in Potted PlantsThis is a page about diapers for potted plants. A disposable diaper at the bottom of a pot can help hold in dirt and moisture.


multitude of impatiens

How to Create an Impatiens Bed From Scrap MaterialsThis page contains an idea for making a flower bed from 4 gallon milk crates, roofing shingles, and a couple of lengths of house siding. A nice looking bed for your plants at almost no cost. This is a page about how to create an impatiens bed from scrap materials.


Spinach seedlings growing inside a concrete mixing tub.

Growing Vegetables in Concrete Mixing TubsThe black concrete or mortar mixing tubs available at your local hardware of big box home improvement store are perfect containers for growing shallow rooted vegetables. This offers some good reasons for growing vegetables in concrete mixing tubs.


Cherry tomatoes on the vine.

Growing Tomatoes In Black Plastic BagsThis is a page about growing tomatoes in black plastic bags. Tomatoes can be grown in a variety of containers. Hanging them upside down in buckets or bags is one option. Similarly, they can be planted in soil filled bags on the ground.


Pallet Wood Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening AdviceApartments, townhouses, and homes with small back yards often don't provide a lot of space for gardening. If you can't go horizontal, think vertical. This page contains vertical gardening advice.


Blue Kitty Litter Tub

Use Kitty Litter Tubs as Garden PlantersBy adding drainage holes to kitty litter tubs you can make several large, shallow planters inexpensively. This is a page about use kitty litter tubs as garden planters.


Grow Grapes On Your Patio/Deck/Back Yard - grape standard in bucket

Growing Grapes in ContainersEven if you don't have a garden space, you can successfully grow grapes in a container on your patio or deck. This is a page about growing grapes in containers.


Cantaloupes plants growing in containers.

Growing Cantaloupes in Containers?Many types of melons and fruits can be grown in containers. Growing cantaloupes in containers is not hard but does require some extra attention.



Row of Containers for Plants on Deck

Container Gardening on a DeckGrow beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables on your deck in containers, even if you don't have a yard. This is a page about container gardening on a deck.


Plants growing in an outdoor container.

Reasons Container Plants FailWhen a plant growing in a container begins to show signs of stress you will need to determine the cause if you are going to save it. Often its roots are somehow involved in the mystery. This is a page about reasons container plants fail.


Several containers with plants growing in them.

Great Tips for Container GardeningWhen you decide to try container gardening there are several things you will need to be aware of and attend to in order to ensure success, such as type and size of container, soil, moisture, and more. This is a page about great tips for container gardening.


Several different containers being used as planters.

Recycled Container GardeningMany types of containers that you would typically recycle can be used for container gardening. This is a page about recycled container gardening.


Cardboard Box

Making Raised Garden Beds Using Cardboard BoxesRaised beds are usually made from wood, concrete or stone. You can use something as simple as a large cardboard box however, it will last likely only last one season. This is a page about making raised beds using cardboard boxes.


Growing Strawberries in a pot.

Growing Strawberries in ContainersBecause of the trailing, spreading nature of many strawberry varieties they make good choices for container gardening. This is a page about growing strawberries in containers.


Planting a Hanging Flower Basket

Planting a Hanging Flower BasketPlanting your own flower basket not only allows you to choose the plants yourself it can also help save you some money. This is a page about planting a hanging flower basket.


Hanging Flower

Hanging Flower Basket PhotosThis is a page about hanging flower basket photos. Hanging flower baskets add a splash of color all about your garden, patio, deck, or porch.


Container Garden on Stairs

Getting Started With Container GardeningThis is a page about getting started with container gardening. There are many reasons that you may be considering container gardening rather than in-ground.


Cucumber plants growing in a container.

Growing Cucumbers in Containers?This is a page about growing cucumbers in containers. Many gardeners prefer to grow their vegetables in containers whenever possible.


Flowers in pots on the patio being watered with a watering can.

Watering Container PlantsThis page is about watering container plants. Make sure your plants have the right amount of moisture to help them thrive.


Hanging planter baskets holding tomato plants with numerous yellow blossoms and green cherry tomatoes against a rustic background.

