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This page contains tips, ideas, and techniques for keeping your windows clean.



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Hard Water Spots on Windows

Removing Hard Water Spots on WindowsSometimes the water from the sink or a sprinkler can make stubborn water spots on your windows. This page is about removing hard water spots.


A man cleaning a window in his house.

Saving Money on Window CleanerThis is a page about saving money on window cleaner. Having clean windows makes everything outside look nicer. However, the cost of window cleaner can add up, especially if you have a lot of windows to clean.


A person cleaning a window with a rag.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning WindowsRubbing alcohol is an excellent product to use for cleaning windows. This is a page about using rubbing alcohol for cleaning windows.


Tape on windows.

Cleaning Tape Off WindowsThis is a page about cleaning tape off windows. Tape can some times be difficult to easily remove from windows, particularly if it has been left on windows for a long time.


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Removing Nicotine Stains from Window Frames?How do I clean white PVC window surrounds? It looks like nicotine stains. Thanks.


A bunch of crumpled up newspaper.

Use Vinegar and Newspaper for Cleaning WindowsNewspaper is relatively lint free and works well with vinegar to clean windows, leaving them streak free. This is a page about use vinegar and newspaper for cleaning windows.


Mobile Home Windows

Cleaning Mobile Home WindowsThis is a page about cleaning mobile home windows. Having clean windows inside and out on your home is wonderful, although it is not always easy to remove screens and reach all parts of the glass.


Man installing new windows with labels on them

Removing Labels from New Windows?Removing the labels from new windows can be surprisingly difficult. This is a page about removing labels from new windows.


A bottle of window cleaner containing vinegar and cornstarch.

Cornstarch and Vinegar Window Cleaner RecipeThis is a page about cornstarch and vinegar window cleaner recipe. Clean your windows using common kitchen products for sparkling glass and money savings.



A roll of masking tape, used for painting.

Removing Masking Tape from WindowsThis is a page about removing masking tape from windows. Masking tape that is left too long on windows can be difficult to remove.


Hand holding a squeegee swiping soap off a window.

Cleaning Windows (Inside and Outside)Cleaning windows can be daunting taks but there are ways to make the job easier. This is a page about cleaning windows inside and out.


Window with contact paper on it.

Removing Old Contact Paper from Windows?Contact paper left for a long time on windows can be difficult to remove, as age and the sun can affect the adhesive. This is a page about removing old contact paper from windows.


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Cleaning Windows That Are Difficult to Reach?How do I clean a second story window on the outside? Thanks!


Picture of a man outside washing a window.

Clean Windows With Joy Dishsoap and AmmoniaA little dish washing liquid added to water and ammonia work well to clean and leave you with streak free windows. This is a page about clean windows with joy dishsoap and ammonia.


A man cleaning a window.

Cleaning Pella Low-E Glass Windows?Low- E windows are best cleaned with vinegar, water, or a microfiber cloth. Some household cleaners can damage the coating and should not be used. This is a page about cleaning Pella low-e glass windows.


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Water Stains on Vinyl Film Patio Windows?How can I clean plastic film patio windows? They are thick vinyl (I think) film, a cheaper alternative to glass and fine for Florida. They are spotted and cloudy due to water residue from our lawn irrigation system.


A woman washing a window with lots of soapy streaks.

Washing Windows Without StreaksIt can be frustrating to wash your windows only to see streaks instead of clear panes. This is a page about washing windows without streaks.


Photo of contact paper on a window.

Removing Contact Paper From Windows?This is a page about removing contact paper from windows. Contact paper can be difficult to remove from window glass.


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How do you remove spots from windows?Our outside windows are filthy and nothing cleans them. I've tried the outdoor window cleaner, indoor, homemade with rubbing alcohol, newspapers, cleaning first and then window spray. They are still dirty.


Window Caulk

Cleaning Window CaulkThis is a page about cleaning window caulk. Window caulk can become stained by the elements and mold.


Water Spots on Window

Preventing Hard Water Spots on Windows?This page is about preventing hard water spots on windows. Once you have been able to remove the spots on your window you want to be able to avoid them in the future.


