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The everyday experts in the ThriftyFun community share their favorite recipes for vegan foods.

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Crispy Eggplant "Bacon"

Crispy Eggplant 'Bacon'Try this vegan bacon substitute. So good you can even use it on sandwiches. This is a page about making crispy eggplant "bacon".


Slices of vegan lentil meatloaf.

Vegan Lentil MeatloafIf you are a former meatloaf fan from the past, try this Vegan Lentil loaf Recipe because it's over the top delicious!


The finished baked pie with a slice out of it.

Vegan Orange Meringue PieYes, it is possible! Even the meringue part can be made 100% plant based, as well as the crust. And if you don't overcook the 'meringue', it tastes just as good.


Rolling out the pie crust dough.

No Fat Vegan Pie CrustThere are a few good vegan pie crusts in the link I post below and I may post more than one. This one is interesting because it does work very well as a pie crust but it has NO fat of any kind. It is still good, but not as soft. But if no fat or calorie reduction is important to you, it is good to have this option available.


pieces of cut cake

Vegan Lowfat Chocolate CakeThis is an amazing cake. I just made it today after many months of not making it. It is incredibly moist, and unbelievable that it is low fat. You got to make it to believe it! The original recipe uses a sugar-based icing. I use a date-based icing. Make icing first because it needs to cool in the fridge for a few hours.


Vegan Pasta Sauce

Vegan Pasta SauceTry this simple to prepare vegan pasta sauce which uses a plant based meat substitute. For a non vegan version ground meat can be used, but will need to be cooked first. The recipe follows.


baked Walnut Potato Bread

Making Walnut Potato BreadThis delicious whole grain vegan bread uses mashed potatoes and oil to replace the dairy. Walnut pieces are added for additional flavor and a bit of nice nutty texture. The full recipe and easy to follow steps, with photos, follows.


Vegan Banana Nut Muffins with paper liners.

Vegan Banana Nut MuffinsLooking for a great vegan banana nut muffin recipe? Here it is. The bananas and oil bind to getter to make these moist and delicious little muffins.


Vegan Mac and "Cheese" in bowl

Making Vegan Mac and "Cheese"Macaroni and cheese is a classic favorite for many, but is not considered vegan due to the milk and cheese. Use cashews and flavorings to mimic cheese in this dairy free version.



Barley Potato Scone on plate

Barley Potato SconeThese tasty vegan scones use barley flour, mashed potatoes, and coconut milk along with dried fruit and spices. The easy to follow recipe can be found below.


smashing tomatoes through colander

Making Homemade Tomato PasteWhen you have access to an abundance of fresh tomatoes either from your home garden or a market sale, try making your own tomato paste. The process is easy, but a bit time consuming. The resulting paste can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator for a several months. This page contains a detailed process for making your own tomato paste.


Chocolate Chip Cookies on plate

Making Vegan Chocolate Chip CookiesUsing milk-free chocolate chips with coconut oil, peanut butter or other nut butters, you can make delicious vegan cookies. Applesauce helps with sweetness, texture and lack of eggs.


Cauliflower burger on a plate.

Caulitater Burgers (Vegan)These vegan paleo burgers are made with cauliflower and potatoes. They are not only healthy but also delicous.


a finished cup of Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

Vegan Worcestershire Sauce RecipeMake a sauce similar to an old favorite without the escargot for a meatless version. This page contains a vegan Worcestershire sauce recipe.


cooked Kale Burger

Basic Kale BurgerI have been trying to cut down on meat and find recipes for my kale crop. This one is tasty, and it can be customized with onions, carrots and other spices.


Vegan Pesto with penne pasta on white plate

Vegan Pesto RecipePesto is a tasty sauce for pasta. Make it vegan by substituting soy parmesan "cheese'' or nutritional yeast for the traditional parmesan cheese. This page contains a vegan pesto recipe.


cut Gluten Free Coconut Pie

Gluten Free Coconut PieNo crust is needed to make this pie which makes it really easy to prepare. The Gluten Free Bisquick settles to the bottom and makes a delicious crust. Coconut pie is one of my favorites. I wish I could have it every day. Is there some magical way I can remove the calories without changing the recipe?


Vegan Almond Spread on bread

Vegan Almond SpreadThis is a creamy and delicious substitute for cheese spread, made of almonds that have been soaked for 24 hours. This spread really boosts flavours in sandwiches where mayonnaise and cheese would typically be used, and is also a great topping for crackers, and a dip for veggies. Add any type of chopped herbs, if you desire.


