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A great way to save money on plants is to start new ones from cuttings. This page contains tips and advice about taking cuttings and starting plants from cuttings.

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Crepe Myrtle branch with blossoms

Starting a Crape Myrtle from a CuttingCrape myrtles can successfully be started from both hard and soft wood cuttings. This is a page about starting a crape myrtle from a cutting.


Beautiful flowering Wisteria

Starting a Wisteria from a CuttingWisteria can actually be propagated from both soft and hard wood cuttings, depending on the time of year one works better than the other. This is a page about starting a wisteria from a cutting.


Blackberry bushes with ripening berries.

Rooting a Blackberry Cutting?If you want to grow a blackberry cutting, it is best to allow it to grow roots before planting. A common way is simply to dip the cutting in rooting horemone and place it in a bottle or glass of water in a sunny window. Plant it when the roots are well grown.


Lilac cuttings in a lime green pot next to a matching watering can

Rooting a Cutting From a Lilac BushThis is a page about rooting a cutting from a lilac bush. Propagation from cuttings is a common way of cloning your plants and shrubs, making for more plantings for your garden.


Privet branch against a white background

Rooting Privet Hedge BranchesThis is a page about rooting privet hedge branches. Many hedges and shrubs can successfully be started by rooting clippings.


Photo of a large weeping willow tree.

Starting a Weeping Willow Tree from a CuttingThis is a page about starting a weeping willow tree from a cutting. Many trees and shrubs are easy to start from a cutting.


Pussy Willow Plant

Starting a Pussy Willow Plant from a BranchMany plants can be started from cuttings, including the pussy willow. This is a page about starting a pussy willow plant from a branch.


rooted lantana cuttings

Growing Lantana from a CuttingThis is a page about growing lantana from a cutting. Try getting cuttings from the tips of the plant for the best success.


Close up of pink geranium flower

Growing Geraniums from CuttingsThis is a page about growing geraniums from cuttings. Geraniums are one of the easiest plants to start from cuttings. If you live in a colder area you can take cuttings to overwinter and have a good start on your spring garden.


Growing a Plum Tree from a Cutting

Growing a Plum TreeBy following a few simple steps, you can grow a plum tree from a healthy cutting or purchase a seedling from a local nursery. Plum trees will provide shade and beautiful fruit.


Purple Clematis growing on a lattice fence

Growing Clematis From CuttingsThis is a page about growing clematis from cuttings. It is easy to start new clematis vines from cuttings by following a few simple steps.


Eucalyptus Branches

Starting Eucalyptus from a Cutting?This page is about starting eucalyptus from a cutting. Although usually started from seed, rooting can be a challenge with this kind of woody plant.



Texas Sage bush with blooming purple flowers.

Rooting a Piece of a Texas Sage Plant?Many plants can be propagated by rooting cuttings. If you have a piece broken from your sage give it a try. Use a rooting hormone and the proper medium for this task. This is a page about rooting a piece of a Texas sage plant.


Rooting Impatiens Cuttings

Rooting Impatiens CuttingsThis is a page about rooting impatiens cuttings. One way to save money on garden plants is to divide up your plant purchase by preparing cutting from the main plant.


Wine grapes growing.

Propagating Grape Vines from CuttingsThis is a page about propagating grape vines from cuttings. Grape vines are a good candidate for propagating from either dormant or green cuttings.


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Growing English Laurel From Cuttings?I'm trying to propagate English Laurel. I need a super-fast growing hedge for privacy and can't afford to buy the plants. But I DO have access to cuttings.


Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose Bush - cuttings ready to plant

Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose BushIt might be worth a try to see if you can make multiple cutting from longer rose prunings. If they root you can have several of your favorite bushes in the garden. This is a page about taking multiple cuttings from a rose bush.



Starting Bamboo from Cuttings?There are a number of ways to start bamboo from cuttings. This is a page about starting bamboo from cuttings.


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Growing Different Types of Cuttings?How important is the type of plant cutting? If you for example, take a hardwood cutting when it should be a semi-ripe cutting, would the plant still grow?


Create A Micro Climate For Rooting Cuttings - ivy cuttings

Create A Micro Climate For Rooting CuttingsRooting cuttings is often done by creating a mini greenhouse using plastic bottles or wrap. This method will work, but too much humidity can be harmful to the cuttings, thus requiring wiping to remove excess moisture. An alternative is to create a micro climate for your cuttings. This method is explained in depth on this page.


An African violet leaf with new sprouts coming up.

Propagating African Violets from Leaf CuttingsAfrican violets are relatively easy to propagate from a leaf cutting. Follow the steps defined below and start new plants now.


A plant cutting with plastic wrap and a rubber band holding it together.

How to Ship Plant CuttingsSharing plant cuttings with friends and family is easy. Follow the instructions on this page describing how to ship plant cuttings using a wet paper towel, plastic wrap, and a rubber band.


