October 26, 2011

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Dishes Being Packed into Box

Storing BreakablesThis is a page about storing breakables. From figurines and collectibles to fine china, certain breakable items often need to be stored away. Keep your breakables safe by storing them properly.


A child being seen by a doctor.

Saving Money on HealthcareThis is a page about saving money on healthcare. The cost of healthcare is constantly going up. For many people it is getting harder to afford proper coverage.


Saving Money at Disneyland, Entrance to Disneyland Park

Saving Money on Disneyland TicketsThis is a page to saving money on Disneyland tickets. Visiting Disneyland for a family can be an expensive endeavor. Disneyland is a place where priceless family memories can be created. The ticket to those memories has a price though, and it's not cheap.


Plate of meatballs.

Shaping MeatballsWhat is your favorite method for shaping meatballs? There are a number of ways to shape meatballs once the ingredients have been mixed. This is a page about shaping meatballs.


Pink and white simple patchwork quilt on bed.

Making a QuiltThis is a page about making a quilt. There are many kinds of quilts that can be created for use as comforters, covers, bedspreads, and pillows. It can be made of all new materials, or recycled fabrics.


Organizing Your Purse

Organizing Your PurseThis is a page about organizing your purse. A messy purse is an easy place to lose track of things. Keeping your purse organized will help you stay organized in general and you might be able to carry a smaller purse also.


Man Lighting a Cigarette in his Car While Driving

Getting Rid of Odors Inside Your CarFrom someone smoking or built up moisture, car odors can have a multitude of causes. Eliminate those odors and get your car back to smelling like new. This is a page about getting rid of odors inside your car.


Claw Foot Tub in Bright Bathroom

Cleaning a Claw Foot TubThis is a page about cleaning a claw foot tub. A claw foot tub is a beautiful addition to any bathroom. As with any bathtub, keeping them clean is an important part of maintaining an unstained tub.


Moldy Tiles and Bathtub

Cleaning Mold in the BathtubThis is a page about cleaning mold in the bathtub. Your bathtub is a place to get clean. If it gets dirty and moldy then it's impossible to use it for yourself, so it is important to clean mold out of the tub as soon as possible.


Closeup of Facial Pores and Oily Skin

Remedies for Oily SkinThis is a page about remedies for oily skin. If you have oily skin, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a clear complexion. With daily care and cleansing it is possible to reduce the affect of having oily skin.


Two quilts hanging on a wooden rack.

Selling QuiltsThis is a page about selling quilts. Making quilts involves creativity and talent. These beautiful and useful pieces of art can earn you some money too.


Jars of Freshly Canned Salsa

Canning Tomato SalsaThis is a page about canning tomato salsa. Store bought salsa is never as good as what you can make at home. By making a large batch and canning your salsa, you can store jars for later or give them as gifts.


Man Cleaning Car Interior

How to Clean Your Car's InteriorKeeping your car's interior clean is a great way to maintain it's appearance and resale value. This page is about how to clean your car's interior.


Vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Bag Freshener Tips and RecipesThis page contains vacuum bag freshener recipes. Your vacuum bag can develop odors from all of the hair, dander, and dirt that it picks up. Using vacuum bag fresheners can help keep odors from happening.


A new home.

Saving Money on Home Owner's InsuranceThis is a page about saving money on home owner's insurance. Home owner's insurance can be quite expensive. Taking the time to shop around and looking for discounts can save you some money.


Woman Holding Handful of Coupons with Thumbs Up

Tricks for Saving MoneyThis is a page about tricks for saving money. The whole point of being thrifty and frugal is to save money. Saving money in big chunks can be very difficult, but little things you do everyday can really add up over time.


White Low Flow Toilet

Saving Money on Your Sewer BillThis is a page about saving money on your sewer bill. An unavoidable bill for many of us is the sewer bill. Finding ways to save money on this utility expense will help your family stay on budget.


Bowl of cream of tomato soup garnished with chives.

Freezing Tomato Soup?This is a page about freezing tomato soup. Tomato soup stores well in a number of ways. Freezing is a fast, easy option that allows you to make a large batch of soup and save some for later meals.


Woman Wiping Down Wood Cabinet With Yellow Cloth

Homemade Wood CleanersThis is a page about homemade wood cleaners. Keeping your wood furniture clean and polished will help extend it's life time and it will look great as well. You don't have to use a store bought wood cleaner though. Save money and make your own.


An organized underwear drawer.

Organizing UnderwearThis is a page about organizing underwear. Keeping your underwear organized will ensure you can find the pair you want when you want it. It can also help keep you underwear separate from other in your household that might have similar underwear.


Saving Money on Hotels, A lit hotel sign.

Saving Money on HotelsThis is a page about saving money on hotels. Staying at a hotel can be a huge expense on a trip. Saving money on your hotel room leaves more money to spend on other parts of your trip.


