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This page contains tips and advice about using fertilizer in your garden.

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Spooning coffee ground into a plants soil.

Plants That Like Coffee GroundsMany plants thrive in soil rich in nitrogen. As they decompose, coffee grounds release nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals. This is a page about plants that like coffee grounds.


A potted citrus plant with lots of fruit.

Using Coffee Grounds for Citrus Trees?Citrus trees grow well when fed with used coffee grounds. Care should be taken as it is possible to make the soil too acidic and that might cause issues. Citrus grows best at a soil pH of 6.5.


Two orange fertilizer sprayers.

Homemade Liquid Fertilizer RecipesThis page contains homemade liquid fertilizer recipes. Sometimes even good garden soil can use a boost.


Pile of coffee grounds on a white background

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at StarbucksThis is a page about getting free coffee grounds for your garden at Starbucks. Starbucks and other coffee shops offer free grounds to their customers. These bags of coffee grounds are a good amendment for your garden soil.


Aquarium in the middle of a water change

Using Aquarium Water for PlantsThis is a page about using aquarium water for plants. If you have an aquarium consider using the waste water when you clean the tank to fertilizer your garden or houseplants.


Geraniums fertilized by ammonia.

Fertilizing Plants With AmmoniaThis is a page about fertilizing plants with ammonia. A small amount of this compound can help feed your plants.


stevia plant

Feeding Plants VitaminsThis is a page about feeding plants vitamins. Some gardeners use expired vitamins for their plants.


Silver pot with steam coming out of it against black background

Using Cooking Water for Watering PlantsThis is a page about use cooking water for watering plants. Nutrients and minerals such as calcium are released into the water as you cook eggs, veggies, and other foods such as pasta.


wheelbarrow of horse manure

Finding Free ManureIf you have farms nearby, it may be easy to find free manure. This is a page about finding free manure.


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"Magic" Lawn Formula?Some time ago, when I lived in Florida, a person at Home Depot gave me a "magic formula" for a healthy lawn. Some of the ingredients were: Instant Tea and ammonia, along with a couple of others. It was fantastic. Can anyone provide me with the formula to be used with a 20 gal sprayer?


Whey for Healthy Plants - miniature rose

Use Whey for Healthy PlantsMany gardener's use whey to fertilize their plants. It contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals that are beneficial in small amounts. Too much has the inverse effect and can harm you plants.


Plant fertilizer being measured out into a cup.

Remembering When to Feed PlantsComing up with helpful ways to remind yourself to fertilize your plants will ensure a consistent schedule of feeding and healthier plants.



A plastic bag of crushed egg shells and a rolling pin.

How to Crush Egg ShellsMany gardeners use crushed egg shells as both fertilizer and to get rid of snails and slugs. One quick method for crushing them is to use a rolling pin. This is a page about how to crush egg shells.


Epsom Salts in Wooden Spoon

Use Epsom Salts for Inexpensive FertilizerThe magnesium sulfate in Epsom salts is a necessary nutrient for many plants including flowers, vegetables, and roses. Mix with water and apply to plants and even seedlings. This is a page about using Epsom salts for inexpensive fertilizer.


Spreading Artificial Fertilizer on Lawn

Artificial Fertilizers?The main difference between organic and artificial or inorganic fertilizers is the source of the chemicals each contains. Both types must be used according to package instructions so as not to damage your plants. This is a page about artificial fertilizers.


Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts for PlantsAdding Epsom salts to the water you use for your houseplants is a good practice to help their overall health and vitality, increase blooms, and improve leaf color. This is a page about using epsom salts for plants.


Shoveling cow manure

Using Cow Manure in Your GardenManure is a nearly perfect natural fertilizer that can be used throughout your garden. This is a page about using cow manure in your garden.


A young golden Alpaca.

Using Alpaca Manure in Your Garden?Alpaca manure makes a great soil conditioner for your garden, it improves soil quality, water retention, and is a good fertilizer. This is a page about using alpaca manure in your garden.