Propagating Basil From Cuttings - rooting basil cuttings

Growing Basil from CuttingsGrow your own fresh basil from cuttings. Root the cuttings in a container and then plant for a nice fresh supply of this popular herb. This is a page about growing basil from cuttings.


placing a cutting into the floral foam

Easily Root Flower and Tree CuttingsUsing floral foam you can create an environment to root a variety of plants from cuttings. Here you can learn to easily root flower and tree cuttings.


Green hairnet on a white background

Use Hairnets to Protect Small PlantsTo protect little plants or cuttings from insect pests, you can use a hairnet. This is a page about use hairnets to protect small plants.


Holly shrub with red berries.

Propagating Holly Shrubs from Cuttings?Plant cuttings taken in late spring or early summer. Remove the leaves and a section of bark along the base of the cutting before dusting with rooting powder and placing in nursery pots filled with saturated sand or peat moss. Keep moist and in dappled sunlight until rooted. This is a page about propagating holly shrubs from cuttings.


Plant growing in a jar of water.

How to Grow New Houseplants From CuttingsMany houseplants can easily be propagated from cuttings or in the case of bromeliads from the "pups" that grow naturally at the base of the parent plant. The baby plants on your spider plant are also perfect for rooting. This is a page about how to grow new houseplants from cuttings.



Orange Chrysanthemum

Growing Chrysanthemum from CuttingsChrysanthemums are easy to grow from cuttings. Place 6 inch cuttings, 3 to 4 inches into a pot filled with a mixture of moistened sand and peat. Plant when roots are established. This is a page about growing chrysanthemum from cuttings.


Testing Rose Cuttings For Roots - planting rooted cuttings

Testing Rose Cuttings For RootsWhen propagating roses from cuttings you may become impatient to see if they have developed roots. While there are a number of suggestions available for checking for roots, this page contains a method that ensures little to no damage to delicate new roots if they have begun to develop. This is a page about testing rose cuttings for roots.


Reroot Tomato Suckers as New Plant

Reroot Tomato Suckers as New PlantTomato suckers are really easy to root and expand your plant count and thus your harvest. This is a page about reroot tomato suckers as new plant.


rose leaf

Rooting a Single Rose LeafRoses are frequently started from cuttings. Sometimes a leaf from a plant can be used to propagate a new plant. This is a page about rooting a single rose leaf.


Free Bed Full Of Begonias from Cuttings

Growing Begonias from CuttingsMany plants can be propagated from leaf and stem cuttings. This is a page about growing begonias from cuttings.


Start Tomato Plants from Stems

Starting Tomato Plants from CuttingsThis is a page about starting tomato plants from cuttings. Tomatoes are easy to grow from cuttings if you start early enough in the spring.


Boy taking a cutting from a large tomato plant

Growing Tomatoes from CuttingsThis is a page about growing tomatoes from cuttings. An inexpensive way to multiply your tomato plants can be by rooting tomato plant cuttings.


Cut Flowers

Displaying Cut FlowersThis page is about displaying cut flowers. Enjoy your garden flowers indoors with a few tips to help keep them looking fresh.


Christmas Cactus

Starting a Christmas Cactus from CuttingsThis is a page about starting a Christmas cactus from cuttings. Many plants are easy to start from cuttings and the Christmas cactus is one of these.


Beautiful pink oleander flowers.

Starting Oleander from Cuttings?This is a page about starting oleander from cuttings. Oleander shrubs can be started from cuttings if you follow a few simple steps.


Propagating Hydrangeas

Propagating HydrangeasThis is a page about propagating hydrangeas. Propagating hydrangeas from cuttings is surprisingly easy and a great way to increase your plantings and share with neighbors.


Hydrangeas Cuttings

Growing Hydrangeas From CuttingsThis page is about growing hydrangeas from cuttings. This flowering plant can be propagated by rooting a slip.


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Taking Grape Vine Cuttings?I have a 3 year old grape vine that I wish to take cutting from. How is this best done, what procedure should I use?


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Growing a Chocolate Soldier Plant from a Start?Where could I get a start of this plant? I have an indoor chocolate soldier plant, it has an orange bloom.


A cutting of a plant growing in a clay pot.

Starting Plants from CuttingsThis is a page for starting plants from cuttings. One of the best way to get new plants for your home and garden is by taking cuttings from an existing plant. There are several techniques to ensure success.



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Taking a Cutting from a Lilac Bush?How do you take a cutting from a lilac bush and transplant it to another city?


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Looking for a Tropical Hibiscus?I am looking for a certain type of hibiscus. The flower droops or hangs and is bright red. It is tropical. Anyone know where I could get a cutting?


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Which Plants Get Be Started from Cuttings?What bushes or trees can be grown from cuttings?


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Planting a Cutting from a Butterfly Bush?I would like to take a cutting of my butterfly bush and plant it in another place in my yard. Can this be done?


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Starting Honeysuckle from a Cutting?How do I start a major wheeler trumpet honeysuckle from a cutting, with a flower on it?


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Propagating White Trumpet Bush?I received some white trumpet bush stalks about three years ago. They had been overwintered in a bucket stored in a garage. When do I cut the bush back in order to have more stalks to plant next spring?


