December 5, 2017

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purple and white wooden batik beads strung with gold pony beads

Batik Style BeadsThis is a page about making batik style beads. Using a wax resist technique, you can make these beautiful beads. They are perfect for creating unique custom jewelry.


Balls of yarn and socks on a table.

Making Yarn from SocksThis is a page about making yarn from socks. Before you throw out those old socks, consider reusing them as yarn for new projects. Not only are you keeping items out of the garbage, you are creating something unique and frugal.


Christmas Draft Stopper - draft stopper at base of door

Use a Pool Noodle and Socks to Make a Draft StopperThis is a page about using a pool noodle and socks to make a draft stopper. Make one of these quick and easy draft stopper to a fix drafty door in your home.


Muffin Tin Asparagus Frittatas in cups

Muffin Tin Asparagus FrittatasThese muffin tin frittatas are easy to make and are the perfect quick breakfast. They also offer easy portion control. This is a page about making muffin tin asparagus frittatas.


Shamrock cake surrounded by St. Patrick's Day decorations

Making a Shamrock CakeIf you are planning to make a shamrock cake for St. Patrick's day or someone that is Irish, here are a few ideas. This is a page about making a shamrock cake.


Baked chicken covered in cheese.

Teriyaki, Bacon Ranch, and Cheese Chicken RecipeAre you looking for a new chicken recipe to try? This unique combination of flavors is sure to be a hit at dinner. This page contains a teriyaki, bacon ranch, and cheese chicken recipe.


Whole nutmeg and a grater.

Homemade Nutmeg Chest Cold RemedyThis is a page about making a homemade nutmeg chest cold remedy. This pungent spice is thought to provide some relief for a chest cold. Here is an old recipe to try, the next time that you are sick.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Dies When It AcceleratesThis is a page about a riding mower that dies when it accelerates. If your riding lawn mower dies when you accelerate, there could be a number of things causing the problem. Here are some suggestions to help you diagnose the issue.


Apple-Peanut Sandwich

Apple Peanut Butter SandwichIf you are looking to have a sandwich without all of the carbs, make one of these delicious apple "sandwiches". Apple slices replace the bread and it is filled with peanut butter. You could add nuts or dried fruits to create a variety of flavors.


Child Buttoning Shirt

Child Refuses to Wear Underwear and Other Clothing ItemsThis is a page about a child refusing to wear underwear and other clothing items. There are numerous reasons that a child might refuse to wear certain types of clothing. It could be out of stubbornness, physical discomfort, or a range of psychological causes. Here is some advice if you are struggling with this issue.


Lidded Cake Pan for Kinetic Sand - molds on inverted lid for short term storage

Lidded Cake Pan for Kinetic SandThis is a page about using a lidded cake pan for kinetic sand. Using a lidded cake pan for kinetic sand makes cleaning up and storage, quick and easy. Your child can play with the sand right inside the pan too.


A pillow made from Crown Royal bags.

How to Make a Crown Royal PillowThis is a page about how to make a Crown Royal pillow. With some basic sewing skills, those vibrant purple bags can be turned into an interesting pillow.


Blue card with faces.

Easy Fa-la-la-la-la Homemade Christmas CardsThe sounds of Christmas carols are incorporated into this handmade card. These cards can be the gift to friends and family. This is a page about making easy fa-la-la-la-la Christmas cards.


Fire in a brick fireplace with soot on the outside.

Cleaning Soot From BricksThis is a page about cleaning soot from bricks. Soot on your fireplace bricks can be unsightly. In addition to a number of spray cleaners that can help remove the stains, you may find that a soot sponge does the job too.


Car heater controls

1997 Ford Ranger Heater Not WorkingThis is a page about a 1997 Ford Ranger heater not working. Do you have a 1997 Ford Ranger with heating system problems? Here is some advice, if you want to try diagnosing the issue.


2 birds on a feeder.

Bird Feeder PhotosAn excellent way to attract song birds to your garden is by installing feeders. They can be purchased to encourage a variety of species or you can make your own. This page contains bird feeder photos.


Baked chicken covered in cheese.

Getting Perfume Smell Out of ClothingThis is a page about getting perfume smell out of clothing. Strong fragrances on clothing can be an issue for people with asthma or off putting if its a smell you don't enjoy. Vinegar is good at removing odors, but there are also a number of store bought products that work well too.


