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A Balinese cat on a fluffy blanket.

Balinese Photos and InformationBalinese cats are a long haired version of the popular Siamese breed. They share a similar temperament and personality. These beautiful cats are prized among pet owners for their beautiful silky coat.


Three kittens drinking from a dish.

Rescued Kitten PhotosMany kittens join families as the result of being rescued. These feral or abandoned kitties make great pets. This page contains photos of rescued kittens.


kittens on white background

Kitten PhotosThis is a page about kitten photos. Every cat starts as an adorable, playful kitten who is fun to photograph.


Ragdoll Cat

Moggy/Ragdoll Cat PhotosThis page contains moggy/ragdoll cat photos. Mixed breed cats have interesting fur, colors and personalities.


Pet Cat

Pet Cat PhotosThis page contains pet cat photos. These beautiful feline companions are very photogenic.


A cat wearing a straw hat.

Photos of Cats Wearing HatsThis page contains photos of cats wearing hats. Taking pictures of your pet is always a challenge and fun.


Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon PhotosThis page contains Maine coon photos. Also known as American longhairs, these large domestic cats are known for their hunting skills.


Flower the cat in a flower pot.

A "Potted Flower"This is Flower, 6, a black and white longhair Texas native who managed to get herself potted. I consider her to be the smartest of my family of 4 adopted cats. She is quite a character.


Zero and his pet human.

Zero (Cow Cat)What Zero wants, Zero gets! It helps that he weighs 21 lbs., so that he can pin you down for some petting. :)



White and orange cat sleeping on a couch.

Donovan (Cat)Here's Donovan sleeping with a friend. We have moved 3 times in the past 2 years and still have one more move to go! I guess Donovan feels he needs a friend to sleep with during the day.


One big black and white cat sleeping in a dog bed with a black dog.

Zero (Cat)We adopted Zero after our cat Oolong ran away. Our kids were devastated, and after awhile we decided that we would look at rescuing another cat. We found Zero at the Humane Society when he was about 3 months old.


photo of Lefty cat

Lefty (Cat)Lefty is around 5 years old. The vet referred to her as a bunch of cats patched together. Lefty and her 4 siblings were found as we were driving on a country road on a very hot summer day.


Terrible Twosome

Mike & Meagan (American Long Hair Cats)Mike and Meagan are 7 year old American Long Hairs. Michael and Meagan were my MIL's beloved furbabies.


Cat in the dryer

Lilly (Calico)We got Lilly from a teacher I teach with at school. She is white, gray, and tan, one year old calico. She is a great cat with a great personality!


Photo of Cat

Sam (Domestic Cat)Sam is a 2 year old domestic cat, who showed up at our door about two years ago. She was a sweetie, but very thin and skittish. Sam delivered two very tiny kittens to my front porch. I nursed them all to good health and found homes for the little ones.



Tiger (Cat)Tiger is four years old. My daughter got her as a kitten, and could not keep her when she moved. She loves to sleep! This was a picture I took of Tiger while she was "grooming" herself. It looks like she was being goofy for the camera!


Tommy (Cat)This is my friend's cat, Tommy. My friend Claude and Tommy (who was a stray) live near the Mediterranean in France. My friend is an animal lover and loves cats. He also cares for a hedgehog that lives in his backyard.


Photo of Cats2

Spice, Ayuda, Dicha, and Chacota (Cats)We adopted all but one of these cats from animal shelters. That exception to our method of acquisition is our "wild kitten" Ayuda, who appeared on our acreage early one morning with pathetic mewing fully employed.


Theo (Maine Coon Mix)Theo is a 4 week old Maine Coon and domestic tabby mix. I am a foster parent, and received him through a Cat Rescue. He has been with me for one week.


Qwerty (Cat)Qwerty is 5 years old. I had gone to a pet store while trying to talk my boyfriend into letting me get pet rats. She was sitting in a cage near the window, and because I love cats, I got distracted and started reaching my fingers through the cage to pet her.


Lulu (Cat)Lulu is 1 year and 1 month old. I got Lulu on trash pickup day as I went to retrieve my cans. There was a kitten in a carrier abandoned there! Lulu loves to romp with another family member cat and bat around sponge balls.


My PetsMy pets are Cieran (Kirin) - 8 years; Owen - 1 year; Ruarai (Rory) - 11 years; Wee Ian - 8 months; Rozlyn and Chloe Claws - 4 years; and Willie - 7 years.


