January 19, 2017

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An empty coffee pod next to a container of ground coffee.

Using Coffee Pods Without a KuerigThe ground coffee that comes in Kuerig pods or K-cups can be used to brew coffee regularly if you remove the coffee form the pod. This is a page about using coffee pods without a Kuerig.


Frozen pesto made form home grown basil.

Make Frozen Pesto from Home Grown BasilIf you grow your own herbs, make up a large batch of pesto and freeze it for future use. This is a page about make frozen pesto from home grown basil.


Repairing Scratched Corian Countertops

Repairing Scratched Corian CountertopsThis is a page about repairing scratched corian countertops. An abrasive cleaner or Scotch Brite pad will remove most scratches from these countertops.


Old Fashioned Potato Salad - salad in bowl

Old Fashioned Potato SaladPotato salad is a classic picnic and party dish. Learn how to make a good ol' Old Fashioned Potato Salad in this page.


Cotton ball lamb Easter basket.

Cotton Ball Lamb Easter BasketMake this sweet wooly lamb Easter basket with simple to find supplies; some you may already have at home. This is a page about cotton ball lamb Easter basket.


White socks with a beaded trim.

Beaded SocksDecorating plain socks with beads turns the mundane into a unique clothing item. This is a page about beaded socks.


Closeup of pin.

Making a Crocheted Red Hat PinMake and wear this cute pin to your next Red Hat Society social. This is a page about making a crocheted red hat pin.


Blooming corkscrew vine in a backyard.

Overwintering Corkscrew VineBringing tender plants indoors for the winter can help with not having to replace them every year. This is a page about overwintering corkscrew vine (Cochliasanthus Caracalla or Vigna Caracalla).


White Leather Background

Removing Ink Stains on a White Leather JacketYou can use the same methods for cleaning ink off of a white leather jacket as you would use on other leather clothing or furniture. This is a page about removing ink stains on a white leather jacket.


Asparagus in front of a penne dish and a sauce.

Asparagus and Basil Penne RecipeThis delicious pasta dish will bring smiles around the dinner table. This page contains an asparagus and basil penne recipe.


Woman applying silver glitter nail polish on ring finger.

Applying Glitter Nail PolishTo get the perfect glitter nails, you have you learn the proper technique for Applying Glitter Nail Polish. Learn how to use glitter polish in this page.


Free Bed Full Of Begonias from Cuttings

Growing Begonias from CuttingsMany plants can be propagated from leaf and stem cuttings. This is a page about growing begonias from cuttings.


Replacing a lightbulb in a lamp.

Slash Your Electric Bill in HalfUtility bills can be very expensive, but there are some easy cost effective ways to reduce them. This page contains ideas to slash your electric bill in half.


finished button magnet

Making Button MagnetsFinding crafts to make from buttons in your stash or an especially nice one you bought for just the right project is a common event. One quick easy craft is a magnet. This is a page about making button magnets.


Cozy Mittens from Sweater - finished mittens

Recycled Sweater MittensA worn or stained sweater can find new life as a pair or two of mittens. This is a page about recycled sweater mittens.


Growing Strawberries in a pot.

Growing Strawberries in ContainersBecause of the trailing, spreading nature of many strawberry varieties they make good choices for container gardening. This is a page about growing strawberries in containers.


Hardwood Floors

Cleaning Buildup Off Hardwood FloorsCertain cleaning products can leave an unsightly buildup on your hardwood floors. This is a page about cleaning buildup off hardwood floors.


An adult basset hound on a white background.

Feeding an Adult Basset Hound?Adult dogs need a healthy diet to prevent illness and to maintain a good weight. This is a page about feeding an adult Basset Hound.


Honey and garlic, ingredients in some natural cough medicines.

Looking for a Natural Cough MedicineNatural remedies for a cough can work just as well as the over the counter medicines. If you are looking for a natural cough medicine check out these natural cough suppressant recipes.


A girl giving her boyfriend an anniversary gift.

Creative Anniversary Gift for BoyfriendMarking anniversaries in a relationship is an important event. Choosing the exact gift can be difficult. This is a page about creative anniversary gift for boyfriend.


A dog with a severe skin condition.

Treating a Dog With Severe Skin AllergiesDetermining the cause of your pet's allergic reaction is the first step to treating and hopefully preventing reoccurrences. This is a page about treating a dog with severe skin allergies.


Smiley face paper plate.

