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Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

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A repair man fixing a leaky roof.

There are times when household repairs just can not wait until you have the money to complete the project. This guide is about finding home repair help for low income families.


Here are questions related to Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families.

Question: Roof Repair Assistance for Seniors

How can my mom qualify for roof repair? It will need to be done soon. The roofer went out today to inspect, as we need a roof cert for insurance purposes that she needs vs the one she now has.

The house was built in 1960 and needs new roof soon. If the roofer finds it needs repairs just to get her roof cert now or before 2-14-14, she might have to stay w/her same insurance company. This is not good. We found a better carrier, but they require the roof cert and that will cost!

Is there any help around for seniors on "fixed income". She's 81 yrs. old and a widow.

By SL from Visalia, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Oneta Mutchler01/25/2014

In Texas, I recently inquired about getting my house painted and windows repaired/replaced. There were options for many different cosmetic or badly needed repairs, paiting, depending on your needs. There is a section about paining homes, roofs replaced, all the way to plumbing repairs, electrical and etc. If you are low income you have to meet certain criteria to receive assistance.

In Fort Worth it goes through the City of Fort Worth and some are called "weatherization". There is another section about living arrangements for seniors.I found assistance information by putting in search "assistance for seniors with repairs, roofing and painting." That brought up several options to read for your own situation. Good luck, oredwine

Question: Free Home Renovation?

I have a home and it is in need of great repair. I don't have the money to pay for renovation and I would like to know if there is a free program on TV that I can enter or a company that will do it for free? I have 12 grandchildren and I would like for them to continue enjoying it with me. Some live with me. Will explain in great length. Thanks.

By Julia from Easley, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Julia [136]06/13/2010

Hi Juia,
You say you have 12 grandchildren, some of whom actually live with you. Would your children be able to help you with these home repairs? My husband and I are very lucky to have four children who all have skills and abilities or capabilities that we no longer have, and they are quite willing to help us do anything. Sometimes all we have to do is ask.

Our home is "their home", and they are as interested in keeping it as nice as possible since they will all benefit from the sale of it after Papa and I no longer need an earthly home. But you do sometimes have to ask. They might know a lot, but I was never able to teach my four to be mind-readers.

I think many people are hesitant to ask their children for anything at all and this ends up hurting them in more ways than one. If they cannot help you for one reason or another, that's another matter, but we taught our 3 daughters and one son that charity begins at home and those words are to taken literally.

We have always helped them in every way possible, and vice versa, even the girls' husbands and our son's wife fit into that picture very well. That's just what families do and what it means to be a family.

I would like to see this country go back to being a "family oriented" civilization. It would take a big strain off all of us in the long run. We would not need such a big government with agencies for this or that and every little thing.

In addition to immediate family members, most folks have what we call an "extended family" which is a network of close friends who can be called upon when help is needed. We just need to remember that to "have a friend, we must be a friend". This is the way our country survived during the Second World War, and it would be wonderful to see those values come back into American lives.

I wish you the best Julia in Easley, SC
Julia in Boca Raton, FL

Question: Help with House Repairs

My mom has entered a nursing home in Glenora, California and she left me her house. I'm not working at the moment. This house is very old, and needs a lot of repairs. I'm just about to get citations from the city of San Gabriel, and also have the health department after me. Can anyone help me please?

By Daniel R.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie12/13/2013

hi - redhatterb gave an excellent answer so the only thing I can add is try some of your "local" web site like Craigslist as they have sections for questions like this.

Try to think "out of the box" to look for some help but most of your "help" is going be your own.

Question: Finding Free Help With Home Repairs

My husband and I are caring for our 2 grandkids and the DFS just came and took them to foster care due to the fact that we can't afford repairs and remodling on our house. My husband is not in good health and the house is over 100 years old.

By Shannon

Most Recent Answer

By cathy33306/22/2013

You might also check with your city of county offices. Sometimes they have home rehabilitative programs.

Question: Finding Financial Help with Home Repairs

My name is Pam. My husband, Jackie has renal cell carcinoma and has had brain surgery, both lower lobes of lungs removed and a kidney removed. Our house is falling apart and roach infested. We have custody of our 10 year old granddaughter and barely getting by. My parents live next door, but they are 88 and 85 and I help with them also. I'm 57 and in desperate need of help. We have no where to turn. Please help or advise me on finding help with repairs, if possible. Thank you.

By Pamela from Clarkton, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Deborah Weightman06/05/2013

this url is for help with home repairs for low-income people in Missouri

Question: Financial Assistance for Roof Repair for Seniors

My mother needs her roof repaired, and has no money to fix it. Can someone help with this for free? She is 86 years old and lives on a fixed income. I live in California and can't help her. She is strong and will need to stay in her home for some years.

