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Cleaning the Burners on a Gas Stove

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Blue flame on gas stove burner

Food particles and grease build up on gas stove burners can effect your cooking and be unsightly. A clean burner will help with even heat distribution and the efficiency of your stove. This is a guide about cleaning the burners of a gas stove.


Solutions: Cleaning the Burners on a Gas Stove

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Tip: Clean Stovetop Burner Grates with Ammonia

Put your grimy burner grate into a gallon-sized zipper lock bag along with 1/4 cup of ammonia. Close the bag and let it sit overnight. The fumes will dissolve and loosen years worth of crud. Wipe it all off the grates with a sponge or rag. They come out looking like new!

I wish I tried this before I bought new ones!

    By Paula H. [1]

    Tip: Easy Method to Clean Stovetop with Gas Burners

    I clean my stovetop with oven cleaner. Spray it on and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe off. It melts all the greasy dried on cooking messes with minimal effort. I have found that the cheaper dollar store brands (like Family Dollar brand) of oven cleaner work even better than brand name Easy-Off.

    By Tori

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    Here are questions related to Cleaning the Burners on a Gas Stove.

    Question: Cleaning Gas Burner Grates

    We recently purchased a home that had been rental property. The gas burner grates are filthy with burned on food. I have tried the combo of Dawn dish soap with white vinegar and baking soda; bought a so-called restaurant product used for difficult cleanup jobs called "Greased Lightening"; Brillo scrub pads, and on and on. I don't recall everything I've tried, but they still look awful.

    I am embarrassed for other people to see them so dirty, like it doesn't matter to me. Any helpful suggestion of specific product(s) would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance of your helpful suggestions or information.

    By Miriam K.


    Best Answer

    By Nica [18]02/04/2014

    Have the same problem here, though not as bad as yours. And like you, I tried many products, techniques, & so forth.

    So I've gotten them as clean as possible, with still visible burn markings, dry black lines, & more. But I clean them once a week, usually with a combo of baking soda/ peroxide/vinegar-water mix. Also soak the center caps along with the dials every so often.

    Like you, I don't care for the look of older gas grates & porcelain surrounds. (BTW, my parents had a flat white porcelain electric burner, & despite all their efforts to clean & even soak them under paper towels overnight, like the gas burners it still looked very used, if that's any consolation.)

    Ultimately what I did was chose an unused cabinet door roughly the size of the entire top - still hinged - & cover it the entire thing up. And I have the benefit of another countertop space to use as I want. Cutting any board to same length & width would have worked instead.

    I know that's not the answer you want, but you might just have to live with them. Good luck with them regardless,

    Question: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    The members here seem to know how to clean everything. I am having a big problem cleaning the burners for my gas stove. I have tried soaking, SOS pads, and they clean to a point.

    Any suggestions on getting all the baked on grease off will be most appreciative. I am having a service man repair my over the stove microwave and don't want them to think I never clean the stove. Thank you everyone.

    By Barbara from Youngstown, OH


    Most Recent Answer


    I soaked my burners in Oxiclean. It did a great job because they now look new. It was easy to do in the kitchen sink.

    Question: Cleaning Burned Food Off Stove Top

    How do I clean the spillover of cranberry sauce on my new GE double oven 6 burner range top? It looks like a black residue that is now hard. I have used hot water, Soft Scrub, and vinegar. Can you recommend anything else? I would think oven cleaner is too harsh. It almost needs to be scraped off, but then you run the risk of scratches. Tell me a secret, please!

    By Celeste

    Most Recent Answer

    By shaynaks05/31/2013

    Heavy Duty Easy Off Oven Cleaner! Spray enough to cover the stove top and leave on for about 40 min! It works amazing! I spent 3 days with 8 different cleaners to try to get my stove clean and this was the absolute best! No scrubbing it just wiped right off!

    Question: Cleaning Burners on a Gas Stove

    How do I clean the burners on a gas stove?

    By Donna from West Haven, CT

    Most Recent Answer

    By Frances Adams [11]08/04/2011

    If yours are the removable metal kind, see if you can 'google' your stove brand, to find the manufacturer site, for recommended cleaning.
    Mine are like cast iron, but don't rust, so I either put them in the dishwasher, or spray with oven cleaner, then scrub with a wire brush to get the burnt on stuff off. Good luck to you!

    Question: Cleaning Burners on a Gas Range

    How do you clean burners? I have used too many grease removing cleansers, but they have not worked. And when I turn on the burner, it doesn't light on.

    By Celia from TX

    Most Recent Answer

    By Cynthia Mullen04/26/2011

    SOS pads to scrub and sounds like your pilot light went out. Lift top of stove and look for the little hole right between your 2 burners and light the hole with a match or lighter.

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burner

    I guess I had the flame too high on the burner. Now it's black and brown. I have used the things suggested, but cannot get it off. Can someone help me. Thanks.

    By Marilyn

    Most Recent Answer

    By mama holiday [1]06/25/2012

    Use a low grade sand paper.

