November 1, 2011

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Striated homemade soap in reds, pinks, and blue.

Making Melt and Pour SoapThis is a page about making melt and pour soap. Homemade soap is a fun craft to get into. You can easily jump right in by using melt and pour bases. To these bases you can add a variety of inclusions such as fragrance, exfoliants, and colors to name a few.


A rose bush growing in a yard.

Growing RosesThis is a page about growing roses. Growing roses can be really rewarding when they flourish with beautiful blooms. They do require a little more care than other flowers that you may have grown in your yard.


A savory egg and sausage casserole topped with tomatoes.

Egg Casserole RecipesThis page contains recipes for Egg Casserole. These savory casseroles can be customized to suit your family's tastes. They can often be prepared the night before, allowing a fuss free meal for holiday breakfasts or brunches.


Image of vintage quilt composed of triangles.

Caring for QuiltsThis is a page about caring for quilts. Whether you are an avid quilter, inherited one or more heirloom quilts, or rescued one from and antique store, quilts have special care needs. You will need to treat each quilt with several factors in mind such as age, stability of dyes, etc. If cared for properly your quilts can be passed down to the next generation.


A salad made with kidney, wax and green beans, with onion and dressing.

Bean Salad RecipesThis page contains recipes for Bean Salad. These easy recipes usually start with canned beans mixed with veggies in a vinegar based dressing. Great for potlucks and special events as it keeps longer than salads with fresh veggies.


Gift of Homemade Jelly

Homemade Gift Ideas for Under $10This page contains homemade gift ideas for under $10. Homemade gifts are great presents to give, but, they aren't always cheaper than store bought ones. Finding things to make for under $10 will allow you to make gifts for all the people you love without breaking the bank.


Saving Money on Summer Travel, A travel trailer at a campsite.

Saving Money on Summer TravelThis is a page about saving money on summer travel. Many people look forward to traveling in the summer. Travel costs can add up quickly, but you don't have to spend a fortune to have fun.


Hanging Curtains With Pleat Hooks

Hanging CurtainsThis is a page about hanging curtains. Hanging new curtains is a wonderful way to quickly change the look of a room. Getting the curtains hung correctly is the the key to making them look great.


A colorful wooden dresser.

Removing Permanent Marker from Wood...Permanent marker can really ruin the look of your wood furniture. While permanent marker is generally permanent you want to be careful to not further damage your furniture when trying to remove it. This is a page about removing permanent marker from wood furniture.


Rollong pin on round of pizza dough.

Biscuit Pizza Dough RecipesThis page contains biscuit pizza dough recipes. A fast and easy way to make your own pizza is to use prepared biscuits for the dough. Then just add your favorite toppings and you are almost done.


Wooden bookshelf.

Removing Gasoline Smell from Wood Furniture?This is a page about removing gasoline smell from wood furniture. Gasoline odors on your wood furniture can be so strong that the furniture is unusable. Before you choose to no longer use the furniture it is worth trying to deodorize it.


Mug of slighty lumpy Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt RecipesGreek style yogurt has recently become very popular. Greek yogurt is traditionally made from sheep's milk, but cow's milk can be used. Because it is strained, it is a thicker, creamier yogurt than you may be used to. Making your own can possibly save you money, but will surely guarantee the quality of the ingredients used. This page contains Greek yogurt recipes.


Someone Writing Birthday on Calendar

Remembering Important Dates (Birthdays,...This is a page about remembering important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). It is a very disconcerting to realize you just forgot someones birthday or even worse, your anniversary. Don't miss another important date with these handy tips and tricks.


Refrigerator With Leftovers in Tupperware

Organizing LeftoversKeeping your leftovers organized is the best way to make you don't lose track of something in the back of the refrigerator. Don't let your leftovers go bad and waste all that good food.


Clam Chowder Recipes, A spoonful of creamy New England Clam Chowder.

Clam Chowder RecipesClassic New England clam chowder is a hearty, savory soup, often made with potatoes, cream, bacon, spices and, of course, clams. This page contains recipes for Clam Chowder.


Toast and orange marmalade.

Marmalade RecipesThis page contains marmalade recipes. Marmalade is a preserve made from the juice and peel of citrus fruit. Many of us are familiar with orange marmalade, but you can also make this tasty treat using lemons or limes, alone or in combination.


Closeup of Lavender Rose

Starting Roses from CuttingsIf you find a rose that you want to propagate, doing it from a cutting is the best way. Roses generally grow well from cuttings, but doing it right will give you the best results. This is a page about starting roses from cuttings.


Various scrapbook supplies.

Scrapbooking RecipesThis is a page about scrapbooking recipes. Scrapbooking is not just for photos. Creating a recipe scrapbook is a wonderful way to collect and preserve family recipes. A recipe scrapbook also makes a unique and personal gift.


