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Chili butter and bread.

Chili Butter RecipesSpiced up butter can be delicious and used in many interesting ways. This page contains chili butter recipes.


round Queso Fresco

Homemade Queso FrescoQueso fresco is a lovely, fresh and springy Mexican cheese. It's awesome sprinkled on top of a salad or crumbled into a taco. It's very easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. No special tools needed.


Liquid Non-Dairy

Make Liquid Non-Dairy Creamer from PowderedSave money by making your own coffee creamer. Learn how to make liquid non-dairy creamer from powdered in this page.


Fresh ricotta cheese.

Homemade Ricotta CheeseThis is a page about how to make homemade ricotta cheese. Ricotta cheese is a main ingredient in many Italian dishes. Making it at home allows you to have fresh ricotta at home.


A container of homemade sour cream.

Making Sour CreamUse your blender or food processor to make fresh lowfat sour cream at home. It's easy with only a few ingredients you may already hae in your pantry or fridge.


A bowl of sour cream.

Recipes Using Sour CreamSour cream is a slightly tangy and thick dairy product. It can be used in baking recipes as well as being popular in casseroles, dips and as a garnish for spicy foods.


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Recipe for Norwegian Tettemelk?I used to be a member of a family from Norway and Sweden. They served many dishes I have fond memories of, and know how to make.


whisking the yogurt ingredients.

Easy Sweet YogurtThis is how yogurt is often made in Vietnam using sweetened condensed milk. I like how subtly sweet it is and my kids adore it. My kids grew up in Vietnam and often miss the yogurt from there so they actually jump for joy when they see me making it.


Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese in bowl

Making Greek Yogurt Cream CheeseIt is extremely easy to make cream cheese from Greek style yogurt. Learn how on this page.


bowl of spread and bread with spread

Homemade Cheese SpreadIf you are out of cheese spread, with just milk and cheese you can make your own creamy, homemade spread.


Pouring cream into a pan.

Making Your Own Evaporated MilkEvaporated milk is simply whole milk with 60% of the water content removed, resulting in a smooth thick consistency. It's useful for baking and recipes where the additional water is undesirable. This is a page about making your own evaporated milk.


finished yogurt in bowl

Homemade Stovetop Yogurt RecipeYogurt is easy to make at home with a few basic materials. This page has instructions for making homemade stovetop yogurt.



Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek YogurtGreek style yogurt is strained to create the thick and creamy texture. You can make it at home with cheese cloth to strain the finished yogurt. This is a page about homemade Greek yogurt.


Cottage Cheese in a wooden bowl

Making Cottage CheeseIf you have a gallon of milk and vinegar, you can easily make this fresh cheese. This is a page about making cottage cheese.


Homemade Cumin Spiced Cheese on plate

Homemade Cumin Spiced CheeseGot whole milk, vinegar, salt, and cumin? Make cheese! This is a page about the ease of preparing homemade cumin spiced cheese.


Cheddar Cheese Shell Tacos

Cheddar Cheese Taco ShellsTry these taco shells made from just cheddar cheese instead of carb loaded tortillas. They are crispy and chewy. This page contains recipes for cheddar cheese taco shells.


Cream Cheese in bowl

Make Your Own Cream CheeseThey're called "hacks" these days; easy ways to work around a lengthy, often time-consuming process. Making cream cheese from milk isn't difficult, but it does take time. Using cottage cheese is an excellent hack!


Crock Pot Yogurt - cooling yogurt

Making Yogurt in a CrockpotRegular or Greek yogurt can be made inexpensively using your crockpot at home. This page features a recipe with step by step instructions showing you how to make yogurt in a crockpot.


Pouring liquid coffee creamer into a cup of coffee.

Homemade Flavored Liquid Coffee CreamerIf you are suspicious of the ingredients in coffee creamer, make your own! This page has recipes and tips on how to make homemade flavored liquid coffee creamer.


Healthy Greek Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Greek Yogurt ParfaitThe is a page about healthy Greek yogurt parfait. Combine Greek style yogurt with your favorite fruit or grains for a yummy, good for you parfait.


Baked Feta

Baked Feta RecipesThis page contains baked feta recipes. This traditional Greek cheese is very versatile.


Homemade Condensed Milk

Homemade Condensed Milk RecipesForgot to get a can of condensed milk for your recipe, don't panic. You may have the ingredients in your pantry to make a homemade version. This page contains homemade condensed milk recipes.


Marinated Cheese

Marinated Cheese RecipesA different way to enjoy your cheese. This page contains marinated cheese recipes.


Homemade yogrut in a brown bowl.

Recipes Using YogurtYogurt can be used in a variety of recipes and often as a substitute for sour cream. This page contains recipes using yogurt.


Homemade soft cheese or cottage cheese.

