September 27, 2016

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Raw Venison Loin isolated against a white background

Toning Down the Taste of Wild GameThis is a page about toning down the taste of wild game. Most of us are used to the flavor of store bought meat and may not completely enjoy the gamey flavor of wild meats.


Woman leaning on her cart thoughtfully at the grocery store

Frugal Tips for Grocery ShoppingThis page contains frugal tips for grocery shopping. There are many ways to save money when buying food for your family.


Childs cupped hands holding coins

Will My Child Receive SSI?This is a page about "Will my child receive SSI?". Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is typically awarded to children from low income families if they are blind or have disabilities.


Friendly teen couple pose casually for picture at a school dance

Asking a Guy Friend to a Dance?This is a page about asking a guy friend to a dance. Asking a close friend to a school dance is not an uncommon occurrence.


Human flesh with large read insect bite

Bugs Biting Me In My SleepThis is a page about bugs biting me in my sleep. Identifying the insects responsible for nighttime bites is the first step in getting rid of them.


Duck in nest with eggs

Incubation Time for Duck Eggs?This is a page about incubation time for duck eggs. Wild ducks sometimes lay their eggs where we can watch them, sit and incubate the eggs, hoping to see the babies when they hatch.


A pair of suede boots next to a pair of folded jeans

Stains From Jeans on Suede ShoesThis is a page about stains from jeans on suede shoes. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for the blue dye on jeans to transfer to shoes, purses, and other clothing items.


Interior of a bread machine full of ingredients including whole wheat flour

Bread Machine Recipe Using Whole Wheat FlourThis page contains bread machine recipes using whole wheat flour. Nutritious breads can be made in your bread machine using whole grain flours.


Loaf of bread machine bread that has not risen on a cutting board.

Bread Machine Bread Not RisingThis page is about bread machine bread is not rising. Having your ingredients at the proper temperature can help you have success with your homemade bread.


Strawberry Pie with several pieces missing surrounded by ripe strawberries

Fresh Strawberry Pie RecipesYou can create a delicious pie with fresh strawberries either cooked or raw. This page contains fresh strawberry pie recipes.


Electric table top grill with Kabobs on it

Betty Crocker Gourmet Electric Grill Manual and Replacement PartsThis is a page about Betty Crocker gourmet electric grill manual and replacement parts. Over time you may need to replace a lost manual or parts on your small appliances.


Pepper jelly over cream cheese served with Triscuits.

Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly Dip RecipesAdding your favorite pepper jelly to cream cheese makes a delicious spread or dip. This page contains cream cheese and pepper jelly dip recipes.


Girl arguing with her mother.  Mother is holding her hand out, girl has her fingers crossed behind her back

Consequences for Lying and Back TalkingThis is a page about consequences for lying and back talking. Trying to teach a child the consequences of their behavior is an important part of parenting.


Multi-generational family playing soccer

Family Reunion Game IdeasThis is a page about family reunion game ideas. Adding some games to your family reunion celebration can make it an even more enjoyable occasion.


Folded Oilcloth style table cloth on a wooden table.

Make Your Own OilclothThis is a page about make your own oilcloth. When you need waterproof cloth for a project, there is a way to make a good substitute for oilcloth.


Black mouse on brown burlap bag

Getting Rid of Mice NaturallyThis is a page about getting rid of mice naturally. Using traps and poisons to rid your home of mice may not be something you want to do.


Dog receiving vaccine

Should Dogs Get Parvo Shots After Having Parvo?This is a page about "Should dogs get parvo shots after having parvo?". Pet owners may wonder if there is any value in having a dog vaccinated against parvo once they have already had the virus.


Red bowtie on a satin background

Asking Your Boyfriend to a DanceThis is a page about asking your boyfriend to a dance. Asking your boyfriend to a dance can be really fun if you come up with some creative invitation ideas.


Woman with shocked look on her face holding  a cooking pot

Toning Down Spicy FoodsHomemade or purchased foods may sometimes be too spicy. This is a page about toning down spicy foods.


image of hand cursor image over "free stuff" link

Good Freebie WebsitesThis is a page about good freebie websites. Some consumers enjoy scouring the internet to find sites that offer free products.


Powdered detergent being placed in front loader washing machine with jeans

Finding a Substitute for Washing SodaThis is a page about finding a substitute for washing soda. Washing soda is an ingredient in many homemade laundry soap recipes.


Elderly man looking in cupboard with perplexed expression

Removing Musty Smells from CupboardsThis is a page about removing musty smells from cupboards. Where mold and mildew have developed, stubborn odors can be difficult to remove.


Family law folder on desk

Can SSI Be Garnished for Child Support?This is a page about "Can SSI be garnished for child support?". Some state and federal assistance programs can be garnished to pay child support.


Floor cleaning tools like mop, rags, etc. displayed on vinyl tile floor

Cleaning Vinyl FloorsThis is a page about cleaning vinyl floors. You don't need to use harsh chemicals to keep your vinyl flooring clean.


White loaf of bread machine bread laying next to a bread machine pan

Bread Machine Recipes for White BreadHaving a good reliable recipe for the bread you like to make can keep your bread machine working for you. This page contains bread machine recipes for white bread.


Display of suede jacket, pants, boots, and umbrella

Cleaning Blood from SuedeThis is a page about cleaning blood from suede. Cleaning stains on suede clothing or other items can be a bit tricky. You need to take care not to damage the nap while cleaning.


Fair woman with thin eyebrows penciling them in.

