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Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge

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Some pet ailments can safely be treated at home whereas others need to be referred to a vet to determine the cause and proper treatment. This is a guide about treating a kitten with eye discharge.



Here are questions related to Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge.

Question: Kitten Has Eye Discharge

My kitten has discharge coming from its eye. What should I do?

By Shekia O.


Best Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]04/14/2015

A kitty's eye discharge could be for many reasons (eye infection, internal problem, etc.) and should be examined by a veterinarian for correct treatment. If you do not take your kitty to a vet for help now, the problem can become worse and much more difficult (and costly!) to treat.

Question: Kitten Has Eye Discharge

I have a kitten that is skinnier than normal. It walks around sometimes, but just lays around most of the time. It also has goop that keeps closing its eye. I wipe it with warm salt water would that be the reason why it's skinner then normal?

By Joseph


Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]12/19/2013

It sounds like your kitten has not seen a Vet. It is very important that you get the kitten to a Vet asap. The eye condition is common in kittens, but must be treated or the kitten may go blind. The "skinny" problem may be worms. Worms and fleas rob the kitten of the nutrition and energy. If not corrected, kittens can die.

A kitten needs a distemper shot to avoid a serious and deadly disease. The distemper vaccine has been implicated in early kidney disease, so I only get the initial shot for my kittens. Some Vets will advise a yearly shot. Until the vaccine is changed to avoid the kidney problem, I stop with one shot. If you cannot afford a Vet, check with your local humane society for low cost Vet visits.

Also local cat rescues can help with Vet care. You can find local pet rescues on Or you may just be able to call a local Vet and tell them you haven't the money for a full visit. My Vet has a fund for this type of visit. Vets are aware of this problem. Good for you for taking in this kitten and caring enough to work to get her the help she needs. Good luck.

Question: Kitten With Eye Infection

I have three kittens which are about 6 weeks old, there is pus in their eyes, and each time they sleep, they stick shut. I put a warm compress on them to open their eyes, but it does not help much. I just don't know what happened to their eyes. I've had kittens before with cold in their eyes, and treatment took care of them. I don't know what to do for these poor babies.

By Jacqueline

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [369]09/17/2013

Here is the link for the vetricyn opth. gel ... acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

It is really awesome!

Question: Kittens With Crusty Eyes

My 3 week old kittens have something wrong with their eyes. They keep closing up with crust.

Jeanine from Barnegat, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By airbrenda08/31/2010

My cat has eyelashes on her inner eyelids which scratch her eyes and cause them to cloud over and become infected--the vet sold me a tiny tube of Butler Neo-Poly-Bac, a triple antibiotic, for $28. I noticed Neosporin has the same ingredients but a few extra, like cottonseed oil, that seems to me might burn in the eyes, but the Walmart brand triple-antibotic "Equate" has the exact same ingredients as the Butler without the extras and you can get a huge tube for $2.57. I haven't tried it yet, but, y'know, if it works, geez, what a frickin' waste of money.

Question: Caring for a Kitten With Eye Discharge

I have kittens that are 2 weeks old. One kitten has 1 eye open and the other eye is swollen with pus coming out of it. What can I do at home because I can't afford a vet bill?

By Patricia from West Palm Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By melinda [1]01/05/2014

I usually take a wash cloth wet it with warm water and put just a tiny bit of antibacterial soap on it, (very little) and clear the eyes. This sounds like an infection which can get the other kitties infected. If you use E*ay (i have bought the medicine needed on there for this problem, it is Terramycin 3.5 g tube it is by Pfizer and from another country even though the seller was here in the us. You will still need this to help with the infection. Check the exp date on any that anyone is selling on there before buying or bidding.

Question: Kittens With Cold in Its Eye

My cat had kittens 2 weeks ago. One of the four has cold in their eye. I have tried using warm milk and it didn't work.

Any suggestions?

By Sam J

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/09/2013

Kittens are so nice to have around!
I know how difficult it can be to take our animals to the vet unless we feel sure it is very necessary.
I can remember having to learn when to take a child to the doctor and when to try old fashioned remedies.

I have found that kittens are sometimes prone to having a yellow discharge from their eyes that may not be serious.
. I always mixed a small amount of Epson salt or just regular salt in a cup of hot water (Sea salt is really good also).
Let the water warm! and then dip a small cotton square or a very clean piece of WHITE cloth in the warm water and DAB it gently on the kittens eyes (both eyes). Be very gentle. Don't worry if you do not remove all of the yellow gunk. Just be sure to use a clean area of the pad each time so that you do not spread the infection.
Throw all used material away.

