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Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge

Category Health
Some pet ailments can safely be treated at home whereas others need to be referred to a vet to determine the cause and proper treatment. This is a guide about treating a kitten with eye discharge.


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September 17, 20132 found this helpful

I have three kittens which are about 6 weeks old, there is pus in their eyes, and each time they sleep, they stick shut. I put a warm compress on them to open their eyes, but it does not help much. I just don't know what happened to their eyes. I've had kittens before with cold in their eyes, and treatment took care of them. I don't know what to do for these poor babies.


By Jacqueline

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September 17, 20130 found this helpful

" If the discharge coming from your kittys nose is green//yellow, this indicates infection and kitty will need antibiotics. Clavamox oral suspension is an excellent antibiotic for kitties and you may obtain it without a prescription from this online drug store:

Be sure to buy the oral suspension: 50/12.5mg/ml. Kittens receive ¼ ml twice per day. Kitties 5-7lbs receive 1/2 ml twice per day. Over 7lbs receive 1ml twice per day.

If there is no time to wait for a shipment of meds to come in, you can go to most pet and aquarium stores and buy Fish Mox, in the fish section, which is Amoxicillin.

Important mixing instructions: You will need a small bottle to mix & keep the medication in. If you buy the 250mg Fish Mox, crush the pill, then dilute it with 5ml of water in the bottle & mix well. For the 500mg crush the pill then mix it with 10ml of water. This dilutes the Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) to 50mg per 1ml which is the same dosage one gets from the vet. Kittens under 5lbs receive .25ml 2 x per day & kitties over 5lbs receive .50ml 2 x per day. Large kitties apx 10lbs receive 1ml

Many times cats will slow down and/or completely stop eating and drinking when they have URI. It is imperative you watch your kitty closely as dehydration sets in very quickly and can kill them if not treated immediately!"

The following is an excellent site I go to for cat advice.

Many of my cats are suffering from allergies colds, as I took them in as fosters and they did not get the best start in life.

http://www.apla … catcaretips/uri/

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July 28, 2009

I have recently came across 2 male kittens approximately 8 weeks old. One has a little discharge and closure to the eye. He has no foul smell, nor does he seem to be sneezing or coughing. What can I do to help the kitten?

I am not working, so I do not have the money to take it to the vet. Can someone give me suggestions? I want to be able to take care of him. He is very sweet.

By Stormie0122 from New Kensington, PA

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September 30, 20100 found this helpful

I want to thank everyone who posted. Because of you my baby kitten I recently adopted is recovering. I read this post yesterday and used antibiotic ointment and flushed with warm water first. Worked so wonderfully. My little guy's name is Nacho. I can not believe how effective it is. Mahalo. Nui Loa

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2 found this helpful
June 26, 2016

What do I do to treat my Siamese kitten's eye discharge?

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November 14, 20160 found this helpful

What kind of tea bag?

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April 14, 20150 found this helpful

My kitten has discharge coming from its eye. What should I do?

By Shekia O.

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April 14, 20150 found this helpful
Best Answer

A kitty's eye discharge could be for many reasons (eye infection, internal problem, etc.) and should be examined by a veterinarian for correct treatment. If you do not take your kitty to a vet for help now, the problem can become worse and much more difficult (and costly!) to treat.

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December 17, 20132 found this helpful

I have a kitten that is skinnier than normal. It walks around sometimes, but just lays around most of the time. It also has goop that keeps closing its eye. I wipe it with warm salt water would that be the reason why it's skinner then normal?

By Joseph

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December 19, 20130 found this helpful

Your cat needs to see a vet. Rubbing the eye with salt water is a good idea, but it's not causing the weight loss. It sounds like worms and/or an infection. See the vet!

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December 20, 20131 found this helpful

I have kittens that are 2 weeks old. One kitten has 1 eye open and the other eye is swollen with pus coming out of it. What can I do at home because I can't afford a vet bill?

By Patricia from West Palm Beach, FL

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January 1, 20140 found this helpful

if you do not have the money to properly take care of these kittens then you should go surrender them to the nearest local Humane Society, with the mother. At the very least you need to have the mother spayed.

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April 7, 20131 found this helpful

My cat had kittens 2 weeks ago. One of the four has cold in their eye. I have tried using warm milk and it didn't work.

Any suggestions?

By Sam J

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April 9, 20130 found this helpful


Kittens are so nice to have around!

I know how difficult it can be to take our animals to the vet unless we feel sure it is very necessary.

I can remember having to learn when to take a child to the doctor and when to try old fashioned remedies.

I have found that kittens are sometimes prone to having a yellow discharge from their eyes that may not be serious.

. I always mixed a small amount of Epson salt or just regular salt in a cup of hot water (Sea salt is really good also).

Let the water warm! and then dip a small cotton square or a very clean piece of WHITE cloth in the warm water and DAB it gently on the kittens eyes (both eyes). Be very gentle. Don't worry if you do not remove all of the yellow gunk. Just be sure to use a clean area of the pad each time so that you do not spread the infection.