    Question: Cleaning a Burnt On Grease Off a Stove

    I have a black enamel fast stove. The two front burners have charred grease and when I clean what will come off around the burners it has left dry dull areas. How can I remove all the charred buildup and make the stove top shiny like the rest of it? The dry dull spots are driving me crazy. I heard from the store I purchased it from that after I clean it I should polish it with car wax, but I'm a little nervous. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    By Tammy

    Most Recent Answer

    By Spacecase [11]01/22/2015

    No don't waist your time with car wax. I also have a black stove. It was my Mom's stove and is now over 60 years old. First do not use anything that will scratch it like those sponges that have a rough side. My husband scratched the daylights out of Mom's stove because he always used those even when I begged him not to. Just use a mix of water, a little ammonia, and a drop or two of Dawn Dish Soap. Spray that on then wipe off. If you have a real stubborn area, spray a little Easy Off Oven Cleaner on the spot, wait about ten minutes then wipe off. Only use the one in the blue can, the one in the yellow can is nasty. After you wiped the stove off, get a soft cloth that has been sprayed with Lemon Oil. Wipe the stove down again using the Lemon Oil. It will shine forever after that and after sixty years, still look new. The heat from your stove or burners might make the Lemon Oil smoke a tiny bit but it doesn't smoke allot or stink bad. Like I said, I have been using it for many years.

    RE: Cleaning a Burnt On Grease Off a Stove

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

    Do you take the gas burners off to clean them? If so how?

    By R Chatman

    Most Recent Answer

    By Paul T.12/12/2014

    You just pick them up. They aren't attached so much as just sitting there to keep the pots and pans from sitting directly on the part that the flames come out of.

    Question: Gas Stove Takes Forever to Cook

    I have a gas stove that takes forever to cook everything. I have one burner that seems to work better. I have to switch everything around to the one burner that gets the hottest to finish cooking each dish.

    By Janie P

    Most Recent Answer

    By Lizzyanny [9]08/30/2013

    Burners do get old and need to be replaced. It is not to expensive for an electric stove, but I am really not sure about a gas stove. I think I would google that one to be sure they are not just dirty and need cleaning.

    Question: Cleaning Burner Drip Pans

    I want to clean the aluminum rings around my gas burners, but I can't get them out. The screws are rusty. Any suggestions please?

    By Chloe I. from Cairns QLD Australia

    Most Recent Answer

    By annette perkins10/08/2013

    I'm not answering but I have the same problem. Oven cleaner makes it all look like new. I've removed one of the aluminium rings and cleaned underneath but the others have very difficult/corroded screws I can't remove.

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burners and Grates

    Can you use "no fume" oven spray cleaners on gas stove top grates? Any other suggestions to remove black burnt on areas on porcelain (grey) grates and burner tops?

    By Dawn K.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Kris H.07/19/2013

    I have used spray on oven cleaner on my gas stove top but I cover the gas ports with foil. So far it's worked beautifully.

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

    Can I clean the burners on my gas stove to improve gas flow? One is uneven and the other doesn't light at all.

    By Anthony

    Most Recent Answer

    By Myrna [15]08/30/2011

    Sounds like these are clogged up. Try using a metal brush and lightly prick the holes after you remove the burner from the stove. Blow loose debris/dust out and see if that helps.

    Question: Cleaning a Gas Burner

    How do I best clean residue of cooked food on gas burner base to bring back "new" look?

    By CeeCee

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

    How do I clean burners on a gas stove?

    By Staff

    Question: Cleaning a Gas Stove

    How do I clean my stove? I can lift up the top, but what can I use to clean it with it where food spills when cooking?

    By Margaret

    Question: Cleaning My Jenn Air Stove

    How do I clean my Jenn Air stove? My burners are a solid piece. You pull out the whole piece with 2 burners in it.
    The top is gas and the bottom is electric. The gas top is a mess. I have tried Dawn dish soap, scratch pads, and vinegar. And I can't afford the so called Jenn Air cleaner. It is too much $$$$.
    I hate this stove. And paying over $2000.00 for it and not being able to clean it easy is crazy. Never again. Thanks.

    By Bev in OH

    Question: Range Burners Not Lighting

    The burners don't come out and I also can't seem to lift the stovetop up to get to them.

    By Shirley D

    Question: Soot on Cookware When Cooking

    How do I clean my gas stove burners? I shot air into them and the main one messing up and made it worse. When I cook on that burner, I get soot on my cookware. Any suggestions how I can do it myself?

    By Alease

    Question: Cleaning Gas Stove Burners

    My stove's gas burners don't fully light up. I've cleaned and taken off all the parts. All that's left is the little burner. I guess it it clogged up.

    By Jan

    Question: Removing White Residue on Gas Stove Burners

    How can I remove the white residue on my gas burners? My father likes to leave the flame on even with no pot on the burner. The manufacturer says the white stuff will result.

    Is this a job for vinegar?

    By Ken K.