White built in Bath tub

Cleaning a Textured Bathtub FloorA textured bathtub can pose some trouble when cleaning it. Mildew and soap buildup can get trapped in the texture, requiring some extra scrubbing. This is a page about cleaning a textured bathtub floor.


Old wooden dresser.

Cleaning Lotion Stains from Wood Furniture?This is a page about cleaning lotion stains from wood furniture. Touching your furniture with lotion on your hands can leave oily stains. When trying to remove these stains it is important to not damage the finish.


Uses for Newspaper, Stack of Newspapers

Uses for NewspaperThis is a page about uses for newspaper. Whether it's from free samples or receiving the daily news, newspapers can pile up quickly in the recycling. Newspapers recycle well but there are other things you can do to reuse them.


Closeup of Gray Squirrel

Keeping Squirrels Out of Fruit TreesSquirrels can be really adorable, except when they are decimating your fruit trees. Stopping the squirrels from eating the fruit on your trees will help ensure a good harvest. This is a page about keeping squirrels out if fruit trees.


Saving Money on a Computer, Keyboard with Dollar Sign Button

Saving Money on a ComputerThis is a page about saving money on a computer. Buying a computer can be expensive and shopping for a computer can be a frustrating experience.


Homeschooling Tips, Mother Homeschooling her Two Teenage Children

Homeschooling TipsThis is a page about homeschooling tips. Homeschooling is a very popular way to educate children. It's a lot of work everyday and these tips should help make it easier.


Old Rusty Sheath Knife

Removing Rust from Knives?This is a page about removing rust from knives. It is important to keep knives clean and well sharpened. It extended their usable lifetime and they look nicer as well.


Newspapers rolled into logs for burning.

Making Newspaper LogsMaking your own newspaper logs, is a great way to recycle those old papers and keep warm too. You don't need any special equipment to get started. This is a page about making newspaper logs.


Paint Cans with Color Spectrum and Brushes

Saving Money on Paint (Interior)This is a page about saving money on paint (interior). Painting the walls of your home is an excellent way to update your interior and it can be inexpensive.


Mashed potatoes with melting butter on top.

Fixing Runny Mashed PotatoesThis is a page about fixing mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are a delicious side dish. Sometimes you may find that they have become too runny, but there are ways to fix that.


Extended Family Portrait

Starting a Family Reunion TraditionThis is a page about starting a family reunion tradition. Family reunions are a perfect way to stay in touch with your extended family. Getting everyone on the same page for the first reunion to start the tradition can often be the most difficult part.


Pins and needles stuck into an almost unseen pin cushion.

Making a Cupcake PincushionThis is a page about making a cupcake pincushion. This is not your traditional tomato shaped pin cushion. Making a pin cushion in the shape of a cupcake is a cute easy craft project. These useful sewing accessories can be made for yourself or as a gift.


Shortbread cookies.

Gluten Free Shortbread RecipesThis is a gluten free shortbread recipes. Shortbread is a delicious crumbly cookie that is a common holiday treat. Making gluten free shortbread can make this treat enjoyable for people with gluten allergies.


Folded newspaper on wooden surface

Removing Newspaper Ink from Wood FurnitureThis is a page about removing newspaper ink from wood furniture. Newspaper ink can transfer to your hands and other surfaces quite easily. It is important to not damage your wood furniture when removing the ink.


Upclose photo of a rose.

Making Rose FoodThis is a page about making rose food. Feeding your roses will keep them healthy and blooming with beautiful flowers. Making your own food can save you money and allows you to try more organic solutions.



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Sugar CookiesThis is a wonderful old recipe. Comes out great every time!


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Italian MeatballsRegarding the Italian meatballs, none of the recipes are like the one I learned from my family. My grandparents came from Sicily.


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Rhubarb SaladLove the frozen strawberries in this recipe!


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Hummingbird CakeA delicious, moist cake full of tropical flavor.


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Barbecue Pork ChopsSo easy, yummy, and inexpensive!


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Macaroni PeteThis recipe is fast, easy to make and delicious, especially great for those of you who have young children to feed and are pressed for time. The adults in our family like it as well.


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Egg CasseroleLove this for breakfast or any time!


Restaurant Style Hash Browns

Restaurant-Style Hash BrownsI love making these hash browns. They are crispy, delicious, and so easy to make! Perfect for breakfast or even a side dish for dinner!


large Goat Cheese and Bacon Salad on a Plate

Easy Cheesy Peachy Peasy SaladThis is a refreshing salad that can serve as a first course or side dish.



A close up of the Carmen Miranda costume, with a fancy flowered hat.

Halloween Costume: Carmen MirandaAs soon as I found an old photo of Carmen Miranda, I knew her colorful style and punchy attitude would make a perfect Halloween costume project. I had the photo up in my bedroom for months and built the costume piece by piece for just as long.