Hoku (Cat)This is my beautiful, special friend, Hoku. Hoku means 'star' in Hawaiian. He gives wonderful hugs and will sit in my arms with his paws wrapped around my neck and purr into my ear. We have been friends for almost ten years now, since he was a little kitten.


Vintage, Retro, Scraps and Twin (Kittens)Here are Vintage, Retro, Scraps, and Twin. They are 2 months old and I just got them a couple days ago. They love to play and play. The kittens were being given away and I had to take them all in.



Cookie (Mixed Cat)Cookie is 3 year old mixed breed. We got him at a potato farm where we went to buy organic potatoes. Cookie was only one pound and very skinny and sickly.


Scully (Tabby)Scully is a 6 year old handsome tabby with some Maine Coon. We got Scully and his sister Kit Kat for mousing duties, as well as the fact that every home should have a cat.


Mikey (Cat)I'm not sure how old Mikey is, as he was a rescue. Mikey found me. I was mourning the loss of my beloved cat of 16 years. I saw a flier in the local post office advertising him and his sister.


Marston (Cat) Marson is a six month old former stray. His nickname is "Marston the Monster" for all the trouble he gets into. He is adorable though, so tends to get away with it all!


Boy (Cat)This little cat, "Boy", is the laziest thing I have ever seen. He eats and sleeps (that is about all he is good for), but I love him. He loves to get his back and belly scratched on a daily basis.


Yoshi (Cat)Yoshi is 4 years old. We got Yoshi March 1, 2009 from the Humane Society. Yoshi likes to sleep, eat, and to take care of our kittens. He especially loves to put the dog in his place, by ambushing and smacking him.


TC (Cat)My tomcat (TC) was sleeping on the shelf under the window in the sun. I had to recharge the camera batteries, and took this as a test shot to see if the date was right.


Gabby (Calico)Gabby is a 4 four year old Calico. Gabby is the kitten we kept out of the litter that our cat Sassy had in Florida. She chases squirrels and foot balls, watches birds, watches TV, and she loves to eat!


Nicky (Calico)Nicky is my 10 year old Calico. Nicky was dropped off, thrown out, by someone who didn't want her. She was just thrown out of a car and left. I found her hiding at my Grandma's house, and my nephew told me that he thought she had rabies because she had hissed at him.


In Memory Of HadenHaden was 3 years old in this picture. He has since passed away, so I treasure this photo of him. He was out of a friend's litter in 2006. As you can see in the photo, he loves to sleep!


Miss Kitty (Tabby)Miss Kitty is 9 years old. She was given to me at 7 weeks old by someone who didn't want her because she meowed too much. She is a very vocal cat and I love her. She loves to sit on the car, look out the window, roll in dirt, and climb trees.


Madame, Spot, and Pugsley (Cats) These are our cats Madame, Spot, and Pugsley. Two of them are 2 1/2 the other is 1 1/2. They are all from the same mother, but from different litters. They are formerly feral cats; we would call them 'Moggies'.


Loki (Cat)With my friend's permission, I am sending in her picture of her cat, Loki in the doll's house. I said that the cat should have a tidy up while he's in there, some dollies are so untidy!


Sonja (Siamese)Sonja is a 12 week old Siamese. She loves to play and cause trouble. She was adopted by a cute little girl and her family, and is spoiled rotten.


Chuckie (Cat)This is Chuckie aka Stinky. He is a 1 year old part cat, part gremlin. My daughter, Elizabeth saw him in PetSmart up for adoption and liked his coloring and that he looked like a fat, lazy, lap cat - wrong!



Philvester (Cat)My cat Philvester is my pride and joy. He's so loveable and my best friend in the world. Yes, I am a cat lover. I raised Phylvester from a very small kitten and I hand feed him. He shows love and he can meow out mama.


Daphne (Cat)Daphne is my 2 year old cat. My older cat had kittens born on Thanksgiving two years ago, and I kept two of the kittens. She hides under the covers and scares people when the covers are lifted - lol! She follows me around like a little kid.


Lola (Cat)Lola is a six year old mixed breed cat. My grandson found her and her sister Roxie, abandoned on a construction site. She loves chasing birds. Lola is loving when she wants to be and loves to be rubbed under her chin.


Ace (Himalayan)I got Ace, who is 4 years old, 4 years ago from a friend. He likes to play with pen tops. He is lazy and loves to sit on his bum!


Indiana Jones (Domestic Tiger)Indiana is a 2 year old domestic, medium length hair, tiger and has 7 toes. He was abandoned in a box with 14 other kittens that were hours old. As a worker at the shelter they were dropped at, we divided them up, and I hand raised 2 brothers and 1 sister.


