March 8, 2013

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Gifts Mix Recipes

Gift Mix Recipes for Jars?This is a page about gift mix recipes for jars. Mixes in a jar for soups, cookies, breads, etc. make a delicious and much appreciated gift.


cookies with filling

Cream Cheese Cookie RecipesAdd the flavor of cream cheese to cookies for a special treat. This page contains cream cheese cookie recipes.


Buying a Marble Countertop

Buying a Marble Countertop?This is a page about buying a marble countertop. A marble countertop adds beauty and functionality to your home, but can be an expensive investment.


Daily Facial Cloth

Saving Money on Facial WipesThis is a page about saving money on facial wipes. If you use daily cleansing facial wipes, you know they can be quite pricey.


Man Using Smartphone in Coffee Shop

Using Your Smartphone To Save TimeThis is a page about using your smartphone to save time. There are a lot of ways you can use your cell phone to save time during your daily routine.


Water Moccasin

Water Moccasins Deterrents?Water moccasins are not something you are excited to see on your property. This is a page about water moccasins deterrents.



Pink Eye Remedies for BabiesThis is a page about pink eye remedies for babies. In addition to prescription drugs, there are some surprising remedies for pink eye in infants.


stained rug

Removing a Chocolate Stain from a Rug?This is a page about removing a chocolate stain on a rug. No matter how careful you may be food spills can happen on your rugs.


Furniture in a Living Room

Arranging Furniture in a Living RoomThis is a page about arranging furniture in a living room. Arranging the furniture in your living room can improve the appearance of the room as well as its functionality.


Cleaning Mink Fur

Cleaning Mink Fur?This is a page about cleaning mink fur. Having real animal fur clothing cleaned can be very expensive.


Aluminum Foil

Uses for Aluminum FoilThis is a page about uses for aluminum foil. Aluminum foil has many uses including cooking and cleaning.


Cast Iron Wood Stove

Cleaning a Cast Iron Wood Stove?This is a page about cleaning a cast iron wood stove. Cleaning your cast iron store is not a difficult task.



Meerkat PhotosThis page contains meerkat photos. Meerkats, a member of the mongoose family, are native to parts of the Republics of Botswana, Namibia, Angola, and South Africa. They are also a popular zoo resident.


Homemade Bread Crumbs

Homemade Bread CrumbsThis is a page about homemade bread crumbs. Make your own bread crumbs when you need them rather than buying prepackaged ones.


Dealing With Sensitive Skin

Dealing With Sensitive SkinThis is a page about dealing with sensitive skin. If you or a family member has sensitive skin there are ways to reduce and improve the symptoms of this condition.


Sending Donations to Troops

Sending Donations to Troops?This is a page about sending donations to troops. Many organizations collect and distribute donations of all kinds to our military troops.



Fixing a Cracked Crank Case on a Lawnmower?This is a page about fixing a cracked crank case on a lawnmower. A cracked crank case on your mower will need to be repaired.



Getting Rid of BeesThis is a page about getting rid of bees. Although bees are not generally aggressive like wasps, you may not want them buzzing around your home or garden.


Molasses Cookies

Molasses Cookie RecipesSweet, dark molasses cookies are a delicious treat. This page contains molasses cookie recipes.


Scavenger Hunt for Gifts

Planning a Scavenger Hunt for GiftsThis is a page about planning a scavenger hunt for gifts. A fun way to present gifts for Christmas or any occasion is to create a scavenger hunt leading to the hiding places.


eating a burger

Helping Someone Who is ChokingThis is a page about helping someone who is choking. If you are with someone who appears to be choking there are some important steps to determining what to do.



Recipes Using Kool-AidThis page contains recipes using Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid can be used for more than just a fruity drink.


open suitcase

Treating Stains When You TravelThis is a page about treating stains when you travel. Treating a clothing stain on travel can present a bit of a challenge, but is still quite doable.


Recycled Wreath Ideas

Recycled Wreath IdeasThis is a page about recycled wreath ideas. Using recycled items, you can make wreaths for all your special occasion decorating needs.


vegetable for harvest soup

Harvest Soup RecipesThis page contains harvest soup recipes. Late summer and early fall are the perfect times to cook up a pot of delicious harvest soup, whether you have a home garden or not.


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Sweet Buns RecipesThis page contains sweet buns recipes. The delicious aroma of sweet buns in the oven will have everyone scrambling for the kitchen.


Suede Jacket

Cleaning Stains on Suede ClothingThis is a page about cleaning stains on suede clothing. Because of the nap on suede is requires special cleaning methods.



Easter Suncatchers Finished

Easter SuncatchersThese cute suncatchers make great window decorations for Easter. They are easy to make using plastic beads and cookie cutters, so you can make almost any shape.