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Smears on Windows After Cleaning?When I wash my windows and later in the day the sun shines through, the window has smear marks. I have tried various cleaners and I still get smears which are hard to remove. Any suggestions?


Window Cleaning Tip For an RV - squeegee and a towel

Cleaning Windows in an RVIf you travel in a motorhome, camper, or travel trailers (or maybe even at your regular home as well), this might help. At night, condensation builds up on our windows. My easy clean fix is to use a squeegee to run the water down the window onto a reusable towel. Takes a few seconds to do each window. The plus side is you just hang the wet towel out/up to dry and do it all again the next day or time depending on the weather where your staying/living.


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Preventing Water Spots on Vinyl Film Sunroom Windows?What can I put on the vinyl film (windows) on my Florida sunroom to prevent water spots?



Cleaning Windows Outside

Cleaning Windows OutsideAlthough it can be challenging to clean the outside of your windows, it needs to be done regularly. This is a page about cleaning windows outside.


Woman removing sale decal from window

How to Remove Decals from a Window?Removing a sticker from a window can be made easy by using a hairdryer or a razor blade. This page offers tips on how to remove decals from a window.


A big beautiful sunroom.

Cleaning Sunroom Windows?Vinegar, water, and a drop or two of Dawn makes a good window cleaner. Use a soft cloth and rinse well. This is a page about cleaning sunroom windows.


Woman Cleaning Window

Clean Windows With Dishsoap and WaterA tiny bit of dishsoap and water will clean your windows more inexpensively and as well as specialized products. This is a page about cleaning windows with dishsoap and water.


Windows with a masking tape "x" in the center, for protection.

Removing Masking Tape From Tinted Windows?This is a page about removing masking tape from tinted windows. Removing masking tape from tinted windows can be very tricky as the tinting material can be damaged in the process.



Clean Windows With Coffee FiltersThis is a page about clean windows with coffee filters. Paper coffee filters can be used to clean your windows, leaving them streak and lint free.


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Oven Cleaner for Windows and Other TipsUse oven cleaner to clean stains from windows. Spray the glass, let it sit 5-10 minutes then wipe.


Window Cleaning Solutions

Best Window Cleaning Solutions?This page is about the best window cleaning solutions. Using the most effective compound for cleaning windows will save you time and energy.


Soft Bristled Brush

Cleaning Window ScreensThis page is about cleaning window screens. It's great to be able to open your windows and let the fresh air in, but those screens can get very dirty.


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Cleaning Aluminum Window Screen Frames?What is the best and easiest way to clean the aluminum around window screens?


Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Lawn Service Chemicals from WindowsThis is a page about cleaning lawn service chemicals from windows. Lawn care chemicals can end up on your windows and they are not always easy to remove.


Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege

Cleaning Sliding Glass DoorsThis is a page about cleaning sliding glass doors. Whether it's little hands, muddy paws and wet noses or both, cleaning the sliding glass door is a chore that could be done almost everyday. However, with all that grease and dirt and it is easy to leave streaks on the glass.


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Clean Windows With Coffee FiltersClean windows with coffee filters by saturating them with window cleaner, all purpose cleaner, or vinegar. They are durable and will not leave lint like a paper towels does.


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Alternate Directions When Cleaning WindowsWhen cleaning windows, clean one side horizontally and the other side vertically. This way you can see which side has the streaks on it.


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House Windows Fog Up on the Outside Daily?I have a lot of windows and I clean them almost everyday because they fog over so easily. It rains in Alabama a lot. I have a pool in my backyard and every morning I can't see the pool because they are fogged over from the outside. What can I clean them with to prevent this?



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Mineral Spots on Windows?I have lime and calcium buildup on glass windows. I have tried CLR and all types of cleaners. They help a little bit, but it does not take it completely off. Is there anything else I can use? Please help. Thank you.


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Cleaning Stains on Window Glass?How do you clean glass that looks like it is permanently dirty? I bought an older house ('79) and the windows won't clean. It appears they are permanently stained? Any suggestions?