Saving Money on Health Insurance, Health Insurance Paperwork

Saving Money on Health InsuranceThis is a page about saving money on health insurance. The cost of healthcare is beyond what most people can afford on their own, but at times it seems purchasing health insurance isn't much cheaper.


Man Pointing at Brake Rotor

Fixing Squeaky BrakesThis is a page about fixing squeaky brakes. If your brakes are squeaky it could a minor issue or it could be a sign of a necessary repair. Get to the bottom of the problem sooner than later or it could become dangerous.


A bowl of tomato soup with crackers.

Tomato Soup RecipesTomato soup is a delicious, yet simple soup to make. Making your own tomato soup gives you the opportunity to experiment with a variety of tomatoes to find the perfect flavor.


Eggnog Ingredients on Tile Counter

Eggnog Pie RecipesThis page contains eggnog pie recipes. Eggnog pie is a sweet treat that everyone will enjoy around the holidays. You should make two because one won't be enough of this popular pie.


Hand with eczema rash

Remedies for EczemaThis is a page about remedies for eczema. Eczema is a skin disorder that can cause a lot of pain, itching and discomfort.


Man Kneading Pizza Dough

Freezing Pizza Dough?Making pizza at home is a great way to save money and eat a more nutritious pizza. Making your own dough and freezing it save a lot of time later when you are ready to make your pizza. This is a page about freezing pizza dough.


Grilled kielbasa and potatoes.

Recipes Using Kielbasa or Polish SausageThis page contains recipes using kielbasa or Polish sausage. Kielbasa is a popular ingredient in many recipes. It is often used in recipes based on dishes from Eastern Europe, but is adaptable to many cuisines.


Man in White Gloves and Suit Opening a Bottle of Champagne

White Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about white themed party ideas. A white themed party is a really fun and simple way to get everyone at the party on the same page. From the food, to the decorations and clothing, having everything on white will make for a memorable party.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza RecipesThis page contains BBQ chicken pizza recipes. BBQ chicken pizza is a great choice for making at home.



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Hearty Mushroom SoupSo glad it's almost soup weather again! This is so good on a cold night!


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German Chocolate Gooey CakeA cake with coconut and cream cheese filling on top. Very easy to prepare and carry anywhere. Cut the pieces small like you would chocolate fudge candy, because it is very rich.


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One-Dish MealLove this because it is a nice, hearty yet inexpensive meal. Easy to make, too.


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Waldorf SaladLove this mixed fruit salad.



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Lime Or Ashes For MossSpread some lime over the area to get rid of the moss, or a cheaper method if you have a fireplace is to lightly spread some of the ashes over the area. If you wet it down, it sort of makes the gray disappear, but it gets rid of the moss.


Spool of serger thread in container next to machine.

Save on Sewing ThreadIf you sew a lot like I do, this will save you not only money but time. Quite often I find the larger spools usually sold for serger use on sale for $1.98, less than the large spool of regular thread.


Dog sleeping on blue carpet.

Maintaining Your Dog's NailsLike everything else the price to have my dogs nails cut went up too. I'm not at all comfortable cutting his black nails myself. However, Teddy, who I recently adopted doesn't mind having his paws touched.


Tony the Dog on a Red Pillow

Tony (Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky)Tony is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. We adopted Tony on July 15th, two days after my beloved Pano passed away. My husband felt that my son needed a new dog right away, but I wasn't ready yet.


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Repairing Costume JewelryYou can re-surface/spiff up costume jewelry using colored nail polish. I just touched up the worn gilding on a vintage pendant using gold-colored polish.


Dew on Spider Web

Garden: Spiderweb With DewI knew that there were several spiders around the house that made their webs at night and dismantled them in the morning. I was so happy to see this one was still there between the crepe myrtle and the porch column.


Gray, cream, and pink striped throw pillows.

Recycled Throw PillowsI had 2 long body pillows my son didn't use. I made gorgeous throw pillows for my couch using 2 curtain panels. Measure two 20 inch squares per pillow. Put patterned sides together and pin.


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Fast Food Milk Bottle GameI washed and saved up bottles from fast food milk and made a few children's games:


Closeup of Bright Pink Flower Petals

Pink Petals (Shore Acres State Park, OR)I saw this blossom in a central display at Shore Acres State Park. It was in with many other beautiful flowers, but I really loved the way the yellow on this barely accented the pink of the petals. Surprisingly enough to me, they look terrific!


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Set Clocks Five Minutes FastI set three clocks in the house 5 minutes ahead. I set my alarm clock, the clock in the kitchen, and the one in the dining room ahead. Those are the clocks I go by when getting ready to go out the door.


Websites offering discounts and coupons.

Savings Websites: The Good, the Bad, and the...There are great websites that offer deals and discounts, but then there are just as many that aren't worth the time it takes to navigate them. Beware of sites that require a subscription before you see any of their deals and discounts.


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Containers on Butcher Block Table ShelfI have my utensils on a small butcher block table that has a shelf underneath it. The utensils are stored in flower pots, a large terra-cotta roaster that had a crack in it, a crock, and a tin pail.


