January 16, 2013

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Using Space BagsThis page is about using space bags. These plastic storage bags may be helpful to save space when storing blankets, linens or clothes.


Single Serving of Cake

Single Serving Cake RecipesThis page contains single serving cake recipes. Couples or individuals living alone can enjoy cake without having to make a full sized one.


Wine Stains on Fabric

Removing Wine Stains on FabricThis is a page about removing wine stains on fabric. Wine stains while seemingly disastrous can actually often be removed from many types of fabric.


Streptocarpus flowers.

Growing Streptocarpus?This is a page about growing streptocarpus. Streptocarpus, also known as the Cape Primrose, is a member of the African violet family.


piece of batting attached to sewing table

Making a Thread Catcher?This is a page about making a thread catcher. Wouldn't you like to have a cute little thread catcher near your machine for thread ends and even fabric scraps; try making one.


Uses for Metal Coffee Cans

Uses for Metal Coffee CansThese containers can be used for storing things and a variety of crafts. This page is about uses for metal coffee cans.


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Removing Paint from FabricThis is a page about removing paint from fabric. Many of us have experienced the disaster of getting paint on fabric, such as upholstery, while working around the house.


A bunch of brightly colored sodas in clear glass bottles.

Crafts Using Glass Soda BottlesThis is a page about crafts using glass soda bottles. Although not as common as they once were, glass soda bottles can still be used for your craft projects.


Homemade Duster Ideas

Homemade Duster IdeasThis is a page about homemade duster ideas. You can buy a wide variety of products to use for dusting, but you can also make your own, often with things you already have around the house.


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Getting Rid of Quackgrass?This page is about getting rid of quackgrass. A troublesome weed for many gardeners and not always easy to iradicate.


Bottle of olive oil.

Removing Cooking Oil Stains from ClothingCooking oil seems to deliberately splatter on your clothing while you are cooking. This is a page about removing cooking oil stains from clothing.


Cooked Chicken Breasts

Cooking Frozen Boneless Chicken BreastsThis is a page about cooking frozen boneless chicken breasts. Buying frozen, boneless chicken breasts is often very economical.


Shampoo Bottle

Saving Money on ShampooThis is a page about saving money on shampoo. Staying within your budget means looking for ways to save money wherever possible.


A photo of delicious bacon.

Draining Grease Off MeatThis is a page about draining grease off meat. One way to reduce the fat in your diet is to drain the grease off cooked meat.


Organizing With Boxes

Organizing With BoxesThis is a page about organizing with boxes. Boxes are a great way to help get your home and garage organized.


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Sugar Free Apple Pie RecipesMake your next apple pie sugar free and enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit. This page contains sugar free apple pie recipes.


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Building a Half Wall?This is a page about building a half wall. A half wall can help to visually and actually divide a room and allows for more wall space for furniture.



Removing Smoke Odors from FurnitureThis is a page about removing smoke odors from furniture. Whether you are a former smoker or have acquired some used furniture from smokers, the odor is not pleasant and can be difficult to remove.


Storing Fresh Ginger

Storing Fresh GingerThis page is about storing fresh ginger. Keep this root fresh and available to add to your Asian recipes.


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Crafts Made With Plastic Can Rings?This page contains crafts made with plastic can rings. Reusing these common trash items, keeps them from going to the landfill.


Homemade Pudding Cups

Make Your Own Pudding CupsThis is a page about how to make your own pudding cups. Individually packaged pudding is very convenient, but also pricey.


Vintage Sewing Pattern

Finding Vintage Sewing Patterns?This is a page about finding vintage sewing patterns. You can spend hours scouring the internet looking for vintage sewing patterns.


Large Pearl Tapioca

Making Large Pearl Tapioca?This is a page about making large pearl tapioca. You can make a variation on the commonly seen small pearl tapioca pudding using the large pearl type, with some changes to preparation.


Uses for Leftover Spaghetti

Uses for Leftover SpaghettiThis is a page about uses for leftover spaghetti. Leftover spaghetti can be used to make a brand new meal.


Vegetarian Ethiopian Food

Vegetarian Ethiopian RecipesThis page contains vegetarian Ethiopian recipes. Ethiopian cuisine is very vegetarian friendly.


Vanilla pudding.

Pudding Tips and TricksThis is a page about pudding tips and tricks. Pudding is a quick and easy dessert to make and there are some tips to ensure that it comes out right and tasty every time.


Reusing Petunia Baskets

Reusing Petunia BasketsThis is a page about reusing petunia baskets. Annual flowers can be purchased in multipacks. Some like the Wave petunias even come in hot pink plastic packs that scream to be reused.


Homemade Space Bags

Homemade Space BagsThis is a page about homemade space bags. Space bags, while a great way to improve your storage problems, can be very pricey.