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging PlantersThis is a page about growing tomatoes in hanging planters. We have seen the upside down planters for growing tomatoes, but you can also grow them in normal hanging planters.


painted purple ombrestackable potato planter

Building a Stackable Potato TowerSave gardening space and grow tons of potatoes by building this stackable potato planter. This page gives you step by step instructions to make a stackable potato planter.


Plant with pink flowers in a large terra-cotta pot

Moving Large PlantersThis is a page about moving large planters. Large planters can be quite heavy.


Plants in Containers

Diagnosing Problems in Container PlantsThis is a page about diagnosing problems in container plants. Container plants are subject to a variety of diseases and pests, as well as, other threats to their growth, just like those growing in your garden.



Winter Maple in Planter

Keeping Planters Over Winter?This is a page about keeping planters over winter. Depending on what kind of plants are in your container you may be able to keep them alive through the winter, without bringing them indoors.


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Growing Tomato Plants in Buckets?I am going to plant tomato plants in 5 gallon buckets. Any special advice to make it work?


Sand Pail Planter

Making Sand Pail PlantersThis is a page about making sand pail planters. Inexpensive sandbox and beach containers can make colorful planters for the yard or patio.


Window Box Garden

Window Box GardeningThis is a page about window box gardening. Protecting your home's exterior from soil and moisture is important, when gardening in containers attached outside your windows.


Maidenhair Fern

Saving an Overheated PlantThis page is about saving an overheated plant. A plant can become wilted and slumped over its pot, after being put in too warm of a location.


Growing strawberries in a planter.

Growing Food in a Small SpaceThis page is about growing food in a small space. If you have room for a plant or two you can grow something that you can eat.


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Making Drainage Holes for Plastic ContainersThe easy way is to heat a hole punch, awl, or nail tip over a lit candle. Then simply push it down into the turned over container in several spots to allow for adequate drainage.


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Growing an Alberta Spruce in a Container?This is a page about growing an Alberta spruce in a container. Because of its small size and slow growth habits an Alberta spruce is a good container plant.


Flowering Evergreen Plants

Flowering Evergreen Plants?This is a page about flowering evergreen plants. Pots of evergreen flowering plants make a beautiful addition to your garden, entryway, or patio.


Blooming Hollyhocks

Growing Hollyhocks in Containers?This is a page about growing hollyhocks in containers. Because of their height and root ball size traditional hollyhocks may not be the best choice for container gardening. There are however, smaller varieties that are much better suited to growing in pots.



Growing Lilies in PotsThis is a page about growing lilies in pots. Potted lilies can add colorful beauty to your patio or entryway. They are also good indoor plants during their bloom cycle.


Peppers in Containers

Growing Peppers in Containers?This is a page about growing peppers in containers. Most pepper plants will thrive in a container.


Cactus Dish Garden

Creating a Dish GardenThis page is about creating a dish garden. Succulent plant and low water plants can make an attractive indoor planter for those in cooler climates.


Patio and Balcony Gardening

Patio and Balcony GardeningThis page is about patio and balcony gardening. When living in an apartment or condo you can still have some flowers and vegetables.


Container Water Garden

Making a Container Water GardenThis is a page about making a container water garden. Add a lovely special interest planting to your garden with a homemade container water garden.


Lily growing in a pot

Lily Pad (Pennsylvania)Raising a lily pad without a pond? It works good in a plastic or foam flower pot. Here's proof


Cinder Block Raised Bed

Cinder Block PlantersThis is a page about making cinder block planters. Cinder blocks are relatively inexpensive and can easily be stacked and arranged in numerous ways. Their holes are perfect for planting in or you can create a bigger planter by stacking them up for a raised planter.


A close up of plants growing in a cinder block.

Growing Plants in Cinder BlocksThis page is about growing plants in cinder blocks. Cinder blocks can be used in many areas of a yard as containers for plants.


Recycled plastic containers for seedlings.

Recycled Seedling Container IdeasThis page is about recycled seedling container ideas. A variety of materials and food containers can be reused for starting your garden plants.


Container with Plants Attached to Fence

Container GardeningThis page is about container gardening. When faced with limited garden space or to enhance your patio, many flower and food producing plants can be grown in containers.