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TSP Left Film on Windows?I work for a general contracting company and in the course of washing down a building, the windows were washed with a TSP solution leaving a film that is proving very difficult to remove.


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Using a Pressure Washer to Clean Windows?Have any of you used a power washer or pressure washer to clean your home's windows? We have a power washer, and I'd like to use it to clean the windows. I'd welcome a few tips from those of you that have already cleaned your windows with one of them. Thanks.


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Steam Build Up on Windows?I need to know how to get rid of old steam build up on windows.


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Windows Stained by a Vaporizer?How do I get rid of an old stain from a vaporizer on windows?


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Use Newspaper To Dry Your WindowsFor window cleaning, use your regular window cleaner. To dry the windows, try wadded up newspaper. It is absorbent and leaves no streaks. But wear rubber gloves because the ink will blacken your hands.


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Use Microfiber Cloth For WindowsTo clean glass mirrors and windows, I use a microfiber cloth. Wet the cloth well and wring out as much water as you can. Spray the window with Glass Plus, that is what I use, then quickly wipe the mirror dry.


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Cleaning Heat Control Window Tinting?We recently put heat control tinting on our windows (the kind that you do yourself) and now I am not sure how to clean them. I used Windex and it seemed to make the tint streaky. Any tips? Thanks.


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Stain on Windows?I have stain on the windows from staining the frame. I can't get it off. I have tried goo gone and acetone.


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Cleaning Home and Car WindowsHow to shine those windows in your home and autos. I use plain ole vinegar in a spray bottle and crumbled news paper. It shines great.


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Cleaning Vinyl Windows?Does anyone have a good tip for cleaning vinyl windows without leaving streaks? Thanks much!


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Cleaning a Solid Valance?We recently have bought a new home. In the living room is a solid valance attached above the front window. It is beautiful -- except for the black dirt along the top of it. I don't know how to take it down, though I do have a few ideas about how to clean it once it is down. The fabric seems to be a heavy, cream, silk type of fabric.


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Playdough on Window?My daughter smeared playdough all over her bedroom window. I have no idea how to get that off!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Cleaning Lawn Chairs and Window ScreensTake your cloth lawn chairs and your window screens to the car wash with you, and do them after you wash the car By Shirley Rosser


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Removing Window DecalsIf you have a window decal that won't come off and you're afraid of scratching the glass with a razor blade, soak the decal with vinegar. Either apply it with a cloth or paint it on with a paintbrush. Let it soak in for a few minutes and it should come off easily. By Gary S



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Removing Old Contact Paper from Windows?We moved into an apt that has old sticky contact paper on all the windows on the front porch. I have tried several things to get it off and nothing has worked. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've already smashed one window trying to scrape it off.


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Will Newspaper Printed with Soy Ink Streak Windows?I just read several archived posts on cleaning windows with vinegar and newspaper. Today's newspapers are printed with a soy based ink. The ink easily comes off the paper and onto other surfaces. How does it produce a streak free window?


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Cleaning Very Dirty Windows?My business is on a busy main road were anything from farm vehicles, semis, cars, and so on are passing. There is lots of wind blowing dirt, chemicals, and more. I've cleaned the outside with Windex, ammonia, vinegar, and tried the toothpaste. I still have these dirty not appealing spots on the window.


Cleaning Residue on Windows - smudgy windows

Cleaning Residue on Windows?I just moved into a new flat, but I have no idea how to clean these particular windows! They're double glazed and it seems like there is residue from a previous bad cleaning. However when I tried to get it off it seems like the residue/marks are inside the two panels!


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Removing Hard Water Spots on Windows?I tried Scrubbing Bubbles from recommendations from this site to clean windows of hard water spots. I scrubbed with still wool for several minutes and it did not take off the hard water spots. Any other good ideas?


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Removing Decals from a Kitchen Window?How do I get a decal off of my kitchen's upper window above my sink? It's been on it around ten years or longer? Does spraying vinegar on it work?


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