Autographed Jersey

Setting Permanent Marker on ClothesWhether you are assigning or decorating clothing, sometimes you want that marker not to be washed away. This page is about setting permanent marker on clothes.


A woman getting her hair done.

Saving Money on Hair StylingThis is a page about saving money on hair styling.Going to a salon to have your hair done can be quite expensive.


Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound - Breed Information...This is a page about the Scottish Deerhound - breed information and photos. The Scottish Deerhound is not a very common breed, especially in the US.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Keeps StallingThis is a page about when your riding mower keeps stalling. You are out cutting the lawn and your mower keeps stalling, this can be so frustrating.


Homemade Thank You Notes

Homemade Thank You NotesUnique cards can be created at home for a special message. This page is about homemade thank you notes.


Loctite Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from EyeglassesThis is a page about removing super glue from eyeglasses. Super glue is meant to be permanent, so when you get it on something accidentally, it can be frustrating.


Greasy Stove

Homemade Stove Degreaser Recipes?This is a page about homemade stove degreaser recipes. Cooking usually means that there are grease spatters on your stove.


Dog on Carpet

Removing Pet Poop Odor from Carpets?Once the feces is picked up, this smell can linger. This page is about removing pet poop odor from carpets.


Make Your Own Bleach Pen

Make Your Own Bleach PenThis is a page about how to make your own bleach pen. The bleach pen is a great tool for applying bleach to a small area, but you don't have to buy one; make your own.


Giving to Charity

Giving to CharityThis is a page about giving to charity. If you are thinking about making contributions to charity there are some tips for staying focused and feeling good about your gifts.


A frozen piece of meat.

Freezing MeatThis is a page about freezing meat. Meat of all types can be frozen for later use, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.


Brown Leaves on a Loquat Tree

Brown Leaves on a Loquat Tree?This is a page about brown leaves on a loquat tree. Trying to diagnose the cause of browning leaves on a fruit tree can be difficult.


bag of sugar

Getting Rid of Lumps in SugarThis is a page about getting rid of lumps in sugar. There is an easy way to get rid of lumps in your bag or container of sugar.


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Making a Hammock from Plastic Soda RingsThis is a page about making a hammock from plastic soda rings. If you have a stash of plastic soda rings waiting for just the right craft use, try making a hammock.


Uses for Old Calendars

Uses for Old CalendarsThis page contains uses for old calendars. Many times last year's calendar have pictures that you like.


Old Bed Springs

Uses for Old Bed SpringsThe avid recycler tries to find a use for just about everything, including bed springs. This is a page about uses for old bed springs.


First Communion Cake

First Communion Party IdeasThis is a page about first communion party ideas. Your child's first communion is a very important religious rite of passage.


Summer Activities for Teens

Summer Activities for TeensWith the end of the school year comes summer and a time when teens have trouble finding activities to keep them engaged and having fun. This is a page about summer activities for teens.


Waffle Iron

Cooking Uses for a Waffle IronEven if you don't make waffles that often your iron can still be used to prepare food. This is a page about cooking uses for a waffle iron.


box tops in a can

Saving Box Tops for EducationThis page is about saving box tops for education. Many products have coupons to collect for helping schools.


Stored food in a jars in a pantry.

Keeping Weevils Out of Stored FoodThis is a page about keeping weevils out of stored food. Weevils can hitchhike into your pantry in boxed dry goods.


Maternity Clothes

Saving Money on Maternity ClothesThis is a page about saving money on maternity clothes. Maternity clothing, like any specialty item, can be more costly than regular clothes.


A pile of silica packets.

Uses for Silica PacketsThis is a page about uses for silica packets. Rather than throw out those little silica packets that you get in such things as vitamin bottles and and new shoes, reuse them.



meds in container

Container for Expired MedicationOur doctor's office has a drop off box for expired medications, which makes getting rid of them very easy. However, we aren't there very often so I collect any that we have in a large plastic container.


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Keeping Moles and Gophers Out of Your YardGet some Wrigleys Juicy Fruit gum. You chew it just until it is soft and the flavor is starting to come out. Then you poke a hole in the hill or run and drop the gum down into it and cover it up.


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Add Ramen Noodles to Canned SoupWe love canned chicken noodle soup but always seem to have more broth than noodles. My husband got the idea to add ramen noodles to the soup and it satisfies the desire for more noodles and makes a nice lunch.


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Wear Hard to Button Blouses as a JacketI found this blouse but it has tiny baby clothes buttons. There is no way I'll be able to get up early enough to button that shirt. The weight of the fabric and the ruffles on the front will allow me to use it as a jacket or over shirt.


Cereal Box Pencil Holder

Cereal Box Pencil HolderHere is what I do with some of my extra cereal boxes, and the end of the duct tape roll that has no adhesive on it. I join them to make pencil boxes for the table.