Making a Paper Plate Smiley FaceThis kids craft is a great project to do at a birthday party. This page will teach you how to make a paper plate smiley face.


Finished heart.

Recycled Candy Box Heart Shaped Wall HangingA heart shaped candy box, some knit scarf and fleece remnants, and a variety of buttons are all it takes to make this lovely wall hanging. This is a page about making a Recycled Candy Box Heart Shaped Wall Hanging.


Felt Heart Bookmark - bookmark on corner of book pages

Making a Felt Heart BookmarkFelt page corner bookmarks are fun and easy to make for your own use or to give as gifts. This is a page about making a felt heart bookmark.


nipples on bottom of bucket

DIY Bucket Chicken WatererKeep your chickens hydrated and happy with this easy to make project. With a sturdy recycled bucket and a few supplies you can make this DIY Chicken Waterer for your chicken coop.


Baked Chicken Penne in a white dish with sprigs of fresh basil.

Baked Chicken PenneThis baked chicken penne recipe mixes Alfredo and marinara sauces to make a delicious pink sauce. This recipe will become a family favorite!


A pile of clothespins on a white background.

Use Clothespins as Chip ClipsClothes pins can be an inexpensive alternative to buying more expensive chip clips. This is a page about use clothespins as chip clips.


A non housebroken puppy on a wood floor next to an accident.

Pet Odors Coming Through Shared Walls?Living in a townhouse or apartment means you share walls with your neighbors. Unfortunately, that can also mean that pet odors may migrate from one residence to another. This is a page about pet odors coming through shared walls.


Uses for Lemons

Uses for LemonsThere are many benefits to be gained from the use of lemons. You can cook with them, use lemons to clean the microwave, and use lemon juice on your face. Get more ideas for how to use lemons around the house in this page, uses for lemons.


A white kitchen counter filled with small white appliances in a row.

Saving Money on Small AppliancesThe cost of buying small appliances may not be so small. Finding ways to spend less is typically a good choice. This is a page about saving money on small appliances.


Natural Air Freshener - completed jar

Natural Jar Air FreshenerKeep your home smelling fresh with a non-toxic natural air freshener using a jar. Learn how to make this homemade jar air freshener in this page.


Shell wreath and candle holder.

How to Make a Sea Shell WreathSea shells can be used in so many craft projects. This is a page about how to make a sea shell wreath.


Melted votive candles surrounded by wax.

Cleaning Candle Wax on Suede?Candle wax is a challenging cleaning job, especially when you are also working with a surface such as suede. This is a page about cleaning candle wax on suede.


white crochet purse with red heart and pull strings

Crocheted February Heart BagThis crocheted heart bag makes a great Valentine's gift. Learn how to crochet this February Heart Bag bag in this page.


Pile of artificial nails with nail art designs painted on them.

What Can I Use to Practice Nail Art?When learning how to do nail art designs it's important to have a practice hand. Get ideas on what to use to practice nail art in this page.


Crochet Cowl for a Ken Doll - Ken wearing a cowl scarf

Making a Crochet Cowl for a Ken DollThis quick to make cowl will help keep Ken warm on those cold windy winter days. This is a page about making a crochet cowl for a Ken doll.


A plate of chicken with creamy penne.

Chicken Penne RecipesChicken penne is a quick, nutritious and delicious pasta dish. Find a Chicken Penne Recipe in this page.


Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet

Making a Nautical Themed Fridge MagnetThis cute magnet is perfect to add little nautical flair to your kitchen and makes a great gift for the boat or beach fan in your life. This is a page about making a nautical themed fridge magnet.


three fingerprint elves on white paper

Making Fingerprint ElvesYour young children will have fun making these cute fingerprint elves. They can be used to decorate wall hangings, cards, and more. This is a page about making fingerprint elves.


A piece of toast with melted butter.

Removing a Butter Stain on SuedeBecause of its nap, suede requires some special care when trying to remove stains. This is a page about removing a butter stain on suede.


Driftwood Christmas Tree - finished tree

Making a Driftwood Christmas TreeIf you are lucky enough to be able to collect driftwood, consider making an unusual alternative to the traditional evergreen Christmas tree. This is a page about making a driftwood Christmas tree.