In Memory of Buttercup (Cat)My brother rescued her from the cold weather one year. This photo was taken when she was 4 years old. She liked to sleep; can't you tell?


Pepper and Eclissi (Cats)Pepper will be 4 later this month, and Eclissi will be 4 in April. Pepper is classic silver mackerel tabby with very close fur and well-defined nearly black stripes. Pepper is the size of a kitten, a very petite oriental type and cross-eyed.


In Memory of Bobbie Sox (Cat)Bobbie Sox has passed on, but wanted to share this picture. I was looking for her, calling her name and came around a corner to discover her "Just Hanging around", she was a card!


Jessie (Tabby)Jessie the cat can climb and go anywhere she wants to in the house. She is five years old, very playful and curious about everything. She is very intrigued by the computer and printer.


Huggybear cat

Huggybear (Cat)This is a picture that my daughter took when she was just 5 years old. We had just brought home this camera from the store. She took the camera from me, held it up in front of our cat (Huggybear), and pushed the button. I am totally amazed at how well this picture turned out.


Midge (Cat)This is Midge, she is 8 years old. My friend Jay gave me my kitty as a gift. I got to see her about 2 hours after she was born!


"No" (Cat)"No" is a 7 month old mixed breed. He was born to a stray, that runs with our other cats. No enjoys picking a play fight with our larger cats and dog. Even when he was little he never gave an inch, even when they sent him rolling.


Mama Kitty (Cat)Meet Mama Kitty, age 3. She was my daughter's cat and then when she moved out the cat stayed to torment the dog. She is a really lovable cat. She likes to lay on you and be in your face.


Mitzi (Cat) Mitzi is a 4 year old tiger stripe. I got Mitzi at a spay and neuter clinic when she was 8 weeks old. Her name was Maura, but since she is a Hemingway (an extra toe, I mean thumb, on her front paws), I decided Mitzi would work for her.


Kittens with heads in a pot.

Reeses and Motley (Manx and Maine Coon)Reeses and Motley are both are 8 months old. They are Manx and Maine Coon. Both kitties were rescued off the street. They like to clean themselves, and chase each other all over. They love to lick the pan!


Sweetie (Cat)Sweetie is a 1 year old cute and cuddly cat. A year ago my neighbor came over and, with panic in her voice said, "Please help!" She pointed at her deck. I thought the way she was acting I would find a rabid raccoon, but instead I found a litter of 3 week old kittens.


Opra's KittensOpra's kittens are about 7 weeks old in this picture. Opra was a stray young cat that showed up at my home in the rain. She became a great pet, but she was pregnant. She had 6 almost identical black kittens that were beautiful, and so much fun.


Tigger (Cat)My cat Tigger is difficult to photograph. I found that if I put catnip where I want him to lay, and he gives a great pose. Ho! Ho! Ho!


In Memory Of Boo Boo KittyBooBoo Kitty is 7 years old. My grandson Jon got Boo as a kitten, then when he moved in with Grandma, I took Boo also! When his mom got a house he moved with her but could not take Boo, so guess who adopted Boo?


Rose Petal (Cat)This is Rose Petal, she was outside of our house. She was just a stray cat, thin and hungry. She passes the time sleeping, eating catnip, and cat treats. She has pretty eyes and is a heavy cat.


Sam (Cat)Sam is 8 years old. I got him for my daughter for Christmas from a shelter. He leaves me presents on front door. He is very special!


Cat embracing stuffed toy

Leo (Cat)Leo is a 1 1/2 year domestic short-haired. He is an offspring of our Momma calico cat. He loves climbing into things, hiding, and playing with the ferrets. He is such a beautiful kitty, and extremely lovable.


Gatto (Cat)This is Gatto. He is, we think, about 6 years old. He was adopted from the local ASPCA a year ago, along with his friendemy, Moggie, who is also a tabby. We don't know how he managed to jump into the thorny rose bush without getting one prickly sting.


Whiskers (Cat)My cat Whiskers was sitting on porch this morning, hoping the door would open and extra food would be coming. I found it an excellent shot of how the whiskers really look on the cat.


Cadberry (Cat)Here is Cadberry Juanita Bonita at age four. She is my friend. She likes to chase her sisters around the house. She is a very small cat and is really lovable. She always sleeps by my feet.


