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Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

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My puppy has parvo we have been treating him with IV and antibiotics just like vet told us. This started on a Thursday and now it's Monday and he showing little sign of improvement. He is drinking water on his own now. Do you think he might be getting over it? How long does parvo last?

By Rosie from Fresno, CA


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By ayesha christmas [35]11/24/2010

Hi, I think it will take a week to 10 days for your dog to get its strength back. Introduce food slowly as the stomach may have shrunk a bit and will be quite tender. Also be careful about the amount of running around you allow for a few days as although the dog might be feeling better it could tire easily. Just keep doing what you are doing the main thing is that you have got through the crisis. That is not easy, I remember not having any sleep for about 3 days! well done

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]11/24/2010

Providing your puppy had his annual vaccinations he should not have contacted Parovirus talk to your Veterinarian. Good luck.


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Question: Caring for a Dog With Parvo

On June 24th I took my new Lab Skoal to the vet and found out he has parvo. I bought the IV fluid and connector and needles giving him 150mL twice a day. He's on antivomiting pills and antibiotics. I'm also giving him 5ml of Pedialyte 6-8 times a day and white rice with chicken. He never stopped eating, but he did stop drinking on the first day. He has had diarrhea, but sometimes its thicker than others. Today is the 4th day and I got the first tiny very small bloody stool.

Today he showed so much activity he was barking and growling and pouncing. He was acting so normal I felt like he is at the end of this horrible road. My family has been helping and just right now my sister thought is was OK to take him outside and put him down on the cement. He was on the cement for 18 seconds (we have cameras so I was able to see what happen). I'm worried he was getting better and now that she took him outside he isn't going to be OK. I'm actually freaking out! Will he be OK?

By Sierra

Most Recent Answer

By lovinlife200207/14/2013

I had a dog that came down with parvo. You are doing everything correctly in the house. The cement needs to be scrubbed down several times with bleach and water. Do not let your dogs out for several hours after cleaning the cement. After about a week of cleaning the cement, and cleaning it again after your dog goes potty there should not be any more issues. My dogs were back to normal after about 10 days, but it does take a lot of work.

Question: Caring for a Dog With Parvo

I just came home from the vet with my dog. She has pravo. She is breathing really slow and I have been giving her Pedialite in a syringe. When will she get better?

By Keta

Most Recent Answer

By Wolfe L. [1]06/24/2013

From what I have learned from experience depends on how bad your dog has Parvo. It can be 2-6 months to get over it.
Please don't give up or frustrated with your dog as they go through this. It is very hard on them. Plus they can die from Parvo without steady care.


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Archive: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

My dog just got home from the vets. He is recovering from Parvo. How long will it take for him to gain his strength back?

By Shea from Wytheville, VA

RE: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

Several years ago my new puppy came down with parvo between the dates of the parvo shots. She was one sick baby and I doubted that she would even live. It took months before she fully recovered and actually had an appetite. She lost most of her hair due to the bolus injections beneath the skin when a vein couldn't be found for an IV. She was just the most pitiful dog I have ever seen. She is almost 11 now and beautiful with a full coat of hair.

She is a long haired Chihuahua and is a real joy to be around. One thing notable is that after having parvo, she has always appeared more sensitive to pain and becomes frightened if she thinks you are going to do something to her ie., clip nails, clean ears, etc. I have always felt this is because she went through so much pain in her young life. Hope your puppy continues to grow stronger daily and that it will make a complete recovery. (04/24/2010)

By Banty

RE: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

RE: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

It took my dog a few weeks to get "better" and at least a full month to get back to her "old" self. Our vet only gave her a 20% chance of survival since we took her home and administered the medication ourselves. But I think she survived because we stayed with her 24 hours a day the entire time she was sick. Something a vet and assistants are not able to give. I don't even think we slept for about 3 days since she was so sick.

After the 4th day, we slept here and there (took naps when she took naps) and woke up automatically when she did so she could throw up. We held her little head over the trash can, then cleaned her up. We gave her IV fluid and all of the medications as the doctor prescribed all on time.

I do wish the best for you. I know how we felt thinking we were losing our baby. It's not easy. But Belle pulled through it and yours can too. I'll say a prayer for your little furbaby! /210215792508?ref=nf (04/25/2010)

By AngelLoveInOhio

RE: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

RE: Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

I have had 2 dogs live through parvo and both times we kept them home for treatment. It depends on your dog and how bad it was for them. The most recent one only took about a week to get back to normal. I would keep giving them something like Gatorade or Pedialyte, something that has electrolytes and try food that will be easy on his stomach. (05/05/2010)

By A_M123

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