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Inexpensive Birthday Party IdeasBaker's Coconut published a cut-up cake book that I found fit any kind of birthday party I wanted to throw for my two boys. You baked cake mix in standard size cake pans and then cut them up to specifications to make different shapes.


Instant Bolster Pillow - Wedding ring quilt pattern bedspread.

Instant Bolster PillowI recently replaced my bedspread and didn't want to sell or donate the older one. I have a chaise lounge pad on my mattress, so it makes a "gap" between it and the wall. To fill it, I needed some pillows.


Organize Current Photos FirstIf you are overwhelmed with years of unorganized photos, start with the current ones first, and get them organized.


Dirty artist brushes.

How to Clean Artists' BrushesQuality artists' paint brushes are an investment. It is important to wash them thoroughly at the end of every studio session or they can become permanently damaged. A proper cleaning will help maintain the shape of the tip, and extend the life of the ferrule and hairs as long as possible.


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Use Your Blender To Grind A Bag Of CoffeeWe recently bought a large bag of whole bean coffee at Costco. I used our blender to grind up all of the coffee, which was much quicker than our little coffee grinder.


Decorative Basket with Fall display in it

Decorate With What Nature ProvidesYou can create an attractive, inexpensive holiday display using items that nature provides.


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Halloween Treats from the GardenWe don't have Halloween trick-or-treaters where I live, and this year, no candy, just in case.


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Joke: Barbecued Alaska Polar Bear GruntsGrunts must be genuine Alaskan polar bear grunts. Do not mistake a growl for a grunt. That could be fatal. Grunts should be taken only by an experienced grunt hunter who can tell a grunt from a growl.


A man pruning a shrub.

The Best Time to Prune Flowering ShrubsThe most common mistake people make when pruning flowering shrubs is doing it at the wrong time. Pruning at the wrong time of the year won't usually hurt your plant, but pruning at the right time can help improve flower production.


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Nylon on Vacuum to Recover Lost ItemsDropped a small earring or contact lens, etc? Just take a nylon stocking and cover nozzle of vacuum and attach with a rubber band. Turn on your vacuum, and run it over floor. If you're lucky, your lost item will be stuck to the nylon.


Fletcher Pointing at the Statue of Liberty

Travel: Statue Of Liberty (New York, NY)My brother and I took the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty last spring. It was really impressive. We didn't go up inside the statue though, because there was such a long security line to get in.


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Replace Your Toilet's Flapper SealChanging the seal around the flapper will eliminate water running every two minutes into the bowl! This can add $ to your water and sewer bill every month, I know, I experienced this just recently.


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Find Treasures At Thrift StoresI have found treasures behind or under the glass at our local thrift stores. That is where they keep the items like bags, jeans, leather jackets, etc. Usually these items are priced way too high in my opinion because of the name, not the condition they are in.


Blooming tulip bulbs.

Extending the Life of Your Tulip BulbsMore than a few gardeners have been disappointed by "one-year wonder" tulips. These spring bloomers are perennials, but they don't always act like it-producing spectacular flowers the first year, only to peter out or disappear altogether the second.


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Nail Polish For Repairing StockingsPaint around the rip or tear with fingernail polish. Clear or fleshy pink tones of polish blend in best.


A ham sliced into slices.

Turning One Meal Into SixWhether you're short on time or money, preparing one large meal on the weekend and stretching it all week long is a cost and time efficient way of meal planning.


Closeup of Bright Orange Flower Petals

Garden: Orange PetalsI love flowers. They always bring color and cheer into my life! In fact, I never really liked the color orange until I started taking pictures of beautiful blossoms that easily changed my mind.


Oliver and Oscar, Dog and Cat, Laying on the Bed Together

Oliver (Dog) and Oscar (Cat)Oliver and Oscar are 7 years old. I got Oliver as a eight week old puppy. Oscar was the kitten of a neighborhood stray and was born in our backyard. When his mom and littermates left, he decided to stay.


Red and black golf bag.

How to Organize Your Golf BagThere are no hard and fast rules when it comes to organizing your golf bag. Stowing your clubs and accessories in a logical way may not reduce your score, but it can have a positive impact on your game.


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Honey Before Bed To Soothe Sore ThroatsThe best thing I have found for a sore throat is a teaspoonful of honey. This can be used often. It works best if you take a spoonful right before bed, then don't drink anything.


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Advertise Your Craft for FreeWherever I go I take my handy craft bag with me. I do a lot of crafts that include sewing and whenever I am waiting for long periods at a time such as at hospital visits I work on my crafts.