By Lydia

Most Recent Answer

By Annie Rios Hill [12]09/25/2011

If your family has a service member or had one that has since passed. You may try to contact your local Veterans of Foreign Wars. They may able to help or have someone there who can do it at a low cost. I know one church here in Missouri helped with one for a senior.
Good luck.

Question: Finding Home Repair Help for People on Fixed Low Incomes

My mom and dad live on a very strict social security budget. Their floors in their small home are falling down, the pipes are old and run. They need some help really badly. They can't afford much and I can help work, but not much money to pay out for someone to repair their home. Any help that they can get would be very welcome. They are 80 and 81 years old. Is there any help available for them?

By Sharon from Paris, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Taylor [10]01/13/2011

I volunteer for a national charity called Love,INC. We do exactly what you are asking for! Here's a link to the website with locations in each state. Call the one closest to your parents. They'll be happy to help!

Question: Help with Rebuild After Fire

I need help rebuilding my house, after we lost everything. My fiancee and I have three kids. We have been together for ten years. We have a two, three, and eight year old. We have no money or material. Looking for help. I have no clue where to start or where to find the right help. Anything would help. Thank you.

By Jon H. Joplin, MO

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]04/10/2014

Did you have homeowner's insurance on your house? If you did you should have made sure to have enough coverage that you could afford to rebuild. It is really inexpensive to have insurance, instead of having to worry about a place to live. As far as finding the materials and labor to rebuild I don't know what to tell you. I know some areas have a store called "Restore" which is connected with Habitat For Humanity they sell used doors, windows, cabinets, etc. cheaply but those things won't do you any good without lumber for the frame work, etc.

Question: Help Fixing Floors and Roof

My daughter is disabled and has 3 children. She is buying a house and doesn't have the funds to fix it. Is there anywhere she can get help with this? She can't even get her home owner's insurance because of this problem.

By Becky P.

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [4]04/04/2014

I don't have any answers for how to get help, but I do question the wisdom of buying a house that is already falling apart. If one is a handyperson, there might be sense in this, but if your daughter is disabled, how does this make sense? Home ownership is one repair and maintenance task after another, especially if it is an older home. Is there not some sort of subsidized housing in your area where rent is based on income? This is a much better way to go. My cousin in her 60's who lives on a very small fixed income has a lovely little rental unit that she can afford, all home repairs and yard care taken care of. There are also units in our town that someone with children would qualify for. I think this whole idea of home ownship should be rethought; I don't think, from your description, that it is affordable or prudent.

Question: Home Repair Grant Denied

I am on Social Security Disability, I had signed up for a home improvement grant 6 years ago with my Neighborhood Community Development Association. I just received a notice in the mail stating that if I had a bankruptcy that was not discharged that I would no longer be eligible for the home repair grant. I signed up for the grant in 2008 of March. I have been waiting for this grant for almost 6 years, I had to file for a bankruptcy 2 years ago because my husband lost his job. I was also told that I couldn't put in another application until my bankruptcy has been discharged for a full year. Does this mean that I have to wait another six years just for me to be the next one on the list? Or can someone tell me if I can contact a government official on this matter?

By Tiffany

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/29/2014

You will have to contact the association that you are applying to for answers to your questions.
All states and counties have different rules and regulations for this sort of thing.

Question: Finding Help with Home Repair

I am disabled and take home less than 1300$ a month. I have a bathroom floor that is soft and a roof in the bathroom that is leaking. Where can I go for help? I do have a family, so I really need this repair done. Thank you.

By Sterling E.

Most Recent Answer

By zeepp03/21/2014

Check with local civic orgs or churches - habitat for humanity - local tv stations - town hall - united way - lowes & home depot -211 or 311 info lines, etc. many communities have a day or 2 where volunteers get together to help those in need with chores and repairs and local businesses donate supplies. they are usually in the spring - so act quickly!

Question: Applying for Home Repair Assistance in Kentucky

My mother is disabled, only has one hand. She's raising my niece who has cerebral palsy. Her house is in desperate need of many repairs. Two ceilings have fallen down in rooms, it has water leaks causing floors to begin rotting, needs new roof, outside guttering, and much more actually. My mom and niece both receive SSI, barely enough to pay their bills. If anyone knows of any kind of assistance I may be able to apply for to help my mom, I'd greatly appreciate it.

By Althea M.