You will have to do this several times a day for 2 or 3 days and then slack off to maybe 2 times a day until the yellow does not come back. Just be sure to make fresh salt water and use only clean pads.
This may take time so be patient. This may be contagious so keep an eye on the other kittens.

You could also Google this question and see what others suggest.

This always worked for me but if there is no improvement then it would be best to try and take them to the vet.

Animals are precious and I am glad you are trying to find help.

Question: Treating a Kitten's Eye Infection

A kitten found me. She must have known she needed help because she has not been handled by any humans. She just meowed her little heart out until I found her, scared and shivering, next to a chain link fence in my neighborhood. She looks completely blind in her left eye, it has the milky white look. It is also red like it's infected and she still has discharge coming from it as well. I've tried to get a better look, but she's still too skittish. I really can't afford a vet and am too scared to give her to the SPCA; it would break my heart if they put her down because they couldn't find her a home. I am positive she will not see out of this eye. Is there anything I can do at home to treat her or try to see if a vet will help me since it is a stray I am willing to keep? Besides her eye, she seems in good health.

By Brittney H.

Most Recent Answer

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]10/18/2013

As you can not catch her you can't help her. Call your local verterinarian and explain the problem. They are not "heartless" people. Good luck.

Question: Discharge from Kitten's Eye

I found a mother cat and her kittens outside under my step and they are 13 days old. One kitten has a green mucous type discharge coming out of one eye and it can't open the other eye because it is all crusty, do I need to take it to the vet?

By Pam D

Most Recent Answer

By Charlene P.04/12/2013

All we ever did with our kittens was to gently wipe their eyes off with a warm washcloth. No soap. Just keep them wiped clean.

Question: I Found a Kitten

I just found a kitten outside, it looks like it was an outside kitten with other kittens around. I have never owned a cat before! She looks to be very young, when I brought her home I noticed a little bit of green drainage coming out of her left eye, it's two days later after bringing her home and she still has it. Also, this morning she vomited up what looked to be her kitty food on the floor. I have no money right this minute to take her to the vet. I also have a one year old child that has been around her. Is this bad for her? Also, not sure what to do about the kitty. Please help!

Cheri from USA

Most Recent Answer

By karen edmundson08/26/2008

this is not uncommon with new kitties under 6 weeks. Warm towel washings several times a day. If the kittie developes diarreha contact me at drgonldytx56 AT for a NATURAL cure i use and now my vet is using regularly for all their easy cases and HARD CORE cases. Fleas - dawn dishwashing liquid, sock over head to protect it. if that does not work sock tied behind front legs will help keep it calm also. eye treatments may require calling a local vet or two for a consensus. just tell them you are without funds. 4 weeks old DO NOT GIVE IT FOOD YET. get some KMR kitten milk formula should be on it for another 4 weeks especially if it is having vomitting issues. It is throwing up due to stomach not handling food just yet. then start with one tsp soft food to 1-2 tsp formula every two days decreasing milk/food ration 1.5 tsp to 1T formula minus .5 tsp etc. Like giving your baby chili. At 4 weeks bladder and bowel control should be working or on the verge so you dont have to wipe them to stimulate them. If you are being forced to take kitten to litter box before and after every meal and stimulate them there. I will check with my vet for green drainage problem and give you a further update. if not treated the kitten WILL loose the eye. But dont be afraid it can be taken care of easy.

Question: Treating Cat's Crusty Eye and Chin

closeup of cat's eyeMy cat has a crusty eye, chin, and upper jaw. What is it? How do we get rid of it? The cat has been taken to the vet twice, given eye wash, an extended round of Prednisolone 5 MG, and two rounds of Neo Poly Dex Opth Ointment. Yet the black crusty stuff just keeps coming back. He has been treated with Neosporin, but will rub his face until it's all gone. What is this from? And what do we do to make it stop? He occasionally walks around with his eye almost closed, which is worrying us.
closeup of chin and jaw

By Benson

Most Recent Answer

By in2thestars8102/04/2015

I hope you have since figured out what was wrong, just in case... I definitely believe that it is time to seek a new vet. The chin looks like feline acne to me too, which should be a fairly simple diagnosis; It was the first thing that popped in my head. When a cat scratches and/or rubs at the area, it can lead to further infection (which by the looks may be the case with your cat) needing topical, or systemic antibiotics; Which again, would require a visit to the vet, you never want to guess with antibiotics in anyone. If it isn't feline acne it could be some type of parasitic dermatitis. I hope your furrbaby is doing much better.