Chicken Manure

Using Chicken Manure as Garden FertilizerComposted chicken manure when mixed with your topsoil makes a great fertilizer. This is a page about using chicken manure as garden fertilizer.


Coffee Grounds

Using Coffee Grounds for Strawberry Plants?Coffee grounds are an excellent addition to your garden soil in many instances. This is a page about using coffee grounds for strawberry plants.


Fertilizer sprayer next to Tree

The Basics of Fertilizing TreesTrees, like all plants, grow best when given appropriate nutrients. Fertilizers are a great way to ensure your trees get all the nutrients they need. This is a page about the basics of fertilizing trees.


drying shells and bag of crushed shells

Save Eggshells for Planting TomatoesAdding eggshells to your garden and compost is a common all natural way to add key nutrients to the soil. This is a page about save egg shells for planting tomatoes.


A gloved hand sprinkling fertilizer in a garden.

Fertilizing Made EasyKnowing when, what kind, and how much fertilizer to use can seem very confusing. With some research the mystery unravels and you will be able to care for your plants properly. This is a page about fertilizing made easy.


Close up of three African Violet blooms against green foilage

Using Rusty Nails for African VioletsThis is a page about using rusty nails for African violets. For years gardeners have used rusty nails to add iron to the soil around certain plants.


fertilizing plants

Using Fertilizer in Your GardenThis is a page about using fertilizer in your garden. Fertilizing your garden can seem complicated, but synthetic and organic fertilizers are effective when used properly.


Organic Fertilizer

Understanding Organic FertilizersThis is a page about understanding organic fertilizers. When you know how your different plants get the balance of nutrients they need, you will grow healthier plants.


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Ever Blooming GeraniumsEvery year, I so admired my Aunt's geraniums that bloomed until October in Michigan. She told me that she uses an empty gallon container. She fills the bottom with ammonia then fills to the top with water.



Worm Tea

Making and Storing Worm Tea?This is a page about making and storing worm tea. Worm tea is a great natural fertilizer you can make at home.


Wood Ashes

Using Wood Ashes in Your GardenThis is a page about using wood ashes in your garden. Wood ash can be a good source of potassium, that many garden plants love.


A woman shopping for fertilizer.

Saving Money on FertilizerThis is a page about saving money on fertilizer. Whether you shop for sales or make your own, there are ways to save money on fertilizer.


Foliar Feeding

Foliar Feeding for Garden PlantsThis is a page about foliar feeding for garden plants. In addition to applying fertilizer to the soil, sometimes plants benefit from foliar feeding.


Making Compost Tea

Making Compost TeaThis page is about making compost tea. Fertilizing your plants with this nutrient rich water can be beneficial.


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Pulverized Egg Shells for Fertilizer?Are pulverized egg shells good fertilizer? I've searched on Google and it says there that egg shells are made of calcium, and to pulverize them and put it on the top soil of the plants.


Garden Fork and Seedlings

Using Manure in the GardenThis page is about using manure in the garden. Well rotted manure is an excellent compost addition, soil builder and fertilizer.


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Advice for Feeding Flowering Plants?What do I feed my plants when they start flowering? Bloom or boost?


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Effects of Too Much Fertilizer on Plants and Soil?What are the losses if using too much urea, dap (diammonium phosphate), and potassium to the plants? What is the harm to the soil?


Controlling the Odor of Rabbit Droppings Used as Fertilizer?We have our rabbits in a shed and want to use the droppings for our garden. Is baking soda the best solution to keep the smell down and would it be OK to use on our garden? We also have wild ones that come over, is it safe for them also?


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Natural Fertilizer for Bradford Pear and Dogwood Trees?Is there a natural fertilizer to use on Bradford Pear and dogwood trees?


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Are Coffee Grounds Good for Oleanders?Are coffee grounds good for oleanders?


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Is Yeast Good for Plants?Is yeast good for plants? I have a lot of expired cooking yeast left over.