Question: Organizations That Help With Home Repair

I didn't know if any of the organizations you would know of help young families repair their homes. I have a 1 year old and 1 on the way I don't have the money to fix my roof. My pipes are all bad, the floors are weak, and my siding is gone. I just don't know what to do. Any help would be great :(

By Martha S

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/07/2014

I would like to add - redhatterb has an excellent point about contacting Habitat but their program is not for everyone as you do have a thorough evaluation before they agree to help you.
I work with Habitat and theirs is not a "give away" program like so many other organizations.

Question: Help to Build a Dream

My father bought a burned down property across the street about 4 years ago. He told me recently that if my wife and I wanted the property, we could buy it for the $1,000.00 he paid for it. It sits on 3/4 acre. Everything is burned down except the bricks and 20% of the frame. My wife and I would love to rebuild this house, and make it our home. Any suggestions on any grants for our situation?

By Terry from Webb, MS

Most Recent Answer

By Tamara L. J.03/22/2014

There's a website called, "go fund me", maybe you could hit up your facebook community or something.

Question: Older Trailer Repairs

I own 1979 trailer house. It needs some floors replaced. The windows are getting bad, and the frame around the front door is getting weak. Not sure what to think. Both my wife and I are on disablitiy and can not afford payment on a new trailer house.

By Delmar S. from Alliance NE

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi [390]02/28/2014

This is what I got when I googled energy assistance Nebraska They are a good place to start. In most states, if you have Native American blood in you you don't have to wait as long. I don't know about Nebraska but it is that way in Oregon. If you also know anyone from church, community centers, or the local Habitat for Humanity, they can help, too. I hope that helps.

Question: Home Repair Help for Low Income Persons

My house has no heat and no insulation under it. It was built in 1983. I am disabled and low income. Is there a program or a government grant I can get for a coal or wood burning stove? LIHEAP is always out of funds in my are. I live in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. The weatherization people were here last year, but never came back. I qualify for wall heaters, but they are always out of money also. Can anyone help me or am I going to have to move?

By Paul

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z02/22/2014

I think you mean your basement isn't heated and it's not insulated as well. You should contact your Village Town Hall & ask for the phone number to the Senior Services Dept. As for LIHEAP I get it all the time the secret is to get the date from your Senior Service Dept. as to when the next enrollment date is and when to call them for an appointment to apply for it. Sounds like whoever is responsible for doing this hasn't done that. Try it and see.

Question: Need Help With Home Repairs

I live on $700 a month SSI. My trailer is completely falling apart. I have tree limbs falling on the top, so I have holes in my roof. I have windows that are leaky. I have vents for the heat, but only two work because of raccoons and other animals.

I desperately need energy efficient doors and windows with screens put in here, so I can afford my bills. My power bill has been $400 a month. I have emotional issues. I'm on nine medications. Medicaid only pays for four, and so five of them have to come out of my pocket. Anyone know where I can find an agency or organization that can help? Thank you.

By Donna M.

Most Recent Answer

By susan02/17/2014

I had a friend in this position; her trailer was too far gone to be fixed. She applied for and got an apartment for low income, disabled, or senior housing. In out state, the Housing Authority takes care of this.

Question: Getting Help to Repair a Heat Pump

I live in Mt. Sterling Kentucky. I am low income, live on fixed income. Is there help for this?

By Ron

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb02/08/2014

Depending on your age and whether or not you are disabled all states have an organization that will help low income people with home repairs. You do have to qualify income wise. Just because you feel low income doesn't mean you will be considered low income. This organization is called different things in different states and even in different cities in the same state.

Where I live it is called the Independent Living Center and 200 miles away it is called Opportunities for Independent Living (OIL). There are many other names for it. If a person qualifies they do have to wait to have the repairs done until somebody is available to do them. That being said I know there are requirements as to how long a person has to stay in the home after the repairs have been made(year wise).

If a person leaves the home before that time is up, they have to pay off the repairs in pro-rated manner. If you are low enough income to have a social/welfare worker talk to that person about it. Also if you have a pastor talk to them about it. Sometimes they will take up a special offering for a needy member of the congregation.

Question: Roof Repairs for Low Income Families

I own my own house, have a low income and a disabled son, and we need a new roof. I have not got the money to have it done. I can't get loans for it do. Does anyone know who I can get to help me?

By Ruth

Question: Grants or Organizations Offering Free Roof Repair

I am a pre-k teacher in South Dakota, living way below the low income line. My roof is in desperate need of repair. I have water coming in. I have a great credit score which allows me to apply for any loan I want, but I can not afford any extra payments a month due to my tight budget.