Nalani (Cat)Here is the lovely Miss Nalani and her special holiday friend; her stuffed reindeer. Nalani came from an animal shelter, and has been a wonderful part of the family. She sure loves her eggnog!


Gracie Jane (Cat)Gracie Jane is 4 years old. I found her behind my work when she was skin and bones. She loves to sleep and well, eat.


Mr. KittyMr. Kitty, an orange tabby, is about 3 years old. However, he belongs to the folks I stay with and I have to leave.


Panda Bear (Cat)Panda Bear is my 4 year cat. My neighbor fosters kittens every spring. So I adopted her and her brother went to my neighbor's sister. Panda Bear likes to tease and play with our dog.


Maxx and Charlie (Cats)Charlie and Maxx are 2 year old kittens. They love to chase each other, and then snuggle up together. They are like book ends. What one does, the other does the same thing at the exact same time. They are in sync/stereo!


Brady (Labrador)Brady is a 6 year old purebred Lab. I got him when he was two from our vet, after he failed out of guide dog school. He loves to fetch and swim, and is extremely smart.


Doodlebug (Cat)This is "Doodlebug." In this photo, she looks to be doing sentry duty, walking on the window sill (just inside the vertical blinds). Doodle is my mother's cat, though Mom shares her with everyone who wants to love her.


Garfield (Cat)This is my cat Garfield, AKA: G-Force, G, Smurfer and more. When I was young, my mom and I went into a vet's office for one of our pets. While we were there, I heard a meowing in the back room and went to investigate while nobody was watching.


Simba (Tabby Mix)Simba is a 6 month old Brown and White Tabby Mix that I got a few weeks ago at Humane Society. He loves to play, jump, and run with anyone or anything! He's hilarious. When he does lay down to rest, he's a snuggler and very loving.


Hairless cat.

Stitch (Egyptian Sphinx)Stitch is a 4 year old Egyptian Sphynx. Stitch was a rescue that came into our home in 2009. We fell in love with him and decided to adopt him ourselves. Stitch's idea of fun is to bounce off the couch, chairs, shelves, walls, and entertainment center.


Sunday (Cat)Sunday is a 5 years old. I found her in a wood pile in the woods. She likes to run really fast, and ride in her stroller. She has her own chair!


Ebony (Cat)I went to Pet Finder and searched for a kitten close to me. I found her, she was being fostered by this beautiful lady along with several other cats. When I held her I knew she was my forever pet.


Fiona (Angora)Fiona is 4 1/2 months old and an Angora. I got Fiona from a friend who needed to decrease her pet population. I was looking for a kitten at the time because I just had major back surgery and needed some company during my recuperation.


Gizmo The CatGizmo is 3 years old. I got her from the animal shelter. She likes to play ball, watch outside and cuddle. She is adorable and I love her!


Bonzi (Cat)When I looked over towards my bedroom from my computer desk in the living room, I saw my black cat Bonzi peeking out from around the door. He was on our bed in the master bedroom.


Shax (Kitten)Our kitten Shax, climbed up the shelves and decided to lay down on on the binders I had sitting on my file cabinet.


In Memory Of Ginger Snap (Cat)Ginger Snap, a loving and adorable pet passed on recently. She had quite the personality. I came into the room one day and found her on tiptoes on the back of a chair, poking her head up beneath the window blind trying to keep an eye on the neighborhood!


cat with christmas tree

Angel (Cat)Angel is 6 years old. She is Heinz 57 but bordering on a Bengal. I prayed her in so I would have something to love and cuddle.


Tori (Calico)Tori is a 4 year old Calico. When Tori was a tiny kitten, she was brought into the animal hospital I was working at. Her owners at the time kept her in their garage and she had a been playing with a fishing pole.


Mickey (Cat) And Winnie (Dog)Mickey (the cat) loves to give kisses. He has not a problem showing Winnie (the dog) how much he loves her! It doesn't look like Winnie hates Mickey's wet kisses! And they are wet!


Gwen (Cat)Gwen is 4 years old. We rescued her, she was roaming in our old apt. complex. She likes to sleep of course! But, she enjoys a lovely meal. She is always crying loud when she's hungry.


Romeo (Cat)Romeo is 6 years old. I got him when my mother-in-law passed away last year. He likes chasing his toy mouse. He drinks water in a glass or sink.


Rusty (Cat)Rusty is a rescue pet. My husband is a maintenance man. While preparing an apartment for re-renting, he found the cat hiding in a cupboard.


