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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with repairs in the bathroom.



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Close up image of a plastic shower base with a crack in it

Repairing a Crack in a Plastic Tub or ShowerWhen you are not able to replace a damaged tub or shower a repair to the cracked area may be a solution. This is a page about repairing a crack in a plastic tub or shower.


Toilet Tank

Toilet Tank Not Filling?This is a page about the toilet tank not filling. Trying to determine why the toilet tank is not filling properly may require some investigation.


Porcelain Clawfoot Tub

Repairing a Chipped Porcelain TubThis is a page about repairing a chipped porcelain tub. Despite its durability, a porcelain tub can still get chipped.


A toilet with blue water an a plunger.

Removing Bleach Tablet Stuck in ToiletAlthough bleach tablets are great for keeping your toilet bowl clean, they can be a big problem if accidentally flushed down the drain. This is a page about removing a bleach tablet stuck in the toilet.


Man working on an old shower door with metal frame

Repairing a Corroded Aluminum Shower...This is a page about repairing a corroded aluminum shower frame. Damage to the finish on your aluminum shower door frame can lead to corrosion.


Bathroom faucet temperature labels that have become unglued.

Finding Best Glue for Bathtub Faucet Temperature Labels?It is frustrating when the little faucet temperature labels on your tub or sink come off. This is a page about finding the best glue for bathtub faucet temperature labels.


Porcelain Sink

Repairing Worn Porcelain Sinks and Bathtubs?This page is about repairing worn porcelain sinks and bathtubs. Harsh cleaners can damage a porcelain tub finish.


Cleaning Toilet Bowl

Dirt in Toilet Bowl?If you have what appears to be dirt in the bottom of your toilet bowl, there are a number of possibilities for you to check. This is a page about dirt in toilet bowl.


Fiberglass Bathtub

Discoloration in a Fiberglass BathtubFiberglass tubs can become discolored over time. This page offers advice for how to fix a discolored fiberglass tub.



repair fiberglass

Repairing a Fiberglass Tub or ShowerThis is a page about repairing a fiberglass tub or shower. The brittle texture of this material can crack and wear over time. There are ways to patch and smooth fiberglass to extend its usefulness.


Push Button Toilet

Fixing a Push Button ToiletRather than the typical lever style flush handle, a push button toilet has a button on top that when depressed operates the flushing mechanism. This is a page about fixing a push button toilet.


Bathtub surrounded by granite.

How to Repair Scratches on a Bathtub's FinishDepending on the material that your bathtub is made from, there are a variety of different ways to minimize or remove scratches on the finish. This is a page about how to repair scratches on a bathtub's finish.


A medicine cabinet door with a child lock on it to help it stayed closed.

Bathroom Cabinet Door Won't Stay Closed?This is a page about bathroom cabinet door won't stay closed. It is very frustrating when a cabinet door no longer stays closed.


Financial Help to Remove Black Mold and Repair Walls - mold inside bathroom walls

Financial Help to Remove Black Mold and Repair Walls?I am a 33 year old single mother of 2 children. We live in a trailer. Currently I am cleaning homes for a source of income which doesn't leave much after bills. Which is why I tried to do this myself. There was black mold behind the trim in the shower. I took it off and found much more than I can handle.


Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stained Cabinet Shelf - young woman cleaning a toilet, holding bottle of cleaner

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Stained Cabinet Shelf?The dye in some cleaning products can leave stains if the product leaks or is spilled. To repair a cabinet stained by toilet bowl cleaner you could try painting with Kilz and then a paint of your choice. This is a page about Lysol toilet bowl cleaner stained cabinet shelf.


Standard white bathtub with tile surround

Repairing a Bathtub?Fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs can be damaged, leaving pits and holes in the tub. There are products that can be used to repair the damage.