Question: Treating a Kitten's Eye Infection

black and white kitten in cat bedMy kitten has stuff coming out her eye and I was wondering if I could put Vaseline on it cause I think she has an eye infection. I will be booking an appointment with her vet soon, but in the meantime would it be OK if I just put Vaseline on temporally?

Most Recent Answer

By Raymond Eric D.07/17/2014

Vaseline does bad things to your eyes, it wouldn't help your cat's eyes either.

Cat's eyes make a lot of mucus. Adult cats clean this away, and you never notice it. Kittens don't know how to clean themselves properly, and the mother cat doesn't always get to it, so the gunk builds up.

A warm wet cloth can clear the gunk away, though it will likely return. A tea bag is often used, as it makes a cheap one shot sponge. Throw it away to keep things sanitary. The tea also helps to break up the gunk.

However, a full blown eye infection is very much a possibility. In such cases, treatment is best left to a vet.

Question: Cat Has Discharge Coming from Eye

My family and I are currently taking care of some stray cats. However one cat who is about a year old has some discharge from her eye and she can't open it. She is also not eating. We want to know if there is anything we can do for her, like any home remedies before we take her to a vet. It is also important to note, that she won't let us touch her because she runs away. Is there vitamins or antibiotics we can give her?

By Robert from Bridgeport, CT

Most Recent Answer

By LB Cain01/07/2011

Yes, God Bless you and your family. I work with a TNR (trap/neuter/release) group here in Tampa called A.C.T. (Animal Coalition) and they also supply discounted meds and services for feral cats, and there are many of these places around from state to state. They may even supply you with a "have a heart" trap so you can catch that little darling and take her in. Get you your internet and start googling for these types of coalitions in your area. they may put you in contact with an expert in feral cats that can help you more than you can imagine. Again, may you have many Blessing come your way for all your good works! :-)

Question: Treating a Kitten with Eye Discharge

Last night I adopted a kitten from a feral cat's litter. He looks about 4 weeks old and the people who have been feeding them say he has always had a discharge in his eyes that they wipe away each day. They thought it was allergies, but I recognize it as an infection. Is Bacitracin 500u okay to use on a kitten with white eye discharge?

By k

Most Recent Answer

By Sherri [6]07/06/2011

Please see a Veterinarian ASAP. A kitten with an eye infection can have other things going on. Please do not ever give she/he any medication unless you talk to a Veterinarian.

Question: Cat With Eye Discharge

I have found 4 very young kittens that have crusty eyes (nearly closed from the gunk). I think the irritation is from gnats, as there are a lot swarming. Can someone help me to treat their eyes? They are not mine and I can't afford a vet, but don't want to see them suffering.

By Nelwyn from Bunkie, LA

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]05/06/2010

Terramycin eye ointment is available from (click on cats) It costs about $11.00. Good luck.

Question: Kitten With Discharge from One Eye

I have recently came across 2 male kittens approximately 8 weeks old. One has a little discharge and closure to the eye. He has no foul smell, nor does he seem to be sneezing or coughing. What can I do to help the kitten?

I am not working, so I do not have the money to take it to the vet. Can someone give me suggestions? I want to be able to take care of him. He is very sweet.

By Stormie0122 from New Kensington, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Jeobe80809/30/2010

I want to thank everyone who posted. Because of you my baby kitten I recently adopted is recovering. I read this post yesterday and used antibiotic ointment and flushed with warm water first. Worked so wonderfully. My little guy's name is Nacho. I can not believe how effective it is. Mahalo. Nui Loa

Question: Kitten Has Swollen Eye With Discharge

Our cat had 6 kittens 5 days ago and their eyes aren't even open yet, but one of them has a swollen eye with some discharge, the cheek below that eye is a little swollen too. Should I take him to the vet or will warm water and neosporin be enough treatment for now?

    By Julie K. [1]

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [9]06/06/2015

    Eye infections are common in kittens. However, antibiotics must be prescribed. If it is not treated properly the kitten could lose sight in the eye. If you had an infection in your eye, you would probably not just put Neosporin on it. At least I hope not.

