June 4, 2013

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little girl sleeping

Helping Kids Find the Bathroom at NightThis is a page about helping kids find the bathroom at night. Sometimes when children need to get up to use the bathroom at night they might be groggy or uncomfortable in the dark.


African Iris

Growing African Irises?This page is about growing African irises. Most species of this bulb are native to south Africa.


Beautiful red rose centerpieces.

Buying Vases for CenterpiecesThis is a page about buying vases for centerpieces. Whether holding flowers or other items, vases are a good choice for making a centerpiece.


grilled salmon

Green Grilling TipsGreen living practices can even be applied to backyard grilling, from the type of grill to the food you prepare. This is a page about green grilling tips.


Self Watering Houseplant

Watering Houseplants On VacationWhile you are on vacation your houseplants will still need care, specifically water. If you don't have a friend to come in and take care of them, there are still some ways to make sure your plants survive your trip. This is a page about watering houseplants on vacation.


An unstuffed roasted turkey.

Preparing an Unstuffed TurkeyYou don't have to stuff a turkey to have a deliciously roasted bird. This is a page about preparing an unstuffed turkey.


A dog next to its crate.

Dog Doesn't Like Its CrateThis page is about dog doesn't like its crate. Encouraging your dog to find comfort and security in their crate is important to keeping your pet safe.


Riding a Bike in the Winter

Riding a Bike in the WinterThis is a page about riding a bike in the winter. Serious biking enthusiasts don't let winter put a stop to their passion. They do however follow a few precautions to ensure that the cold weather conditions are taken into consideration when heading out for a ride or commuting to work.


LED head light

Uses for LED LightsThis is a page about uses for LED lights. LED lights are very energy efficient and thus it is tempting to find lots of uses for them.


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Galushka Recipes?This page contains galushka recipes. These easy to make dumplings are delicious to serve with soups, stews, and other dishes.


Planting Parsley

Growing ParsleyThis page is about growing parsley. A wonderful, useful biennial herb that is easy to grow in your garden.


Beautiful antique credenza.

Caring for Antique FurnitureThis is a page about caring for antique furniture. Antique furniture needs special care, when cleaning and choosing the best placement in your home, to prevent damage to the finish and even the glue holding it together.


Tile Craft

Crafts Using TilesThere are many ways to ways to use and repurpose ceramic and glass tiles to create something unique. This page contains crafts using tiles.



Freezing ParsleyA simple way to preserve fresh parsley is by freezing it. This page is about freezing parsley.


Woman Sprinkling Herbs on Her Summer Salad

Summer Salad RecipesSummer is a great time to make salads. Not only are there lots of fresh veggies available, but there is the added benefit of not having to heat up the kitchen cooking, if you serve salad as the main course.


A large cat hissing.

Dealing With Cats That Don't Get AlongThis is a page about dealing with cats that don't get along. Many cat owners will try to add additional cats to their home, only to find out that the felines don't always get along. It can be difficult to smooth out the squabbling.


Fresh Parsley

Storing Fresh Parsley?This is a page about storing fresh parsley. When storing fresh parsley, your goal is to keep it fresh and prevent it from getting too dry, limp, or even too moist.


GPS Mount for Your Car

Making a GPS Mount for Your Car?This is a page about making a GPS mount for your car. You can buy a mount for your GPS or make one yourself.



Making a Sock Quilt?This is a page about making a sock quilt. Mismatched, lonely socks cry for a second life in a fun craft project. You can use old, mismatched, or even new socks to make a great quilt.


A colorful stack of new clothing.

Removing Chemical Odors From New Clothing?This is a page about removing chemical odors from new clothing. New clothing often has a chemical odor resulting from the use of products, such as formaldehyde, that help with wrinkle resistance and stain resistance. Similarly, there are pesticide smells that are found on imported clothing.


Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Raspberry Cake RecipesThis page contains raspberry cake recipes. Raspberry flavored cakes are a favorite dessert choice.


Scrap Metal

Selling Scrap Metal?This page is about selling scrap metal. There are many recycling businesses that buy used metal, but you may need to do some dissasembly.


A woman sewing using a sewing machine.

Sewing SleevesThis page is about sewing sleeves. A very challenging part of making clothing is attaching the sleeves.


A woman getting frustrated with her sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric?This is a page about when sewing machine not feeding fabric. It is so frustrating when your sewing machine malfunctions.


4th of July Decorations

4th of July Decorating IdeasThis page contains 4th of July decorating ideas. Red, white and blue are the colors of the day with many patriotic themes to choose from.


Potted Plant

Protecting Furniture from Potted PlantsThis is a page about protecting furniture from potted plants. Potted plants look lovely on your furniture, however, water spills and humidity from the pots can cause damage.


A young clothing designer.

Starting a Clothing Business?This is a page about starting a clothing business. A creative small business option, with possible growth potential, is to start a clothing business.


Peppermint Oil

Buying Peppermint Oil?This page is about buying peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has culinary uses, can be used for pest control and also has some health benefits, like helping settle an upset stomach.