Throw all used material away.

You will have to do this several times a day for 2 or 3 days and then slack off to maybe 2 times a day until the yellow does not come back. Just be sure to make fresh salt water and use only clean pads.

This may take time so be patient. This may be contagious so keep an eye on the other kittens.

You could also Google this question and see what others suggest.

This always worked for me but if there is no improvement then it would be best to try and take them to the vet.

Animals are precious and I am glad you are trying to find help.

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September 11, 2016

My kittens have sore eyes. What can I do for them?

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September 13, 20160 found this helpful

Kittens frequently get eye infections. You will need to see a veterinarian for the proper medicine. If it is not treated they can go blind. Don't wait it gets worse rather quickly.

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August 1, 2016

I rescued a kitten that had terrible fleas so bathed her with a little Dawn and rinsed her well. The fleas are gone. I hope the eggs are too. The real problem now is that she has a little matter coming out of the corners of her eyes. Is this something I can address at home now? We plan to take her to the vet as soon as we can get an appointment (It's Sunday and they're closed).

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August 3, 20161 found this helpful

Getting rid of the fleas was important. I have seen fleas kill small kittens. Most small kittens have an eye infection so you will need ointment from your Vet. You can gently wipe the matter away with a warm wet washcloth. That helps, but she will need to be treated. Blindness can result if she is not treated. A day or two delay will not matter too much. Good luck to you.

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October 16, 20131 found this helpful

A kitten found me. She must have known she needed help because she has not been handled by any humans. She just meowed her little heart out until I found her, scared and shivering, next to a chain link fence in my neighborhood. She looks completely blind in her left eye, it has the milky white look. It is also red like it's infected and she still has discharge coming from it as well. I've tried to get a better look, but she's still too skittish. I really can't afford a vet and am too scared to give her to the SPCA; it would break my heart if they put her down because they couldn't find her a home. I am positive she will not see out of this eye. Is there anything I can do at home to treat her or try to see if a vet will help me since it is a stray I am willing to keep? Besides her eye, she seems in good health.

By Brittney H.

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October 18, 20130 found this helpful

There are ointments for eyes available from Valley Vet Supply, on the Web. They are for bacterial infections. these are common in kittens. They are not too expensive. You should consider a trip to the Vet. You seem to really care for this kitten, but probably have not budgeted for the expense.

Vets usually have a pay over time program available. Let them know you need to know in advance what the cost will be and see if you cant make just one trip. Kittens need a distemper vaccination especially. just one or two last a lifetime. You will also need to find a way to have her spayed in a few months.

Many local rescue groups will do this for a minimal amount. Also be sure and check with you local humane society to see if they have low cost Vet care available. Anyway, check out Valley Vet Supply, they will have the wormer you will need also. Continue to keep you kittens eye cleaned up. You may be surprised to see the ointment clear it completely. I have seen cats eyes clear that were dead white with infection. Good luck to you.

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June 18, 20140 found this helpful

My kitten has stuff coming out her eye and I was wondering if I could put Vaseline on it cause I think she has an eye infection. I will be booking an appointment with her vet soon, but in the meantime would it be OK if I just put Vaseline on temporally?

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June 23, 20140 found this helpful

Please take your cat to a vet ASAP. This is not something to self-treat or you could very well end up with a blind cat in a very short time.

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January 2, 2016

I'm looking for help with my cat's eye problem. He is a 5 months old, a little troublemaker, and every now and then his eyes start to discharge some stretchy, milky white goo that looks like mucus. If I don't clean them the goo starts to cover his eyeballs. Prior to this there's usually some tears from his eyes, and followed by an infection.

We've seen the vet several times in the past months, and he said that something is irritating my kitten's eyes, he tries to clean it with his paws and there comes the infection. Antibiotics cure it, but it's always coming back, so the vet said the infection is a result, not a cause of this discharge.

I've tried to eliminate every factor that could irritate his eyes like cigarette smoke and dust, but the goo is still coming sometimes. We got some eyedrops with mild steroids in it to ease the itching and it seems to work, but I'm a little worried about all this medication. My kitten looks good, have an apetite, and is as playful as ever, but the problem is still present.

So my question is, have any of you ever encountered this kind of a problem, or any idea what causes this discharge?

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January 3, 20160 found this helpful

As a seasoned cat rescuer, I'd say i\It's likely that your kitty is allergic to his litter. Many litters on the market have harsh perfumes and dust that trigger allergies in the eyes, nasal passages, and lungs. I would recommend that you make a change to a dust-free and fragrance-free product (baking soda added helps with the smells) for his litter boxes. Vacuum and clean around his litter area daily to keep down the dust. We solved this eye problem in our Rescue kitties, by changing the type of litter, brushing our kitties daily, and cleansing the inflamed eye area with a Vet approved eye solution. His pet beds should have washable linings ........we line our cat beds with old quilted placemats, and launder them weekly. Glad you have a vet that's monitoring his eye health. Good Luck!