Repairing a Net Sponge?The "poof" I use to wash myself with shower gel in the shower has come undone, and I would like to know how re-tie it as it was when I bought it. I have attempted to do so, but it ends up quite unlike it was before it came undone.


porcelain pedestal sink

Repairing a Porcelain SinkThis is a page about repairing a porcelain sink. As rugged as they are, new or vintage porcelain fixtures have a delicate surface that can be scratched or damaged by a falling kitchen or bathroom objects.


Fixing a Shower Door Latch

Fixing a Shower Door Latch?This is a page about fixing a shower door latch. It can be costly to replace an entire shower door just because the latch is broken.


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Caulk Not Sticking to Fiberglass Shower?We have recently had a new fiberglass shower surround installed and we are having a hard time getting the caulk to stick. When it is applied it looks great, but after a shower or two it starts to ripple and comes off.


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Cleaning Toilet Rim Flush Holes?How do I clean out lime build up in the flush holes under the lip in the toilet bowl? When you flush the toilet these holes clean off the sides of the bowl, but only the center hole is working fine. I figure these holes are plugged up with lime build-up.


A black kitchen sink with a wooden countertop.

Drain Cleaner Damaged Finish on Kitchen SinkDrain cleaner is very caustic and can damage the finish of sinks if not used carefully. Once the finish has been marred, repair should be done by a professional to avoid further damage.


A cultured marble sink with gold fixtures.

Repairing a Cultured Marble SinkDepending on the level of the damage to your cultured marble sink, such as cracks, there may be some methods you can try. Checking with a home improvement store is a good place to start. This page contains some suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer.


A hand grabbing a handheld showerhead.

Electric Shock When Touching Shower Head?If you are experiencing a small electric shock when you touch your metal showerhead, that can be indicitave of a serious problem in your electrical system. Careful troubleshooting should be done. If the problem cannot be detected easily, it would be best to contact a professional electrician.



Showerhead with tile.

Replacing the Tub Shower Combination in a Mobile Home?Replacing the tub shower combination in a mobile home is reliant on finding a replacement unit that will fit the space. This is an issue for all remodel work whether in a mobile home or a stick built one. If you are unable to find a suitable combination replacement, other options such as separate tubs and surrounds might solve the problem.


Caulking a seam in a bathroom.

Resealing Seams on a Tub Surround?To reseal a seam where a tub meets the stall, you will need to remove the old sealer and apply silicone calking. This is a page about resealing seams on a tub surround.


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Removing Mirrors Glued to Wall with Super Glue?I got the thrifty interior decorating idea of placing rose colored mirrors up in my bathroom as a backsplash using super glue. Now I'm thinking that it's a bit much and want to take them down and do another back splash. How do I remove the mirrors since they were put up with super glue?


Toilet bolt cover.

Use PVC Caps to Cover Tall Toilet BoltsIf the bolts for your toilet are too long to be covered by the caps that are sold for this purpose, try this solution. This is a page about use PVC caps to cover tall toilet bolts.


Clean white built in bathtub surrounded by sand colored tiles.

Refurbishing a Fiberglass TubThere are fiberglass repair kits available at a home improvement or a boating store. This is a page about refurbishing a fiberglass tub.


A plumber repairing a leaking toilet.

Repairing a Leaking Toilet?Determining the source of the leak is the first step in making the repair to a leaking toilet. This is a page about repairing a leaking toilet.


The inside of a toilet with a hand on the flapper.

Rubber Flapper in Toilet Will Not Close After Flushing?Repairing and replacing some parts on a toilet are simple homeowner fixes. This is a page about rubber flapper in toilet will not close after flushing.


View of the underside of a toilet, including wax ring.

Replacing a Wax Toilet RingIf there is water accumulating around the base of your toilet, the wax ring may be damaged and need replacing. This is a page about replacing a wax toilet ring.


Plumber holding a plunger peeking out from inside a toilet

Keeping a Toilet from OverflowingThis is a page about keeping a toilet from overflowing. A few simple steps can help you prevent the disastrous toilet overflow event.


Orange gloved hands removing hair from a bath tub drain

Fixing a Bathtub DrainThis is a page about fixing a bathtub drain. With use a bathtub drain may need some type of repair.