I'm already selling off my personal belongings just to make payments on my winter utilities. I was hoping to find some kind of grant or organization that helps with free roof repairs. I'm so lost on what I can do to fix this huge problem before it gets any worse. Please help me!

By Ms. J

Most Recent Answer

By Gloria Z02/09/2014

Try Habitat of America call & ask them for help.

Question: Free Roof Replacement for Our House

Is there any one or place we can go to get help replacing our roof? We have very low income and my son has medical problems. We have no money to get it done.

By Tracy

Best Answers

By Karen Plett02/03/2014

I live in York County, PA and have the same problem. I found out that the York County planning commission has a program for people in our situation. It takes several steps in the process but if it works out it is worth it. It is basically a no interest loan that only comes due if you sell the house. They also provide the contractors. There is an option to use your own but they will have to bid with the others to qualify. Hope this helps! Google stuff in your area for your county's planning commission.

Best Answers

By redhatterb02/01/2014

I assume you have a social worker with the Department of Social services/Welfare Office. Talk to them, they should know about this nationwide organization that helps with things like that. It is called different names in different towns.

Several years ago, my sister had them do some repairs on her house, but you also have to stay in the house for a certain number of years or pay it back on a pro-rated basis. They also don't rush right in and do the repairs. You do have to meet income guidelines, and just because you feel hard up, doesn't necessarily mean you are.

How old is your son? I assume he receives Medicaid or disability. You should be keeping up with repairs that are needed while they are small, then it wouldn't be so hard to have the repairs made. I am so thankful I sold my house back in 1983 and have lived in apartments since then. When something needs to be repaired I call the manager and it gets taken care of. I didn't get rich selling my house, the proceeds after paying it off had to be split between my ex-husband and myself.

Question: Roof and Sewer Repairs for Low Income Families

We bought a house last year; we are a low income family of 5. We don't have the money to get our roof fixed or sewer. I was wondering what kind of help is out there. My husband is on disability and I am having a hard time finding a job since nobody is hiring.

We were trying to box in an old chimney you can say it collapsed and we had a friend get on the roof to fix it. He did a poor job, but it was free. We do have some leaks and we need help.

By Debbie

Most Recent Answer

By Tanya02/04/2014

Sometimes churches have programs for such things. Call some of your local churches and inquire.

Question: Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

I am looking for help for my best friend and his mom. His mom is on disability and he is unable to work because he stays home to take care of her. They have a lot of incomplete home projects and the house is almost unlivable. There is no heat, no working stove pipes, they are old, and hot water barely works. I'm trying to seek help for them.

By Sabrina

Best Answers

By Sandi01/03/2014

There is most likely an energy assistance program close. We don't know where you live so it's hard to do any research. Here in Salem, OR we have this agency. They do fix ups on even mobile homes, but it sometimes means a wait.
If they are members of a local church, sometimes that is the fastest and easiest resource to get help. Try Habitat for Humanity not for a new home but for resources they have. Craigslist might help too, just because people often know of a need and they just come and help. If all else fails, perhaps a rental would be a nice new start. I hope these have helped.

Best Answers

By redhatterb01/01/2014

If they are low income, there is a possibility that they could get help from a state/government organization. It goes by different names in different locations. Here in SD, in some of the towns it is called Opportunities for Independent Living(OIL), the town where I live it is called Independent Living Center. There is also an organization called Adult Services for Aging, their office is usually connected with the Department of Social Services (Welfare Office.)

This mother and son might be better off, if they could get a care giver to go into the home and care for the mother, so the son can work. I do know of several people here in SD that have had home repairs made by the first two organizations I mentioned. Some of these repairs have been in the $10,000 price range.

The only drawback is the people have to stay in the home for a certain number of years afterwards or pay back a certain amount of the cost of repairs. I assume the family has a social worker through the Department of Social Services, that would be the person to talk to about home repairs. That being said sometimes it is time to sell your home as is for whatever you can get and move into an apartment.

Question: Low Income Home Repair Help in England

My sister Sheri lives in Nailsworth Glouster England. Sadly, my sis suffers very badly with huge mental health problems not helped by her lovely cottage falling into disrepair over the years. Currently my sis lives with no water, no heat, no kitchen, or bathroom, generally in the winter it is colder inside her home than outside. I have very little money and the task is now to big, as it is almost a renovation project. Sadly my sis is very suicidal and self harms, she is very clever, but work never seems to work out, often not getting paid and hence has been left in financial ruin. Does anyone know of an agency that can help her with repairs?

By Cara from Cirencester, England

Question: Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

I need help with my mom's house, it falling apart. She can't afford to have it fixed. She lets me and my kids stay here and I want to give her something back that she always wanted, her dream house.