Newspaper Seed Starting Pot

Making Newspaper PotsA thrifty way to have enough containers for your plant starts and seedlings is to make pots out of newspaper. This page is about making newspaper pots.


Homemade Birdbath Ideas

Homemade Birdbath IdeasA variety of materials and containers can be used to fashion a birdbath for your yard or garden. This page is about homemade birdbath ideas.


Morning glory flowers in a hanging basket.

Growing Morning Glory in ContainersThis page is about growing morning glory in containers. Morning glory is easy to grow and does well in planters.


Herbs growing in containers.

Growing Herbs in ContainersThis is a page about growing herbs in containers. With just a little planning it is very easy to grow herbs in containers.


Growing Vegetables in Containers

Growing Vegetables in ContainersThis is a page about growing vegetables in containers.Even if you don't have the garden space for a vegetable garden, you can grow a variety of veggie plants in containers.


Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing Tomatoes in ContainersThis is a page about growing tomatoes in containers. Container gardening is a great way to grow vegetables if you have limited space. Tomatoes are a good choice for this style of gardening. There are a few easy steps you can take to have a successful gardening experience.


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Planting Cedars in Containers?Can I plant a six foot cedar in a container? If so, how large should the container be?


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How to Insulate Galvanized Steel Gardening Tubs?We have some galvanized steel tubs that we were told need to be insulated from heating the soil. We don't have bubble wrap as suggested. Is there something else that we could use? Also any other helpful information about planting in these tubs would be appreciated.


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When is the Best Time of Day to Water Container Plants?I have containers for flowering plants. What's the best time of day to water?


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Growing Cherry Tomatoes in Containers?How do I grow cherry tomatoes in a container? I travel by RV and I was wondering if I can grow cherry tomatoes in one of those plastic (20 gallon) containers? Do I have to fertilize often? Your input will be much appreciated.


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Can I Grow a Lilac in a Container?Can I grow a lilac bush in a container?


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Transplanting Vegetable Plants into Larger Pots?My vegetable plants are too large for the pots I planted them in. How can I put them in a larger pot without killing them ? I have tomato, bell pepper, and squash.


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Flowers for Apartment Container Garden?I live in an apartment and would like to plant some summer flowers that are easy to grow, like geraniums, in a pot and put them on the porch. I have a very small closed in porch and only have room for about 2 large pots and maybe also hang a rectangular one on the banister (handrail).


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Homemade Gardening Pots?I use homemade papier mache pots for my seedlings, but I don't use salt in the paste mix. Can I use salt to prevent mold or will it kill the plants?


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Keep Your Garden Pots Moist With a DiaperHelp your pots and hanging baskets keep some moisture by adding a baby diaper in the pot. If you decide to take away the plastic, be sure to water soak the diaper first before emptying the contents into the soil.


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Wintering a Container Garden?I live on the 11th floor of an apartment tower facing Lake Erie (North) but we get an incredible amount of sun. Last year I had a fabulous container garden. I know than anything in terra cotta must be brought in to avoid cracking.


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Growing Lemon Trees in Containers?I need help with my lemon tree. It is small, about 3 ft tall and in a container. It does have about 5 baby lemons growing. The leaves look like they are wilting. I do give it citrus fertilizer once a month.


Three Tier Garden Container

Three Tier Garden ContainerAn impressive and fun garden project is a three or four tier container suited to a particular spot in your garden.


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Lining a Basket to Hold Flowers?I have a fairly large square wicker basket I want to put flowers in this spring. What can I line it with, to prevent water from damaging what ever I have it sitting on? Thanks for any help


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Decorating My Entrance With Planters?I would like to decorate my front door entrance on the outside. I live in a small rental house and I was thinking about buying a large planter/pot and putting a few flowers i.e. geraniums in them. I might put a planter on each side of the door.


Grow A Wheatgrass CenterpieceWhether the snow is still blowing outside or your spring bulbs are already making their appearance, garden fever is in the air. One way to quench your need to get your hands dirty is to bring spring indoors by growing your own living decorations.