Using a Tub Drain Remover

Using a Tub Drain Remover?This is a page about using a tub drain remover. Removing a tub drain can be done with a specific tool for this job.


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Repairing a Hole in a Shower?What do I need to fix a chair leg size hole in my shower? It also has cracks. What type material do I need to fix the problem?


Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosure Walls Dry and Peeling?This is a page about shower enclosure walls dry and peeling. Certain types of bathroom wallboard are used to line shower enclosures. Usage and age can cause this material to degrade.


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Repairing Plastic Tub/Shower Surround?My shower/tub area has this plastic framed wall with a window in the middle section. It has started to come loose, is scratched (has holes and is showing wood under the plastic), or is stained.


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Toilet Won't Drain?About 2 months ago I had to replace all the mechanical parts in my toilet tank. About a week ago my toilet seemed plugged up, so I did the usual plunging and snaking to no avail.



Wood Toilet Seat

Repairing a Peeling Wood Toilet Seat?This is a page about repairing a peeling wood toilet seat. Wooden toilet seats can be found in painted and natural versions. Should your seat begin to show damage and peeling, you can either buy a new one or repair the current one.


Porcelain Sink

Refinishing an Old Porcelain Sink?This is a page about refinishing an old porcelain sink. Over time the surface of a porcelain sink can be damaged and stained. If you do not want to replace it, perhaps it merits refinishing.


Loud Bathroom Fan

Fixing a Loud Bathroom Fan?This is a page about fixing a loud bathroom fan. If your bathroom fan sounds as though a train is running through your home, you are not alone.


Faucet handle.

Repairing a Broken Porcelain Shower Faucet...My shower faucet handle continually falls off and now it's broken. Any idea how I could cheaply fix it? I checked online and I can replace it for $25.00, but I am looking for a thriftier idea.


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Repairing Cracked Tile Grout?How do you repair grout around tub and bottom of tile? In the area where the last tiles meet the tub, the grout is cracking, crumbling, discoloring, and mildewing.


An old clawfoot tub.

Painting a BathtubThis is a page about painting a bathtub. Bathtubs are expensive and difficult to replace. One thing you can do to get more life out of your tub is to paint it.


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Jetted Tub Won't Turn On?I cleaned my jetted tub, but now it will not turn on.


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Repairing a Tub Drain Stopper?While replacing my drain stopper for my tub the weight fell off and is stuck. The tub unit is one piece. Any ideas on how to get it out?


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Tub Surround Damaged by Cleaner?Is there any way at all to improve the looks of my new tub surround? I put something on it to take off some markings by cutting pieces of paper towel, squirting some Krud Kutter stuff on and then putting it over the spots.


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Sani Flow Toilet Will Not Flush?I have a Sani Flow toilet and it will not flush. It was clogged so I disassembled it, unclogged it and then reassembled it. The toilet flushed a few times then by the fourth time the fan in the motor will not spin so the toilet will not flush.


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Stains on Fiberglass?Help! My terra cotta pots left red stains on my cream-colored, fiberglass jacuzzi. Soft Scrub did not remove them. Any other ideas?


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Inexpensive Tub Surround Resurfacing?What is the most inexpensive way to resurface walls around the bath tub?


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Toilet Clogged With Deodorant Container?My deodorant fell into the toilet. Now my toilet is not really flushing?


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Can Hot Water Damage a Wax Ring?My plumber hooked up the wrong pipe and my toilet filled with 150 degree hot water, which burned my bottom when I flushed. He came back and fixed it, but do you think that I need a new wax ring?


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Painting Fiberglass Boards Around a Tub?We purchased a very old house. The previous owners put up fiberglass boards around the tub to make it a shower. It is stained with rust. I would like to paint the fiberglass boards around the tub. Any ideas on how to do that?


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Curling Iron Burn on Counter Top?How do I get rid of a curling iron burn on my bathroom (vinyl, formica, maybe plastic?) countertops?