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Deer Ate My Thornless Blackberry Plants?Deer ate the leaves and tops of the stems of my new thornless blackberry plants, that I planted this Spring. Should I pull it up or can I root some of it? Will the stems grow roots in water? Thanks.


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Starting a Japanese Holly from Cuttings?I have to cut back a Japanese Holly. Can the stems I cut be rooted to make other cuttings? If so, please let me know. Thanks.


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Growing Ivy From Cuttings?I love Ivy and would like to start up an outdoor pot of mixed Ivy. Does anyone have any advice on taking a cutting? My neighbors have a lovely mixture of Ivy plants. Thank you.


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Getting A Start From A Rose Bush?How do I get a start from a rose bush? This is one of those Old Time rose bushes. Thank you.


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Use Canning Jars to Start CuttingsInstead of buying a plant for a birthday or housewarming gift, grow one. I have a few old canning jars in my kitchen window, and I grow new plants in water from clippings of older plants. When it has new roots I plant it in dirt and give a homemade gift that will last a long time.


Rose Bush Cuttings?Rose Bush Cuttings. How do I take a cutting of a rose bush branch for replanting?


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Starting a Cutting from a Birch Tree?How would I start a cutting from a birch tree? We have one that grew where a pine tree used to be out of a rotted stump. I would like to start another one manually like nature had done it.


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How Do You Take Cuttings From Plants?I was wondering what kind of plants or trees can be multiplied by the cutting method. I remember my mom collecting cuttings from everywhere and she would "root" them. What do you do with the cuttings and how long does this take? I think that she stuck the twig or leaf in a small pot of wet soil. That is about all that I am sure of.


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Rooting An Azealea - Tips and Advice?In front of his house was a beautiful dark pink azealea from which I took some clippings to reroot and grow at my home in another state. It's not as sunny here but I have been trying hard to keep it alive, so far its ok, but losing flower. Any suggestions? It's in the sunnyest spot in my yard. I could buy one just like it but it wouldn't be the same.


Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold Cuttings - small plastic pots containing plant cuttings inside a plastic tub

Recycle Plastic Tubs to Hold CuttingsI recycle margarine and ice cream tubs and use them to put my cuttings in. They will hold around four or five small pots. They are easy to transport and catch the drips when watering.


Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose Bush - trim most of the leaves off of the stems, leaving  2-3

Taking Multiple Cuttings From A Rose BushThis past spring, I bought a floribunda rose named 'Summer Romance'. A $15 rose for $3. It was 1½-2 feet tall. Since that time, it has grown to over 6 feet. It has not bloomed.


Growing Passionfruit from Cuttings - cuttings in a Home Depot bucket

Growing Passionfruit from CuttingsPlace passionfruit cuttings into water to revive the cutting before planting in the ground. You would want to place passionfruit cuttings in water for a couple of days until the cuttings are less limp and more firm.


Mini Greenhouse From Soda Bottles

Mini Greenhouse From Soda BottlesYou can make mini greenhouses from 2 liter soda bottles. They are simple and dirt cheap. It is a very effective little greenhouse for rooting cuttings.


placing a cutting into the floral foam

Easily Root Flower and Tree CuttingsMany people here on the islands love the flowers and trees I grow in my garden. However, each time I give them a cutting they can start growing in their garden they seem to die. Therefore, I want to share with you a simple way to root cuttings from different flowers or trees that you can plant in your garden.


Grow New African Violets and Succulents from Cuttings - closeup of a violet let with new growth

Grow New African Violets and Succulents from CuttingsI have seen these tips on the internet, and had not had a chance to try it till now. A friend gave me one African violet leaf after my AV had sadly died because I didn't understand how to keep it happy. Another friend gave me a sage plant leaf.


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Growing a Weeping Willow from a Cutting in a Pot?My parents have a weeping willow in their yard that originally came from my grandparents over 30 years ago. They are selling the house now and I want to have a cutting to grow a new willow.


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Starting Rhododendrons from Cuttings?I have question about my cutting from a rhododendron plant that I started my cutting from. My plant is in a plastic tray. After a few weeks the plant started to die, due to fungus in the soil. I used potting soil. What month is best to take a cutting? Do you cut from the brown part of the stem or only cut from the green part? Is there a rhododendron club I can join?


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Starting Rhododendrons from Cuttings?I have been rooting cuttings for about 2 months. I see some new growth starting, but all the leaves are falling off even though they are still green. Is this normal?


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Best Fertilizer for Hibiscus Cuttings?I have planted some cuttings of hibiscus in small pot planters at home, but they don't seem to be growing instead they are dying. I water the potted plants regularly, the soil is well drained, but not fertilised. What is the problem here? Is it my soil not being fertilised? If so, what fertiliser is best to be used for newly planted hibiscus flower cuttings in pots?


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Starting a Rose Cutting in a Potato?Does any one know if putting the stem of a rose in a potato and then burying it in dirt really works and how long does it take to grow roots?


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Growing Plants in Water?I've tried many times to get cuttings to sprout in water. They just get slimy. What can I do to have some luck?


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