Three Fleece Blankets

Making a Fleece BlanketThis is a page about making a fleece blanket. Fleece fabric is a good choice for making a blanket, it is soft, warm, and easy to work with.


Plastic Canvas

Plastic Canvas Flashlight Cover Patterns?This is a page about a plastic canvas flashlight cover pattern. Making a cover or storage box for your flashlight can be easily done using plastic canvas.


Grilling Hamburgers

Grilling HamburgersThis is a page about grilling hamburgers. Hamburgers are one of the most popular foods for grilling. Cooking the perfect burger does take a bit of skill and experience.


Adult painting a picture with watercolors.

Crafts for Mentally Challenged Adults?This is a page about crafts for mentally challenged adults. Finding crafts that are easy enough and at the same time engaging enough for mentally challenged adults can be daunting, as there will be many different skills levels.


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Uses for Cream of TartarThis is a page about uses for cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is used not only in cooking, but is also useful in some cleaning jobs.


GFCI Outlet

Replacing a GFCI Outlet?This is a page about replacing a GFCi outlet. GFCI outlets are required by code outdoors and anywhere near water, such as in a bathroom. These outlets can be replaced by the handy homeowner, by following the proper steps.


HE Washer

Homemade Laundry Soap for an HE WasherThis is a page about homemade laundry soap for an HE washer. You can easily and inexpensively make your own laundry soap to use in all types of washers, including HE.


Serving Cheese

Serving Cheese at PartiesThis is a page about serving cheese at parties. A variety of cheeses is an excellent appetizer to serve at parties.


Antique Coin Bank

Opening an Antique Coin BankThis is a page about opening an antique coin bank. If you have inherited or purchased an antique coin bank it might be difficult to discern how to open it.


Community Garden

Joining a Community GardenThis page is about joining a community garden. Sharing the expertise, work and the fresh food of a garden can be very rewarding.


Almond Bark

Storing Almond Bark?This is a page about storing almond bark. Almond bark is a vegetable oil based candy coating. With proper storage the bark can be kept for while.


Grass Stains on Jeans

Removing Grass Stains from ClothingThis page is about removing grass stains from clothing. A stubborn stain that can end up on many a knee is from the lawn.


A girl with special needs.

Parenting a Special Needs ChildThis is a page about parenting a special needs child. Parenting is an important, often challenging, job. This is even more true when you are parenting a special needs child who will also need you to be their advocate.



Muffin Tin Peach CobblerThese tiny muffin tin peach cobblers are easy to make and super yummy!


Homemade Mac n' CheeseThis recipe for creamy homemade mac n' cheese is easy to make and so delicious!


Banana Bread

Banana BreadI am terrible about finishing the bananas before they start to turn brown.


Freezing Banana BreadWe can't always eat an entire batch of banana bread before it starts to dry out or mold.



Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Sausage Breakfast BurritoThis is a super easy and delicious breakfast you can throw together in no time.


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Yogurt FlapjacksPersonally I have never been a big fan of pancakes, syrup isn't my thing. But I remember many Saturday mornings waking up early to make them for my brother.


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Easy Fruit CobblerUse frozen, fresh or canned fruit and cake mix for this easy dessert.


Salted Peanut Butter Balls

Salted Peanut Butter BallsThese peanut butter balls are the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. Make up a batch and bring them to a party or put them in a canning jar and give them as gifts.



Blonde Pomeranian sitting in the grass

Chompers (Pomeranian)An old friend didn't want him anymore.


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Canning Rhubarb Without SugarAfter washing the rhubarb, I pack in quarts/pints tightly, and do not add any liquids as the natural juices forms the liquid. This way, I can use my rhubarb for recipes that call for fresh rhubarb.


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Contact Manufacturer For Lost Appliance ManualsI have been seeing a lot of questions about replacing lost manuals. The easiest way is to try a search for the manufacturer's website. Some times they will charge for a replacement. Sometimes they will send you one for free.


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Cola as a Compost BoosterAdd flat cola to your compost pile. It seems to "richen" up the compost. I read this on some gardening site.


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No Room for the Monster Under the BedWe found an easy and pretty inexpensive way to solve the problem of being scared that something was under the bed. We found under the bed storage containers at the discount store, but really any will do.


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Use Window Fans Before Air ConditioningOur second floor bedroom gets very hot in the summer. I found a twin window fan at Goodwill for $3.50. Despite the fact that it has been over 90 degrees for several days, the room has been comfortable, and sometimes too cold for my always-too-warm husband!


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Stain Remover FormulaTo remove a stain, mix 1 tsp. Dawn dish detergent, 3-4 Tbsp. hydrogen peroxide and a couple of Tbsp. baking soda. Scrub with a brush.


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Tablecloth as Waterproof Bed PadIf you need a temporary waterproof pad, use a flannel-backed plastic table cloth with the flannel side up. Works great.


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Party Idea For PenniesIf you're having a party, buy cupcake liners to match the theme of your party. Put your condiments in a jar. Instead of using a lid, put a cup cake liner over the top of the jar. Use twine or ribbon to tie it onto the jar.