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Removing a Bathtub Drain Plug?How do I remove the drain plug from the combination tub/shower? It is the press and lock version, with no lever. I must remove it to clean it out. Thanks!


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Tub Stopper Lever Won't Go Down?I can't get the stopper lever on my bathtub to go down to let the water out. It is stuck upwards and needs to go down. Does anyone know how to fix?


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Scratches on a Plastic Sink?I live in a modular home and the bathroom sinks are not like the regular ones, they seem to be made out of plastic. One of them had a yellow ring that wouldn't clean up, so I used a pumice stone and it scratched. How can I fixed it?


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Toilet Adding Water by Itself?Why does my toilet add water by itself about every 20 minutes. You can hear it add water for only about 5 seconds, but it does this about every 20 minutes.


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Repairing Grout in a Tiled Shower?How do you clean grout in a shower?


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Using Foam Brushes To Refinish Tub?Why can you not use foam paint brushes to apply tub refinisher?


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Bleach Spots on Black Stone Vanity?My wife used a spray cleaner that had bleach in it. Our black stone vanity top now has bleach spots. They are just dull spots, almost as if it ate through a finish. You can't tell when it is wet. Is there anything I can do?


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Reattaching Clips To Stem of Push Button Toilet?I removed the lid of a push button toilet and removed it, in the process two grey clips came off the central stem. I know where the clips go but can't see how they attach can you please enlighten me of to how to reattach the clips.


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Bathtub Plug Linkage Broken?I have a bathtub with a concealed plug that's activated from the overflow cover. The linkage broke at the small hook where it attaches to the plug.


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Scratched Mirror?Something was used that has scratched my 6x4 ft bathroom mirror! Is there anything I can use make it less noticeable. It looks like the glass is easy to leave a mark on. Is there such a thing as soft glass?


Repairing Cracks in a Sink?I need help on how to remove or repair cracks in a sink that is part of a molded one piece counter. It is white with veins of gold glitter going through it. It looks like someone tried to epoxy one of the cracks. Can I sand this out?


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Shower Curtain Keeps Falling Down?How can I keep a spring load shower curtain rod from falling down?


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Painting Privacy Lines on a Shower Door?How can I repair my shower doors. From cleaning them, I have removed some of the paint lines that are used for privacy. This has been the result of using a harsh cleaning agent. Can I repaint them with special paint or is this not repairable?


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Waxing a Fiberglass Bathtub?I have a chocolate brown fiberglass bathtub (we built in the 70's, what can I say). The tub seems to show every water spot and I was told to wax it. Has anyone every done this, what kind of wax do I use and how often?



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Painting a Bathroom Drain?My sink drain is badly damaged. What type of paint can I use to freshen it up? It's a brushed nickel finish.


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Fixing a Crack in a Plastic Bathtub?I have a crack in my plastic bathtub around the drain. It is about an inch and a half long. What is the best way to fix it with items around the house?


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Scrubbing Bubbles Tab Clogging Toilet?My dad told me to lift up the lid and drop a Scrubbing Bubbles tab in and later I found out I put it in the wrong place. The box says it dissolves in 4 weeks and I can't wait that long! What can I do to fix it without spending any money and how can I get it out?


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Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I am in desperate need for both my bathtubs and flooring to be replaced. The tubs are not useable. My son and I haven't had a shower in a year. We take sink baths. I applied to HUD, but was turned down because of my credit. I was applying for a grant not a loan. Also, I've had to close off my front porch because it's unsafe.


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Fixing Grout?I need your help! My brother offered to regrout my shower and I gave him the silicone that I had on hand (I use it for crafting) which turned out to be clear. I mistakenly relied on his "professionalism" to do the job right. He grouted over existing grout and now it has mold embedded and that's all I see. It takes me several hours to clean and I can't get the mold to disappear. What should I do?


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Resealing Seams on Tub Surround?If the adhesive on the tub surround has opened in parts of the seams how can I seal it again? What type of sealant and what type of prep work has to be done?


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