Bandit (Cat)Bandit is a 10 year old cat. Bandit is a very vocal, tuna loving cat who loves to get his ears scratched. Forget about cat toys - he loves playing with balled up pieces of paper and chasing a string dragged around by my 1 year old.


Moe (Cat)This is Moe, my elderly cat. I adopted him three years ago from a friend moving overseas.


Mittens and Cottontail (Cats)Mittens and Cottontail were 'sisters' (I had 3 of them originally) from a farm on Gower. Although they used to play, they became increasingly 'catty.' This peaceful picture belies the deadly animosity that existed between them normally!


Rascal, Colby, and Mr. Cookie (Cats)We share a home with 3 cats who are crazy. Rascal - the white one, Colby - the orange tabby, and Mr. Cookie - the black and white fellow. They love to play or lay in the windows to watch the birds and other wildlife, and all have there own personality.


April The CatI adopted this cutey from a local shelter. She had gone through 4 homes and had been mistreated in just the first year of her life. When we found each other in the shelter she was 6 pounds and in pretty rough shape. So began our journey together 5 years ago.


Wiley (Cat)Wiley is 3 1/2 years old. Wiley was one of a litter of kittens delivered to my house by a stray cat. She is the only one that survived living in our wilderness homesite.


KiKi (Cat)KiKi is a 7 years old. She is a wild cat, we got from underneath our house. My husband had to catch her even as a baby with gloves. She likes to just lay around eat and sleep. She is a really good cat to us, but is is a very mean cat to others.


In Memory Of Mr. KittyWe got our cat 7 years ago from a family member. Mr. Kitty passed away last week. He was 10 years old and we were lucky enough to have him for 7 of those years. He was our 4 years old son's "lil Kitty", although he wasn't little at all.


Gizmo (Moggie)Gizmo is a 6 month old Moggie. I got him in March this year. He likes to chase mice and tease the dog! Oh and sleep! He is very smoochy and loves a cuddle!


Sonny and Quincy (Kittens)These pictures are of my two new kittens which are brothers. The orange one is named "Sonny" and the white and orange one is named "Quincy." They were born at someones home that did not care for them. They were left outside and two of the others kittens are gone.


Chacota (Cat)One of our four cats, Chacota, checks out the thorns on the trunk of a Kapok tree newly-planted on our ranch. There will likely be no cats climbing this!


Lumpy (Cat)Lumpy is a 21 year old Brown Tiger (feline). In 1992, he was given to me by a friend who was graduating college (and I was not yet). Lumpy sleeps and watches the resident wildlife through the lanai screen.


Blinkin (Domestic Shorthair)Blinkin; named for the "family's loyal blind servant" from Robin Hood, Men in Tights


Karlee (Calico)Kali is about 4 or 5 month old Calico kitten. We got her from a pet store in May of this year. She likes to attack our feet, play with her toys, loves playing in the laundry basket, loves watching soccer on TV, and chasing her tail.


Tinkerbells (Grey Tabby)Tinkerbells is 1.5 year old Grey Tabby. We have had Tinkerbells for 13 months. She was from the Stray Animal Adoption Program at PetsMart. I was at the store, buying food for my other 11 kitties and saw Tink. It was love at first sight!


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Water Bottle Cat Toy

Recycle a Water Bottle Into a Cat ToyMy cats are always batting something off the counters and playing with it. So, I remembered something I did as a kid. I put little bright things in a plastic drink jug. You can put beads, paper clips, buttons, and anything that will catch your cats eyes.


Logan The CatLogan is 7 months old. My older cat had three kittens, and we couldn't give her up. She likes to chase things and follow her humans on walks everyday. Our cats always seem to think they are dogs, Logan will follow us everywhere we go.


Kane The DogKane is 1 1/2 years old. I found him at the Pumpkin Festival last year with a few other abandoned dogs eating ketchup packets and very skinny. I took him home and gave him the love he deserved.


Jo Jo The CatJo Jo is 4 months old, she is a mixed breed. We got her about 1 month ago. She likes to jump on your legs when you walk through the house. I recently put down a cat I had for 11 years, and did not want another. My daughter's cat had kittens.


Cat in a box.

Seymour The CatSeymour is two years old and a Heinz 57 breed. He came to our door one day when the neighbor moved and left him as a kitten. He likes to play with the wire toy with a paper end that moves in the air.


Lola (Calico)Lola is almost 2 years old and a Domestic Shorthair Calico. My mother got Lola for me for this Christmas. She got her from the SPCA on Friday after Thanksgiving.


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