By Lavonnda

Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb11/20/2013

I agree with Eggz about painting vinyl floors. When I was kid my late mother painted our living room, dining room and kitchen vinyl several times because we could never afford new. My mother did it on her hands and knees.

Question: Roof Repair Assistance for Disabled Seniors

I live in Jax Florida. My sister is a disabled senior who just started getting Social Security. We have tried all the local and state agencies. She needs her roof replaced. Even the rafters are bad! Nobody seems to be able to help.
Can anyone help us?

By deana0123 from Jax, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Nicholas05/22/2013

Check with your local Habitat for Humanity, they don't just build new homes they often rehab homes. Here is the Jacksonville, FL website:

Question: Finding Financial Help in the UK to Repair Home Dangers

My friend's partner was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Christmas eve. She had to leave work to look after him. He has had it removed, but has lost movement on his right side. They were part way through some house improvements. They have wires hanging from the ceiling in their bathroom, they currently have no income as the job centre has messed up their claim. They have had a flood in the living room ruining their wood flooring, the cat turned the grill on and there is smoke damage in the kitchen. Their luck is dreadful and they need help. What can I apply for, to nominate them?

By louise

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie01/23/2013

Are they in council or other social housing? If so, the council or authority may have funds to help.

As a brain tumour is usually a cancer, the wonderful cancer charities might also be a source of assistance, try looking into MacMillian Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. Both sites offer resources, links to other organisations, and forums for carers and patients-it may be one of those forums will provide a place for your friends to find some help getting their reno finished, and will certainly help with emotional support during this extremely difficult time.

Is your friend registered as a carer? Carers get an allowance once registered and the income can be quite helpful making ends meet.

The couple might consider a free listing on their local GumTree asking for help, too. You would be surprised how many joiners and builders are willing to volunteer their time to help people who've hit a rough patch.

I'm in Scotland; your post doesn't say where in the UK your friends are, and resource links are different between Scotland and the rest of the UK which is why I'm not posting any links. Run a search using the term 'carer benefits (and the name of your county or country), for example: "carer benefits scotland" and "free renovation assistance scotland" to try bringing up some links in your search engine.

Good luck to you in your search and to your friends!

Question: Home Repair Organizations for Low Income Families

We are in desperate need of a new roof. We have no money. We can see daylight through our bedroom ceiling. We are 65 years old and on SSI disability, have no credit, and no money. Our roof fell in in our bedroom. Since we can't afford a new roof and no one will give us credit, does anyone know of a resource for house repairs for low income individuals? I was not able to upload a photo.

Thank you.

By Chas and Barb

Most Recent Answer

By Joan09/16/2011

I just heard on the evening news that our local Habitat For Humanity has started doing some minor home repairs. What they were showing was homes being painted, things like that. So far they have done 50 homes, this summer and fall. You could also call the pastor of your church, he might know of people in the church that could help you out. Do you have any family that could help you. Most likely instead of getting a whole new roof, you would probably get patches. You can also call 211, this is a nationwide organization that keeps a list of various non-profit groups that help people with various things or can help you find places that will help. There is also a program called Adult Services for Aging, located with the Department of Social Services, they might be able to give you some helpful advice. If you have a social worker they might even have some ideas.

Question: Free Home Repair After a House Fire

My home was damaged in a house fire; I had no insurance on it. My mother is dying and I can't work a job because I'm taking care of her in her last days. She's 89 years of age and I hate having to keep moving her from place to place. I really need some help in fixing up my home.

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi08/16/2011

I always find it interesting that those who's advice is more pragmatic and less friendly than helpful don't sign their names when they post. Perhaps these folks don't belong to a church? Not everyone does. And yes, there is free home repair. Suggesting HUD is 3 years minimum, and most likely this lovely lady will have no further need for a home by then.

I would come over with a hammer and nails if I knew where you lived, but short of that, here is a link from Google that I simply put in "free help after a fire" and got this one that I think might help.

If the local paper or news station can help, I would make my plight public, that is when things get done and people step up to help. I wish you all the best of luck and you have my condolences as to your mom. No one should leave this world without a roof over their heads and someone to care for thing she needs and the other she has. You, bless you for that.
Sandi/Poor But Proud

Question: Programs to Assist Low Income Families with Home Repairs

How do I find a program that assists with household repairs?

By Charmain

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Taylor [10]11/12/2010

Here's a link to a great charity, Love INC ( In the name of Christ) They have branches all over the country. They handle home repair, car repairs, every sort of problem.

Solutions: Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

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