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Applying Antiperspirant to the FaceI sweat a lot in the warmer weather, but on my face and head. I just bought some expensive facial antiperspirant on the internet, but I am also experimenting with just applying my regular antiperspirant to my forehead, nose and cheekbones.


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Easy Salad DressingsAll you need to make French dressing, put ketchup in the mayo or salad dressing and mix for the taste you like. Or use mayo or salad dressing, add mustard, and ketchup for Thousand Island dressing. For this one, you can put sweet pickle relish or any other herb or onions or hard boiled eggs, if you like. Sometimes, I just use plain salad dressing or mayo on the salad. I put it on just before serving the salad. You can also mix oil and vinegar, with herbs and garlic, if you want to make a nice Italian dressing.


Closet Tags for Organizing

Closet Tags for OrganizingSince my closet is full of sizes 10 to 18 in pants I had the hardest time going through my closet looking for the correct size. I have now separated them into sizes and use size tags for me to find the size I need with no hassle.


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Keeping Track of Water IntakeFinding time to always write down my water intake for the day was not easy for me. Now I use a row counter that's used for yarn projects. I just give it a quick click and don't even have to look as I go about my day.


Dog lying near fence.

Petunia (German ShepherdXHusky)This is Petunia :) she is our red and black German ShepherdXHusky.



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Childcare Centre Names?I was just wondering if any could come up with a name for a childcare centre in the country? We have horses, cows, sheep, and pigs.


Two dolls.

Value of Porcelain Windup Dolls?I have 2 windup porcelain dolls that are animated. They are over 20 years old and still work, have all their pieces. They are from Home Interior. I was wondering how much they are worth.


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Graduation Party Theme?I am a high school graduate for this year, 2013, and I plan to have graduation party. However, I am trying to think of a theme and trying to stick with school colors, which are black and gold, but at the same time have a different theme. What kind of theme I should do for my graduation party?


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Verbally Abusive Spouse Wants Me to Move Out?I have been married for 29 years now. I married my husband who was widowed with three young children, the oldest being 10yrs.


Sectional couch.

Curtain Color Advice?I have brown couches, tan carpet, and white walls. What color should I go with for curtains? Also, I have lots of black frames and a black entertainment center. Help!


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Prolotex Open Fingertip Far Infrared Therapy Gloves?I am looking for Prolotex Open Fingertip Far Infrared Therapy Gloves. Are these gloves available in South Africa?


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Remedies for Post-op Nerve Pain?I had pelvic surgery several months ago and am now dealing with a pinched nerve. I wonder if anybody has ideas for dealing with the pain? I'm tired of all the drugs that make you drowsy. Thanks.


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Reusing Cellophane Wrap from Flower Bouquets?Does anyone know of recycled craft ideas for cellophane wrapping from bunches of flowers? Can these be made into flowers or butterflies? I have lots of pretty wrapping just don't know what to do with it.


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Feeding a Large Group at Birthday Party?There are some good ideas here, I especially like the chicken and rice. My husband's birthday party is this weekend and while I love grilling burgers and dogs it seems I always end up with buns left over. Any other suggestions?


Name for an Interior Design Business?Can you suggest a name for an interior design business?


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Using Pesticides and Herbicides Safely?Can pesticides get in your home thru central air unit if sprayed by either liquid or powder? I was wondering if products such as Sevin dust, liquid brush killer, or insecticides sprayed outside get in thru your central air unit?


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Riding Mower Engine Dies When Brake Released?I have a Scotts L2048. The engine dies. I replaced the ignition switch and seat interlock. The engine will run as long as I have the brake depressed. When I release the brake the engine dies.


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Interior Design Company Name Ideas?I am looking for name suggestions for an interior design company.


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Making a Bean Bag Mount for GPS?Does anyone have instructions for making a bean or sand bag to set on your dash board to hold your GPS? I think I could use a small piece of Velcro to adhere it to the dash, but I need a pattern for the bag.


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Compton's Encyclopedia Set?I have a full set of Compton's encyclopedias dated 1924. They are in very good condition. Any ideas of the value?


Tabby cat curled up in a ball.

Feeding a Cat Tuna Pet Food?Is tuna cat food safe for my cats to eat every day, even if it is not the main ingredient in the canned cat food?


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Selling Old Encyclopedias?I have a 20 book, full set of encyclopedias. They are in excellent condition, copyright of 1992, hardback. I'd like to know how much they are worth. Any help?


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Buying Octagon Soap?Where can I get Octagon soap in Raleigh, North Carolina?


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Ideas for Sister's Sweet Sixteen?My mom and I are planning a surprise sweet sixteen for my sister. We want it to be amazing and for everyone to be talking about it till my sweet sixteen. I want some ideas for a theme that will blow people away! Any ideas please?


Iced tea maker.

Manual for Ice Tea Maker?I need a manual for a West Bend ice tea maker, model number 68002. Does anyone know where I can find it?


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Feeding a Young Puppy?They gave me a small puppy and she has got baby teeth. I don't know how old she is. She was hungry so I gave her 2% milk; is that good for her?


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Slogan Ideas for Cleaning Business?I have small business, Cape Clean. I would like slogan. Any ideas?


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