Pink Polka Dot Safety Pin Cushion

Pink Polka Dot Safety Pin CushionHere is a minor twist on the typical pin cushion. This one was made to store safety pins and no machine sewing is required. This is a page about pink polka dot safety pin cushion.



mais con yelo in glass

Mais Con YeloHere's another easy, healthy and refreshing desert your kids could enjoy. You can also let them join the process of making this kid friendly icy, milky treat.


vegetables added to broth

Savory Beef StewPerfect for cooking on the stove, in a crock pot or in a dutch oven over a fire. We love to serve it with hot buttery biscuits or corn bread.



Grandkids' Coat Rack - four individual hooks on wall with child's name on a plaque over the hook

Grandkids' Coat RackI take care of my four grandchildren during the week. I always had backpacks and coats on my floors or chairs. Finally I decided to do something about it. I installed coat hooks on the wall for their backpacks and coats. Problem solved.


Recycling Dryer Lint - TP tube filled with dryer lint

Recycling Dryer LintEven dryer lint can be recycled. I recycle it in 3 different ways.


How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood Furniture

How to Fix Damaged Surfaces of Wood FurnitureWood is lovely, but at times it does not age well, or exposure makes the veneer or varnish suffer needlessly.


Floating Hearts Valentine's Jar Light

Floating Hearts Valentine's Jar LightTurn an ordinary glass jar into a beautiful light. Add hearts and battery operated fairy lights, and you have beautiful table décor to help set a romantic mood.


Fingerprint Snow Globe - completed snowman snow globe project

Fingerprint Snow GlobeIf you are looking for an easy, fun, and adorable craft for kids to make during winter, try this fingerprint snow globe. You won't need many supplies to create something that will be cherished forever. Besides the winter theme, you could incorporate this snow globe into learning about snow and the letter S.



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Making a Paper K Cup Filter?How do I make a paper K cup filter?


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Fixing Scratches on Watch Face?Does anyone have any tips for getting scratches out of a watch face? I just got a new watch last month and I just today I noticed I have scratch right in the middle of my watch.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tri-colored puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?Any guesses would be much appreciated!


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11th Birthday Party Ideas?My 10 year old is turning 11 in a week and I don't now what too do. She is 98% tomboy and loves Harry Potter. She also loves spas and relaxing. I have no idea what do do can you help me?


Identifying a Houseplant - plant with medium green leaves shaped like camellia leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?Can you identify this plant please?


Kitchen Cabinet and Wall Paint Color Advice - cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet and Wall Paint Color Advice?I recently purchased a home and won't be starting a kitchen remodel for 18-24 months. My biggest issue is the ridiculously dark cabinets and countertop. For the time being, does anyone have suggestions for cabinet and wall paint colors to brighten/neutralize the avocado green countertops and backsplash. 


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Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas?I am Zach Lau and I'm turning 16 next month. I was wondering if you can give me any ideas for my party because I want it to be the best that no one will ever forget.


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Treating a Rope Burn?I was at a circus and I was on the trapeze. I slipped and I got a really bad rope burn on my upper thigh. It hurts when I stretch my skin, when water touches it, and when I touch it trying to put cream on it. I'm not sure how to get it to heal, but it's just getting worse.


Information on Old Book of Knowledge

Information on Old Book of Knowledge?What can you tell me about " The Book of Knowledge"? It's red and looks very old. The copyrights are from 1874 to 1918.


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Using Left Over Unmixed Hair Dye?I have kept unmixed leftover hair dye in a small container for four weeks and everything went well. This time, I accidently left it out on my dresser and the light was on. The top portion of the dye turned dark on the top.


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Can I Get My Friend's POA Changed?My friend got sick and ended up in the hospital. She has been back and forth between the nursing home and hospital. Her POA signed for her to die because she wasn't going to get better. She is still hanging on, after getting huge amounts of morphine and Atavan. Can I get help to intervene?


Cat Spraying Inside - montage of cat photos

Cat Spraying Inside?I have 5 cats in a very large house. Each have their own bedroom with beds, toys, etc. and a communal playroom. The cats have fresh food 6 times a day and 24/7 dry food. We ensure that all the cats get a minimum of 3-4 hours play time each day. One of my Ragdolls is constantly spraying on my furniture.


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Living in a House with Smokers?I am under house arrest, in my brother home. my brother is a heavy smoker, it's his house, his wife a heavy smoke also. I don't smoke, hate it. What can I do to get a smoke free environment. Asking them to just stop, out of the question. I have bought candles to try and help to no avail.


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Cooking Canned Mackerel?Can I coat mackerel that is in a can and in brine and after coating can I fry it?


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