Solutions for Invisible Eyebrows?This is a page about solutions for invisible eyebrows. Hair dye, eyebrow pencils, or even mascara can help give definition to your eyebrows.


Young boy looking into empty fridge with sad expression

Food Stamp EligibilityThis is a page about food stamp eligibility. The Federal food stamp program was established to ensure that low and no income individuals and families had assistance for buying food.


Close-up of mosquito on human skin

Sulfur Mosquito RepellentThis is a page about sulfur mosquito repellent. Sulfur powder from a pharmacy may deter mosquitos from biting.


Woman cleaning suede wedge booties

Cleaning a Vomit Stain from SuedeThis is a page about cleaning a vomit stain from suede. No matter what the stain, care needs to be used when cleaning suede to protect the nap and the dye.


Aquarium in the middle of a water change

Using Aquarium Water for PlantsThis is a page about using aquarium water for plants. If you have an aquarium consider using the waste water when you clean the tank to fertilizer your garden or houseplants.


Hispanic woman and child harvesting vegetables.

Understanding the Effects of Pollen Transfer Between Different VegetablesThis is a page about understanding the effects of pollen transfer between different vegetables. When pollen is shared with similar varieties of plants, they can cross to be a hybrid.


Braised Pork on a bed of lettuce

Braised Pork RecipesWhen braising, first the food is cooked at a high temperature and then finished with the addition of liquid to keep it moist. This method lends itself to preparing meat. This page contains braised pork recipes.


Finger pointing at a mole on skin

Remedies for Moles on SkinThis is a page about remedies for moles on skin. Consult your physician with any concerns about skin moles and tags.


Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla Glue

Warning About Pets Eating Gorilla GlueThis is a page about warning about pets eating Gorilla glue. Pets can't read the label warnings on household products such as glues. Many of these products are toxic and can make your pet quite ill.



finished wrapped flower pot

Upcycling Inexpensive Flower PotsI recently found some flower pots on sale for .50 cents or less, and I just couldn't pass them up! They were extremely plain, just boring plastic pots with no decorations whatsoever. There were several sizes and many of them were scratched up.


Jello Drink with Twizzler

Jello Drink with TwizzlerI make this drink a lot, it is a calming comfort drink. You heat a mug of water (1 minute 45 seconds on high power), then mix in half a box of any 3 ounce gelatin dessert mix. If you take a sip of the hot drink, you will see how nice it is. This is a popular treat at our house, especially when people feel they need something nice to drink on a nice cool evening.


Have Kids Cut Off Crusts

Have Kids Cut Off CrustsI get so tired trimming the crust off my grandkids' toast. I washed a pair of scissors and let them cut the crust themselves.


Gus with a computer painted necklace

Gus (Mini Dachshund)Gus loves to play with his "brother", Charlie (a rescued Lab mix), and will do anything for a cookie! One of our favorite games is "blanket attack", where Gus hides under a blanket and tries to attack whatever touches him. It's hilarious to watch when he decides to play that by himself with his toy!


Drink Water Instead of Soda

Choose Water Instead of SodaDrink water every day. Not diet soda, not crystal light, but water! Sure, you might not like the plain taste of water. So go to your local Walmart and buy an herbal tea box and put that in your water. Otherwise, you may think that diet soda is better for you, but it is not.


closed cabinet

DIY Vintage Medicine CabinetOnce this cabinet was done, it had a look of unity and rusticness. I used multiple examples of form when I used multiple rectangles off the top of my head. There is at least six. Also, I used varied textures, including the textured rain glass, the metal accents in the back, and the wood's own texture.


Apple Cake

Apple CakeA great way to use apples and make a delicious homemade cake.


fancy letters spelling Carl

Fancy LettersHere's a fun way to make labels and lettering using only three materials. You don't need to use a ruler to measure the letters. It's a freestyle lettering which will give you less errors and less effort.


Rudy in the front seat of a car

Rudy (Beagle-Pit Bull Mix)Rudy came crashing through the woods across from my driveway one day while I was pulling in. He was about 9 months old. I gave him some water, but no food, so that he'd go back home. Eventually it was evident that he wasn't going anywhere.


Putting Coffee Grounds To Good Use

Putting Coffee Grounds To Good UseWe drink a lot of coffee at house. We save the grounds for many uses around our home. Coffee grounds are a natural scrub for your skin. It's also a great fertilizer for the garden.


dark pink flowering tulip tree

Flowering Tulip TreeWe've planted a tree for each new grandchild and this tulip tree with its beautiful red blooms is our grandson's tree.


Keep Batteries Inside Remote

Keep Batteries Inside RemoteIf you lose the back to your television remote (like most people usually do), an easy fix for any remote is to just tape the back shut all they way around so there is no way for the batteries to fall out.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Kenmore Side by Side Not Making Ice?A water line in my neighborhood broke a few days ago. Now our freezer gets the water from the line, and freezes without making the ice. We are getting water from front.


white and tan puppy with black around one eye

Is My Dog a Full Blooded Pit Bull?I got my Pit Bull with no papers and was told he is just a pure bred Pit Bull. Does he look like he has a mix of anything else? Or any specific blood lines?



Lace on Black Outfit Turned Pink in Wash?The white lace on a black maid outfit has turned pinkish after washing. How do I restore the whiteness back on my outfit?


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What Does Rotating Coupons at a Grocery Store Mean?I just read an archived post 'Organizing With Free Boxes'. A person who commented gave one of the reasons for liking Aldi's, 'they rotate coupons'.


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Re-dying Hair After Using a Colour Remover?What happens if you re-dye your hair (with permanent colour) the day after using a colour remover?


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