Homemade Cheese RecipesYou can make a variety cheeses at home. This page contains homemade cheese recipes.


fresh delicious sour cream

Homemade Sour Cream RecipesThis page contains homemade sour cream recipes. It may be easier to make sour cream at home than you think.


2 jars of yogurt

Low Fat Yogurt RecipesThis page contains low fat yogurt recipes. If you love yogurt but are looking for ways to reduce the calories, try making your own low fat yogurt. By making your own yogurt you can also vary the flavors to suit your taste.



Mug of slighty lumpy Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt RecipesGreek style yogurt has recently become very popular. Greek yogurt is traditionally made from sheep's milk, but cow's milk can be used. Because it is strained, it is a thicker, creamier yogurt than you may be used to. Making your own can possibly save you money, but will surely guarantee the quality of the ingredients used. This page contains Greek yogurt recipes.


Homemade yogurt in a bowl with a wooden spoon.

Homemade Yogurt RecipesThis page contains homemade yogurt recipes. Yogurt is a healthy snack that is good for your digestive system. Making yogurt at home is easy and it allows you to customize your flavors.


Fresh fruit and yogurt partait in glass dishes.

Yogurt Parfait RecipesThis page contains recipes for yogurt parfaits. Yogurt parfaits typically combine the delicious flavors of yogurt and any combination of fresh fruits and grains. This delicious light meal or snack is easy to prepare at home.


Buttermilk in a metal cup.

Homemade Buttermilk RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade buttermilk. Buttermilk is used in many recipes, when you don't have it handy, you can make your own.


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Making Cheese from Sour Milk?My husband and I went to the grocery about 6 hours ago, and we forgot the milk in the back of the truck. It's pretty hot and humid out today. So if the milk doesn't make it for drinking, can I use it to make cheese or something else?


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Making Milk into Curd Instantly?How milk can be made into curd instantly? Are there any easily available chemicals which are not harmful to health which can be added to milk to form curd instantly?


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Recipe for "Sugar Free" Sweetened Condensed Milk?Does anyone have a recipe for "Sugar Free" Sweetened Condensed Milk?


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Recipes Using Condensed Milk?Last week I've got 2 cans of Nestle Full Cream sweetened condensed milk and I don't know how to use it. Does anyone know some recipe using condensed milk? Thanking you in anticipation.


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Sweetened Whipping Cream Recipe?How do you make sweetened whipping cream?


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Homemade Powdered Eggs?Anyone know of a way to make powdered eggs at home? This would be the type you would buy for storage.


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Sweet Butter Recipe?I'm looking for a recipe for sweet butter like they serve at Ryan's and Golden Coral resturants on the buffett. I love this butter and if anyone can share it with me please do.


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Mock Sweetened Condensed MilkPlace ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth. Equals 1 can of the boughten variety.


Crock Pot Yogurt - finished yogurt

Crock Pot YogurtThis recipe makes inexpensive and easy yogurt in your crockpot at home. Basically; you heat the milk to 180 degrees, cool it to 110, add a bit of plain live culture yogurt to the mix and keep it warm for a few hours to grow, cool it, strain it and eat it!


cheese Tacos on plate

Cheddar Cheese Shell TacosYou won't need regular tortilla shells for these super low carb tacos. These shells are made of one ingredient: cheddar cheese. Fried until they are crispy then hung upside down to form a taco shell shape, they are the perfect treat for anyone on a low carb diet... or just loves cheese!


Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek YogurtGreek yogurt is a delicous, healthy treat and is so easy to make. You really don't need any special appliances to make it, all you need is a pan, whisk, thermometer, strainer and some cheesecloth.


Homemade Cottage Cheese on plate

Homemade Cottage CheeseThis is a quick and easy way to make cottage cheese at home without the use of starches or animal rennet. I just adore cottage cheese so I am making this constantly. The splash of heavy cream (or half and half) at the end is completely optional, but I find it takes it to the next level. Yum!



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Making Cheese?I would like to make this cheese, but I am afraid it might spoil in the heat. I live in Dubai and our weather is very hot. Leaving milk out of the fridge for a day or two is kind of scary. Please advise. Is there an easier way of making cheese at home?Regards.


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Powdered Milk Ice Cream Recipe?In 1963, my girlfriend at the time, made a really nice ice cream, using the recipe on a Sunshine powdered milk tin. Is that recipe still in existence?


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Making Yogurt?Can I make yogurt made with milk on top of 1/4 cup leftover yogurt?



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Recipe for Norwegian Tettemelk?I used to be a member of a family from Norway and Sweden. They served many dishes I have fond memories of, and know how to make.


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Homemade Buttermilk?Somewhere I have read recipe for always having buttermilk by using an amount of buttermilk to make your own. Does anyone know how I can do this?


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Using Powdered Milk When Making Yogurt?I have just started making my own yogurt and have been looking at different recipes and was wondering why you put in powdered milk? Does it make it creamier or set better or something else? Thanks.


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