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Easy Flavored FrostingHere is a tip when having to prepare a quick powdered sugar frosting, whether your recipe is homemade or store bought. I take a spoonful of Jello powder and add it to the beginning mix.


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Sweet and Low for AntsI permanently got rid of ants coming into my kitchen by sprinkling two or three envelopes of Sweet and Low on my kitchen counter where they were coming in several years ago. We have never seen another ant anywhere in our house


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Cleaning Stubborn Tub StainsI don't like to use chemicals that have an odor. I found using a laundry soap powder works great! Fill the tub with hot water. Leave it in for about 10-15 minutes. Then drain.


Meeting the Harlem GlobetrottersThis was a fun time! In February, we saw the Globetrotters and my son got to go down and meet them before the game. He has been practicing tricks and was excited to show them.


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Computer Mouse Peanut CookiesThese are cutely shaped peanut butter cookies, with a little licorice tail.


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Removing Silly Putty from Plush RobeThis just happened to my grand-daughter's plush robe. Scrape off as much of the Silly Putty as you can, then wet a soft cloth with Noxema facial astringent and rub the stain.


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Natural Cleaning for SpringIt's that time of the year to spring clean. It's better to make your own cleaners; no harsh chemicals, cheaper, and it's better for the environment.



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Absolving Child Support Arrears Payments?Is there a way to lower or cancel out child support arrears if the custodial parent signs a document? I have had custody of my now teen daughter for 5 years.


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Mrs. Claus Costume Dress Pattern?I'm looking for a dress pattern (skirt, top, apron, and hat) for Mrs. Claus. Our town has a Victorian Christmas every December. I would like to sew the Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits so we will have them from year to year.


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Making Green Smoothies?Anyone have some good recipes for blending green smoothies?


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Homemade Easter Egg Dyes?I read a recipe for making Easter egg dyes using jello. I can't find it. Can you help?


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Repairing a Rice Bed?The bottom rail on my rice bed is broken. I would like to find a new one or where can I get that one fixed.


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Cleaning the Inside of Old Bottles?I want to clean old bottles' insides. What's the best/easiest way?


Chubby small brown dog.

Weight Loss Ideas for Small Dog?My little dog has back problems and because of that she gets little to no exercise because I have mobility problems also. I know it has to be my fault because she can't eat if I don't give her food.


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Making a Surround for Machine Quilting?I would like to use luan or something similar to make a surround for my sewing machine in order to have an extended area that would hold a large quilt. What could I use under the luan to raise it to the proper level for my machine that would not slide around or damage the wood table under it.


Paradise Galleries Doll. Doll in tiered pink dress.

Value of the "Valentine Rose" Doll?How much is Valentine Rose by Patricia Rose worth? I have searched eBay and Google to no avail. I can't find one like her. She is a premiere edition in the Treasury Collection. I bought her some years ago from Paradise Galleries.


Hamburger and Cabbage Soup Recipe?I'm looking for a recipe for homemade hamburger and cabbage soup. Does any one have it?


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Chocolate Stains on Entire Load of Whites?I washed a load of whites on warm with a piece of chocolate in a pocket. It went through both washer and dryer. It is on every item in every size and shape of stain. Any ideas or is it all ruined?


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Party Decorating Business Name Ideas?I need a name for my party decorating business. I make centerpieces and favors.


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Storing Homemade Cracker Crumbs?How do I store homemade cracker crumbs?


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Making a Magnetic Spice Rack?We have a small apartment and very little cabinet space. Does anyone know how I can make a spice rack that is magnetized and can be hung on the side of the refrigerator


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Shelf Life of Frozen Ricotta Cheese?I bought ricotta cheese when I bought it it had a month till it expires. I froze it; so how much time do I have when I take it out of the freezer?


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Permed Bleached Hair Dry and Brittle?My hair was bleached 2 months ago, and I had it permed last day, but the result made me sad. I have got brittle, dry, damaged hair. It's like I can't comb my hair, for it's damaged too much. I don't want to cut my hair, what should I do? I really need help.


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Girl's 12th Birthday Party Ideas?What is a good birthday idea for a girl turning 12? We need to know soon, because it needs to be planned out very soon. Thank you very much.


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Bleach Stain on White Countertop?I had a stain on the kitchen worktop- white. I cleaned it with bleach and it has made the stain worse.


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Removing Labels from Prescription Bottles?I want to reuse plastic jars, prescription, Pepcid bottles. I need to remove the existing label, clean, sterilize, and print new labels for Milk-Bone Brand MaroSnacks.


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Sewing Machine Slow and Not Feeding Fabric?My sewing machine was totally jammed. I took it apart and gave it a clean and oiled it, but it's not feeding through properly and going slowly.


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