Christmas tree felt wall hanging

Christmas Felt Wall HangingIf you are looking for an easy to make festive holiday wall hanging, consider this pretty tree motif project. This is a page about how to make a Christmas felt wall hanging.


Placemat on wood table.

Using Placemats to Protect a NightstandThis is a page about using placemats to protect a nightstand. Protect your nightstand from accidental spills or scratches by using a placemat. It is an easy and decorative way to avoid damaging your furniture.


Marzipan surrounded by almonds

Eggless Marzipan RecipeThis page contains an eggless marzipan recipe. If you are looking for an eggless marzipan recipe, give this one a try.


Switch plate covers  in a zebra print.

Making Zebra Switch Plate CoversThis is a page about making zebra switch plate covers. These zebra switch plate covers are a great way to add a fun accent to your decor. They are easy to make and would even be a good kid's craft.


Finished plate of frittata and sausage

Green Potato FrittataSpinach, leeks, and potatoes offer a unique flavor for this easy to make frittata. Frittatas are a healthy dish, that is perfect for any meal. This is a page about making a green potato frittata.



Chocolate Almond Topped Banana Bread on rack

Chocolate Almond Topped Banana BreadBanana bread with added chia and hemp seeds for a healthy twist, that is topped with almonds and baking chips for a crunchy hint of chocolate. Perfect to serve for upcoming holiday parties.


Eggnog Bread slices of bread with cinnamon and nutmeg

Eggnog BreadThis is a super flavourful and moist bread that's made with eggnog. The extra addition of cinnamon and nutmeg give it a nice kick. Enjoy it warm out the oven, or toasted the next day with butter.


Zucchini Bread cooling on rack

Zucchini BreadYour house will smell great and this recipe makes two loaves. A perfect hostess gift for the holiday parties coming up.


Crisp Grilled Cheese Sandwich on plate

Crisp Grilled Cheese SandwichFor Sunday lunch, we used to have grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup for a good combination. I would melt butter in the frying pan and make 4 sandwiches and cook them until they were browned, flipping them and flattening them with the spatula. I think that's how I warped my electric frying pan.



A sad and small Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree GrinchMy father bought our Christmas tree every year on Christmas Eve. My father, well, he was a bit of a Grinch when it came to purchasing a tree. He didn't want to spend money for a tree that was only going to be up for one week. It was his money; after all, we were spending.


A soda bottle and rubber band being used as a phone stand.

Soda Bottle Rubber Band Phone StandWrap elastic around one side of your phone, loop it over the bottle and attach it to the other side of the phone. Then you can do things on it or watch something.


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Eraser to Clean PhoneUse an eraser to clean off the phone, just like you're erasing something on paper. Then go over it with a soft cloth.


A temporary hem fix with tape.

Quick Temporary Hem FixI was in a hurry this morning and snagged the hem of my slacks with my big toe. It ripped out a good portion of the stitching. I needed those black slacks and didn't have time to get a needle and thread and fix them.


Christmas Ornaments Wreath - finished wreath with candy cane striped ribbon and silver ornaments hanging

Christmas Ornaments WreathLast year, I bought a bunch of Christmas ornaments at 90% off. This year, I am using those ornaments as decorations for around the house. This is an ornament wreath I made that can be hung indoors or outdoors.


A folded T-Shirt

Fast Folding T-Shirt TechniqueIt's so easy to just stuff your shirts away after doing laundry. Not so great when you pull them out and they're mixed up and full of wrinkles. I pulled out all our shirts to do some organizing. There were so many! My thrifty nifty mum showed me how to fold them all FAST, and it was a lifesaver. Here is how to do it


A webcam on a computer covered up by a Post-It note.

Cover Webcam with Post-ItThere are reports where webcams can be hacked and you could be spied on, recorded or even the hacker has the ability to view your keyboard strokes for your passwords and personal information.


A stuck on label on a to-go coffee cup.

Removing Stuck-on LabelsNothing I'd tried worked in removing this label's glue. And I mean I tried everything, yet that's as far as I'd gotten with it, being left with that large gluey patch. Well, this morning, I tried something different, and it worked, after all this time of not being able to get the label glue off and not using that to-go-mug.


A basket that can slide underneath a storage drawer.