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Reusing Envelopes For Note PadsI am a mother and a full time student working towards my college degree. I have financial limitations and constraints and I was always looking for practical ways to save money and recycle at the same time.


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Reusing Dry Cleaning Bags For TrashWhen you pick up your dry cleaning use the clear bags as trash bags in your smaller cans by simply tying a knot in the end where the hanger comes through.


upclose of tacos

Spaghetti TacosOur daughter loves iCarly and has been wanting to make spaghetti tacos like they eat on the show. So the other night we made them and to our surprise they were really good!


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Keeping Weevils Out of Dried GoodsMany people I know store their flour, corn meal, cake mixes, etc. in their freezer or refrigerator. While this does keep pests from showing up in the dried goods, it takes up a lot of room in the appliance.


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Making French Toast in Waffle IronWhen making French toast, I use my waffle iron to cook it. My iron is non stick so I don't use extra fat to fry in. I usually make a whole loaf at a time.


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Fitted Bed SheetsMake fitted bed sheets. That's right! Last week I was going through my sheet sheets and found I had more king sheets than queens. I didn't really need the extra kings so I decided to cut down the king fitted sheets and make queen fitted sheets.


Side view of jar with toys inside and next to it on table.

Memory JarA lot of times when I am cleaning, I find little items that the children like, but don't want to really play with. In that case, I will take whatever jars I have, and fill them up with the little jewels and treasures!



Pom on patio.

House Training an 18th Month Old Dog?I have a 18 month old Pom and I almost had him toilet trained, but I have moved like 4 times in the last 2 years since I got him. I got him when he was 6 weeks old, and far as I'm concerned it was a rough time as well where he was living when he was born.


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Value of Old Coins of British-East India Company?I have more than 100 years old British coins of East India Company. I have silver and copper coins from the year 1901 to 1947. I also have a rare Nepali coin. What should be the worth?


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Copycat Shake'N Bake Recipe?I need the recipe for copycat Shake'N Bake?


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Searching for War Bonnet Quilting Pattern?I am looking for a quilting pattern called "Indian War Bonnet". I was hoping to get a message to a person in Canada, Pat, that found one on eBay so that I might get a copy of it or find the pattern for myself. Thank you.


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Is Ozium Glycol-ized Air Freshener Safe Around Food?My refrigerator repair man removed burning putty from my fan area that had fallen from the wires. After doing so he sprayed ozium glycol-ized air freshener on the inside of my fridge and freezer walls. Is this safe around food? There was food in the fridge and freezer at the time.


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Keeping Color From Bleeding When Washing Clothing?I have a Kitenge dress that keeps running out its colours every time I wash it. It has two colours, i.e cream white and dark brown. The dark brown colour keeps running out turning the cream white fabric pinkish. What should I do to stop colour bleeding?


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Black Water Marks On Light Oak Table?I have a light oak table with black water marks after a flower arrangement was placed on the table which sat there for a couple of weeks last June 2012. Also someone spilled wine or port on my table. Please help.


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Kenmore Coldspot Leaks Water in Fridge and Freezer?I have a Coldspot with an icemaker and water dispense (inside of fridge), there is no outside dispensing of ice or water. Water will occasionally leak in the fridge and freezer.


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Party Favor Ideas for a Museum Theme Awards Company Banquet?We're having a museum theme awards banquet and I'd like to put some kind of party favor on the table that is not to expensive. Do you have any ideas?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica 14th Edition 24 Volumes?I want to know the worth of the full set of the 14th edition, 1929, Encyclopedia Britannica. The books are in excellent condition


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Preventing a Blocked Toilet?I flushed 3 cigarette butts! Silly I know and it will never happen again.


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Smokey Living Room When Using One of Two Fireplaces?I have a fireplace in the living room and one in the basement. At first all was fine when using the one in the living room. I now notice that if I use the living room fireplace the lower level of my house gets smokey.


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Sweet Tasting Vegetable Soup?I made a pot of vegetable soup using soup bones, carrots, potatos, okra, and onion. The spices were two bay leaves, a teaspoon of thyme, a tablespoon of chili powder, a tablespoon of salt, about a teaspoon of pepper, and a couple of squirts of Worcestershire sauce.


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Kroger Coffee?Who makes Kroger's brand coffee?


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Counterintuitive Reaction to Bronchitis from Cold Air Outdoors?I was so congested this morning I couldn't catch my breath. Not being the neatest, my car needed cleared out to get me to the hospital. It was 27 degrees out with ice everywhere.


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Mildew Smell Coming From Car's Front Grill?I own a 2003 Ford Thunderbird. For several months I have noticed a strong mildew smell coming from the vents, especially when air inside is on.


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Keeping Clothing Dye from Running in the Washer?Is it vinegar that is used in the washer to keep colors from bleeding onto other fabrics?


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