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July 26, 2015

My six week old kitten has this green gooey eye booger stuff in his eyes and every time he closes them they stick shut. I've been cleaning them with a paper towel and warm water. It helps a bit, but then I have to clean them again. I don't know what to do or what he has. Help?

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July 27, 20151 found this helpful

You can use triple antibiotic ointment (not cream) in the cats eyes. Use it 4 times a day. It is better than nothing, but a trip to the Vet would be best. If not treated this can cause blindness.

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April 10, 20131 found this helpful

I found a mother cat and her kittens outside under my step and they are 13 days old. One kitten has a green mucous type discharge coming out of one eye and it can't open the other eye because it is all crusty, do I need to take it to the vet?

By Pam D

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April 11, 20130 found this helpful

I do lots of different things when my foster kittens get this very common infection. Now I would find a feed store or order online Vetricyn. http://vetericy … efits/feline.php

It is able to be sprayed into the eye and it helps heal wounds and such.

I keep them wiped clean. I actually would save amoxillin that I had and give that to them according to the dosages that kittens need.

I would figure out the weight of the cat and then calculate the proper dose. I would also use azithromax, if I had any available. When I divided the pill or powder after crushing it, into as many parts as needed to be to be the proper dosage, I would put it in a pet pocket treat that you can buy from the vets. It is hard if the cat will not eat the pill pocket for you. Kittens always get these eye infections. If you are having trouble with it and it doesn't get better take it to the vet.

As a matter of fact, it is easier to take to the vet in the first place and recommended, unless you are a rescue taking in hundreds of cats. It is really easier to get a rx from the vet than to go through all the trouble of figuring out dosages etc. Wipe the eye gently with warm water and when you can take him to the vet.

Bless their little hearts!

Here are some additional links:

http://earthcli … junctivitis.html

http://www.yout … ac.1.7p2GNbYz6Xo


Robyn from Tennessee

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0 found this helpful
June 1, 2015

Our cat had 6 kittens 5 days ago and their eyes aren't even open yet, but one of them has a swollen eye with some discharge, the cheek below that eye is a little swollen too. Should I take him to the vet or will warm water and neosporin be enough treatment for now?

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June 2, 20150 found this helpful

I would take him to the vet. A kitten this young is very vulnerable and the infection could spread or at the very least he could lose the sight in that eye.

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June 24, 2015

My cat has eye gunk, much like a humans, crusty, and yellow, but not super yellow. Only after I wake her up does she get this. I use a warm cloth to wipe her eyes and it vanishes. As soon as she goes to sleep and wakes back up it's back and she can no longer open her eyes. I then have to repeat the process.

I found her at my shipyard. She's about 4-5 weeks old, very active, eating solid food like she already knew how, drinking plenty of water, and goes pee in a litter box on her own. She hasn't pooped yet.

I've tried stimulating her (even after reading that she shouldnt need to be stimulated.) I don't really want a vet bill so I'm asking what to do on here first. I've had her for about two days and this is the first cat I've owned. If I have to bring her to the vet I will, but I just wanted some advice before iI rack up a pricey vet bill.

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June 24, 20150 found this helpful

One simple vet visit shouldn't be hugely expensive. My vet charges between thirty and forty dollars and you'd probably get the eye drops thrown in. This depends on where you live.

The eyes shouldn't be crusting over or gluing shut. Many kittens are born with eye infections. They get it from bacteria while passing through the birth canal. Unfortunately, this weakens the kitten as it is an infection and the immune system is fighting it. The cat could potentially lose sight in one or both eyes if the infection isn't cleared up.

A vet can prescribe simple antibiotics in drops or a gel. They'll also administer dewormer. No doubt your cat, like most rescued kittens, has parasites. They further weaken the cat.

Another point: You will need to have a series of vaccines for your cat to prevent serious illnesses they are likely to get. Each of the shots will be a separate visit. You also need to save up for a spay or get a voucher for discounted spay based on your income level.

If the cat is out of your budget right now, consider giving up to a local rescue organization. They will spay, vaccinate and deworm the kitten and adopt it to a good home. Kittens are cute and easy to adopt out.

If you decide to keep the kitten, be realistic about the expenses you will incur. Your cat doesn't need designer anything, but basic vet care is necessary.

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June 22, 2015

About three days ago I found a kitten in my back yard, and I kept her. When we first got her she was fine, then her eyes started crusting shut! To keep her clean I have to wash her eyes with a washcloth three times a day! It doesn't seem like eye discharge, but I can't think of anything else that it would be, what do I do?

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June 22, 20150 found this helpful

Your kitty may have an eye infection that definitely needs treatment. Please take her to your vet immediately. Delaying treatment can worsen the problem and your kitty will suffer needlessly.

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November 3, 20140 found this helpful

What has happened if my cat Sisi has gunk in his eyes? He has cloudyness and it is really building up. He itches them every day.

By Vannesa R.

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November 30, 20140 found this helpful

Get the cat to a vet ASAP.

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