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Advice on Lawn Fertilization?I haven't fertilized my Zoysia grass since May, is it OK to do it again now or do I need to wait until spring? Also, if yes what exactly should I buy? I do need weed control if possible. I live in Tennessee.


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Recipe for Pond Plant Fertilizer?Does anybody have a good recipe for pond plant fertilizer? I think the necessary ingredients are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. I wonder what is in those tablets you can buy?



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Using Lava Sand for Flowers and Veggies?Is lava sand good for my flower beds and vegetable gardens?


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What Can I Do If I Over-fertilized My Plants?Can anything be done to negate plants/tree being over-fertilized? All of the leaves are turning yellow and brown. I mixed my all-plant fertilizer too strong.


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Fertilizing a Hydrangea?I have a Hydrangea and a Mallow Hibiscus each about 9 months old. They are in the ground , in poor soil. What fertilizer should be used on each to promote growth and flowers? Thanks.


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Rootblast Product Reviews?Has anyone ever tried the product "Rootblast"? What were the results?


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What is Zinc Sulfate?What is zinc sulfate?


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Fertilizer for Sago Palm?What is best fertilizer for Sago Palms? Also for a Star Pine?


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Use Leaves and Newspapers for MulchUse all the leaves and newspaper you can get your hands on. They are great mulch. I started by putting down newspaper in a new natural area I want to start. I have quite a few layers.


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Inexpensive Ways To Fortify Your Garden SoilWith fall and winter coming up, it is time think about fortifying your soil for next year! Don't run of to purchase expensive fertilizers - free (and often better) material is easier to find than you may think.


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Buy Mulch In Bulk From LandscapersIf you have a large area to mulch, check with local landscaping companies about buying mulch in bulk. We did this year for a play area we made for our kids.


drying shells and bag of crushed shells

Save Egg Shells for Planting TomatoesTo prevent blossom rot, I put a handful of egg shells in the hole with the tomato plant when setting them. This gives the tomatoes calcium and it works.


Epsom salts with herbs and roses

Epsom Salts for Inexpensive FertilizerInstead of purchasing multiple, or artificial/chemical, fertilizers we use Epsom salt for everything! A lot cheaper and simpler than the individual fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, and roses in particular. It is used in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to one gallon of water.


shovel of fertilizer

Fertilizing Made EasyFertilizing plants can seem complicated, so gardeners often use the hit-or-miss method of guessing how much and what type of fertilizer their plants need. Here is a breakdown of all you really need to know about feeding your garden plants.


Homemade Fertilizer from Kitchen Scraps - original scraps before prepping

Homemade Fertilizer from Kitchen ScrapsDon't throw out your eggshells, banana peels, or used coffee grounds. Use them to feed your plants! Just cut the peels into small pieces and crush the eggshells with the bottom of a mug. Mix all of them together then spoon into your flower pots.


green bell pepper

Plant Matchsticks with PeppersIf you put a couple of matchsticks in the hole before you put your pepper plant in, you will be providing the plant with phosphorus, and you will get a more robust plant.


Spraying Flowers

Foliar Feeding for Garden PlantsPlants take up most of the nutrients they need through their roots, but they also can absorb nutrients through their leaves. When a liquid fertilizer is diluted and applied to the leaves of plants it is called foliar feeding.


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Giving Coffee to a Christmas Cactus?Can you give coffee to a Christmas cactus more than once a week?


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Using Whey on a Viburnum Shrub?I recently moved into a new house and planted a new garden. I chose viburnum as a shrub for my pathways and I am interested in DIY methods to fertilize it. Can I use milk whey?


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Selling Horse Manure?I have horse manure to sell. What would be a reasonable price?


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Using Coffee Grounds on Indoor Begonias?Are coffee grinds good for indoor begonias as well?


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Using Moldy Coffee Grounds in the Garden?Can coffee grounds be used in the garden after they start to mold?


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Using Coffee Grounds Around Oleander Plants?Are coffee grounds good for oleander plants?


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