Baked Crispy Tofu on baking sheet

Baked Crispy TofuThis is a 3 ingredient recipe. It is a healthier alternative to frying tofu while still achieving the nice crispy texture!


Vegan Chocolate Pudding in bowl

Vegan Chocolate PuddingThis desert is reminiscent of the rich, thick Castilian hot chocolate my mother used to make when I was a child. You'd never guess it is made from tofu. Tastes like pure chocolate with a touch of almond and vanilla! When chilled at least an hour, flavors have time to meld and the pudding gets the perfect consistency.


French toast slices in a pan with banana slices.

Vegan Banana Coconut French ToastThis banana coconut french toast recipe is a great treat for vegans. This page shows you how to make vegan banana coconut french toast.


Fruit and Nut Raw Pie

Fruit and Nut Raw PieThis is a great pie recipe for those who are gluten free, sugar free, and raw/vegan. It is marvelously delicious! The only downside is that the high nut content means it is NOT low calorie or low fat. It can be expensive, but in many ways it is better than the real thing, and safe for all those wanting to avoid processed ingredients and added sugar.


Tempeh in Slices

Recipes Using Tempeh?This page contains recipes using tempeh. A vegetarian, cultured and fermented firm soybean product that originated in Indonesia.


Making a vegan cake.

Vegan Cake RecipesThis is actually very easy to bake a vegan cake in almost all of your favorite flavors. This page contains vegan cake recipes.



Vegan Pancakes

Delicious Vegan PancakesThis page contains a vegan pancake recipe. It is completely possible to make delicious pancakes without the eggs and milk.


a vegan salad

Simple Vegan RecipesWhether you are adopting a totally vegan lifestyle or want to vary up your menu by adding these healthy alternative meal options, there is a plethora of simple vegan recipes to choose from. This page contains simple vegan recipes.


Vegan Quiche

Vegan Quiche RecipesWhen many people think of quiche they envision eggs and cheese as the main ingredients. However, if you want to follow a vegan dietary lifestyle, there are some great recipes for vegan quiche.


Vegan Black Bean Burger

Vegan Burger RecipesBy some creative use of other protein sources, such as beans, and other ingredients and spices, you can easily prepare delicious vegan burgers that everyone will enjoy.


vegan carrot cake

Eggless Dairy Free Cake RecipesThis page contains eggless dairy free cake recipes. Being on an egg and dairy free diet doesn't necessarily mean no cake for dessert.


Vegan lunch on plate

Vegan Power LunchThis lunch dish provides all the nutrition you need to keep you energized throughout the day. It's light and refreshing and is best served with a side of fresh, organic fruit and a cold glass of distilled water.


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Recipe for Heat Tolerant Vegan Frosting?I need a frosting which would not melt in the heat, preferably vegan.


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Vegan Cupcake Recipe?My son is getting married 6 September '09 and we have two vegan guests attending. They cannot eat the normal wedding cake, therefore I need a recipe to make some cupcakes suitable for a vegan diet.


Crispy Eggplant "Bacon"

Crispy Eggplant "Bacon"I've tried to make fake bacon out of so many products and eggplant seems to mimic the texture of bacon the best. Here is how to make your own eggplant "bacon" at home!


Kale and Onion Quinoa in bowl

Kale and Onion QuinoaThis is one of my favourite go-to one pot side dishes. It's packed with protein, fiber, anti-oxidants and is super yummy. You will only need a handful of ingredients!


Egg-Free Meringues

Egg-Free MeringuesThe price of eggs is going up, and in my area they are $3.99 a dozen at the cheapest. Why not just use something you're going to pour down the drain like garbanzo bean juice? I've read about how the brining liquid in a can of beans can act as a substitute for eggs. Amazingly enough, not only does it work famously, it also tastes amazing.



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How To Make A Vegan Cake?Does anyone have any recipes for making a vegan cake or taking a regular cake recipe and making it into a vegan recipe?


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Vegan Meatloaf with Nuts?I'm looking for a vegan "meat" loaf that has cashews and or peanuts in it. I had it a few years ago. It was delicious, but the lady would not give me her recipe.


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Simple Main Course Vegan Recipe?Our youngest daughter has gone vegan. 2 others are vegetarian which I can now cope with, but vegan? I have seen some recipes, but so many of the ingredients needed I have not seen in this country (Ireland).


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