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    Archive: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I am looking for tips for cleaning around gas stove burners.

    barbara batiste

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I soaked mine in very hot almost boiling water and a good degreaser I purchased at the hardware store. Just let them soak for about a half hour. Then scrub with good scrub brush. Make sure you wear rubber gloves as the water may still be hot! jeangnome46 (11/04/2004)

    By jeangnome46

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    If you are cleaning the stovetop burners, I just pop mine in the dishwasher. It works great even when we bought our house and they were really, really dirty. (11/09/2004)

    By sarah_bellum

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    Bar Keeper's Friend. Check out their website: It's cleans everything. I've found this product at Bed,Bath & Beyond. Some grocery stores and Walmart occasionally. Try it you'll be so satisfied. (07/25/2005)

    By Jennifer,CA

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    Try baking soda and just a little bit of elbow grease. It is abrasive enough to get the grime up but not abrasive enough to scratch up your finish. Baking soda also works great for removing stains on your counter tops, with a little elbow grease. And, I really do mean just a little. You don't have to scrub hard at all and I just use a regular wash cloth for both of these things (07/26/2006)

    By Mekale

    An easy way.

    I don't like to use products with a strong smell like ammonia. I just put all non-aluminum pieces into the dish washer machine. The hot water cleans all them very well and makes them shine. I do have problems to clean the top: it's stainless steel and I can't rub anything to avoid scratches. (08/30/2007)

    By Alice

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I used "fume-free Max" Easy Off Oven Cleaner on my stainless cook top around where the flames come out (all that cooked on mess). I just sprayed two coats of it at night, and in the morning I used the scrubby side of my sponge, and it came off beautifully and easily! I wish I would have figured this out a long time ago! (06/02/2008)

    By Patty from Ohio

    Archive: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    How do you clean a gas stove with burner caps, grates, and a burner plate that are all gray in color and similar to cast iron? The grates and caps are all removable. My stove is by General Electric. I have been using SOS pads and scrubbing them everyday to keep them clean.

    I am looking for an easier way to clean them. I didn't know if I could spray something like Easy Off Bam on them, let it sit for a little while and come back and just wash them off with minimal work. Please share your tips. Thanks.


    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I put all the parts in a large trash bag, lay it in the bathtub, pour in about a cupful of Ammonia, and twist the top shut and hold it with a twist tie. Let it stand overnight. In the morning, pull the parts out of the bag, empty the Ammonia down the drain, run a few inches of hot water in the tub and scrub the parts with an old toothbrush. The cooked on food and grease will be soft and easy to remove. My stove is 10 years old and the grates still look like new. (10/17/2008)

    By Harlean from Arkansas

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I think I have the same stove. I put the drip pans and grates in the dishwasher. I know it said not to put the grates in the dishwasher, but after several years I decided to give it a try. They are fine in there. The caps though, I have to scrub them. Bon Ami or Bar Keepers Friend works well. (10/21/2008)

    By Lynn

    Clean Gas

    How do you clean gas stoves? Such a great question. Okay, there are so many ways to clean. Using SOS and scrub it everyday is one way. I think this will be the best way. Thank you. (11/16/2008)

    By Robot

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove

    I have a white built in gas stove. The white around the burners gets dirty very quickly. The only way I have been able to clean it is with lots of elbow grease. (01/13/2009)

    By Victor

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    Before retiring for the night, I place items in the sink and spray with a No-odor Oven Cleaner. In the morning I address the remaining 'spots' with a white nylon scrubbing pad (white is the safe, non-scratching type); then rinse and towel dry.

    Do not use SOS or any other steel wool for scrubbing. These stove/oven items are typically glazed (like porcelain) and therefore have a glass finish; steel wool will remove this glazing. Would you use steel wool on your tub or bathroom sink? You don't want to use any abrasive other than whiting.

    I've also heard that Harlean's method is great for BBQ grills! (09/18/2009)

    By Cajun62234

    Archive: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    How do I clean cast iron grate above gas flame on a gas stove? Thanks.

    By J. Burden from Boulder, CO

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I just recently cleaned mine with a homemade cleaner and a steel wool 'sponge' and they look great! The cleaner I made was basically vinegar, baking soda, and lemon mixed with some hot water. It may take a bit of elbow-grease, but it works well and it's super affordable! (09/28/2009)

    By CWallis

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    Put them in the dishwasher. (09/30/2009)

    By TXBetty

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    I have taken really bad ones outside and used auto degreaser on them. (09/30/2009)

    By mom-from-missouri

    RE: How Do You Clean Gas Stove Burners?

    If you have the thick heavy grates, stack them in the bottom of the oven and set to self clean for two hours. Then just rinse them in soapy water when they cool. Be sure to remove your oven racks before setting self clean cycle. I have cleaned ours this way for years. You will laugh at the people who use ammonia in a bag. (11/04/2009)

    By rainycity1

    Archive: Cleaning Burners on a Gas Range

    I need advice on how to clean gas burners on a gas range. The gas company claims I need to clean them in order for them to work and they did not tell me how.