Basket Drawer to Hide Office SuppliesI recently raised my computer up with some jar lids. Today, I reconfigured the desk so I didn't have to sit forward and look to the left at the laptop. Doing that made me use the box I had the laptop on under the scanner.


Handcrafted Greeting Card with Stickers and Tape - closeup of finished card

Handcrafted Greeting Card with Stickers and TapeUse stickers and decorative sticky tape to make professional looking hand made greetings cards in minutes. Copy the one I have made to start you off, then when you have got the hang of it you can use different stickers in different positions to make a variety of styles.


A baggie inside a plastic cup, for packaging food for the freezer.

Putting Foods in a BaggieWhen I need an extra set of hands to hold open the baggies so I can put in the soup that I want to freeze, and don't have my hubby around, I just use a giant quart size cup and place a baggie inside of it. I'm able to drop anything into that "baggied cup" and then pull it right out when it's filled, and do that for as many batches as I want to freeze.


An empty shelf for an item on sale.

Get a Raincheck for Out of Stock ItemsIf an item is out of stock, don't forget to get a raincheck. I went to CVS today and as you can see the entire sale items are wiped out. The deal is if you purchase a select Conair Hair Styling Product for $15, you get $10 Extra Bucks (essentially a coupon to shop back at CVS).


Using a bagel tool to thinly slice meat.

Bagel Tool to Thinly Slice MeatAfter hurting one hand, I decided to try using my bagel slicing tool to hold my somewhat frozen chicken breast firmly (and SAFELY) vertically, allowing me to cut it thinly for a meal. I think I will try it to slice ham for lunches in the future as well.


A lake beside a mountain in Taylor Park, CO.

Nature's Beauty (Taylor Park, CO)This photo is of a green mountain around July surrounded by a beautiful lake, just when the clouds are setting in before a storm. It's beautiful because it shows not everything is perfect, but is even more gorgeous when perfection is not the most important thing.


Fall Colorfest (Gibbs Garden, GA) - A woman seated by a pond with fall color.

Fall Colorfest (Gibbs Garden, GA)I feel very fortunate to live in North Georgia where we have a lovely year-round seasonal display of color. A wonderful friend recently asked me to join her for a day of outdoor enjoyment at Gibbs Gardens, where fall has splashed its autumnal shades everywhere and The Valley Gardens were spectacular as the season comes to an end.


Bambi (Border Collie Cross)

Bambi (Border Collie Cross)I got her on 29 November 2016. I accidentally came across her in a pet shop and just couldn't resist those lovely eyes. She was the runt of the litter, and was much smaller than her siblings.


Tennis shoes with newspaper stuffed inside for drying.

Newspaper for Drying Wet ShoesTo dry your shoes bunch newspaper together and stuff in the shoes. They will dry faster.



Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit Bull?Do you guys think my 7 month old baby is a purebred Pit Bull?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Home Owners?I am doing this for a blind man that needs a small stoop and rails build onto his home. He has no money at this time coming in.


Treating a Kitten's Eye Discharge - cat with eye infection

Treating a Kitten's Eye Discharge?My kitten is about 10-12 weeks old. Three days ago I noticed its right eye looked a little irritated. Today it's red, swollen, and has this gummy discharge. I have been applying a warm compress twice a day. What can I do? Honestly I can't afford a vet right now.


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Roka Blue Availability?Where can I buy Kraft Roka Blue Cheese Spread in zip code area 46514 (Elkhart, IN.)?


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Age and Value of a Craftsman Mower?I have a old lawn mower, and I am trying to find out how old it is. It is a Craftsman model 143.501061, serial 9737469. Can someone tell me how old it is and if is worth anything?


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Using Permanent Hair Color Over Temporary Color?I have recently coloured my hair with Missha 7 day hair colour treatment. But I want to dye it to burgundy. So my question is, if I colour my hair with a long lasting hair dye over this hair treatment colour, will it last? Or will it wash away with the 7 day treatment?


Value of Porcelain Jenny Doll - doll wearing blue dress and vest

Value of Porcelain Jenny Doll?I have a Court of Doll by Jenny. It is number 24 of 1000. Her name is Krista and she is still in the original packaging. How much would she be worth?


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Feeding a Puppy Recovering from Parvo?My 5 month old, 25lb puppy has parvo. She received her parvo antibiotic shots yesterday plus I'm giving her antibiotics every 12 hours. She has not vomited since yesterday morning. Is it OK to feed her kibble?


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