    Question: Cat Has Gunky Eyes

    What has happened if my cat Sisi has gunk in his eyes? He has cloudyness and it is really building up. He itches them every day.

    By Vannesa R.

    Most Recent Answer

    By Abigail A. [8]11/30/2014

    An eye infection, or upper respiratory infection. This needs to be treated. If you get it treated right away, it's possible there won't be any loss of vision, but that will depend on what it is.

    Question: Kitten With Eye Discharge

    My cat has eye gunk, much like a humans, crusty, and yellow, but not super yellow. Only after I wake her up does she get this. I use a warm cloth to wipe her eyes and it vanishes. As soon as she goes to sleep and wakes back up it's back and she can no longer open her eyes. I then have to repeat the process.

    I found her at my shipyard. She's about 4-5 weeks old, very active, eating solid food like she already knew how, drinking plenty of water, and goes pee in a litter box on her own. She hasn't pooped yet.

    I've tried stimulating her (even after reading that she shouldnt need to be stimulated.) I don't really want a vet bill so I'm asking what to do on here first. I've had her for about two days and this is the first cat I've owned. If I have to bring her to the vet I will, but I just wanted some advice before iI rack up a pricey vet bill.

      By Chris H. [1]

      Most Recent Answer

      By cybergrannie [30]06/27/2015

      How nice!
      Your first kitten - sorry you are having a problem with taking care of your new found friend.
      Since the kitten is so young, I agree that you should try to make a visit to the vet. Any animal can sometimes be costly to properly take care of but I believe they are usually worth the price.

      We have "always" had cats and dogs but I remember when my oldest son "found" his first kitten and fell in love. She lived with him for almost 20 years and I am sure he never regretted a single dime he spent on her.

      I live in an area that has a "vet" service in our Humane Society that offers many services for much less money but we also have a private animal "clinic" where services are about 1/3 the cost of a regular vet - especially when it comes to spa and neutering.
      Their services are only available on certain days and it is "first come first serve" so it does take most of your day.
      You might check something like this if you have time.

      Anyway, it seems you have rescued this kitten from a sure death, so I hope you can find a reasonable vet and will be able to share your life with a loving little creature.

      Question: Treating A Kitten With Eye Discharge

      About three days ago I found a kitten in my back yard, and I kept her. When we first got her she was fine, then her eyes started crusting shut! To keep her clean I have to wash her eyes with a washcloth three times a day! It doesn't seem like eye discharge, but I can't think of anything else that it would be, what do I do?

        By Joslynn [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Abigail A. [9]06/22/2015

        The vet will probably prescribe an antibiotic that is used in the eyes a few times a day. You can also find out if your kitten is old enough to start vaccinations, and schedule your spay or neuter.

        Question: Treating a Kitten With a Watery Eye

        My kitten suddenly developed a water eye. It looks a little more pinkish than the other one. He also squints it from time to time. He doesn't seem to be in pain or sick as he is playing as usual, eating as usual, and hasn't sneezed. He is not rubbing his eye either. Now I have noticed a discharge which wasn't clear or watery, but it was slightly clumpy and had a very very light yellow color to it (which he also gets from time to time). So from what I researched it looks like conjunctivitis or some particle went in his eye, like litter box dust? What should I do to help him at home?
        Please help.
        Thank you.

        By Bella

        Most Recent Answer

        By ilovesophie [20]12/04/2014

        The cat needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. It is not fair to the cat to take a chance of losing his eye sight. It does not take long for something like this to get to the point that it is beyond saving the eye.

        Question: Treating Eye Discharge in Cats

        How do I fix or remedy the infection in my cat's eye?

        By Michael from Truth or Consequences, NM

        Most Recent Answer

        By Sherri [6]07/04/2013

        Your cat could possibly have an eye infection that needs to be treated by a Veterinarian and be put on antibiotics. As you know an eye infection can be painful and needs to be treated by a professional. Please take your fur baby to his/her Veterinarian

        Question: What Does Distemper in a Kitten Look Like?

        We found a kitten out in our yard; its eyes are goopy and stuck together. Also it sounds like it has wetness in its chest. Could it be distemper? bundled up kitten

        By muffin from Paso Robles, CA

        Most Recent Answer

        By Raymond Eric D.07/17/2014

        For the chest, I'm not sure.

        But for the eyes, all cats get a fair amount of eye mucus. Adult cats clean it away, and you never notice. Kittens don't know how to clean themselves properly, and if they don't have a mother to do it for them, mucus can build up. In many cases, this goes so far as to form a crust and seal the eyes shut.