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Caring for Container Strawberries During the Winter?Caring for Container Strawberries During the Winter. I started strawberries in four layered pots. I don't know what to do with them for the winter? I'm thinking I will put them in my unheated garage, but the temperature will very a great deal; from 50 degrees F on a sunny afternoon to 32 degrees F at night?


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Wood Planter Patterns?I'm looking for plans to make a wooden planter for outside. Does anyone have any or know of a website that has free plans?


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Container Gardening in Texas?I am an experienced gardener, however, I am a recent Texas transplant, and now have very limited space in which to grow things. I would like some recommendations as to things that would grow well in containers, and that would do well with limited eastern light.


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Colorful Plants for Containers?I live in North Georgia (zone 7b) and I would like to place 2 large pots (container garden) on either side of our front door with a variety (about 3) of easy to care for, but colorful plants. The front of our house stays in the shade for the better part of the day. Any suggestions on what plants I should use?


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Cleaning PlantersWhen planting new flowers in previously used planters, pots, or buckets. Rinse out and wash thoroughly, to remove any salt residue or disease any previous plant might have had. By Terri


Vertical Gardening in Pots

Vertical Gardening in PotsAt the beginning of the season I select one plant of each type at a nearby nursery. I cut off each stem about an inch from the bottom. I cut all but the top 2 leaves off of each stem and place the stems in various sized jars of water to root. In a week or two the roots grow long enough to plant them in pots. By this time the original plants have grown up once again and are blooming.


Planting a Hanging Flower Basket

Planting a Hanging Flower BasketI really wanted a hanging flower basket this year, but found the ones at the store to be too expensive. After looking at a few that I liked, I bought my own flowers and planted one myself.


Container Plants on Patio

Diagnosing Problems in Container PlantsJust like their soil-dwelling counterparts, vegetables and flowers grown as container plants are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases. Most are a result of environmental conditions, such as in correct moisture, temperature and light conditions.


corn growing in a wooden contain in back yard

Growing Corn in a Container GardenI grew this beautiful corn in the corn box I made from wood. The box size is 4ft. x 8ft. x 3 1/2 ft. deep. I had so much corn I was giving it away to all my neighbors!


Cinder Block Step Planter - finished planter

Cinder Block Step PlanterThis planter would work great for succulents, grasses, flowers, or strawberries. I chose to use succulents of the Sedum variety but there are a lot of different options.


moonflower with bloom growing in a pot

Grow Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) In PotsI've had moonflower vines climb my trees and attain a height of 50 feet. A lot of people who appreciate this flower may not grow them for that reason. Some may not have any structure for the vines to climb.


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Self Watering Basil Planter

Self Watering Basil PlanterSelf watering containers are a great way to grow plants with out worrying about under or over watering. Learn how to make this self watering planter with this short video.


Cinder Block Planter

Making a Cinder Block PlanterThis video shows an easy way to make a layered planter with cinder blocks.


Making a Terrarium

Making a TerrariumTerrariums are fun to put together and easy to maintain. Check out this video on how to set up a terrarium.



Tomatoes being grown in a kiddie pool.

Staking Tomatoes In a Kiddie Pool?How do I stake up my tomato plants in this little kiddy pool?


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Growing a Hydrangea in a Copper Pot?Will planting a maple leaf hydrangea in a large copper pot effect it in any way, for example its growth?


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Growing Red Fountain Grass in Pots?I planted red fountain grasses in a pot and it has not grown tall like it should have. All the other plants in the pot are doing fine. Did I plant the grass too deep?


Tips of Potted Hydrangea Turning Brown - leaves with brown tips

Tips of Potted Hydrangea Turning Brown?I got a new hydrangea (runaway bride) and put it a large pot with half garden soil and half ericaceous. The leaves keep turning brown at the ends. I gave it a good watering in the soil and am keeping it indoors for now with the frosts. Any idea why this is happening please?


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Using Wicks for Watering Plants?Thank you for the detailed explanation on using wicks for watering plants when away. I live the the United Kingdom and I have had a lot of frustration trying to get a suitable material to use as a wick with my used/saved milk jugs which I intend to use as my water reservoir.


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Growing Tomatoes in Container?This is my first experience in growing tomato plants in a 5 gallon plastic container. Do I punch holes in the bottom for drainage? I need guidance on this project.


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