Hermit Crab on the Beach

Hermit Crab (Shore Acres State Park, OR)One of my absolute favorite critters to find in tide pools are active hermit crabs! These little guys are so much fun! I love the way they skitter sideways with their long eyeballs popping out from under their shell!


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Use Turmeric as a DyeThe reason mustard stains are so hard to get out is that there is turmeric in them! It is a spice, but it can also be used as a cheap and simple dye. If you like the golden yellow orange of the spice, this might work for you.


A lawn with grass growing in it.

How to Get Rid of Moss in Your LawnThe invasion of moss in your lawn occurs when you try to grow grass in places that are too shady, too wet, or on very poor soil-conditions that do not support grass. To eliminate moss and prepare the soil for grass, you'll need to change your lawn's growing conditions.


Celery growing in the ground.

How to Grow CeleryCelery can be grown in just about any climate as long as you have the time and patience. Traditional trench-grown celery, which requires specific soil conditions and constant attention over a long growing season, has given this vegetable its demanding reputation.


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Make Sure Your Feeder Is Easy To CleanI have experimented with making hummingbird feeders and have decided that purchasing an inexpensive feeder is not much higher in cost. One of the things to consider when buying or making a feeder is the ease in cleaning.


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Use Towels And Clothing As Packing MaterialHaving been in Houston for almost 30 years, DH and I are going to retire and go back to Knoxville, Tennessee. We can live on our retirement checks without working.


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Use Cold-Eze To Shorten ColdAs soon as you feel a cold coming on, try taking the product "Cold-Eze". They are drops that contain Zinc. They can alter the taste of your food for a while, but they really do help.


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Reuse Compartmentalized Food TraysMost people have at least one junk drawer in their house. I used frozen food trays to organize the drawer where my husband throws his loose change, chapstick, and others items from his pockets.



Keeping Pit Bulls from Fighting With Each Other?I am the owner of 3 Pit Bulls, a mom and her two daughters who are now almost 2 years old. I think I am having a pack issue. Well the girls are fighting like crazy I have already spent close to a grand in vet bills. I am not sure that any obedience training will do any good.


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Replacement Controls for a Biddeford Sealy Electric Blanket?The Biddeford Sealy electric blanket control that operates the heat to the blanket doesn't work. I am unable to find just that part. It is a single control for a queen bed. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Freezing Fresh Mushrooms?Can you freeze fresh mushrooms?


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Name Ideas for a Daycare Business?I am starting a daycare and I need a name using my name Danielle. Thanks for your suggestions.


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Removing Paint Stain on Sweatshirt?How do you get pink paint out of a blue sweatshirt?


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Cute Way to Ask a Guy to Sadies?What would be a cute way to ask a guy to a sadies? He plays baseball and he's on the school team but we go to different schools.


Room with a steeply pitched ceiling.

Decorating a Room to Make It Look Bigger?What is the best way to decorate a 10 foot x 15 foot room with a 12:12: pitch sloped ceiling to make it look bigger?


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Cleaning Resin Tables and Chairs?We have the long white resin tables and chairs in our church basement. How do we get them clean?


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Pirates Made from Bleach Bottles?Does anyone now how to make pirates out of bleach bottles, or Santa faces that can be adapted to become pirates? If you have photos that would be a big help. Thanks.


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Remedies for Dog's Teary Eye?My dog's eye is constantly wet lately. It's not yucky or matted, but is always wet. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Buying Play Sand?I want to make some fossils for my nephew and then have him dig for them. Can you buy sand? I know you can in the summer for sandboxes, but I am not sure about this time of year.


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Cooking Acorn and Spaghetti Squash?At the last Farmers Market for the year, I bought an acorn squash and a spaghetti squash. Now what do I do with them? I have never cooked squash before and I am 70.


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Using Halloween Pumpkins for Cooking?Can I use a regular pumpkin that you see all over for making pumpkin pie or soup? I heard there are different types of pumpkins and the one we use to carve as Jack-O-Lanterns are not good for cooking.


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Keeping Rats Out of an Outside Aviary?How do I keep rats out of a outside aviary? They ate all 18 of my finches in one night.


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Cleaning Up Whiskers After Shaving?My DH, per my request, attempts to clean up his daily whiskers following his morning shave. However, as we all know, facial hair is very difficult to clean up as it sticks to everything. What looks like a "sufficient" job to him doesn't come close to my personal standards.


Tabby cat lying on floor by a basket.

Finding a Vet Who Will Work Out Payments?I need to find a vet that will work with me financially, my cat is very ill and I am a retired and on a low income.


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Replacement Controls for a Biddeford Sealy Electric Blanket?The Biddeford Sealy electric blanket control that operates the heat to the blanket doesn't work. I am unable to find just that part. It is a single control for a queen bed. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Remedy for Athlete's Feet?What is a home remedy for athlete's feet?


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