Two baby cradle church purses with Kewpie dolls inside.

Crocheted Kewpie and Baby Cradle PurseThe original pattern I found on the Thrifty Fun website. I printed it in hopes of making it someday. They are just so adorable and turned out so cute.


Baby Bird in Planter

Wildlife: Uncertain Baby BirdI happened to be in the right place at the right time to watch several baby birds leave their nest and bravely take flight. This little bird sought safety near my front door. I watched it for a long time but did not disturb it.


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Gargle With Salt WaterAt the first sign of a sore throat, gargle with a warm solution of salt and water. Salt is very healing. Then call the doctor.


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Halloween Costume: Easter BunnyWhen my daughter was six years old, she was the Easter bunny. She wore a pink sweat shirt and sweat pants that were turned inside. This makes it look furry. I bought an inexpensive bunny ear hair band along with with a puffy white tail to put on her sweat clothes.


Two pictures of a man dressed as the Incredible Hulk.

Halloween Costume: The Incredible HulkThis is my costume for the Incredible Hulk. It consisted of ripping up a white T-shirt, tearing some jeans and dying them purple, wearing green contact lenses, and spending nearly 3 hours getting airbrushed and detailed with green and purple paint.


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Sewing Basket OrganizingMost large sewing baskets have slotted containers for the different types of supplies. This can help you really stay organized when you need to find a specific tool or material.


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Freezing Ricotta Changes TextureYou really shouldn't freeze ricotta, but there are those that will anyway. I know - I did. So if you do, just know that the texture will suffer. Don't freeze it for more than six months.


Candycorn Wreath

Candy Corn WreathThis wreath can be used through the fall season and is made of a purchased foam wreath, cloth, and candy corn.


Pringles can.

Store Dry Spaghetti in Pringles ContainerUse an empty Pringles can to store dry spaghetti, no need to worry about keeping the opened bag or box closed. An added plus is that the lid is see through plastic so no need to open it, as you can see how much you have left.


A space ship shooting potatoes with a laser beam.

Food: The Final FrontierYes, I am an old school Star Trek fan. "These are the voyages of the . . ." Oh ok, I will come back down to Earth for a moment and talk about how I am feeding my family.



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Value of a 1950 Sunbeam Mixmaster?I have all the attachments (juicer and meat grinder), even the book for a 1950 Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer. What is it worth? It's a beaut!


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Pet Hair Removal?What is the best way to get dog and cat hair off of my clothes, the furniture, etc.?


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Train or Caboose Birthday Treat Box Ideas?I want to have a train birthday theme for our son. I would like to make a little caboose/train treat box or bag, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this.


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Date Palm Fruit Small and Dry?My date palm tree produced fruit this year that is small, dry, and inedible. Please help me.


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Removing Permanent Marker from Upholstery?My 2 year old found a blue Sharpie and before I could get it out of his fat little hand he had drawn several streaks across my tan upholstered love seat. I used rubbing alcohol on it, but the streaks still show. Help! :)


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Dye Ran on Pink Uggs?I recently bought a pair of pink/magenta Uggs. Shortly after I bought them a spot of water stained the toe, leaving a "bleached" looking spot on one side and a darker spot where the dye ran. The spot is pretty big and definitely noticeable.


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Protecting Vegetable Plants in Colder Weather?I am new to growing vegetables and fruit. I started a small garden with peppers and tomatoes in April. They have produced some tomatoes and are still producing peppers. My question is what do I do now that the cold weather is coming and my peppers are still producing?


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Earning Extra Money While on SSI?I am on Social Security Disability due to health issues. I get my Social Security check each month, but wanted to know if I am allowed to sell something I manage to sew or make for a bit of extra money to help out with our expenses?


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Cleaning the Floor in a Wet Room?I have a wet room (bathroom), but I am finding no matter what products I use to clean the floor it still looks dirty. Is there any other product that I can use?


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Pet Friendly Mouse Control?How do we work on getting rid of mice in our house? We have tried all the glue type things, and some regular mouse traps. We have dogs and one cat, so we don't want them eating a mouse that might poison them.


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Drying Dumplings?Can I make dumplings and put them on the counter to dry and when they are dried put them in a bag?


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Shortening the Stride in Men's Pants?How do I shorten the stride in men's pants to fit a young boy?


Sample of tropical wallpaper.

Discontinued Tropical Wallpaper Border from...I am looking for a wallpaper border that I originally purchased at Lowe's approximately 6 years ago. The border also had the bathroom accessories to match. It's a tropical pattern with purple palm tree leaves and green banana leaves. I am looking for 2 rolls, but 1 roll would even be helpful.


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Making Money from Used Books?Any ideas how I can make money from my used books? They are in excellent condition, they haven't been opened or read. I've tried all the buy back companies that I am aware of, with no luck. Can anyone suggest any other sites?


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