        A warm wet cloth can be used to clean this gunk away. Better yet, a tea bag. The bag acts like a sponge, holding moisture, and the tea makes the water very mildly acidic, which helps with the cleaning process, without going so acidic as to be harmful. Dispose of the teabag after each use.

        However, it's also possible for a kitten to have an actual eye infection. This is something best left to a vet.

        Question: Kitten's Eye Matted Shut

        My six week old kitten's eye is matted shut this morning. It was watering now it is matted shut.
        This morning she seems really healthy otherwise. She eats and goes to the bathroom. Her poo is solid. Do I get her to vet right away?

        By vicki and zoey from Sioux City, IA

        Most Recent Answer

        By tiredgirl5006/17/2014

        Use warm washcloth to loosen crust. Then rub antibiotic cream between your fingers and then transfer to the top of her eyelids. Do this daily until the crust no longer appears.

        Question: Treating a Cat's Eye Discharge

        My male Main Coon cat, who is 7, has discharge in his eye. It has no color. The eye is not red, swollen, or puffy. This eye makes him look like he is squinting. It seems like the eye is itchy to my cat. Otherwise, he has no other symptoms. I have gently wiped it with a cotton ball that I wet it with saline. His eye has only been like this for a couple of days. When do I need to take him to the vet? I don't want to neglect his care, as he is my baby, but the vet is very expensive. Any advice would be appreciated.

        By HB from League City, TX

        Most Recent Answer

        By Rebecca S.12/07/2014

        My cat had the same thing with no color, it looks like he's crying, I took him to the vet and they told me 2 things:
        1. it could be that he scratched his eye on something and it will heal on it's own.
        2. His tear duct might be clogged and so the extra water goes out the eye. The only way to fix this is the vet said they have to be put under so they can go in and unclog the duct I hope this helps good luck.

        RE: Treating a Cat's Eye Discharge

        Question: Adopted Kitty Has Cloudy Eye

        I found a very small kitty outside at night. It seems to have a small white cloud covering almost half the eye, but the other eye is fine. It is skinny, and it eats little food. I try to feed it, but sometimes it walks away. It sleeps a lot. Help!

        By Gabriel A. from Rialto, CA

        Most Recent Answer

        By Lizzyanny [9]11/26/2013

        Eye infections are common in kittens. You will need medicine to cure it. Or you can get eye ointment at Valley Vet supply on the net. You need to see a Vet to figure out what is going on. Not eating indicates something going on internally. If you cant afford a Vet trip find a "no kill" shelter and surrender the kitten, that way it will get the vet care it needs.

        Question: Treating a 4 Week Old Kitten's Matted Eyes

        One of my kitten's eyes are matted shut. I use a warm compress and get them open. I had used a Q-tip with just a touch of Vaseline and put around the eye so it wouldn't get sore, but it does mat again after a few hours when he sleeps. Is there anything I can do for him? I figure he's gotten a little cold in it. He is not sneezing.

        By shirley from clayton, in

        Most Recent Answer

        By Patricia Nicholas [13]04/16/2013

        Kittens often get an infection in their eyes and unfortunately you need medicine to clear it up. It is also very contagious to the other kittens. If you have a relationship with a vet, they will often give you the meds without an office visit since it is so very common.

        Question: Kitten Has Mucus in Eyes

        black kittenI recently was given a kitten. His name is Shadow. He is about 10wks old. I don't know if it's because of the change of enviorment for him but he has had like light color mucus looks maybe green coming out his eyes quite frequently since I had him.

        His eyes are clear no swelling and they do not close shut, but the mucus is present. I can tell like he has some congestion or maybe allergy because he sneezes off and on. I wipe of the mucus with warm paper towel and he goes on and continue playing is there anything I can do to help stop it or what it may be?

        I'm concerned because I have a two year old who likes to pick him up and try to kiss him and I've been preventing that because I don't know if it's something infectious. Please help can't really afford a vet bill.

        By A. Golden

        Question: Treating a Kitten for Eye Discharge

        Anyone know of a natural or home product for baby kitty eyes? We have an eight week old with nasty eyes. Thanks for any info.

        By Linda L.

        Question: Kitten Has a Watery Eye

        I found an 8 week old kitten and his eye is slightly watery. It looks like a clear tear drop falling down. What should I do? Is it serious?

        By Kelli

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